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boogagirl41 boogagirl41

Pain under left side ribcage....

About a week ago I woke to a pain on my left side under the ribs, I thought I'd slept awkwardly but the pain didn't go as it usually would. The pain is like a stitch/pulled muscle/gas sort of pain but with sharp stabbing pains also.

I ended up in A&E and was admitted whilst they ran tests. I tested positive for the protein that clots release but a vq scan ruled a clot out. I had orotein/blood in my urine but doctors said this is normal in a woman of my age (34). An ecg and chest xray both came back clear. I was then discharged and told it could be muscular skeletal.

It's about a week since the onset of pain and it does feel less painful when turning in bed etc but I still have this pain under my left rib. If you have ever been pregnant, it's the feeling of baby with its foot in your rib. It's still twinging to my back. I have also got random sharp pains in my stomach and it feels a bit bruised. Bowel movements are softer than usual but not diarrhoea as in I have to go urgently and extremely regularly.

In general been feeling under the weather for weeks. Had dental work and infrction 5 or 6 weeks ago and have had numerous doses if antibiotics prescribed; could this be a link? I have eaten live yogurt to avoid thrush. I am aware of gassy noises/feelings in my gut.

Any help is appreciated. smile

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  • michael127 michael127 boogagirl41

    Hi Boogagirl, If You`ve Been Coughing Or Sneezing Then You May Have Pulled A Muscle Between You`re Ribs.{can happen whilst sleeping}. Yogurt Gives You Some Probotics But Try Some Cider Vinegar Daily. Antibiotics Don`t Help Thrush As They Kill Good Fauna In Your Gut. Refer To Candida In You`re Search Engine.. Get Well Soon.

    • boogagirl41 boogagirl41 michael127

      Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. I haven't had a cough but yes I do sneeze lol but can't recall feeling injured afterwards. I was eating live yogurt only to prevent thrush which it has but wondered if antibiotics could cause other stomach problems like gas?

    • michael127 michael127 boogagirl41

      The Sooner You Finish Your Antibiotics The Better. Try The Cider Vinegar. Rib Muscles Take 4-6 Weeks To Recover. Do Check The Candida On Your Search, They Send You A Fact Sheet 8 Pages Over Three Weeks. Thrush Is Normally In The Mouth Or Downstairs,Stomach Is Candida. English Doctors Haven`t a Clue Of What Going On

  • poweronman poweronman boogagirl41

    Hello I have this problem from time to time my doctor said it is from my descending:colon  my stool becomes soft almost diarrhea like and I have a strong urgency to go then it will pass for a time and come back again did you have a stomach x-ray to make sure you did not have any bowel blockage  this is also a very common problem for people that have irritable bowel syndrome or  

    • boogagirl41 boogagirl41 poweronman

      Hi poweronman, thanks for the reply. No stomach xray was done, they seemed to focus on my chest/lungs/heart. Bloodworm was normal aside from the aforementioned which was ruled out anyway. Do you know what causes the Colon to descend? I feel an urgency to pass a bowel movement but once I do I don't need to go again for a while. This ribcage pain is not excruciating just twinges and it very uncomfortable. Lying down is mist comfortable for me, sitting seems to aggrivate it.

  • xmaryx xmaryx boogagirl41

    Is the pain on the bone, or on the abdomen under the rib?

    I have the same thing (I thought about the same baby pushing on rib thing, I also wondered if I slept funny). 

    Mine feels like it's right on the bone, though. I only have to press lightly to make it hurt, or bend the wrong way. 

    Oddly enough, I recently took antibiotics, too. But I also did a lot of strenuous work -- lifting, shoveling, etc.,, so I may have either pulled something, or I was leaning over something putting pressure on that area.

    If your pain feels like it's on the ribs rather than the abdomen, look up costochronditis. It's a pretty common condition that causes rib pain, and it can be quite painful. 

    • boogagirl41 boogagirl41 xmaryx

      Hi xmaryx, I have been diagnosed with costocondrhitis before but that was for the upper chest area. This new pain is under the left ribcage and radiates to my back. My whole stomach is feeling not right, gassy and strained as if I've been vomitting a lot which I haven't. The left floating rib does feel as if it wants to pop or click. I would say the pain is in the actual rib like it's inflamed but the muscle strain pain is on the left torso which has eased over the last week.

  • kit4410 kit4410 boogagirl41

    I have had the same thing on and off for the last few months, only mine is on the right side.  At first I thought I had pulled a muscle but when it did not go away I went to the doctor, had blood work, urine screen, ultrasound to check gallbladder and liver, everything came back normal.  Like you said it feels like when I was pregnant and the baby is presssing/pushing up into the ribs, it doesn't hurt, just very uncomfortable.  It has gone away and then comes back, I have noticed when I am stressed it seems to come back or last longer.  I have been doing research trying to figure out what it is as I have no other symptoms..  What I found is that it might be spleenic or hepatic flexure syndrome, google it.  It falls under IBS.  I have been taking peppermint oil and that seems to help a little, I just started taking diataomaceous Earth, it is to soon to tell if it is helping.  I also take probiotics and digestive enzymes.  

