Open myomectomy recovery

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I had an open myomectomy 7 days ago to remove 7 fibroids. The largest was 14cm and the other 6 were in the ranges of 3-7cm. My surgeon seems to have done an excellent job, thankfully not a vertical cut either which i was dreading but also removed a cyst and endometriosis on one of the ovaries which came as a surprise. I have two concerns:

1. I have no children and aged 40. Has anybody successfully gone onto have a baby after an open myomectomy after the age of 40? If so how long did it take you to get pregnant after the surgery? Was it natural conception or aided by anything? I really need some hope here!

2. Does anyone know if it is normal to experience tight, pulling sensations on the incision? Like muscles contracting and relaxing (without pain)? Is this the uterus trying to heal?

If anyone wants me to share my experience of the surgery and any tips that may help, please do let me know and I can post a detailed reply here.

I'm just relieved it is over and done with after such a long wait.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can respond


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    Hi Sitaara,

    First of all acept my excuse for not having an answer to your questions as I did not go throgh any experience that would be useful to answer your questions but I would like to show my deep pleasure on your successful surgery. Indeed your surgeon did an awesome job when he removed multiple fibroids without risking your organs. My doctor was almost sure to perform a hysterictomy to me  because I have two fibroids biut I did not agree to that. I am avoiding surgery and treating my fibroids through natural treatmeans. I hope it works! smile

    According to my knowledge you can get pregnant after having removed the firbroids successfully. Just let your incision heal fully and you get back to your normal physical condition and then try to conceive. You can get medical help to make the possibility a surity if that is okay with your health. Your doctor can advice you the best. 

    Just want to tell you that keep watch of your diet and eating habits. Add those foods that help fight fibroids as after surgery many women in my knowledge developed new fibroids. 

    I wish you best of luck with your health and wish you a cute baby too. smile

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      Hi queen sera!

      Thankyou for your reply. My surgeon was very good as soon as he realised I was 39 when diagnosed with them and had no children (now I'm 40). He said hysterectomy was NOT an option and he would do all he could to help me.

      I am really afraid of the fibroids returning. I have to conceive within. The next year for the best chances of having a child. What diet would you suggest? What's worked for you? I have heard women with low vitamin D are more prone to fibroids and my levels were one of the lowest my GP had ever seen!

      I would be really interested to know what is working for you and if your fibroids are shrinking or not growing anymore

      Kind regards


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      Hi sitaara,

      You have big chances to avoid rebuilding fibroids with natural treeatment. I am on pure natural treatment plan and feeling better though have not done the ultrasound yet as it is only one month that I have started my treament plan. I feel more flexible at the waist than one month ago and have less difficulty in bending that I think is a sign of shrinking of the firbroid which was on the top of my uterus. I could never do exercise and move my body with agility while doing the excercise in the past. My tummy also lost its size a little bit. These are all my observations and feelings. I am going to have an ultrasound soon to see scientific proof of the effects of treatment . 

      In the diet I am voiding meat, poultry, ordinary fish and dairy products. Taking only eggs of chicken fed on grains. 

      I am consuming smoothie of spinach, kale, bok choy, banana, apple, 2 to 4 times a day. You can keep the choice of fruits versatile according to thier availability. I take 4 big glasses of smoothie a day you can take two as you are not focusing on dissolving the fibroids.

      You see you ave to be just watchful that you do not take excessive sugary products, processed food, red meat and fats. Take fresh fruits and vegetables more and consume nuts especially almonds. Legumes and grains are rich in fiber, vitamins  and iron. They can keep you safe from fibroid to a great extent. Not to forget to lessen caffien intake.  

      When you concieve your baby, you are going to need extra vitamins, protien and minerels.  Follow nutritiuos and healthy diet plan in those days.

      I am not sure waht can increase vitamin D but focus on this part especially and try to bring your Vit D level higher. smile

      Once I have new ultrasound report of my fibroid, I willshare it here with you all. smile

       I am taking ACV and flaxseeds also for my fibroid. 2 times a day 2 table spoon of each is pretty enough. ACV is taken dissolved with 1/4 tea spoon of baking soda and half cup of water.  For flaxseeds, there are many verstaule ways of taking it. I take it posdered with a cup of green tea twice a day. 

      This is all in my scheduled plan. In the coming periods I will see if the bleeding decreases or no.

      Good luck 



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    Hi Sitaara,

    I am also due for abdominal myo in December but I am not sure if I am choosing the right option, eg. should I consider an option that is less invasive like laparoscopy. Not sure why my gyne did not suggest this instead. I have one large fibroid, 10cm on the right of uterus which is protruding now and 5 other small ones. I am also anemic my haemoglobin count is 11 which means I may need blood transfusion which I am not thrilled about. I am 47yrs have 1 child and still want to keep option open for child.

