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tillycd tillycd

Paroxetine / Seroxat withdrawal symptoms

after being on the anti depressant Seroxat for 21 years, I am now coming off it, my doctor says must do this gradually. I am now taking 10mg every other day for 1 month then hopefully continue with maybe two 10 mg each week.

However I am having symptoms of withdrawal, I feel like I have a bees nest in my head, continuous buzzing then occasionally a feelin like an electric shock with a definite ping sound. 

I do not have this when lying down at night but I cannot lay down all day!

Has anyone else sffered this and if yes then how long will it last?

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  • Purpleheather Purpleheather tillycd

    Yes, I had similar many years ago. I've been on Seroxat over 21 years myself. I stupidly decided to come off it after a couple of years. I suffered dizziness more than anything else. I couldn't drive.  I went back on it after a few weeks as I realised I wasn't ready to stop taking it (I have OCD).

    The electric shock sensation, I definitely know about. Despite the fact I am currently on 60 mg, I go through periods when I experience that feeling. Obviously that's not from withdrawal though. But I have read that's a common withdrawal symptom. When I get that sensation it usually coincides with my being ill, i.e. when I was getting over flu. It will keep happening for about a week and is very unpleasant. 

    I don't know how long you will experience this. Your Dr will probably say it's because you've been on it such a long time, and should monitor how you are doing. Best of luck. You are very brave to come off it. I doubt I will ever be able to, but I do hope I can eventually stabilise at 20 mg.

    • tillycd tillycd Purpleheather

      Thank you for your info, I was put on this for anxiety and depression. Have been on it so long I do not know if I still need it and until I am off it I won't know but have not had any depression for several years and so if I do need to have medication again, I will ask for a different one. Recently been under hospital where I was told some if my symptons could be due to the Seroxat. Best wishes for your future

    • Groove Groove Purpleheather

      Hi Purpleheather,

      I weaned off of Paxil for the past two weeks. I was on 25 mgs then 12.5 then started Wellbutrin on Friday. Last dose of Paxil was last Tuesday. I get like I've been on an elevator feeling, so dizzy I can't drive in the afternoon. And weird noises in my ears. I'm trying to get back to work because I was put on a sick leave. Working only part of the day. Can you suggest anything for withdrawal?

  • peaceforpanic peaceforpanic tillycd

    I have been taking it for about 17 years now and decided several months ago to try and taper off of it. The doctor said things could get a little shakey at around 10 mg and when I got to around that dose after months of tapering, I got hit with a major attack that lasted for about 16 days (panic attacks plus severe general anxiety and anticipatory anxiety). During that sixteen days I slowly raised my dosage back up to my regular 40mg and now have stabalized and feel normal again. I realize that you know what, there is no shame in taking the medication if it helps to relieve the hell that is panic disorder. Our brains are just different... and more seratonin helps. So I am going to stick with it. Don't feel any shame or frustration if you find you have to go back on it. Peace and freedom from anxiety is worth it.

  • Grumpybum1960 Grumpybum1960 tillycd

    Would be interested to know how things are going for you now. Have been taking paroxetine myself for 17 years after being diagnosed with acute clinical depression and having ECT back in 1999. Started to come off 4 days ago halving my dose to 10mg by cutting tablet in half. Have not slept since, it would be nice to know if this side effect lasts a long time or not. Hope you are winning the fight, chin up and stay strong.

    • Nada678 Nada678 Grumpybum1960


      Did you manage to come off paroxetine?  I got down to zero but had terrible insomnia, even though I tapered very slowly.  I am now back on 1mg and will wait there until I feel stable enough to cut down even more slowly.  What hell this is!  Doctors don't understand how slowly you have to taper.  All the best.    Vivienne

  • louise 23007 louise 23007 tillycd

    As someone who has been on Seroxat for ten years with two attempts to come off it, both ending in going back on it because the depression comes back every  time with great pain and suffering and lived to regret ever stopping. I warmly and strongly recommend you stay on Seroxat, from personal experience. Depression, unforunately, will come back, at some point.

    Think of it like insulin for a diabetic or blood pressure pills for someone wih high blood pressure. Unfortunately, depression is a condition (specially after so many years) and you should probably come to terms with that. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

    Take care and hope you recover quickly.

  • tillycd tillycd

    Hiya everyone, it has been 8 months since starting this discussion and at that time I had been on Seroxat for 21 years and starting my journey to come off this medication. I now feel it is time to write an update. After one month of taking 10mg on alternate days I then took 5mg every other day. After 3 weeks on this dose I went cold turkey and just stopped taking it and to date I have not needed to retake it, 6 months after stopping it.

    It wasn't easy because at first I continued to get the electric shock pings in my head and the buzzing noice however these gradually got less and less and have now gone. At no time so far have I felt depressed or anxious so I now believe I did the right thing stopping it. 

    I have been occupied with other health problems though and after undergoing tests was found to have Atrial Fibrillation of my heart which is a fast irregular heart rhythm which can cause strokes or heart attacks. So now I am on 2 medications for this condition. I have to take it for life but was assured that coming off Seroxat did not contribute to this condition. I feel that coping with a heart condition and not getting depressed or having anxiety attacks has meant that for me I am certain I had no need to continue with Seroxat. Finally would just like t thank everyone who gave me advise on this discussion, it was really helpful whilst going through my withdrawal. I hope others having problems with this drug keep getting useful advice and help. Good luck everyone.biggrin


  • sara16986 sara16986 tillycd

    Hello, I know it's been a year since you guys had this discussion, was so pleased to see thatI'm not alone in this, I'm 25 years old, been taking seroxat for over a year, 12.5 mg daily, I asked my doctor to help me with quiting it several times but he ignored me,I can also feel those electric shocks in my head, felt better in bed but it makes me really depressed, i hope u guys made it. Best of luck 

  • ShaniMalik ShaniMalik tillycd

    Hello sara

    I am 28 i have been on seroxit for past 2 years i am trying to get rid of seroxit

    I feel all ur symptoms ...eletric shocks panic attacks palpitations and back neck preasure...but all these were also present when i was talking ...20mg.

    First i start by tappering ...after 10mg i left taking seroxit my situation is worst but my will power is strong i have clear in mind i have to get rid of 1month passed without tablets m slightly getting better will update u more...u can discuss further on my email

    Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

    • sara16986 sara16986 ShaniMalik

      Hi Shani,

      I'm done tappering thank God, still feel the electric shocks & my tension headache has settled down back to my head, migraine too, still not sure about the next plan to get rid of those cause I take painkillers daily & as I've read it's only gonna make me worse. Also I'm depressed all the time, I overthink about things & I get too emotional since I quit seroxat. I also tend to get sucidal in an indirect way, I take painkillers recklessly & I do other crazy things that can kill me without giving myself any chance to be concerned about it. I tend to think that death is more peaceful than having all of those headaches in one head.

    • tillycd tillycd sara16986

      Hi Sara16986, I feel your pain, but I am living proof you can get off Seroxat. However on reading your comments I believe you need to be on a different anti depressant. Please visit your doctor and explain how you are feeling including your use of pain relief. Perhaps you are on the wrong pain relief or maybe you could do with some counselling or support to get you through this time of change. You have done the hard work now so don't give in to negative thoughts. You are worth more than this and with a little help you can overcome these difficulties. Don,t give up, Chanel your negativity into positivity that you can and will beat this. Please update when you feel able to.

  • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone tillycd

    Hi all, hope it's ok to post on here even though the original post was a year ago, I see a reply 4 days ago and have been very keen to join a forum to try to get as much advice as possible from fellow sufferers of this nightmare drug!

    I have been on seroxat for 20 years (biggest mistake of my life) I went to see the Drs after being ditched by a boy who I thought was the love of my life, and not understanding these feelings were in fact very normal and given time would go I was told by the Drs I had anxiety and these new drugs were the 'wonder cure' I trusted the Dr that they would help with these horrid feelings I had not had before.

    He put me on 20mg which I faithfully took for 10 years. Never noticed any difference whatsoever, none! So, I decided 10 years ago to go down to 10mg overnight. This worked absolutely fine.

    Fast forward to 5 years ago, and I started getting perfectly healthy teeth that had never been filled suddenly becoming loose and needing removal. Not choosing root canal. I was told I had bone loss, now these were perfectly healthy teeth!? No bleeding gums, not gum disease but a drug was suspected.

