Orlistat \"SCARED OF FOOD\"

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I am taking Orlistat in an attempt to lose weight for an operation. Im not fat by any stretch of the imagination Im 5,3 & 13 stones but the NHS wont put me under the knife until my BMI is down (I hate that bloody chart).

I have been on Orlistat 3 days now & I have noticed how it has effected my way of looking & thinking about food! I will walk round the shops & cringe if I see something even with low fat amounts as I wonder if I end up with the drastic side effects the Orlistat could give me! This might be a good thing but its a surprise that in 3 days [b:9a15407ef4]Im scared of food!![/b:9a15407ef4]

My diet isnt bad in fact the dietitian says its good, although I dont eat dairy or much meat. I enjoy stir fry with fish & lots of fruit & veg. I think my GP is trying to catch me out & he thinks I go home & eat crisps all day, thats why im not losing weight. I will admit im not the most active person in the world but I do walk the dog 6 miles a day (or should I say get dragged for 6 miles)

I have never been skinny & im happy about my size! I think im just one of these people who do honestly find it hard to lose weight.

Im wondering if anyone else is \"SCARED OF FOOD\" all thanks to Orlistat??


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    i'm not scared by food at all, i found a healthy low fat alternative for most of the things i ate before, if you stick to the guidelines then theres no reason for accidents.
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    if you are not happy being on the tablets then I don't think you should be taking them, is there not an alternative diet you could try to help you lose weight especially as it's for an operation?.

    I know someone who had to lose a lot of weight, actually to have a gastric band fitted, and she was put on a liver reducing diet and lost quite a lot before her operation, think you can only be on it for a few weeks at a time.

    The diet is quite easy to follow you just need to stick to the guide lines, no more than 30g's of fat (and that is total fat) per day and no more than 15g's in one sitting. You won't get any of the side affects if you don't go over that and it will reduce the fat that your body is absorbing and so will/should help you to lose some weight.

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    Its not that im not happy about being on the tablets or worried about my diet. I eat very little fat at all! I do think its pointless for me to be on the tablets as they are for removing some of the fat in your diet & like I said I dont eat much fat. I eat 95% veg & fruit.

    Its just I look at things eg Chocolate & think I cant eat it unless I want the side effects & then begin to get scared about food, I dont eat chocolate (cant stand the stuff) but i never thought like this before I started on Orlistat it has totaly changed my opinion on food so much so Im scared to eat food unless I know its fat free.

    I hate the thought of diets as with the restrictions I have with food make it hard to follow them. At this point I really do think my doctor is testing me & I doubt he believes my diet is healthy. I know the best way for me to lose weight & its not through diets or pills its excersise & I wish my doctor would stop putting me on these stupid things!

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    is it possible you could see another Dr at the surgery as you're obviously not happy with the care he is providing or not in your case sad

    Can you ask to be referred to a dietician and actually get some positive help rather than what you think is just mind games. As you say you don't eat much fat so to be on fat reducing tablets just seems pointless and at the end of the day it is your money you are spending and if like me you would want to spend it on something you know it going to help you rather than placate your Dr.

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    Thanks Suza. smile

    Believe it or not this is a new doctor im with. i changed from a GP who wouldnt give me any help at all. :evil:

    Ive been to a dietitian & apart from not eating dairy food, she agrees that the best way for me to lose weight is through lots & lots of high impact exercise. Im building my way slowly to riding 20 miles a day in a hope this will be a good start. The thing is I am very lost & although this new GP is good & he listened to me I still dont think he believes me, I mean Ive not lost any weight in 9 months (ive not put any on either) & Im telling them I have a good diet, I prob wouldnt believe it either :?

    The ironic thing is if it wasnt for this operation I wouldnt need to lose weight & its not a vast amount I need to lose only 1 - 1.5 stone. I was very happy with my weight & size.

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    sounds like your stuck between a rock and a hard place, sad
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    I'm seeing my nurse this Friday is there anything you would like me to ask her about your situation ? Maybe she will have a new idea ?
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    Wow thanks Suza!

    I guess im just worried that im never going to shift such a small amount of weight, 1 - 1.5 stone really isnt alot (well i dont think it is). Ive just had my tea of cod & stir fry all cooked in a bit of water no oils or fats just fish & veg. Thats the sort of thing I eat veg, veg, veg lol.