    Would love to get your feedback. Hope u r better soon.

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      Hi sherry

      I believe fibroids up to 10cm are do-able via laparoscopy. My surgeon went for that option first as it's less invasive with minimal scar tissue. Unfortunately mine was not a success (had it 3 months ago) 1% of such procedures are not successful which means it does have a high success rate, however I was the unlucky one. My fibroids were too big and their locations meant my womb had already collapsed so was difficult for a laparoscopy to be completed. I lost too much blood but I can see why I was not the right candidate for it due to size and number of my fibroids.

      I would discuss it throughly with your consultant and as my personal opinion, if he/she is happy that you are a suitable candidate for a laparoscopy then I'd go for this less invasive procedure first. It requires much less recovery time than an open myomectomy too.

      Hope it all goes well for you. Do ask any q's you might have that I can help with

      All the best



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    Hi Sitaara, How are you? I hope you are keeping well... my open myo is planned for end of Jan 2016, my fibriods are now 15cms mass in my uterus so open surgery is my only option. I was wondering do you have any general tips and advice for pre & post surgery? Sorry I cant help you with any of your questions - I hope you are recovering well.... xxx
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      Hi Dee

      Sorry you are also having to go through this - what us women have to go through eh?!


      1. I would say before surgery keep yourself physically active and busy. I walked a lot as I am not a fan of the gym but generally build up your physical health.

      2. I also drank raspberry leaf tea as I read it helps tone uterine walls. Stopped taking it a week before surgery and will resume it 3-4 weeks post surgery.

      3. I also too a multi bit and ate healthy in the run up to my surgery.

      4. Have frozen ready meals ready for when you come home after being discharged. You won't be able to stand for long cooking meals so have some prepared that you can just heat up. Lots of soups too.

      5. Avoid getting constipated before surgery.

      Post surgery;

      As soon as I came around from

      The anaesthetic all I remember is a nurse's voice asking me if I wanted a hot cloth to soothe me, I said yes jald asleep and remember feeling this lovely warm wet cloth being draped

      Over my incision and honestly it bought such instant relief. She gave me this thrice in a space of a few minutes. If you get this option, take it!

      I was on morphine but was taken off it after a day. I wasn't happy they took me off it because thier argument was I had hardly used it. Where as I felt they had hardly given me the time

      To use it! Anyway, that first night of being off morphine i was in pain and was given tramadol. I reacted badly to it and really suffered so my suggestion would be is to stick

      To painkillers that you know are ok with you. I'd never taken tramadol before so it was a bad decision for me. Anyway: drink a lot of water . as much as you can whilst you have a Catheter.

      Day 2: I was given a towel bath and made to sit in a chair. I'm

      Not going to lie but it was painful. However stay on top Of your pain meds. You will fine.

      For me, the first 5 days were difficult but the pain was controlled where the incision was. It was the pain in my lower back that was a nuisance to me. I guess that was because I found sitting in a recliner was better than lying flat. So pressure was felt

      More in my back.

      I started my period on day 3 (was expecting it) you may bleed anyway from the surgery and that's normal so maybe given a sanitary pad to wear. All I can say is take your own! The one hospital have me was long

      And thick and just felt like a brick between my legs so I had no comfort!!

      Use a pillow or comfort cushion to press against your abdomen for when you cough laugh or sneeze. I have to admit. I didn't realise how painful it can be if you cough sneeze or laugh but the cushion helps

      Tremendously. I am on day 14 post op and still use it albeit much less.

      You will need it for the ride home.

      Make sure you ask for help when you get home. I was lucky my mother has been looking after me, but have some ready made Meals frozen and ready for when you get home.

      My diet consisted of soups, broths and steamed veggies, things easy on the stomach. I avoided dairy foods smd drank juices at room temperature. That was my personal choice as dairy foods sometimes aggravate my chest and can cause coughing which I wanted to avoid at all cost!

      I needed help dressing and bathing but by day 7 I felt as though my body was clicking into place and had more energy. I am 14 days post surgery and feel so much better already.

      Take your time in recovery, don't over do it - I pulled a muscle already trying to get ahead of myself so would

      Say after surgery eat well, rest plenty, try to walk a little everyday.