    So I looked into this to see if there was a correlation between any meds I am on (This is the only prescribed med I am on) and bone loss there was!! I found other people had a similar experience with seroxat and bone loss resulting in tooth removal! I couldn't believe it! This scared me enough to want to come off this drug asap, so I made an appointment with the Dr who told me I could quit cold turkey as he has had patients do this that had been on it for as long as I had and successfully managed this, or cut down to 5mg for 1 week then 4mg for 1 week 3mg for 1 week etc until you quit! My Dr also told me that because I have been on seroxat for so long they would've stopped woking about 4 years ago as my body would've become accustomed to it, therefore rendering it useless other than any bad side effects! 

    Not so simple!! 5 weeks ago I took myself from 10mg to 5mg overnight by cutting the pill in half. First 2 weeks fine, then the 3rd week oh dear.... I have been just horrid, vile to live with, very very short tempered, ratty, shouting, such anger where I am full of rage, and it happens suddenly no build up, it's dreadful, also can get very over emotional at things that I'd normally have laughed off before I cut down!? But not everyday, about 3 to 4 times a week. Now my partner is struggling to cope with this even though I have told him none of my anger is personally directed at him, he sees it that way. I have been seeing things from the corner of my eye, like white flashes or black flashes too. I know it's the reduction in this pill!

    I just don't know what to do. I am in no way wanting to go back to 10mg. I know that some of you are on 60mg, and this must seem so trivial I apologise I don't mean to moan, and I am thankful to be on such a low dose. But nevertheless I am going through these horrendous withdrawals like others here and so so sympathise, but feel pretty hopeless, is there light at the end of the tunnel? Have any of you successfully come from 10mg down to 5mg overnight with no adverse effects? How did you cope? How long do I stay on 5mg for? Do I need to go on a different drug to help cope as I don't want to start all over again with seroxat? Please can someone tell me if I'll get through this? I was thinking of taking 5Htp pills whilst still taking the 5mg dose.

    I am due to see my Dr next week, but as nice as he is he sadly hasn't got a clue about just how very addictive seroxat is and just how difficult it is to come off of it. 

    Please can anyone on here give any advice? Even if just to say it is possible to successfully come down to 5mg. How long will this anger last on 5mg? Will it get better at 4mg etc? When do I cut down to 4mg? I don't think my Dr can help me with these questions which is why I have more faith in the seroxat community here.

    I am sorry for this long reply. I really don't know where else to turn. Thank you all so very much.

    • tillycd tillycd seroxatbegone

      Hi Seroxatbegone [great ID for this forum] I started this thread and although I have been off Seroxat for over a year now, I realised people are still struggling.

      I am sorry you are struggling to come off this terrible drug and I think what you are suffering is agitation and this is your body trying to get you to give it the drug. When I got off it, I did not go directly down to 5mg but started by taking 10mg every other day for 1 month to fool my body into believing I was still on the same dose. After 1 month I went down to 5mg for 1 month, then commenced 5mg every other day for 1 month. By this time any side effects had diminished so I tried 2 days without then one day with 5mg for 2 weeks and after this I stopped altogether. I may have suffered some withdrawal symptoms but they diminished quite quickly. This might have seemed like a long spell of cutting down, but it worked for me and if you look back on this forum you will be able to read my update after 6 months of stopping. Now after more than one year without it I have had no sign of depression and no bouts of anxiety. However I am finding that I am more emotional and cry easily whenever sad things happen but compared to when I was on Seroxat where I could neither feel sad nor truly happy this emotion is welcomed because I feel normal emotions at last.

      Good luck to everyone on their journey off this drug and if my joirney helps then I am pleased to be of assistance.

    • valerie1957 valerie1957 seroxatbegone

      Hi I've been on seroxat since 1995 and have tried to come off it before, using liquid paroxetine and dropping 1ml at a time. Had got down (on tablets) to 10mg and doctor was OK with that, but then another doctor in the same practice said they weren't going to renew my prescription. I got liquid paroxetine and am down now to 2ml (4mg) but it seems that it takes my brain time to catch up with the rest me when I move my head. I also get "electric shocks in my head" and it feels at times as if my heart has skipped a beat. Feeling anxious again so seeing the doctor again tomorrow. Will update you...

    • tillycd tillycd valerie1957

      Hi Valerie1957, well done you are almost there to be off Seroxat for good. Please persevere because what you are experiencing are the side effects of withdrawal but these will get better. I realise at times it is hellish but believe me it will ease it just has to run it's course and eventually you will come out the other side Seroxat free and withdrawal symptom free. I know cos I have done it and have been free for over a year. Keep positive stay strong and you too will succeed.  Hope you can get more liquid good luck.

    • tillycd tillycd sara16986

      I cannot answer that but to say for some people it works well, it did for me until I needed to come off it then found I had the Seroxat withdrawal syndrome (look it up on internet). The doctors are aware of this but they also know that this drug works for most people. Perhaps it should only be used short term cos it seems to me the longer you take it the harder to withdraw.

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone tillycd

      Hi tillycd, thank you so so much for replying.

      I think you have done so incredibly well to be completely seroxat free, you are very strong smile I read you say it took a long time, and I think this is the right way forward and the Drs don't seem to realise the seriousness of the withdrawals hen they get you to cut down so dramatically so quickly, and my instincts tell me to take it so steady now. 

      I am a wimp though because I'm still on 5mg everyday ! I'm so so scared to go to 2.5mg, and I have the liquid here unopened! I may try what you suggested every other day. Do you think I should go straight down to 2.5mg or 4,3,2 for a month at a time?

      As for my mood swings I was desperate so I bought some St Johns Wort tablets and have been taking these for 12 days exactly, my awful anger has subsided but I don't feel mega happy or elated like they are supposed to do? But now I don't know if it's the St John's Wort tablets that are masking the anger caused from withdrawal or my body has got used to the 5mg dose now if that makes sense? 

      I thank you so much for support and admire your strength smile

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone tillycd

      Hi Tilly

      Not sure if I replied to this (that'll be about the time I was going through hell withdrawing I apologise x I wanted to update with what I hope is good news x After reading your story I am inspired because I know it is possible to come off of seroxat for good! 👌I am now down to 2.5mg in liquid form x I am not feeling as bad as when I went from 10mg to 5mg! The transition from 5 to 2.5mg has been easier x will it get better? I hope the fear and anger doesn't come back x I am taking 1 st Johns Wort tablet a day maybe this is helping ? In a way it's a shame because I don't know how I am naturally if that makes sense? Is the St Johns Wort masking how I should be feeling on 2.5mg?? Thanks Tilly 🤗

    • Parox-to-fluox Parox-to-fluox isabella82120

      Hi, I have written several posts explaining how I got off seroxat. Not everyone might do it this way, but for me, so far, it has worked.

      In a nutshell, my GP suggested I switch from seroxat to Prozac, and then slowly withdraw from that. Prozac has a much longer half life than seroxat, which is why it is easier for the body to withdraw from the former.

      Please discuss fully with your GP and see what you think.

      Best wishes

  • Belisarios Belisarios tillycd

    Hello all I was very happy to find this discussion about seroxat withdrawal symptoms.

    I have my father (about 65 yrs old) who was on seroxat for 10 years. He was taking 1 pill every morning of 20 mg

    He has parkinson disease but the Dr gave him seroxat just for matters of "precautions". My father never showed in the past any depression symptoms.

    Two weeks ago we read some articles about antidepressants and how bad side effects they have so ..we read the seroxat instructions and the side effects got as alarmed

    We wanted to stop this pill since there was no meaning to our opinion.

    My father cut the pill into half and just took 10 mg every morning. He started this on  Sunday two weeks ago

    Until 4 days after he was doing fine but on Wednesday in the afternoon he looked a bit confusing. Next day morning he was ok until afternoon. He continued to take half pill (10 mg) till Saturday. Then his symptoms seemed too bad and we called our Dr. He said to start again the whole pill (20 mg).

    He took half pill on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning (last Sunday from today) he took again his usual 1 pill (20mg).

    Monday morning he was ok but in the afternoon he got again worse talking rubbish and seeing things..

    Tuesday morning and noon he was great an we all were happy. But afternoon he got again worse

    Last Wednesday he was tired anxious and in his world..

    Yesterday he was good during noon .

    Today Friday he was sleepy in the morning took his pill didnt realise much. But during noon he was slightly better.

    In the afternoon he was up very energetic but in his own world he was opening doors closing doors he was walking here and there.

    In the evening he got a bit relaxed but he was again closed in his own world.

    What is your opinion ? our Dr says we should wait 2 weeks...

    We thought taking back his original dose his symptoms would ease and he would get back his logic

    But it seems this is not happening. Whenever he gets a bit better then he goes back mumbering and talking rubbish.

