Paranoid about my heart

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Hi all.

I'm a 31 year old male and been battling anxiety for just over a year. Like a lot of people, I don't know why it started but right now it's controlling my life.

As the title suggests, I am paranoid about my heart, although I have no real good cause to be. I've had a blood test and all came back normal. I have had ecg's in the past and again, all normal. 

My problem at the moment is that as well as having anxiety I have costochondritis and reflux issues. As you can imagine I am constantly getting pains in my chest area. There is no real fix for costochondritis but to take anti inflammatories, which in turn can trigger the reflux issue.

Anyway, the pains in my chest don't always feel the same. they can be sharp, dull, ache and each time I get any of the pains I am convincing myself that it's my heart. This in turn makes the panic kick in... Fast and hard heart beat, sweats... you name it. 

For 2 days i have had a pain in my chest that feels like I have strained it. I really hope that's all it is but I can't help but feel that I'm about to drop to the ground.

Does anyone else have any kind of paranoid thoughts like this?

Sorry if I have missed anything or not made much sense. It's late and I'm very tired. But thanks for reading


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    Hello Carl,

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering such anxiety and what sounds like panic attacks. Has anyone taught you breathing techniques to deal with those panicky feelings? I am sure you can find out how to do them on line. 

    You are awfully young to have reflux... Do you eat big meals?...and meals with high acid or spicy foods?c Do you eat after dinner?   If any of these are the case, your solution is to do the opposite. Eat smaller meals, eat less spicy/acidic foods and eat nothing after dinner.,,,or at least nothing near bedtime.

     Barb on this forum in the 'digestive section' recommended apple cider vinegar for reflux...which I has been really bothering me of late to the point where I was popping antacids several times a day. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to take something that seems so acidic but it works!!!  I took the recommended 1 TBSP in a glass of water 20 to 30 minutes before a meal...and I digested the meal well. I didn't feel bloated and uncomfortable and acid indigestion didn't happen. I was amazed. Since starting this over a week ago, I have been taking the acv once or twice a day before meals and I have taken antacid mints maybe twice. It's nothing short of a miracle cure!  Check it out on you should with any treatment.

    As far as the anxiety goes, I will link to what I wrote earlier to someone on the forum who was so anxious about having cancer in spite of the fact that the doctor has given her a clean bill of health.

    All the best to you!


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    First of all I am sorry u have this painful health issues. Many here can help and offer support. 

    It sounds like u r experiencing panic attacks along with costo chest pain and that is painful. The more u learn to cope the better control u will have. 

    A few weeks in PT would help and talk therapy. Find a good combination of meds to help u thru and move on .  That's the key. I wish u the best.

    (( gentle hugs ))



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    Hi Carl,

    Have you spoken to your GP about your anxiety issues? As you've got genuine medical issues alongside, it makes anxiety and worries about health worse, and there's not much that diet can do for reflux, if it's medication that's causing the problem (I have a reflux problem due to medication, despite having a ridiculously healthy diet). If you speak to your GP, they will be able to advise you on different treatments for anxiety, perhaps a course of therapy, that will hopefully change your way of thinking and stop your anxiety. 

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    Thanks all for your replies.

    I have tried all sorts of medications for anxiety but I don't seem to agree with any. The side effects come on very strong with each of the drugs I have been given. The reflux I can deal with. The pain from the costo mixing with anxiety is what I'm finding hard to swallow, as well as having this paranoid feeling about my heart. The term 'vicious circle' springs to mind.

    I will be seeing my GP again soon. Possibly before my next appointment because this is getting out of hand.

    I feel very sorry for people who have had to deal with this mental illness for most of their lives, as I have only had it for just over a year and can't believe how quickly it took over my life.

    I will see or speak to my GP asap and let you know of any info given

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      I  try to separate my pain issues. When one pain issue passes I move on. Dwelling on the issue over & over I creating more stress for urself. Certainly u have enough thoughts to take a break thinking in terms of how u can change. There r thet posts who teach mindfulness thru positive thinking. It's not always a way out but certainly can give a release for u anf UR heart..


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    Hi Carl

    You are not alone I have exactly the same symptoms and thoughts to go with it! It really is getting out of hand and I to will be going back to my GP to see what I can do about this.

    I take omneprozol every day due to acid reflux so I am now wondering if this could be a contributor to my constant chest pain. My bloods are clear and ECG's have been all clear in the recent past.

    Have you tried any anti depressant medication? I tend to struggle on them and haven't found one that suits yet.

    Anyway best of luck mate and please keel me posted as you are the only person I've found experiencing exactly the same symptoms as me.

    I too will give you an update if I get anywhere soon.