      I wish I had seen this leaflet before the surgery. It tells you how to help yourself after surgery:

      Hope it all goes well for you Dee. Do ask any questions, everyone has different experiences but I think my recovery has been really good so far



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      Hi Sitaara, 

      Thanks so much for taking the time to respond with such a detailed response! I really appreciate it. I'm very nervous of this op, and all the advice & tips i can gather is helping! I have to take an injection called Decapeptyl for 8-10 weeks prior to surgery which will put me into temporary menopause to try and shrink the fibriods and also contain the blood loss whilst having surgery - I dont know which is scaring me more - menopause or the operation! How were your anxiety levels prior to the surgery? I really hope your recovery is quick - you sound like you are going along very well with it - how long is it now 7-8 days? Dxxx

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      Hi Dee

      I'm at day 14 now. Only managing to go up and down the stairs since last 2 days. I slept downstairs on couch plus my mother has a toilet downstairs so that helped tremendously.

      Another thing I should have mentioned is I drank cranberry juice as I wanted to do everything possible to avoid a infection after the catheter was pulled out.

      I was very anxious, more so in the week before the operation but I kept myself really busy doing chores, spending time with family and friends and hubby took me out most days - it helped me not to think so much about it. You will naturally be nervous but think about the benefits you will gain once it's done. That's what's kept me

      Focused as I really suffered with these nasty fibroids.

      I wasn't offered the opportunity to shrink my fibroids - just offered removal via surgery. Just follow all orders given by your consultant and be sure to ask him or her anything you are unsure of.

      Another tip: I found I could not open my bowels until day 6! Lactulose and peppermint solution didn't work for me not the suppositories!! As a result I was very uncomfortable, it was only when my mother gave me ispagula husk that I finally went. I still take 1tsp in lukewarm water once a day and it has really helped move things along.

      Another tip is buy panties that are high rise and a size or two bigger. I had the c section cut and wear them, they help a lot and don't sit anywhere near the incision so no chance of irritation.

      Also, later when home, wearing pyjama's that don't have elastic Are useful. It means you can tie them according to how your belly feels that day as it will be swollen. Comfort matters so much!

      Hope this helps! You will be fine just make sure you are prepared well it will make a huge difference.

      Sitar a


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    I had open myomectomy on 29th sept 2017, had minor complications before it was done as my blood count was at 8(anaemic), blood pressure also shot high. I had been on blood builders encifer and tot hema(and still am on) but the response was minimal.

    First the operation went well, though took longer and 13 fibroids removed. I large 7 medium and 5 small. Day one after surgery l was on morphine as a painkiller, moving or sitting was minimal, come day 3 my bp shot soon high  with a lot of sharp headaches and swelling below the incision.

    My blood level was too low according to my doc, l had to be transfused. After the transfusion l was hoping to be discharged from hospital, but lo! My upper side of the stomach started swelling, was told it was anticipated, now am on day 12 at home using the wash room is still a nightmare especially short calls, l also have swellings below the vertical incision. Could this be caused by the use of a catheter whilst in hospital?  I try baby steps daily within the compound but after which my heart beats faster n l experience dizziness n sharp headaches, am due for checkup on 16th October 2017. Am l recovering slowly?

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    Hey hun,

    All will be well I just had mine on the 5th oct 2017 and I am also experiencing the same problem but my doctor advice me to take iron tablet for that dizziness. About pulling muscles from my understanding is the healing process just avoid twisting yourself. I also don't have kids and am 39yrs been trying for a long time. I once got pregnant but I lost it at 5months because of the fibroids since then it's been a struggle to get pregnant. We even went for ivf but the fibroids was distracting everything that's when my gp made a decision to get the fibroids removed. So don't loose hope and it takes time to heal. Give yourself time off everything concentrate on you hun. Let's make babies now that the monsters are out. 🤣😍

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      Hi Mary I like your optimism I had my surgery on the 24 th of September 2017 sadly my sister birthday day.  I did have a myomectomy 14 fibroids in all, had a visit with my Doctor yesterday for the first time since he saids I'm doing well although I'm still experiencing discomfort and that burning and pulling in the area especially when I lay down or sit there's pain in my waist.  I still have some trouble sleeping but doctor said that's part of the process and maybe a little anxiety as well.  To all you ladies out take your time and heal well please listen to your body and don't over do.  For those who wants children including myself as Mary said let's have in my case let's have a baby!!!😅💕 

      Ps. Once we are properly healed.

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      We will be ok and one day we will be fibroids free and instead we will have babies. As for me am still waiting for my discharge letter to see when my next visit at my gp is. Plz minglee2 update us once u see more changes.

      Wish u all the best my fibroids buddies and take care of yourself. 💕💕

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