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I am 44 years old for years even when very young at about the age of 19 I have been having have this issue that came and went sometimes it would last for few ours some times at least a week abdominal pains, back and side pains, been on PH blockers now for at least 2 years as doctors kept telling me I had reflux, I have been and out of A&E because the pain was unbearable, even had paramedics out no pain relief would help at all, Doctor eventually thought it could be pancreatitis so done urine and blood tests, urine samples came back as Pylori positive, not had blood results back yet, I’m on the 3 stage course of the antibiotics right now but the pain is so bad I cry often with it, anyone had this before if so what do you suggest for pain relief as nothing is working Ty  

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    Have you had an endoscopy to see whether you have an ulcer or gastritis ? You will have one or the other, or both.

    The antibiotics should hopefully clear the infection (you will have to get retested 8 weeks after) and stay on ppi and healthy diet for a few months till you heal

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      Hi paul doctor suspected pancreatitus so has booked me in for scan and not had camera as yet i have only start treatment this week i have doctors in morning so will see what he has planned now as not spoke to him since being diagnosed 
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    Wow, what an unusual test:

    H.pylori in urine,

    it is an antibody test like in blood (not the actual bacteria/antigen and its metabolites like in breath test or biopsy or stool).

    The immune system's response looked for.

    Quite some specifity and sensitivity.

    Like in blood, this test doesn't quite say, if it's an old infection or new one, if it is passed or current.

    If you have a follow up test for H.pylori, please let it be a stool (antigen) test or breath test to make sure, a current infection (not passed) is checked for.

    Not that your symptoms are mistaken for Hpylori and it was actually long gone. (with H.pylori antibody test in blood and urine, this is possible)

    Stool tests are quite cheap, non-invasive and not depending on PPI.

    (for breath test you must be off PPI/antibiotics for 4 weeks prior test, otherwise false neg)

    Best of luck!


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      Yes I thought that strange ! There is no urine test for h pylori !
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      Yes, there is.

      (I didn't know either since never used where I live)

      Antibodies IgG (immune response, the 'later' one) in urine for screen.

      Has a few % false neg and false pos, but regarding the test and screen, not bad. (e.g. 94.4% sensitivity and 96.9% specificity, with accuracy of 96.0%.

      Though doesn't say if 'fresh' 'active' infection when screening pos. in urine.


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      Ty for your quick reply i have had bloods done and should have the results  this Friday as i have a doctors appointment, the test they done was urine and bloods but i had text of the surgery saying positive h pylori serolgy cannot  be used to test of cure or disease activity positive results results indicate previous exposure at some time, the test was supposed to be for pancreatitus as thast what doctor suspected and has booked scan but will ask about the camera also at the appointment its the pain i cant deal with i do however get a good day where no pain for few days then returns for aleast a week  
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      i agree paul as i also thought urine test was not posible until now 
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      Just make sure: the blood and urine test for H.pylori are the same reliability re if current or passed infection, like they correctly explained: serology cannot be used to test cure of disease, same with urine since it tests for the same thing: antibodies. Urine test cannot be used to test cure of disease either.

      All the best for your further investigations!

      It's horrid to have such pain!


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      So i went to see the GP this mornigng yesterday and today so far i have had no pain, so he has advised complete the 3 stage course of medication then if the pain comes back after copmleted then to go see him again, also been told cholesterol is 7.1 not sure how bad that is? and prescribe statins to start taking after the 3 stage medication has finished
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      Oh hello, somehow didn't see this.

      I had to convert 7.1mmol/l chol value since I am used to mg/dl by training (Australia also uses mmol/l for so many metabolites, it get's me everytime).

      7.1 mmol/l  = 274 mg/dl

      This is elevated, but not the highest I have ever seen (including my own values).

      For Cholesterol panic one needs to look at the HDL and LDL make up of the total cholesterol value (that you provided) as well,

      also cholesterol is an extremely important substance (hormone precurser), it is not simple fat at all (has ring structures),

      then a look at the whole lifestyle and age.

      It is ONE puzzle piece and not a sole one.

      Be also aware, that you produce cholesterol in your body yourself, it is not just eaten.

      There is a genetic factor (and it changes with age), which level your body wants to reach. Some eat the worst diet and have best cholesterol total values, because their limit is simply reached. I can eat almost zero cholesterol and the values hardly fall since I make it myself to that (above cut off) limit. 

      Statins do lower LDL fraction and have their indications.

      Some get bad side effects from statins, so monitor it please.

      There was a good documentary about it, there is not one cholesterol measurement cut-off rate and 'always statins' then to be taken, the decision depends really on your


      HDL/LDL value and

      other risk factors (smoking, obese, no sport)

      or if you have a plaque in e.g. your arteries on neck already.

      The older the higher cholesterol tends to be and the more indication for statins;

      There seem to be cholesterol lowering diets and supplements like red yeast rice (which chemically actually has the same thing in it like medical statins, funny isn't it), which might be the first or additional step, also steps to increase HDL fraction (walking). Please search internet.

      You need to monitor that cholesterol level, but I would not be concerned at that stage. You have a lot of other pains to manage!

      All the best!

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      ty for the reply sorry its been long time we getting some where now i have posted below hopefully it may help others 
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      That's great you updated! Thank you!

      If symptoms can be narrowed down to gallbladder/stones/blockages more and more, the closer you come to treatment.

      I hope it's that and then once tackled much better!

      All all the best!

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    Just stared get a side effect i think from anibiotics horric mettalic tase in mouth and watery syliver yuk food tasteless
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    after taking the 3 course antibotics they have done nothing if anything im worse up early hours with bad side and back pains 

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