    Dr says we should wait with stabilized doze and then after he recovers start very slowly reducing the doze. 

    We are trying to find other Dr but it would be helpful to hear your opinions too since we are afraid maybe something else should be done. (we lost trust in current Dr since he never told us the side effects of Seroxat nor the withdrawal symptoms)

    thanks a lot 

    • tillycd tillycd Belisarios

      Hi Belisarious, I have not heard of these withdrawal symptoms nor these effects when taking the drug. Could it be possible that by lowering the dose it uncovered some other problem your father may be suffering from. I do think the doctor makes sense to leave it for 2 weeks then if his symptoms continue there could be possibly something else going on. Most doctors do not tell you about the withdrawal syndrome this drug causes, but taking the drug does not seem to cause most people problems it is only when trying to come off it these side effects occur. You can read about Seroxat Withdrawal syndrome on the internet.

    • Belisarios Belisarios tillycd

      Hi Tillycd,

      and tnks for your reply. He told us he has vivid nightmares, he does feel that electric shock in the brain and his legs shake when he is in bed among others. Of course our worst concern is he confuses memories and he doesnt have touch with reality. Afternoons he gets more anxious while mornings till noon he is more relaxed. Which effect do you refer as not expected ? because I thought they were usual even after taking the dose for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. I read in several articles that after coming back in many cases it was a nightmare even when they went back to the normal dose before trying to reduce, Also it was mentioned in some cases it could take a whole month to stabilize.. As you can see i get more and more worried to check for another Dr...

      tnks again


  • Parox-to-fluox Parox-to-fluox tillycd

    Hello smile I'm so pleased to have found this thread this evening...I was starting to wonder if I was the only person to have taken Seroxat for over 20 years!

    I've tried to come off the drug several times: the first time I took one every other day. I had always taken 20mg per day previously. It was a matter of days before my mind seemed to just collapse and I quickly went back to the daily dose.

    The second time, I used the liquid to wear myself down to 4mg over a long period of time. For some reason, I couldn't reduce from 4mg without having a total mental collapse and decided if I needed it, I needed it, and went back to 10mg.

    The third time, I stopped taking 10mg and moved straight to 37.5mg of venlafaxine, doubling that to 75mg before again, having a mental meltdown, returning to my GP, bursting into tears and asking for Seroxat again.

    Since then, I have had sleep issues, mainly extremely long, detailed and vivid dreams, always with high levels of anxiety, and which stay in my mind the following day. I have been prescribed zopiclone, which helps, but the dreams are still an issue, even when I decided to increase my Seroxat to 20mg again, hoping this would stop them happening.

    I am currently three days into a straight swap from 15mg Seroxat to 20mg Prozac. The head zaps have been pronounced today and seem to occur alongside a feeling in my chest. The zap moment seems to correspond with what feels like my heart skipping a beat. Quite unnerving and surreal.

    I have also had acute pain in my left knee, although I'm not sure whether that is linked!?

    I'm trying to keep going, reminding myself that these symptoms are normal and that I'm still taking an SSRI, albeit a different one.

    I can't understand why the symptoms should be so pronounced though, considering I've just replaced one SSRI for another. And, of course, Prozac has a longer half life than Seroxat so that should surely help with keeping the serotonin in the system.

    Anyway, apologies for the very long post and thanks for reading. It's incredibly reassuring to read that others have successfully managed to live without it - fantastic achievement!

    I hope that people will continue to post their experiences on this thread, it helps to know others understand how difficult it is.


  • Belisarios Belisarios tillycd

    Hi all again, 

    great news ! my dad is way better now ! We had some up and downs but from Sunday he was all day great his senses were back his memory also he was talking sensible etc. 

    We wanted to be sure everything was going better.

    Yesterday Tuesday he was fine till noon. 

    In the afternoon he had these electric shocks in his mind again and he lost his touch with the environment. It was a bad downward but we were expecting this after 1 and a half day being great. His legs were shaking as if current was coming through his body. But afterwards he calmed down in bed and slept very deeply he even snored. Today Tuesday he woke up in perfect mood and he wanted to go out and do things. 

    We have a definite positive curve. Of course we expect some downwards again but the momentum is positive.

    This pill of serotoxan is a mind blower. As told before we just have about 1 week back to normal dose from when we cut to half the pill and all these withdrawal symptoms show us how bad these chemical meds are. 

    Anyway my father has told us it was hell but this showed him he must get rid off this devil but very cautiously and very slowly. 

    hope everyones gets better 


    • Belisarios Belisarios

      Since yesterday noon dad has again these electric shocks through his mind and he sees.. water on the floor.. while there is nothing like that. Illusions again and he doesnt remember things.

      Almost 2 weeks since he went back to his former doze after cutting it in half


    • Parox-to-fluox Parox-to-fluox Belisarios

      Hi Belisarios

      I hope your father continues to have more good days than bad. When I went back to Seroxat after having tried venlafaxine, a lot of the withdrawal symptoms seemed to remain - my sleep, for example, has never gone back to normal, and I'm now using zopiclone to help with this.

      Since stopping the Seroxat again last week and starting Prozac, I have found taking 7.5mg zopiclone to have helped massively with the withdrawal symptoms. If I only take 3.75mg, my sleep is very poor and I have far more brain zaps the following day.

      I'm not sure whether zopiclone is something your father could try but it has definitely helped me. I realise that I may end up with problems withdrawing from zopiclone in time, but if I manage to stay off Seroxat, I'm sure I'll be able to wean myself off it somehow...

      Please keep the updates coming.

  • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta tillycd

    I feel suicidal 24/7. Doctors thought I had stroke and wanted to put me on Amitryptiline. Frying pan to fire!!  Off Seroxat cold turkey nearly 4 weeks now and am in HELL.

    • Patient Patient Cailin crosta

      Hi Cailin crosta

      We note from a recent post which you have made to our forum that you may be experiencing thoughts around self-harm. If we have misinterpreted your comments then we apologies for contacting you directly. But if you are having such thoughts then please note that you are not alone in this, and there are people out there that can help.

      If you are having these suicidal thoughts then we strongly recommend you speak to someone who may be able to help. The Samaritans offer a safe space where you can talk openly about what you are going through. They can help you explore your options, understand your problems better, or just be there to listen.

      Their contact details are on our patient information leaflet here:, which also offers lots of other advice on how you can access the help you may need.

      If you are having such thoughts then please do reach out to the team at the Samaritans (or the other people detailed in our leaflet) who will understand what you're going through and will be able to help.

      Kindest regards


    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone Cailin crosta

      So sad to hear this Cailin,

      no matter how bad things seem tomorrow is a new day, a day of hope. Maybe going cold turkey is not the right way to come off seroxat? I think it's too much for anyone who's been on it to suddenly stop. The poor body simply can't cope and it's not your fault.

      Remember nothing is worth suicidal thoughts, you are blessed with life, and things always change. hang in there and perhaps see the Dr to taper off slowly.

      God bless.

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta Croydonbee

      You're very kind! I wish the same for you. ❤️

      Our bodies take at least 3 months to change and even as they renew our cells are not replaced by new cells but damaged cells because we are not giving them the proper nutrients and are addicted to sugar! 😡 I've just begun a new régime and if it works I'll pester you all about it!! 🌷Thanks again. I'm keeping an eye on your progress also!

