overactive thyroid symptoms but tests negative

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I have all the symptoms of overactive thyroid but after 2 lots of blood tests 6 months apart, all have come back clear

I am still losing weight although I eat lots and now I am hyper. I can't settle . Need to be cleaning cupboards, ironing, up at 6.30 every morning raring to go. ( not normal for me !)

My doctor doesn't know what to suggest now apart from to have some more bloods in 6 weeks time to see if there is any change

My hair is thinning slightly  and I feel a bit shaky also

Anyone else had these symptoms but no diagnosis ?

Starting to worry !!!

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    Typical for hyperthyroidism. Have u had any tyroid antibodies done?
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      I think my doctor has done all the tests.

      I have even had chest x-ray and breast examination in case it was anything more sinister

      I am 63 years old and had a hysterectomy in my 30s so I know it's not menopausal 

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      Babs... You have all the symptoms I had 9/10 months ago .. And believe me I was in a bad way .. Feeling suicidal ... It's was dreadful !

      I was told I had Graves' disease !!

      Went to see an endocrinologist privately as I knew I'd get nowhere on NHS .. I was put on Carbimazole 20 mg per day ...then slowly coming down to 5 mg per day until two weeks ago .. When I was told that my blood results no longer show ANY problems ... I.e. .. I am euthyroid or Normal

      Thank God ! ... And vitamins and minerals ....



      B 1

      B CompleX



      Calcium with Vit K and zinc

      Vit E

      ACidophilus high strength

      ...... And one or two others...

      I am positive they have led me back to good health ... As before my Graves' disease there was nothing wrong with me ...

      I had a perfectly healthy thyroid..

      It was my immune system that was attacking it and causing all the trouble ... Thank god I didn't take my GPs advice at the time and have RAI

      ... Or thyroid removal surgery !!

      These 2 treatments are not always necessary .. Stay on this site and ask lots of questions from very experienced people who will be very happy to help and advise you .. Don't be shy ..good luck

      🌹... For you

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    What thyroid tests have you had? Is it just TSH? If so, it is possible to still have levels of T4 and T3 which are too high even though the THS is within normal range. However, whilst some of your symptoms such as the shaking are in line with hyperthyroidism, the constantly being on the go is not usually the case (although in some cases it can be) because most people with hyperthyroidism feel totally exhausted and have so little energy they can barely function. I work with horses and so do 5 hours of hard physical labour a day. I also worked out in the gym daily before I became ill. When I became hyperthyroid, I couldn't do any of that. I would start to muck out a stable and collapse in the corner. I had chest pains and felt totally dreadful. My limbs ached constantly, and I couldn't sleep at all. I had heart palpitations and chest pain. No way could I have done the things you describe. But it does sound as though you may have subclinical hyperthyroidism, and may need further investigation. You may also have a mental disorder which is causing what you describe. Bi polar people going through their hyper state are exactly how you describe.
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      Sorry, wasn't trying to imply that you have, but was just suggesting a possibility if all physical investigations come up blank. One in four people have a mental disorder to varying degrees so it's always a consideration, and nothing out of the ordinary.
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      My daughter is 21 and has suffered with hyperthyroidism for a year. Now the consultant says her levels are normal but she still has all the symptoms. As you said -raised pulse, feeling awful, fatigue feeling spaced out. She's been told to stop taking the propranolol (beta blockers) but when she does her pulse is so high she can't walk up the stairs without stopping for breath. Something is clearly wrong but consultant seems dismissive as her results are normal


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    Do you by any chance have a printout of your blood test results? It might be that your values are within normal range but towards the higher limit. Some patients show symptoms of hyperthyroidism even if their thyroxine level is within range (but towards the higher end of the spectrum). 

    It would be helpful if you could keep a record of your resting heart rate (for at least a week). If your heart rate is consistently above 90 beats per minute you should discuss it with your GP.  

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    Babsc52....hello there and wow must be driving you crazy! I've been diagnosed with graves disease and hyperthyroidism. ..what you describe sounds like my symptoms somewhat. My racing heart,body tremors and shakey hands,high blood pressure,sweating all the tune etc. Keep having bloodwork done or go to another dr. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid and given levothyroxine. 150 then reduced down to .137 and my symptoms git worse and worse and I became very irritable and argumentative which is totally not me. Long story short my dr misdiagnosed me. I was hyperthyroidism not hypo and was taking medicine to raise my already high thyroid and now a total wreck!! KiND of like giving a diabetic sugar for his symptoms.....it really messed me up! Now having my thyroid out due to the graces disease. My advise to you. ...if you're still showing signs please go to another dr just for second opinion....I would hate for someone out there to be misdiagnosed as I was and medicated wrongly. Do yoursrlf a favor because my dr misread the bloodwork labs ans I'm paying dearly now at my Dr's expense!! Chin up and go get rechecked!
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      I have phoned my doctors today to find out what the levels were for my thyroid test even though I have been told they are normal

      TSH was 0.56. When I asked about T4 the receptionist said she could not see anything like that. Does T4 come under something else do you know ?

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      Sounds like they haven't done it which would explain a lot. Many GPs only do a TSH test and if it is normal (which yours is), they don't bother with the T4 and T3 because they are more expensive and in most cases are normal if TSH are normal. However, as your TSH is at the low end of normal and you are getting these symptoms, then it warrants doing further tests to check if you have what is termed as subclinical hyperthyroidism. I would go back to the doctors and insist that he tests you because you are having symptoms.
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