organic coconut oil for anal fissures

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i have suffered with piles for years, 21, to be exact.  My daughter was born and so were the piles.  i have pushed, strained, not eaten right, not drank enough water and so on, the whole rotten stinking mess!  Then last month i got this horrible pain in my rectum, like i was pooping nails.  i would bleed and burn for hours.  i didn't know it was a fissure until 2 weeks of treating myself for the piles and was getting no relief.  i did some research on the net, i know, i know, you should never do this! of course at first i was terrified, could be cancer, could be TB, oh my god, seriously?? Anyway i deteremined based off my pain, i had an anal fissure and began a quest to cure my butt pain!  Today is day 30 since this started, but day 3 since i had any pain.  I tried PH, I tried 2 baths a day.  i tried a doughnut pillow.  i tried pain killers, over the counter of course.  stool softners, diaper rash cream, gallons of water, less meat....and the list goes on and on of what i tried!! Finally this past thursday after being in pain for 6 hours straight and to the point of tears, i just prayed.  Dear God, please make this pain stop, please help me figure this out!  i quit all the creams, the PH, the diaper rash cream, some $25.00 crap i got at walmart, etc and switched to organic coconut oil, and 2 stool softners a day.  My fellow suffering friends, i am on day 4 and i am feeling much better!  so a long story short.  Try 1st a little prayer to God, 2nd, 2-4 stool softners a day, 6-8 glasses of water, 5 or more servings for veges and fruit combined, less red meat and finally coconut oil rubbed all over the anus and inside as far as your comfortable 2-3 times a day. Oh and DONT PUSH.  i am terrified this thing will come back, so i will keep doing what i am doing.  Finger crossed!  Good luck to anyone suffering! It Sucks! 

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    so the rotten smell stopped right Please do answer because I am having the same problem
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    I have been diagnosed with Chronic Anal Fissure 2 days back. Please guide me. It is very much depressing. The coconut oil you are talking about is to be applied in Anus? And during Sitz bath or Hip bath did you added coconut oil.? Any other tips then please mention. I will be highly obliged.
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    I hope you have been completely cured now.....I hope everyone suffering from this horrible thing get cured completely.
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    Does coconut oil really help ? I'm suffering from chronic fisure and it's very painful . Not able to study or even sit properly .. feel stingy and horrible .. creams are making it worse I feel itchy

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    guys i feel your pain.. literally

    i am suffering from a mild anal fissure right now.. GI said that its mild because i experience some pain during bowel movements, occasional pain during the day, i can still separate my buttocks without going gu gu ga ga and no bleeding so far.. i am into day 4..

    What caused my fissure?

    well, stress.. its amazing what stress can do to your bodies.. it makes ur stools hard, then it makes ur rectum's lining more susceptible to tearing.. a vulnerable rectum lining + hard stools sounds like a perfect recipe for fissure.. sad

    also, last month or so i have been so paranoia of not having bowel movements so i basically force/strain myself when i feel abit of urge to poo. Bad decision, bad.

    Anyway, i have concluded a few things that are helpful thus far:

    1. see a GI. get some medication or cream to apply

    2. mental health matters. pray to God and have good people around you to weather through this period with you.

    3. stool softeners prescribed by GI is very important.. i am currently taking 15ml Lactulose every night before i sleep. the softer the poo is, the easier it is to pass out and allows the anus to heal

    4. WATER. can't say how important this is. drink, like drink a lot. i drink at least 3 liters of water a day now. they say if you drink enough water to drown yourself, no way your poo can be hard.

    5. eat lots of vegetables and fruits. i tend to tone down a lot of meat and increase my vegetable servings for lunch and dinner

    6. I stay away from fried food, processed food and any other food that might cause constipation or upset my digestive system.

    7. have a walk in the park for 30 minutes everyday/ every two days.

    i read a lot about the wonders of sitz bath + coconut oil and applying coconut oil on the anus..

    i am going to give it a try tonight.

    guys, i hope all of us get healed soon.

    and after we heal, lets stay healthy, physically and mentally.

    our bodies are not meant for junk food or stress.

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    Tis agony. Did you melt the oil?
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      I use a small diameter tube that fits over the end of a syringe n squirt up liquid coconut oil that way. It makes stools very easy to come out. Drink lots of water n eat soft foods like soups. Don't eat red meat, nuts, bananas, grains or salty foods as these take water from the bowel. Dump the rectogesic n nitroglycerin cream as they both THIN the skin n make it more prone to fissures in the future. They prolong healing instead coconut oil promotes healing n is antibac, antiviral AND antifungal.

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      Thank you so much. Things are a little easier at the moment...but I will continue to control with diet. was told to eat veg that grows below ground as less wind inducing...not sure about that theory..and also high in carbs for weight...cant win. Thanks again.

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      I've got a fissure I'm battling atm, using coconut oil has helped me a lot. i also eat alot of fresh veges, not many root vege tho as my naturopath advised me to go on lower carb diet n elminate all sugars n grains. candida causes anal fissures n other issues as it makes the cell wall permeable. wish you the best for your recovery. 💐🌈

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      interesting. I've tried low carb but I get constipated . I'll try lowering sugar as well.

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    I'm not sure exactly what I have but I've been suffering from hemorrhoids and. Straining to distress and constipation sometimes even when I'm not constipated I still have tightening of the inner sphincter. Doctor says it's due to stress. Was managing a hemorrhoid situation quite well. With cleaning with water wipes as difficult to get clean when things are not perfectly shaped. So I would usually have to push the water wipe in a little bit. Lately evidently this is some type of irritation and sting like hell. Also a spot on the outside I don't know what it is haven't been to the doctor yet. When using a pain relief cream call nupercainal for the past few days. try putting some coconut oil on this evening and it stung like hell. Also from almost a year of straining incorrectly to have bowel movements I seem to have developed a prolapsed anus and weekend my pelvic floor muscles. It's going to pelvic floor physical therapy for a while and doing Kegel exercises helped a little bit. Couldn't hear a call back from my doctor today. Hopefully they call again tomorrow but will recommend to probably the usual sitz bath Etc. I can't even do a sitz bath because of back problems hurts to sit on the toilet or in the bathtub or anything my back and now the anus. Tried wiping the coconut oil off with a water wipe but it's still stinging even after I put on the pain relief cream.

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    Thanks for your reply. I have tried that in the past but not for long because the burning pain lasted longer after I placed it. I am to to try nitroglycerin ointment now. I’ve been a vegan for over a year and take stool softeners and drink prune juice so I don’t have problems with costipation. I’ve been suffering for now 6 months and was told that surgery was 90% effective.... I don’t understand how I became that 10% that it didn’t work for me. Ironically I got this fissure after I had an anal skin tag removed ...EXTERNAL...not INTERNAL.  It all feels like one big nightmare.
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      Very sorry to hear this. What was your post-op experience like and what have you done about it since? I just had my LIS yesterday and so far feel exactly the same, so eager to hear about others' experiences. Thanks.

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      wondering if you any improvement after LIS? because if i dont get better within 6 weeks that will be my next step.

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