    • xmaryx xmaryx kit4410

      When I get that on the right side, it's usually duodenum irritation from heartburn. (Baslically like gastritis but in the duodenum). You could try heartburn meds and see if that helps. 

    • xmaryx xmaryx kit4410

      Heartburn can be tricky. Sometimes it takes me awhile to realize I have it. I take Pepcid AC but there are other OTC meds like Zyrtec, Previcid, etc. It can take a week to relieve symptoms, and a month to heal. While I take the meds I also have to lay off wine, fruit, green tea, and high acid coffee. Your problem could just be from tensing up. My chest muscles get tense when I'm really anxious, then it hurts for a day or two after. 

  • boogagirl41 boogagirl41

    Well I have has an abdominal x ray which revealed nothing. More bloods and urine testes which were all clear. Awaiting stool results. The pain has eased and so has the bloating and gas but I still have the feeling of something under my ribs. I still have some sharp drawing pains on the left and like a muscular strain feeling on my left mid back. Gp and doctor in hospital are thinking it's bowel related and could be gastritis or ibs but they don't say ibs until you've had issues for at least a month. Hospital doctor advised if pain still there in a week I can ask gp for an ultrasound. I asked him directly if it was cancer or diverticulitis but he said no as diverticulitis would show up as infection in blood tests and cancer would have other symptoms even if mild before pain as pain is the last stages of cancer and that would also show in bloods I think!

    • xmaryx xmaryx boogagirl41

      My left rib pain has decreased significantly in the past few days after treating the gastritis and taking "Move Free Joint Health" which has Glucosamine Chondroiten, MSM and something that helps build cartliage. (Got rid of my other aches and pains, too!). I also tried to avoid wearing a bra those few days. Thankfully it was cool here, so I could wear a hoodie. 

    • Caterina912 Caterina912 boogagirl41

      Hi I know this is an old forum, just wanted to chat her up and see what your update is? I am also Petrified of the worse. I have pain on my left side and it's really annoying.

      I just finished taking a mild antibiotic, for a uti, not sure if this would cause this. Just very nervous. Tomorrow going for ultrasound and sonogram.

    • Cbdgirl Cbdgirl crystal86262


      So i think im in the same boat here.

      Left upper abdominal pain under ribs.

      Pain can be worse from laying or sitting. The pain radiates round my back to. My left shoulder always hurts to. I have had chronic pains for months now. Also been having hot flushes for about 8months im 26.

      Feels like it burns sometimes to.

      I suffer with acid problems and ibs.

      Im aware i have a diastasis recti with two weakness. Some of the pain is due to a large muscle knot that keeps forming. 

      How are you getting on?

    • crystal86262 crystal86262

      My pain finally went away. They did X-rays and couldnt ever give me an answer. I really feel like it was from the cipro.

      Sorry you are having trouble. Hope you get some answers. 

  • boogagirl41 boogagirl41

    My abdo pain has eased a lot but I woke this morning really sweaty; I could actually feels my body was wet. I am on my period so could be hormonal but I'm usually a freezer. I also have aching shoulders. I am wondering if this is all connected? Googling brings up horror stories like lymphoma etc. I'm going back to my gp today for answers. I've always suffered tonsillitis etc and also notice a funny feeling when I swallow and right side is slightly harder and larger than the left. Any thoughts?

  • katran70222 katran70222 boogagirl41

    Have you found anymore information about this? I am having the same exact thing happen to me, but had no luck at the ER

    . They could just tell me what its not, and not what it is.

    • boogagirl41 boogagirl41 katran70222

      Hello Katran, I have an adernal/peritoneal cyst.  It was found on an NHS ultrasound (missed by a privately paid for one a week or so before).  It is quite large at 6-7 cm and I think it moves around resulting in intermittent differing pain.  Google says cysts over a certain size are always malignant but this isn't the case.  My consultant has assured me it's benign and I have to be monitored regualrly for changes etc.  I would ask for an ultrasound and take it from there.  Good luck! x

  • irene77777 irene77777 boogagirl41

    Hi biigagirl my name is Irene & seen your article & want to give you some advice... I would think your Gaul bladder where it radiates to your back!!! I have had a lot going on trust me it started w/Colin cancer @ 37 so I had to have my colon removed(to make a long story short) I became very ill was in Boston hospital for almost a year on a vent for 45 days so I had lost a huge amount of weight in a very short time .. I want in weighing 120 & went down to 65pounds!!!! I came home & I was getting this same thing that you are describing &I my first emergency room visit was oh you have had a lot going on with your abdomen but needless to say it didn't go away ... My nurse had my husband bring me back in to the hospital & that's when I found out it was my Gaul bladder ... Do not play around w/this because if it become infected (mines did)!tryst me you will feel like your dying!!!! Please look into this & lmk if I can be any help.. Good luck feel better