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    Hi Ollie

    I too have had ecg's and bloods done over the months and everything is normal. This is why I don't understand why I am so paranoid. I have no family history of heart problems. Ok my diet hasn't been the best and I have up smoking 7 months ago. I am still young enough to make huge changes to my health for the better.

    Just before Christmas I was taking olanzapine 5mg for my anxiety which were one of the better ones I tried. Due to complications over the Christmas period with getting a prescription I found myself with no meds and would have been put of my system by the time I could get more. Therefore I have been off meds since then but been fine until about 6 weeks ago when this started. 

    Although it's not nice I am glad there is someone who can relate to how I feel.

    Thanks for posting and keep in touch

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      UR discussion is so true.. The stress of health issues can make it worse

      i found meditation aroma therapy lavender oils on my pillow at night help take the tightness out. 

      Many hospitals have class teaching relaxing techniques.. These r designed to help cope with health issues related to controlling stress

      knowing the stress triggers is a good start. Holidays is a biggie..

      take care


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    I have the exact same symptoms. Just had a holter monitor put on this past weekend. Surprisingly, though, just reading this is helping me. Knowing that I'm not alone.  Just don't know what to do to make it stop. I'm afraid it's slowing disabling me.
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    Hi everyone on here with the same anxiety.  I did actually have a heart attack a year ago but they think it was a clot.  Since then when I started rehab and arm exercises that night I got sternum pains, it was horrible, anxiety, wobbles, ambulance came and said all ok.  The next week the same thing, pains again, then I caught on it was from the movements at the fitness class doing it.  But it immediately sets off the adrenalin and hey presto more anxiety.  I then avoided pulling my chest but still now having issues with belching and I am sure its caused by the Clopidogrel or aspirin.  It sets off reflux which causes more anxiety.  Its running my life, I have lost confidence, got claustrophobia now and don't know when itis going to strike again.  In a large shop on Friday, my heart starts racing, I get breathless, but I had bought some Rescue Remedy and took some under my tongue, got out of the shop fast.  I saw my doctor straight after and had some blood tests and was sent to thehospital for xrays.  Results are due back.  But I seem to remember I had done some hoovering and lifted a heavy washing bag 2 days before.  But now my chest is weird, one minute it feels tight and tender and the next after a while it feels ok.  Its so worrying.  I have my heart meds with me at all times.  But I do find if I have beenat the computer for longor watchig tv it might come on the next day.  I have some meditation tracks and an anxiety hypnosis on my tab.  I try and eat anti stress foods.  I also booked to see a naturopath, reiki and massage and vitamin diet person on Wednesday so I hope she can help, she is also a herbalist and iridologist.  If she can do all those then hoping something will hlp.  Will let you guys know what she says.  But I am so glad I am notthe only paranoid person, some days its all I think about, some days I am fine and relaxed.  Just taken the ACV before my dinner, so thanks for that tip, lets see if that helps.  It also might be because I am coming off the clopidogrel so I am very sensitive to any changes at the moment and paranoid of having another HA.  Still on this horrible aspirin, looking at the possibility of nattokinase.  Good luck guys, we are in it together, I am not mad after all x
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    Carl hello. I'm 29. And for the past 3 weeks straight I have had the same exact symptoms. My anxiety came from no where. And it's taken over my life completely. I will be starting Zoloft in the next few days. But 3 weeks ago I went to the er in terrible pain chest X-ray ecg blood work and urine came back fine. Labeled it as anxiety. But if it was anxiety this chest pain would have gone by now. So everyone around me is strictly blaming it on anxiety. Its incredibly frustrating to think they think I just made these pains up. Nothing eases it. So I went back to a different er last night. Ran the same exact tests. Didn't see anything. Prodded around and labeled me with costrocondritis. Seriously this is what I get to look forward to. I know this post was a year ago I'm wondering how you are feeling. Please reach out if you see this.
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    Hi Carl,

    I know what you're going through, I have the exam same issues and I'm 21 years old. Before I explain I want to ask you if you found the answer you were looking for or received any significant advice?

    My family suffers from anxiety and I find I suffer the least; however, anxiety does occur often enough where sometimes I am mentally strong enough to fight it off and sometimes I am not.

    I find myself checking my pulse everyday, usually at night, to make sure my heart is working. It sounds strange I know, but I am always paranoid that my heart will randomly stop working one day. Its a fear possibly triggered by anxiety.

    Last night I had the same thing and the shakes (tremors? shivering?) My whole body was shaking for no reason, which doesnt usually happen. Sure breathing techniques can help but for me most of the time they don't.

    When anxiety kicks in, I feel as though I am willing to do anything to get rid of it. I also suffer from chest pains, probably resulting from stress or anxiety, and I often have trouble sleeping.

    Hoping my issues can comfort you smile Get back to me.


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