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone Cailin crosta

      Oh wow, I didn't know that! That's scary because it means there's not much we can do to replace those damaged cells sad so we have to really really look after ourselves as best we can, but sugar is my main downfall, chocolate really have it everyday. I have a stone and a half to lose too!! Won't get there by eating chocolate everyday. Still carrying on with my 2.5mg, sometimes I get ratty then remember to change it real quick but nothing as bad as the withdrawal from 10mg! I am maintaining my weight by intermittent fasting, maybe not the best way? I'm no expert on diet but would love to hear about your new regime I hope this works so well for you x Thank you for replying too xx smile 

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta seroxatbegone

      Chocolate OK as long as it is 70%+. Intermittent fasting great too I'd you manage a window of 18 hours? Eat dinner before 6pm and skip breakfast till lunchtime following day.  Drinking OK & ignore hunger pangs!! Will tell you later about new régime and it helps regeneration of healthy cells!! Sounds intriguing and is true. Try to eliminate that poison sugar!! Not easy and SO addictively tasty! 🙄

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone Cailin crosta

      Ah, that's really bitter though isn't it 70%? The thing is I've got MASSIVE sweet tooth and can't bear anything bitter, don't like coffee, too bitter, most alcohol to me is so bitter too, liquorice YAK!! I do like savoury foods but as long as they haven't got a bitter after taste. So I guess I haven't got sophisticated taste for an adult? I can fast no problem. Maybe what happens is this all or nothing sort of a problem I've got which is why I can go either way and it's not a good thing because my weight can fluctuate 3 stone up 3 stone down in a year. It's awful!! I usually gain 3 stone between November to January as I consider that celebration time, Christmas and all that! Crazy!! Then I lose that 3 stone by the summer usually. I'm managing it mid way at the moment and funnily enough since tapering off seroxat my binge urges are going!!?? This is a good thing because I never used to be like this before seroxat. You're so right, refined sugar is evil, it's a drug I'm sure? So glad your new regime is working it sounds like you'll get great results and you're very knowledgeable about diet, meds etc. This is a great forum and it's really helping me, thank you. xx smile 

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta seroxatbegone

      Oh dear! Yo yo diet 🙄. Could you try to fool yourself into thinking it is February all year round??? It's good that a seroxat free life diminishes craving!  Try to befriend higher cocoa content chocolate by having a square of the highest you can tolerate now and again? You WILL find that intermittent fasting also decreases sugar craving. Eating more good fats like butter and meat from grassfed animals also reduces this craving. 

      One benefit during my initial crazy scary gloomy period of cold turkey from seroxat was that I found  most foods nauseating and now have to choose very carefully to avoid feeling sick from food. This led me to this new régime I'm trying but don't want to crow about it until I have positive results!

      I hope for your sake that you can cut down on that sugar and carbohydrates, as they also are sugar in another guise! One small step at a time and BEST of luck 🌷🌞

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone Cailin crosta

      Hi Cailin 

      Thanks for reply, I'll definitely try grass fed foods that may help x Yo yo diet yes very stupid idea not good 😳I recon if I've got the willpower to fast I can have 1 square of the cocoa too 🍫By the way today has been just awful it's day 6 of 2.5mg seroxat and I've been horrid and snappy and shouting like a raging beast I don't know what's got into me it's like when I cut down to 5mg the first 3 weeks were like this most days & I don't want my family to have to go through that again ! When will this ever stop? 😢xx

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta seroxatbegone

      Hi. Just explain to your family that it's not the true you and apologise to them when you're feeling better? Go for a drive and shout in the car! Concentrate on changing to a healthy diet and tell your system that you're in control and not the other way around! 

      Move that body and the mood will shift even if it's only slightly.

      It DOES improve and I'm living proof! A month ago I would gladly end it if I had the courage.

      Not now. The tail is no longer wagging the dog!!🐕. 

      Go easy on yourself 🌷

  • Croydonbee Croydonbee tillycd

    A summary: Was on 10mg Seroxat (paroxetine) for about 20 years. Seven weeks ago, started having bad dizziness and nausea, which I thought was labyrinthitis. But anxiety started to set in. GP stopped the paroxetine abruptly and put me on Sertraline (no weaning off Seroxat). No effect after a week. So then (11 days ago), he changed it to 15mg Mirtazapine. I have gone downhill throughout. GP says I didn't need to be weaned off the paroxetine as the medications are all SSRIs. Had horrendous nightmares, crying every day, scared of insanity. Now, head has the overwhelming "whooshing" and ears ringing worse than ever - I only ever used to get this whooshing in the head if I missed a tablet one or two nights. As others have said, it's like a wasps' nest. It's been hell. I'm sure the downward spiral has been caused by cold turkey paroxetine withdrawal, despite what the gp says.  Gp suggested trying citalopram.  Very reluctant to try any more SSRIs. Having counselling now and CBT.  Can't rely on SSRIs and yet even more chemicals chucked into the mix. Head must be messed up with all these changes. A detox is only way. Unable to work full time at mo as social anxiety and tearfulness have overtaken my life with all the fears. But head can't deal with chemicals any more. It'll take time. Surely GP was wrong to stop the paroxetine so abruptly and replace with three other SSRIs one after another? They don't even issue Seroxat any more because it's so hard to be weaned off off (as seen on a recent BBC documentary). 

    My GP yesterday did, to his credit, suggest coming off SSRIs completely and stick to Propanalol to deal with the anxiety (a kind of very low-dose beta blocker). 

    My counsellor also suggested this (to discuss with GP, of course). It's impossible to see mental health experts when you need them most, unless you go private. Maybe eventually some herbal remedies will be beneficial too. 

    So this is what I'm doing - not taking any SSRIs. I refuse. 

    The last seven weeks or so have been appalling - horrific nightmares, panic attacks, the bees' nest in the head, and non-stop crying, and fears of going insane, losing everything, losing my job and income (my boss at work has been absolutely fantastic ), worthlessness, letting everyone down, and fears of never being able to leave the house or be normal again. 

    I've been in the grip of terror as I fall asleep in the middle of the night, screaming for help at 2am. Do I want to continue in this way? No. So I'm going to try and detox, which I fear will take time and there will be difficult times, but I think it's the only way forward, in conjunction with counselling and CBT, to address many issues in the past that raised their ugly head recently and have never been dealt with. 

    Got to fight it.

    • Parox-to-fluox Parox-to-fluox Croydonbee

      Hi Croydonbee

      Your message conveys the frustration and hopelessness we all seem to feel when trying to withdraw/stop taking Seroxat. I'm so sorry this is happening to you and I empathise completely.

      I tried switching Seroxat for venlafaxine but ended up back at the surgery in tears after two weeks and begging to switch back, which I did. I felt all the things you describe and I couldn't stand to feel that way. My sleep hasn't been the same since, despite going back to a slightly higher dose of Seroxat and I wonder if it will ever go back to normal.

      My current situation is that I stopped taking Seroxat ten days ago and have switched to Prozac. Have had the usual side effects and have spent most of today in bed with a bad headache. I think one of the the main issues when stopping seroxat is the sleep problems. I have been taking zopiclone to help but feel I'm just swapping one drug for another. The dreams are horrendous and I wonder whether I'm actually getting any deep sleep at all.

      I'm going to persevere with the Prozac for a few more weeks - I hope. My GP feels that if I can keep going with it, it will be much easier to then wean off that completely. Is that something you could perhaps try? Prozac has a much longer half life than Seroxat which - apparently - makes it easier to withdraw. I completely understand why you want to be rid of all medication, but you do need to take care of yourself and be as gentle as possible.

      I think the fact that no-one knows how long the side effects will last is what makes it so much harder. My head knows that the Seroxat has stopped and I know that taking one will make most of the unpleasant side effects disappear...

      Like many people have said, I think some of us do need extra serotonin, like a diabetic needs insulin, but I'm not sure that Seroxat was actually doing anything beneficial for me any more. But after 20+ years, maybe I just cannot live without it.

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta Parox-to-fluox

      Yes you can! It's early days so be patient and know it will get better.  I've done a month cold turkey and there is light at the end of that tunnel! Suicidal thoughts, anger, impatience and frustration easing today. What tomorrow brings, heaven knows but I hope you get good moments? If you do, they can be multiplied & hopefully, someday outweigh the bad times! Don't despair.. From someone who knows..🌷

  • brenda76939 brenda76939 tillycd

    Hi I'm new to this site. I have been on seroxat for 23 years. Have tried numerous times to get off but just can't do it. I currently take 30 mg and have been trying to go to 25 and then dropping down to 20. Don't intend stopping altogether as know cannot do it. I am 73 and visited doctor 23 yes ago with headaches following stress at work. Because I was tearful during the consultation doctor said I think you are depressed about and gave this awful drug. I feel if she had given me a a week or so off work that would have been better. So here I am 23 years later stuck this awful drug which has done nothing much for me except to make me addicted. I know I won't come off it now at my age. I feel very bitter about this and all the problems I have suffered with as a result of this poison. I wish there was some help for us all and that someone could invent something to ease the pain of withdrawal. My thoughts are with you all x x

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta brenda76939

      Sorry to hear that Brenda.

      If they work I would think it's OK to stay on them regardless of addiction.  I found they no longer worked & decided to go cold Turkey which is horrific.

      If they worked I would have no qualms staying on them. If they keep you sane and balanced don't worry about the addiction facet.

      I always thought they were my life savers and would have continued forever but alas...  Hope you have no bad side effects. 🌷

    • Parox-to-fluox Parox-to-fluox brenda76939

      Hi Brenda

      I was also prescribed Seroxat over 20 years ago but I feel the GP was right to prescribe them as they changed my life. I think, however, that there is still a problem with some GPs being far too quick to offer antidepressants to people who, like yourself, are tearful during a consultation, when really they probably just need a bit of a break.