  • brendy brendy boogagirl41

    Hey Boogagirl

    I have had the same problem which began when i was in my 40's, I am now 64 so I have lots of experience with this. After years of testing, the best explanation for me is that I have extremely narrow tubes leading into my kidneys on the left side. Because very small kidney stones the size of sand that would normally pass thru get get trapped there. I did not have problems with larger stones until many years later. Left untreated they may take as long as 6 weeks to pass. If this pain happens after eating dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, (google foods that cause stones) then this may be your problem. About 4 years ago I discovered a herb called Berberine. It will disolve the stones in a matter of a dy or so. It has many helpful uses and is a good herb to take daily for prevention.

    I am suffering now because i forgot to buy more when I ran out. It is an inexpensive herb and certainly worth a try. Berberine is good for so many things , like lowering chloresterol,that kidney stones are seldom mentioned, but I can swear it will stop the pain.

  • janetta25626 janetta25626 boogagirl41

    I have the same pain..under my rib cage like a baby sitting on its

    quick sometime.. it is on my left's side I'm 59 years old.. it just started last week. There is a muscle pain in breast under my rib cage. I brought THE PILL THAT RESOLVE IN THE WATER .. IT HELP.. PLEASE tell ME WHAT TO DO. It come and go twice a week so far

  • brendy brendy boogagirl41

    I had this problem for over 10 years. Almost every day, usually after lunch it became intense and was forced to lie flat to alleviate the pain. Two years ago I discovered an herb called Berberine. I take it daily now and have completely cured myself. I had every test imaginable over those 10 years with every kind of doctor imaginable. I was told everything from muskoskelatal to grainy kidney stones. The Berberine was a wonderful discovery gleaned from years of crawling thru the internet. Try it. Its inexpensive and has many wonderful benefits. IT WORKS!

  • Kittykat2109 Kittykat2109 boogagirl41

    Well I just woke uo to see uf this was common because the same thing is happening to me right now. I have no clue what to do as I am OK only 13 and I only made an account on what to do for it because it hurts a lot. What should I do?

  • BellaJane1972 BellaJane1972 boogagirl41

    Wow.... I am currently experiencing the exact same feeling as you on my left side. First thing i asked the Dr is if i have cancer. I actually thought it may be my spleen. The doc pushed with his hands from the back and front at the same time (like squeezing my back and front towards each other). I grabbed his arm as the pain was so intense. He asked what direction the pain came from front or back..and i said the front. He has booked me in for a ct scan next week. Im petrified its something sinister. The pain and feelings you mentioned is exactly whats happening to me. Also, when i lay on my good side ,i experience weird fluttery sensations where the pain is. It feels exactly like those first fluttery feelings you get when you baby kicks for the first few times in your tummy when pregnant. I can eat ok with no pain but can only eat very small meals and then start feeling extremely bloated. When i cough or laugh hard i have a ripping pain then that fluttery feeling again. Pain killers dont seem to work. Its now day 10.

    • Caterina912 Caterina912 BellaJane1972

      I am no doctor but I have been battling uti pain on left side.. I went for a scan and they found a small umbilical hernia..if you look that up you will see the pain happens when driving or sitting or pooping.. standing.. 

      good luck

    • l84872 l84872 BellaJane1972

      bellaJane1972 your description of the first flutterings of pregnancy is a sensation that has caused me notice over the past few months, and now thd last 2 days have pain under left rib (sometimes feels like on the bone, other times feels intraabdominal). Trying to get in to see md today.  Please let me know the outcome of your CT.  I hope everything turned out ok. Your experience and outcome may help others too.

    • Beazk Beazk l84872

      Did you have any luck getting to the bottom of this or has your pain subsided? I am on week three now but cant note any change other than me managing my anxiety better and trying hard to not think the worst

  • mellissa20113 mellissa20113 boogagirl41

    Anyone get any answers?? I’m having the same problem

  • specialist254 specialist254 boogagirl41

    My problem started after I began my root canal I started doing doses of antibiotics, painkillers morning afternoon evening. My intra rib area started becoming "heavy" at times sharp pains while you sit or stand for quite some time in one position or sleep laying on your tummy. it's actually on the left side as well as the left back side. at times the sharp pain comes up to the frontal chest bone like you feel the sternum is drying up. I did some general tests like blood pressure and it was around 143-147 for three weeks now. Guys really what's the problem?

  • jodey jodey boogagirl41

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  • jodey jodey boogagirl41

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