Pain after hiatus hernia surgery ?

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I had fundoplication to repair my hiatus hernia 2 weeks ago. I've got over the surgery and no problem with swallowing but I think I've still got acid reflux. I've got chest pains, heartburn and an acid taste in my mouth. I know people will say that it can take time for the swelling to go down and the symptoms to go but to be perfectly honest I have had no relieve at all. I was expecting that after a couple of weeks for things to be a little better but unfortunately they are not.

I am due to see my surgeon today to discuss my problems and hopefully he'll be able to give me some answers as to why it doesn't seem to have worked.

Has anyone else had this surgery and not had good results straightaway? I was hoping to be well on my way to recovery by now. I wasn't expecting to still be getting symptoms.

Is it possible for the wrap or stitches to have come undone so soon. I haven't done anything strenuous and I've followed the sloppy diet.

Any ideas anyone ?



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    Hi there, I had nissen operation in early September I found the following, I was in as a day case at north staffs hospital. Mr beards more did the op took about 3hours came round ok,about 4hours after my operation I had a slice of toast and a cup of tea,they wanted to see if I could eat and drink ok. I took very small bites and chewed and chewed and swallowed not to bad just a bit tight. The following week at home I was eating soup and soft bread but kept on taking small mouthfuls but chewing and chewing. After I week I also had a taste and feeling of a lot of acid and I thought oh no it's not worked but after 5 days the acid went away. My diet now is I can eat everything I want again just chew and chew your food,I find hot drinks with food really do help but any cold drinks seem to tighten up my stomach .i Amy fully exercising with no problems. Think I find most people are way to cautious and anxious when reading experiences. You need to be positive and focus your mind on other things and you will find it helps. Hope my experiences help you. Good luck
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      Hey I wanted to that how are you feeling now. I had my hernia surgery pain before an year but still there is an pain in my chest which sometimes travels to my hand or head. Can you tell me did you feel the same??
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    mark b

    Thank you for your reply. I'm pleased that you are getting over your procedure with no problems.

    I am now at almost 6 weeks and alas I'm still getting heartburn/chest pains. I swear I'm still getting reflux. I've been to see my surgeon and he thinks the operation was a success but I'm not sure how he can say that

    without doing tests.

    I'm still following a mainly sloppy diet although I occasionally try bread etc. I really don't have a problem

    swallowing but I still keep getting symptoms. Others that have had the procedure have said that it's still early days and it can take sometimes up to 3 months to settle. I was expecting results immediately I guess.

    I know North Staffs quite well I grew up in Newcastle. I left the area when I got married but I go back regularly to visit.

    I hope your recovery carries on positively and maybe mine will improve and everything will settle down.


    PS forgot to ask if you had a hernia.

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      Hi there,

      I have just joined this forum and read your post with interest as you have described exactly what I am going through at the moment.

      I had my nissen fundoplication 5 weeks ago....the main reason I opted for the surgery was to get rid of the revolting acid taste in my mouth, as the PPI's were not as effective as they once were.

      A few days after surgery, the acid taste returned and it's now worse than it was before I had the surgery.  Like you, I went back to see my surgeon who seemed puzzled as to why the acid had returned as he said that the operation had been successful and he was unable to provide me with any answers.

      I too was expecting to be symptom free immediately but instead I am also now taking gaviscon along with the PPI but nothing seems to be providing any relief.

      I am due to go back to see the surgeon at the beginning of June but really don't feel I can tolerate this acid until then and am so worried that there is a problem which may mean further surgery.

      As some time has passed since your last post, I am wondering how you are now and if things have settled down for you.

      Would be very interested to hear how things are and hope you are now the road to recovery.

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      Hi louise

      Ive just had s fundoplication too and a few days after i am getting bad sore throat and acid. I know you had the same. Im so worried. I am 10 days post op and still suffering. Ppis not touching me.

      Just wondered if yours got better and if so how long did it take

      Hope you are well

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      I had sore throat after my surgery.  I put it down to the  tube that had been inserted into my throat during surgery.  It took a while for it to heal but it did eventually go away.  Hope your feeling better soon.


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    Hi Maria

    I had a hiatus hernia as well as reflux, the hernia was more of a problem than the acid, I was suffering for 3years until I got mine sorted.

    My symptoms were I thought I was having a heart attack the pain was that bad, still get the odd twinge but it will settle with time.

    I think that time should be the answer slow and steady, but positivity really does help.



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    An epigastric hernia is different to an hiatus hernia.

    The hiatus hernia is when the stomach pushes up through the hiatus ( the opening in the diaphragm )

    towards the chest. It causes gastro oesophageal reflux disease ( gord )

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    I also had a nissan fundoplication and hernia repair 2 weeks ago and have a lot of chest pain after i have eaten still on soft diet. i never felt the acid come up i had the chest pain and hoarse throat. hope it has worked as dont see consultant till april 26th
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    I had hiatus hernia repair and fundoplication 4 week ago. The first 3 was ok really but seem to have gone downhill in the 4th week. Stomach ache, hurts after I eat. I'm in more pain now than before I had it done. I read so many different things on how long it takes to recover. I have an appointment with the after surgery dept tomorrow. I made an appointment with them because I'm so uncomfortable with the pain. It goes up my back and constant stomach ache really. I feel depressed with it as I had such high hopes of the 3 years with acid reflux misery

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      Hi I had a hiatus hernia repair a few weeks ago. my life before this was just so terrible I couldn't go out with friends to eat or even eat at all. I couldn't even have fluids without it burning or being sick. I kept on going to the doctors with the same symptoms

      I finally got referred to a specialist and they did the tests and got diagnosed with a one inch hiatus hernia.

      A few months later I had the op everything was going fine I had no reflux at all until a few days ago.i woke up with a burning sensation I took lansoprazole 30 mg and it had no effect and gaviscon with no effect. I can't eat or sleep because of the pain I'm sick all the time

      Is anyone else having these symptoms? Please let me know


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      There is healing from the surgery and then there is also healing from esophagitis. Depending on how bad it is esophagitis can take as much as 8-12 weeks to heal.  Surgery isn't an instant cure for esophagitis. It just stops the reflux, which in turn can allow esophagitis to heal over time.

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      I had my Nissen 3 weeks ago and have had bad upper back pain after I eat. I'm hoping this is normal and it goes away soon. it's very uncomfortable to say the least. I'm thinking it's gas pain from moving on to more solid food.. I'm hoping it's all just part of recovery and it resolves soon.. I've had no problem with burping from the get go and Im grateful because it does help with the gas.

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