      I have never taken more than 20mg and successfully reduced this to 10mg and stayed at this dose without any problems. I think if you reduce by 5mg and you're feeling ok after at least a week on this dose, then you could reduce by 5mg again. You just need to be guided by how you're feeling.

      My problems started when I tried to reduce from 10mg so eventually I went onto the liquid paroxetine and cut down by 1ml (equivalent to 1mg) at a time. I can't remember how long it took but I eventually got down to 4ml (4mg). For some reason, I was completely unable to reduce any further, without my head fragmenting and I ended up deciding that I would just remain on 10mg.

      So please don't feel you have to stick to it forever. If you manage to keep reducing by even small amounts, then hopefully that will make you feel better and if you get to a sticking point, well, ultimately that's ok, isn't it? If reducing isn't causing negative effects, just keep going carefully and slowly until it does. Most importantly, be kind to yourself.


    • Croydonbee Croydonbee Parox-to-fluox

      My second day of cold turkey. Just on propanalol now. Not much sleep. Heart was racing quite a lot. Was afraid I'd have a panic attack but it held off. Wasps' nest constantly in my head and dizzy. But GP said not to go back on paroxetine. The mirtazapine fir me was evil and induced mania  even after a few days. I'm going to fight through thus. Run, sweat etc. I feel a tad more human. Going to be s long journey 

    • Croydonbee Croydonbee Cailin crosta

      48 hours now. But the mania etc has gone. Head still whooshing and the threat of tears is there, but it's better than it was for now. Mirtazapine for me is a poison. Might help others, though.

      The Propanalol is ok - you can take it a few hours before an event or any situation that is worrying you. It's a very low-dose beta blocker and not harmful or addictive. In the meantime, gave you tried CBT?  Might help to provide you with methods to cope with anxiety (but guess you have to feel able and more stable first). And try counselling too if you can. Private sessions are about £45 an hour. Can't wait ninths for NHS service. 

      Early days. 

      Please keep me informed. 

      I know all about the tears. - I was crying uncontrollably over things like seeing s photo of me with my daughter when she was young, any association with happier times, my elderly lovely mum who is in a care home etc. Even crying over phone cheating to my boss over my condition., and over the fear of being unable to work ever again. 

      Do keep me updated and I'm more than happy to share with all your woes. It does help to share. We're not alone. 

      Good luck 


    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta Croydonbee

      Tks Nige. My partner is trained in CBT /TFT/EFT  but I could happily strangle him at present!!

      Had one session of acupuncture & find it good. One needs 3-4 sessions for greater impact. 

      My fuses are quite short.  Also reading about Voltage therapy. 

      Dr. Jerry Tennant...worth a look. 🌷

    • Croydonbee Croydonbee Cailin crosta

      Hiya. Probably best to separate proper help from partners or friends?  I have heard about voltage therapy. Hypnotherapy can be good too.

      With a wasps' best of a head, I went with my wife to my son's girlfriend's house earlier for Sunday dinner. Was really struggling, with anxiety intensifying up to sitting down. Had to tell them I was poorly. They gave me a tray to sit in other room. Suddenly was relieved. So damn ridiculous to suffer this. Got to deal with it somehow. No airs or graces there., but walked into the fear and felt so nauseous. Is it the thought that attention is on me?  Quite revealing. Also very very frustrating and debilitating 

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta Croydonbee

      Sorry but that's funny! Maybe we should laugh at ourselves sometimes &not take ourselves too seriously? Hope they gave you a good stiff drink or at least a good glass of wine? If not, get one now and it will relax you! Go easy on yourself.

    • Croydonbee Croydonbee Cailin crosta

      Yeah, it sucks. I think alcohol just now would really mess me up. Paroxetine withdrawal after 20 years and stopping the poisonous Mirtazapine is flippin' scary. Tonight the panic is setting in again. Very scary. 

    • Croydonbee Croydonbee Cailin crosta


      Had a shocking night. Attacks every ten minutes until about 3am. Just as I drifted off, sudden tremors of panic and was shaken out of sleep. Was scared to go to sleep. Heart was racing. Tried all the breathing but was so desperate. I really don't know what to do. 

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta Croydonbee

      That's very worrying! PLEASE go to an EFT therapist for Tapping. My partner does it for people and it REALLY  works (not for me now as I'm p****d off with him!). Don't know where you live but I'm sure you can find one not far from you. You can't go on like that without help. Is your wife helping or does she understand? You need to take a sleeping tab for a few nights to break the sleepless cycle.  Please go to a Therapist ASAP.  🌷🌷🌷

    • Parox-to-fluox Parox-to-fluox Croydonbee

      I think the sleep problems are the main issue in seroxat withdrawal.

      See if your GP will prescribe zopiclone. 7.5mg ensures I get a good night's sleep, seems to repress the horrendous dreams and I feel so much better the next day. It would be interesting to know if this also works for you.

  • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta tillycd

    You posted this a year ago.  How are you now? 🌷

    • tillycd tillycd Cailin crosta

      Hiya you asked how I am feeling now after being off Seroxat for a year, well I can honestly say I am great and so pleased I got off this drug. I am not saying it was easy, like most on this site I suffered withdrawal symptoms but I used a mantra to help me whenever it got too difficult I did slow deep breathing and repeated over and over "I can and I will get off this drug". I used this to stop smoking and it worked so I used it for coming off Seroxat.

      Now  year later, I sleep well most nights, bees in head gone though I do have Tinitus (ringing in ears) and dizziness but am being tested for this as possibly an ear problem. I am more emotional and could cry about most sad things but I have learned to distract myself by either other thoughts or making myself do an activity even cleaning and this works for me so no crying. I maybe a very sensitive person anyway so do not let this trouble me too much. One very important thing is that I am happier than I have been in years so believe it to be worthwhile getting free of Seroxat.

      only hope you succeed and everyone else trying to come off this.

    • Parox-to-fluox Parox-to-fluox tillycd

      Thank you so much for this really hopeful and uplifting message.

      Did you suffer with extremely detailed, disturbing and vivid dreams, and if so, how long did it last? I think at the moment, the sleep/dream issues are my main concern, and would be so grateful to hear about your experience in this regard.

      You mentioned crying more readily - I really identify with this. I'm a 'highly sensitive person', and am apprehensive about releasing all that emotion, which Seroxat presumably kept 'under control'.


    • Croydonbee Croydonbee Parox-to-fluox

      Hi Tilly. 

      Yes, vivid and almost mania-filled nightmares. 

      Wife took me to A&E yesterday. Sleeping and nodding off were impossible as I started panicking and trying to catch breath. 

      At last I saw a psychiatrist. They said the GP had done things all wrong. Abruptly stopping paroxetine after 20 years and changng SSRIs three times in 4 weeks. I was having serotonin disorder. I was right to stop and go cold turkey. They said to continue for a few days and then go back to paroxetine to stabilise myself. In the future I could wean myself off, but I need something to deal with the anxiety for the time being (plus counselling etc). Seeing a psychiatrist urgently is impossible - inlycwas is A&E. -they have now put me under the mental health team so I have contacts. The Priory twice never called back. Disgraceful. As for the GP, forget them. When the anxiety restarted, theyveee too quick to change meds and made it worse. Though I'd die. Good luck with everything 

    • Parox-to-fluox Parox-to-fluox Croydonbee

      That's terrible. The medical profession do know about Seroxat but nobody seems willing to offer any concrete advice - maybe it differs depending on the person.

      I don't feel that anyone can rely on mental health treatment in the UK, it just isn't seen as important.

      I am extremely fortunate to have an outstanding GP. I don't think there are any guidelines for them to follow re withdrawal so it's a matter of trial and error.

      Not sure why they would say to wait before restarting Seroxat. I have always found that restarting it sorted out the unpleasant symptoms immediately. Are you intending to restart on a low dose? I hope that it helps you to feel more stable.

      I can honestly say that I am currently doing well on Prozac, having started taking it almost two weeks ago. I'm hopeful that this may be the most sensible way in which to come off Seroxat - something I never thought I could do.

      Let me know how you get on.

    • benny21592 benny21592 tillycd

      Hi. Very glad to read your recovery story. I was put on seroxat 25mg daily 5 months ago for my recurring migraines. I also have hyperthyroidism and recently another doctor diagnosed gut health issues as well. I too seroxat without break first 3 months. In the first month, my migraines were gone, however after that i felt the drug really wasnt working on me as no big relief from migraines, thata when i decided i should come off it.