    If you wouldnt mind asking if i should be taking Orlistat at all? I am really thinking of giving up on it & relying on a healthy diet & exercise. Im back at the doctors in 3 weeks & im going to tell him what I think. sad

    If your nurse has any other ideas apart from diets as to how I can lose this weight it would be much appreciated! :D

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    ok she will probably ask what you are actually eating so can you give me a run down of what you have eaten starting with breakfast and include snacks and drinks please, think 2 typical days worth would be ok
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    Ok yeah.

    This is the last 2 days.

    Day1: Breakfast - fruit salad/ 1 chopped banana, 2 chopped kiwi & about the same amount of pineapple.

    Dinner - 1 small ish wholemeal bun no spread tuna in brine (drained) & cucumber & 2 sliced carrots.

    Tea - Cod cheek stir fry cooked with a little water not oil, hand full of egg noodles.

    Treat/pudding - No sugar raspberry jelly watered down more than it should be.

    Snacks - banana or carrots

    Day 2

    Breakfast - 1 slice of whole meal toast low fat spread. 1/4 melon

    Dinner - same as day1 but only cucumber no tuna or spread.

    Tea - same as day1 (I like the stir fry)

    Snacks - same as day1

    I drink no sugar squash about 2-3 litres through the day.

    Thanks again for this!

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    Oh i forgot I walk the dog about 5- 6 miles a day & ive just started bike riding about the same distance everyday.
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    hi .... just thought i should share with u that bananas, grapes and oranges and orange juice DO contain alot of calories. I wasnt losing weight on these and my doctor said these foods, although good for you DO have alot of calories

    hope this helps x

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    do agree with Rileysmummy that fruit has a lot of sugars but have written down the diet and exercise and will see what the nurse has to say
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    back now still on track slowly slowly hopefully will stay off.

    Ok advice for Ashe

    Nurse did say you are eating to much fruit and to many at one go. Firstly you need to cut down on the banana's. Only one fun sized one per day.

    She says you need to incorporate some carbs in the morning so eating cereal's like bran, weetabix, shreddies would be good and if you are worried about the milk she says get soya milk.

    On the toast you could try proactive low fat spread as this will help your immune system for the surgery. She also said try and get some nuts on board in the morning 4 small Brazil nuts or hazel nuts for their zinc content, again for your immune system for the op. If you are having toast in the morning then you need 2 slices.

    If you are having fruit for breakfast just 2 varieties together she also says try and eat some oranges (for the vit C) and apples, small apple after a main meal will help break up any fat within that meal.

    Also drinking green tea after main meals will help break up the fat for that meal

    Also could you possibly get some chicken or get different fish to stir fry and any fish you get should have omega 3.

    Egg noodles no more than 3 times a week as they are made with the yolk. Try and get some sweet corn into the diet, possibly mix with the tuna.

    You also need to up your green veg intake like broccoli, pea's, spinach again to boost your immune system.

    If you drink alcohol obviously cut that down, smoking try and stop, cut down on salt, avoid processed foods, fresh is best.

    She said the exercise looks great but bear in mind it will alter your body shape and may pump up the muscles.

    She was quiet shocked at the amount of squash you are having as even no sugar squash have lots of calories so try and have plain water or 1/2 the squash intake. Also you need something to get some calcium in your body so no fat yoghurt or milk.

    You should also be looking at foods that will boost your immune system which maybe you could look into yourself, obviously not knowing the requirement for the operation she could not say which foods would be best.

    She also suggested if not already looked at you should ask for a thyroid tested.

    Obviously this information is offered on what I presented to her as your 2 day diet and exercise regime.

    She says stay on the tablets as they have been prescribed to aid your weight loss and you should only come off them under medical advice.

    think that was about it ....

    Hopefully this information can help a bit

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    great thank you so much for that!

    Im shocked squash has so many calories I always thought it was just to flavor water you know.

    I will def cut down on the bananas & the egg noodles!

    im not very good with cereals or pasta it makes me feel ill & gives me headaches but small amounts I guess should be ok, if I start to feel unwell I can always stop.

    Im going to ask my Gp for the thyroid test I think the last one was 2 years ago & im also going to push for tests on my possible problems with food I could be having reactions for a reason.

    Its encouraging to know that things aint that bad with what im eating just a bit of tweaking & fingers crossed it will start to work!

    Ive been on my first bike ride today & loved it! :D putting on muscle isnt what I want to do as that will prob make my weight increase but if my measurements go down Im hoping the GP will see its muscle & not fat.

    Thank you so much for the advice !!!!!!!!

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