      I stopped taking it for two weeks (took one or two doses in between) and since i was vacationing those days maybe, i felt no major withdrawal symptoms other than gastro issues. I resumed my seroxat and took it another one month, and have again took break since two weeks.. this time the withdrawal is worse: diarrhoea, electric shocks in head, tremors, extreme nausea, ringing ears, fear of social situations, tummy aches, detailed dreams, etc etc. Have been feeling this since three days and had to take off from work.. what do i do now, i dont wana go back to that useless medicine, nor go back to that doctor who recommended it! sad do you think these withdrawal symptoms will subside in a month or so,m as i had only been taking that med for five months (that too not very regularly)..  i just do not want to start on that drug again, not even on a smaller dose! 

    • tillycd tillycd benny21592

      Hiya benny21592 you asked about your withdrawal symptoms and I can only say that the first month of my withdrawal was the worst but each week it improved. The vivid dreams and restless nights maybe continued for a further month but then I only had the occasional symptom until there eventually was no withdrawal symptoms. I was on this drug for 20+ years but believe that taking this drug for any length of time will cause some withdrawal symptoms.

      I have had migraines since a teenager and in my opinion I have never heard of anyone being prescribed this for that reason. Seroxat is a Seratonin re-uptake medication. Seratonin is a chemical in brain cells which controls moods. Migraines are caused by conscription of blood vessels so nothing to do with Seratonin. Maybe you were feeling depressed about your migraines and that is why the GP prescribed them.

      I you can persevere with the withdrawal symptoms I feel sure you will get off these. There are other drugs for migraine, I know cos I was prescribed them and they worked. Good luck with your progress whatever you decide xx

    • tillycd tillycd Parox-to-fluox

      hi Paroxetine-to-fluoxetine I am glad my journey off this drug gave you hope. The vivid dreams as a withdrawal symptom lasted for about two months then they just stopped. 

      You appear to be getting your withdrawal under control so persevere and like me you will be free of it and happier xx

    • benny21592 benny21592 tillycd

      Thanks! A lot of pplare telling me i made a mistake by quitting the med cold turkey and shiuld go back to the doctor or a psychiatrist who will probably put me back on the med and help me get off it gradually, like you did. Should i just wait for the withdrawal symptoms to subside ( one of my affected friends told me withdrawal doesnt go away on its own), or resume the med and get off it slowly?!

    • tillycd tillycd benny21592

      You will probably be better to go back to taking Seroxat and coming off slowly. You will get withdrawal symptoms and you will need to persevere and the withdrawal symptoms will end. Firstly the drug needs to be out of your system then your body needs to adjust to being without the drug, this is better done slowly just as I did and I am proof that it will be ok in the end. Good luck and be brave whatever you decide to do xx

    • benny21592 benny21592 tillycd

      Thanks. U mentioned u were given other drugs for migraine which worked.. could you tell which were those (the active, not the brand name so i can look for them in this part of the world).. thanks again

    • Croydonbee Croydonbee Parox-to-fluox

      After going to A&E, seeing a psychiatrist, and after chatting to the psychiatrist from MAUDSLEY, I was advised to continue the cold turkey for a total of five days and then restart on 10mp paroxetine. I was given a sleeping tablet and managed to sleep  through the night. Last night, I felt relaxed after the sleeping tablet. An hour later, at bedtime, I took my first 10mg paroxetine. Within half an hour I was getting nervy and woke up. Then some tremors. When I did sleep I had the return of the mania dreams with horrid dreams (crawling through dust and hinting awake before a panic attack set in.)  

      So I fear a return to paroxetine, having gone without it for 3 to 4 weeks, followed by two other SSRIs, then cold turkey, will make it worse. Maybe I have serotonin syndrome. 

      I'm awaiting a call back for advice. 

      I feel like either way I can't win. I do have some scary thoughts. I feel I need to be in a hospital now to be monitored. 

      Very scared

    • tillycd tillycd benny21592

      Hiya the medication is called Sumatriptan 50mg. This must be taken at the onset of a migraine and as early as possible.  It worked for me and there are other medications but cannot remember the names. Hope this is helpful xx

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta Croydonbee

      Try to stick to one type tablet, preferably sedative.  Reverting to Parox/Seroxat didn't seem to be a good move? Try to get some strenuous outdoor, fresh air exercise like hill walking and it will help you sleep. Any mountaineering club near you?   Be kind to yourself 🌷

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone benny21592

      Hi Benny,

      I hope it's ok to add a comment? I have suffered from dreadful migraines for years, as did my mum and her mum. The Drs prescribed me with Naratriptan 2.5mg (Naramig and amerge) I think those are its trade names. If you feel the migraine coming on, aura, stiff neck etc take one. Also not sure where you are but the only over the counter tablets that take any headache away that you know will turn into a migraine are Syndol tablets. Boots sell them. Also I have heard some Drs offer Amitriptyline for migraines. Also so many dietry things can cause them. Hope this helps 

    • benny21592 benny21592 seroxatbegone

      Many thanks, i live in Pakistan(south asia) .. yeah i understand pretty well that normal headache relief tablets and even muscle relaxants or painkillers wont work on chronic migraines like ours. I will try the meds u suggested. Mondays are the worst and i remember i only had half a dozen mondays in the last few years where i went without a migraine. Maybe anxiety and migraine are interrelated as i have been suffering from them so regularly on the first day of the week! And maybe thats why the doc gave me seroxat to treat migraine in the first place, however, i became immune to it after three weeks and observed no improvement in my quality of life, hence decided to quit after a few months.

      I am trying to look for positivity after this seroxat episode .. going through withdrawal has forced me to slow down and practice more mindfulness (during windows where the withdrawal symptoms are not that bad) .. maybe i will be a changed and better person once i manage to crawl out of this withdrawal! I really hope that would also include me coping better with these chronic migraines without use of any meds. 

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone benny21592

      Hi Benny,

      It sounds like maybe you should not have been put on seroxat in the first place. Your Dr should've maybe given you a migraine pill not seroxat? This could explain why you didn't feel any different, although they do take weeks if not months to work. Saying that I never felt any different on them year in year out! The only difference felt was after they stopped working about maybe 15-17 years later? 

      You know what, it sounds like you are really strong and doing the right thing well done Benny! It's not easy and you need a good support network around you for sure!

      Maybe the Monday migraines are related to the stress around the start of a new working week. Mindfulness is a wonderful thing, medication and relaxation training your mind to over come the 'Monday migraine' may well work you know! 

      It's like if you bang your head (not too hard) 7 times on your pillow you will wake up at 7! It really works! Why?? You can train your mind to be a powerful ally. Addictions cause new lines to form in the brain, new patterns and it is said these can be re-aligned. 

      So there is hope!! smile smile Stay strong Benny. Ps maybe dietary things make the migraine worse and can even cause them. Tyramine is bad for migraines, they are in red wine etc. Blue cheeses too.Low blood pressure can cause wicked migraines too. 

      Hope and pray for you they go for good smile

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone Cailin crosta

      My dad has just been prescribed amitriptyline :0 It is making him sooo sleepy in the day, but he sleeps much better at night now! He takes 20mg at night. This helps his anxiety that he has developed during the past few years. He doesn't suffer migraines thankfully but does get headaches. He is 73 this November mind you, so he's later on in life to start on it.

      On a good positive note there is hope! I have weaned from 10mg to 5mg (2/3 weeks of hell) Now going from 5mg to 2.5mg has been much easier than I thought! I was so scared to do this. I have been given liquid seroxat now with a syringe! My Dr left a note on my prescription for the pharmacist saying THIS PATIENT IS WEANING OFF SEROXAT DO NOT GIVE ANY MORE MEDICINE TO THIS PATIENT,Wow! So what happens if I'm not ready to stop taking it after I run out???

      Mind you I have been taking a st Johns Wort (Kira) tablet every morning so maybe these are helping? Don't want to become addicted to them now after the seroxat has gone!?? 

      How are you doing Cailin? I so hope you're coping ok?  

      xx smile 


    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone tillycd

      Tilly I love reading your posts, they give me and all of us hope, hope that we can do this, we can be free of this awful drug that has taken over our lives for so long!

      Thank you for keeping us all positive with hope xxxx

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone Croydonbee

      How can any health official suggest going cold turkey on this drug is beyond me? The only safe way to do this with the minimum withdrawals is slowly. It doesn't matter how long it takes you will get there, slowly and in your own time. They are not on it, never have been never will be I doubt so I believe they are not qualified to tell a long time seroxat user to quit cold turkey!  Hang in there, how are you doing now?? xx

    • Croydonbee Croydonbee seroxatbegone

      Well, after going to a manic hell, I went to the Priory who were brilliant. The psychiatrist said it was ridiculous that the GP abruptly stopped the paroxetine and swapped it with other meds. I was told that the 10mg I was in was almost ineffective and had put me in 20mg daily. After a week I feel more stable and normal and the manic, nervy attacks have eased off.  My cold turkey lasted six days and was as hellish as the change of meds over two weeks. With counselling, CBT and having joined a self-help group for panic & anxiety sufferers, along with the meds, I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Earning oneself off paroxetine is indeed  horrific, though. I can't afford not to be on it if it means my life is stabilised 

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone Cailin crosta

      I take a magnesium & calcium tablet (1 tablet with both in it from boots) each day a multi vitamin & a probiotic & recently started taking an omega 3 fish pill not sure whether any of these work though as don't feel any different I don't think? 

      How do I check my magnesium levels? Will the Dr do this? Thanks for suggestion x so pleased you're well 🤗🙏🏻

    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone Croydonbee

      I totally understand x it's good that you're feeling more yourself now because it wasn't your fault you were pushed into severe withdrawals and you weren't looked after they should've made sure you weaned off slowly x I know you'll get there but it's good to hear you're in control again x stay strong 🤗🙏🏻

  • Lottie66 Lottie66 tillycd

    Hi - just to share with you my story. I was prescribed seroxat 20mg 18yrs ago after a very bad bout of post natal depression. The drug was increased 6 months ago to 40 mg with no noticeable positive effect. Three weeks ago it was agreed with my psychiatric nurse to change my medication.  It was not explained to me about withdrawal - I went on 20mg seroxat + 20 mg fluoxetine for one week, then 40mg fluoxetine.  I have never been so ill in my life. My husband and I were on holiday (our first for four years) and I went completely mad.  I was hallucinating, the floor was moving - I couldn't judge where the bed was.  I was constantly nauseous and then had awful diarrheoa. I tried to watch the TV to distract myself but thought everyone was flying.  And then the worst was the suicidal thoughts.  It was the most frightening experience I have ever been through.  I have never been a self harmer but I was seriously considering cutting my wrists with my husbands razor, getting the sheets off the bed and wrapping around the beam in the cottage so I could hang myself.  All this was quite coldly thought out - it was like I didn't have an option.  I don't know how I survived really.  I think it is absolutely disgraceful that I was not told about the withdrawal effects.  To go from 40 mg of seroxat - a drug which I have been taking everyday for 18yrs - and expect to reduce it within a week is totally unrealistic.  

    ​If you do consider taking yourself off this drug please please do it under supervision.  Also, I suggest you taper it very gradually as you can see it can have devastating effects. At the moment I am taking 20mg fluoxetine and don't ever want to take seroxat again.  Your forum has been far more helpful to me than any Dr, nurse etc.  People should be warned about the dangers of this drug and it is obviously very addictive and needs to be controlled far more than it is currently.

    ​I also agree that it can affect your mood - my poor husband is so used to getting his head bitten off.  I have no patience and get very angry very quickly.  I am also going through the menopause - not a happy combination! I am not writing this to frighten people just to make people aware of the dangers of this drug.  

    ​I wonder why health professionals think it is ok to just prescribe this drug year after year without a thought to the patient's wellbeing?  Surely a drug should be monitored, reviewed etc.  At no time has anyone suggested that a different drug would be beneficial to me.  It is only because I have had psychotherapy that I realised that my depression was not improving at all despite being given twice the dose I was on. 

    Food for thought!


  • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta tillycd

    I'm into my 6th week of cold turkey. Had been on seroxat for 17-18years. It's getting better, or should I say less traumatic. Not over hump yet as nights are difficult walking throughout the house at all hours unless I take sedative which may be addictive if not monitored. Getting some exercise too which helps.

    I'd be reluctant to advise anyone to revert to seroxat in any measure but everyone to one's own opinion! That's mine for what it's worth but by no means uncontradictable! Best of luck & hopefully will hear of a successful outcome 🌷

    • benny21592 benny21592 Cailin crosta

      Pls keep us posted.. i am in my third week of cold turkey and experiencing the zapping sensations, tremors, diarrhoea, nausea and muscular pain every day.. but like you, i cant get myself to restart on seroxat.. i regret ever having taken it! I cant imagine how you continued with this med for 17 years.. was it because it improved your quality of life in any way? In my case i took it for 5 months and i felt no evident improvement in my quality of life. Hence i decided to put an end to this unnecessary medication. Would love if you keep sharing your progress. Hope you recover soon!

    • tillycd tillycd Cailin crosta

      hiya you are doing so well as for the night restlessness there are herbal remedies such as "Nytol" which you can try.  These you can buy over the counter and are not addictive but should be taken regularly for good effect xx

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta benny21592

      The 17year saga is a long one! It lifted the Dark Cloud. But  when it no longer seemed to do that some months ago, I questioned its efficacy and went cold Turkey. Last 5 weeks have been hell but the light is appearing at the end of that tunnel. I'm now beginning to become active, I'm learning the tin whistle and sing to myself the songs I've learned over the years! Not to be recorded but music can sometimes heal the savage soul, some guy once said? One bonus point of  not taking Seroxat is the  fact that a glass or two of wine do not give me a hangover. On Seroxat, hangovers were horrible and I hardly ever drank alcohol. But I've indulged in a  few glasses lately and finding they relax and no worse feeling AM. But maybe I've forgotten how to feel good.!! Getting there.....

    • Croydonbee Croydonbee benny21592

      OK. As advised by two psychiatrists, after 5 days of cold turkey (paroxetine stopped abruptly after 20 years, then a week of Sertraline, then 11 days of Nirtazaoine), I restarted 10mg of paroxetine last night (they wanted me to stabilise). But within an hour, I was suffering the shakes, mental agitation and a kind of mania. I hadn't had that mania-like terror at night since going cold turkey (though have had the constant wasps' nest, ringing in ears, anxiety and tears every day), so now I'm terrified of taking tonight's paroxetine. I called the Maudsley team this morning as I was so concerned and scared that the retaking of paroxetine wasn't the answer, but nobody called back. At a loss - damned if I do take it (will mania get worse, will I eventually stabilise after a few weeks?) or do I just go cold turkey and hope I'll feel better down the line? I'm sobreluctant to put myself through this again and feel I need to be monitored. My hunch is that I really must not take it - the mania, panicky dreams, tremors.  Seems to be no help out there when you need it. When I went cold turkey, the mania eased and I could breathe more deeply. At a loss. Only thing that helps me at the mo is the promethezine sleeping tablet. I'm in a mess, tearful, panicky over every little situation, but in a way I'd rather this than the mania, tremors and dark thoughts which seem to emanate from paroxetine or any SSRIs. 

      Anyone have any thoughts?

    • Purpleheather Purpleheather Croydonbee

      OMG, sounds like you are going through hell right now! Can't believe nobody called you back (well actually I can!) Maudsley Hospital is one of the best though in the country. They helped me with my OCD.

      Have you heard of "No Panic"? Brilliant help-line, I discovered years ago.

    • benny21592 benny21592 Cailin crosta

      So glad to hear you beginning to become active. An article i read about seroxat withdrawal really touched my heart and i instantly felt i could relate to it and actually get better if i pratice mindfulness and keep faith. I suggest everyone to read it up:

      How long do SSRI withdrawal symptoms last? By James Heaney

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    • benny21592 benny21592 Croydonbee

      Hope you get better soon. Please read that article on how long do SSRI withdrawal symptoms last by James Heaney.. google it! 

      I quit seroxat cold turkey and am terrified of going back to it.. my diarrhoea under withdrawal is too bad sad  i dont know how long it will last but i am not going back to seroxat.. only way to our situation is probably wait and watch if withdrawal dies down. 

    • hanna55533 hanna55533 Cailin crosta

      I'm reluctant to say that I'm glad to hear your experience because it is an unpleasant one. However, it is comforting to know that there are people out there with similar experiences to share. I have been on 'the drug' for 18 years with many attempts of weaning myself off with little success. It has not been good to me over the years as i still suffer from depression and anxiety. I suppose, the reason I have been on it for so long is because I'm addicated and find it both psychologically and physically impossible to come off it. Psychologically, cause I have an intense fear that I will end up in a psychiatric hospital that I was admitted to before I was introduced to this drug and physically because of the extreme symptoms (I've had them all). So, I'm trapped... I fear without it I will go insane (irrational fear that I can't disbelieve) and I can't cope with the physical sensations of withdrawal. I've gone cold turkey for 5 days but I see myself reaching for the drugs soon😩

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta hanna55533

      Hi Hanna. 

      If you’ve done 5days that’s fantastic. You probably will think you’re going crazy and suffer in many ways, emotionally and physically for the next few weeks. 

      But there is light at the end of this insane tunnel. 

      Please get someone to help you through. 

      I got acupuncture treatments for the brain bursting,dizzy head and it helped a lot.  Can you get Melatonin where you live?

      It helps sleep deprivation and you probably are finding it difficult to get quality sleep?

      Can you read in your present state? If you can , read Mia Lundin’s book on the female brain. The plant Paradox by Dr Gundry is very informative. 

      Curl up and sleep whenever you can. 

      Be patient with yourself. 

      My heart goes out to you and sincerely hope you get over the hump. 🌷🌷🌷

    • hanna55533 hanna55533 Cailin crosta

      Hello! Thankyou so much for the response. I find it comforting to hear the words of encouragement and I'm still holding on...unfortunately, I just couldn't cope without the drug so yesterday I returned to my recommended 20mg dose. Maybe, it's a placebo effect but I instantly felt relieved and the physical withdrawal symptoms pretty much evaporated within 24hours-I still feel depressed but less anxious. I am taking vitamin supplements such as b complex, triple omega and magnesium which I was told can help increase serotonin levels. I need a lift and I know that I'm not getting it from paroxetine. I want to do some form of excercise maybe go for a jog or swim but I can't get my legs to move. I'm just at home staring at the four walls. I have a pool that I don't swim in and live opposite a beach that I don't jog on! I really am trying. I have a very supportive husband and I can see that my moods and unwillingness to do anything but sleep is becoming frustrating. Today, I'm determined to drag my legs out of the house and at least go for a walk. ... will let you know, I hope you are well, 💐

    • Cailin crosta Cailin crosta hanna55533

      Hi Hanna. 

      How is your diet? Heavy carbs sugar and stodge can make us feel bad. 

      Those supplements you take should certainly be helpful.

      I understand quite well how you feel at the moment as I too ,frequently feel like that and wish I could end it without causing too much hassle for my family and friends. Luckily those destructive thoughts have diminished and my perceptions are becoming less insane!

      Yesterday I walked up and down the stairs of my modest comfortable semi detached house and willed myself to admire my surroundings and appreciate the comforts I have and thought of the words of some guy who said that death is easy, true heroism is carrying on through life, however troubled. I’m no heroine but I manage laughs , smiles chats even with total strangers and it gets better !

      I hope someday soon you can swoosh into that pool and jump into that sea accross from you, regardless of temperature and maybe the more chilly the better! If the day comes when we can see beauty and appreciate our many material comforts , we are on the first few rungs of our upward climb to lighter outlook on this present gloomy one. 

      My gloomy moments are becoming more sparse because I’ve made myself GO for that walk , forced myself up and down those stairs , willed myself to read that book and learn to play that tune. That extra effort begets an energy that can be life changing in minute steps. 

      I wouldn't scold myself for my inactivity but would encourage a little movement. 

      Let me know how you’re progressing and if you need to continue on the drug so be it. If it’s the lesser of two evils maybe you’re better off? 

      Whatever you decide I really wish you the very best. 🌹

  • Purpleheather Purpleheather tillycd

    Dear tillycd, I've been "watching" your post about a year now. It seems you have done incredibly well coming after Seroxat. You should be proud of yourself for that!

    i'm still not in a position to cut down my dose. But when I do, I shall take inspiration from you

    • tillycd tillycd Purpleheather

      Hi Purpleheather thank you for your comment on my progress. I am proud to say I did it but maybe only because of my determination that after 20+ years on this drug I felt like a robot especially emotion wise so desperately wanted to come off it. When you are desperate  for something determination should motivate you but sadly the withdrawal is a nightmare worse for some also and very difficult but the alternative to stay on this evil drug is worse especially if there are no reason for it. 

      Hope if you do decide to come off it your journey won't be bad and you succeed xx

    • benny21592 benny21592 tillycd

      Is diarrhoea a common withdrawal symptom?  I am having very bad diarrhoea one week after i stopped seroxat and now its the third week, still have motions so bad after i eat anything and they are unstoppable sad is this alarming and what should i do about it? 

  • Purpleheather Purpleheather tillycd

    It is quite alarming, hearing all these tales regarding withdrawal of Seroxat. My story may be a bit different, as I asked my Dr originally for them (rather than her recommend). In 1994 I was on a tricyclic anti-depressant, which had little or no affect. I had severe OCD & depression/anxiety. I did my own research and discovered Seroxat. It worked better than I could ever imagine! Took 60 mg.

    I am still on it - maximum 60 mg. But I did cut down to 40 mg for several years, without any problem. Increased to 60 mg again 3 years ago after a major breakdown (also took Mirtazipine for a year, but got off them). The hospital I was under at the time, weren't keen on Seroxat (most people seemed to be on Sertroline), but decided to keep me on them as it had worked for me. Hope to go down to 40 mg again, when I'm able. But think I may be on them the rest of my life. Never want to be crippled with OCD again! I don't know how effective they are (compared to other SSRIs) for depression, but they definitely help with anxiety and OCD.

    The withdrawal symptoms mentioned by people here, I have had whilst TAKING Seroxat (rather than withdrawing). The electric shock sensation and bees nest, I know well. Seem to get them whenever I am ill with a high temperature, however slight. The vivid dreams I have had ever since I started on Seroxat. Also talking/shouting in my sleep, which I had never experienced before. I am guessing that means I go into a deeper sleep than I used to, which for me is a good thing.

    Just thought I should mention some of the positive things regarding Seroxat. For those of you withdrawing, I wish you all the best of luck. You will get there eventually, then you'll be able to judge whether you need anything at all. If so, then maybe Sertroline may be one to consider. Do not take tranquillisers (benzodiazepines) INSTEAD of anti-depressants. They ARE addictive, and very hard to withdraw from. They do have their uses though in moderation, for short periods.


  • dave22062 dave22062 tillycd

    Hi, I have just found this internet site and following the chats I found myself agreeing with everything said and also really relating .  For myself and hope I was prescribed Seroxat 20mg's back in 1999 to help control severe panic/anxiety attacks brought on by work pressures that sometimes left me housebound and unable to go out or if I did not very far, 2 years ago my dosage reduced to 10mg's and so did the occasional anxiety/panic but lying down and trying to relax helped but left me exhausted/sleepy. I spoke to my Doctor about withdrawing completely, he said I should try by missing a dosage every other day or by halving the dosage daily, but  he made no mention of possible withdrawal symptoms.  So,  for the last two weeks I have been on 5mgs daily and  have already experienced the "electric shock and click" in my brain which reminded my almost of a signal nerve trying to reconnect.  Vivid dreams have also returned, usually just before waking up. Plus occasional tingling, nausea, palpitation and heightened emotions and waking up during the night with a feeling of dread.  I am still going to try and work through this phase by keeping occupied during the day to get physically tired and really  wish you luck. 


    • seroxatbegone seroxatbegone dave22062

      Oh my goodness poor you Dave,

      Your story is very similar to mine, I was on seroxat for 20 years (20mg) 

      Ten years later decided to go down to 10mg by myself overnight, no problem..

      Then realised seroxat was doing me no good whatsoever and was told it would've stopped working a few years ago and I was just getting the negative side effects of this drug. Severe memory loss, increased appetite, more colds/flu, OCD! 

      On 5mg I went through 3 weeks of hell. Then that stopped! I am now currently on 2.5mg (in liquid form) 

      That transition was much easier than the 10 to 5mg!   I felt no difference going from 5mg to 2.5mg but I'm still scared, scared that it'll hit me later or some form of panic or something?  Especially as my Dr has told my pharmacist not to give me any more seroxat when I put in for my repeat prescription as I am weaning off.

      So I only have 1 and a half bottles left then no more!! It all seems too fast to me! They try and get you to come off it far far too quickly and we all end up so unwell there must be a better way from the medical experts! 

      I don't think most Drs understand just how vile and dreadful the withdrawal symptoms are from this evil drug.

      I promise you that you stick with this, stick with the 5mg for another month or as long as it takes then when you come down to 2.5mg it will be a much easier journey, because remember 5mg is only a therapeutic dose according to the Drs so it will be easier.  You CAN do it! We can do it all of us!! 


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