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Paxil first time taking


Can I get some good advice on taking paxil, I'm so afraid of taking it for my panic attacks, I'm nervous and losing my appetite. Can I get someone that going though what I'm feeling scared.

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  • anthia80936

    Hi Anthia

    I have been aropax for 12 years now for my panick attacks and anxiety attacks.

    They have helped me a great deal.  The only problem is coming off them.  Some people don't have problems coming off them but a lot of people do.  I did try coming of them about 3 months ago but went back on 20mg.  I will try coming of them again at a very slow rate.  Hope this helps.


  • anthia80936

    Hi I was in your shoes a few months ago, my advise would be don't listen to all that is written, believe me it is worth it to have a few side effects of which you may not have than to go through the daily misery of anxiety and depression! I believe everyone is so different but if you want to get better just look at it as a short term thing and within weeks you will feel much better! I wish you well x

  • anthia80936

    Hi Anthia

    I agree with Clancabell.  Do not believe everything you read.  Everyone is different and I was afraid too in the beginning but I had no side effects.  They helped me enormously with my anxiety and depression and I was able to lead a normal life.

    Don't be afraid!!!

    • vicki12287

      Hi Vicki i have been taking 20 mgs of Paxil for 3 weeks now without side effects..but still depressed and im not happy..i dont have that drive im just existing...i was diagnosed with PTSD. Anything u can tell me about your exp with Paxil?

    • IntelBrat

      IntelBrat, Hang in there. They take about six weeks to kick in or maybe even a little longer. I had a lot of anxiety and when I started the aropax I felt like I was on a roller coaster. One step forward and two steps back. Everyone is different therefore it may take a little longer for some and less for others. If you don't feel any better after six weeks go back to your GP as they may not be right for you and you may need to be put on a different antidepressant. I have been on aropax for about 13 years and they worked for me. The only thing is that I have found it hard to come off them.

  • anthia80936

    Hi Anthia,

    I have been taking Paxil for about 17 years now and it was a godsend for me. It was the one thing that helped me feel like a normal person again... it literally gave me my life back. I also have a close friend whom I met through our kids going to the same school and he too took paxil for about the same amount of time without any problems. I have been suffering with Panic Disorder since I was 11 years old and of all the things I've tried or done, Paxil was the one thing that really really helped me. So the internet is a blessing and a curse... so many forum posts are out there that will scare the crap out of you, and a lot of them are people who have taken paxil and then stop it suddenly. I didn't have any noticeable negative side effects from it and neither did my friend.

    I get the same way too where I lose my appetite and I get nervous when I have to eat. It's ok, and you will get through this! I personally recommend taking Paxil as someone who has suffered from Panic Disorder for most of my life... and Paxil like I said gave me my life back and gave me something so simple that we all as sufferers want... just calmness and peace. For me just to be able to sit and watch a movie without having to get up and pace. To be able to eat without getting nervous about it. To be able to take naps and sleep really well and just be at peace was worth the world to me. So what I recommend is to start off at 20 and see how you do on it. Give it a few weeks for you to adjust to and you should start to see very noticeable results. The recommended target dose is 40mg, so just start at 20 then if you need to later on you can go to 30 or 40. I was on 20 for years and years then 30 for years and years... then 40, and 40 worked well for me.

    Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

    • peaceforpanic


      I am about to start on Paxil . I have for two years been suffering with severe anxiety it just seemed to come from nowhere! I am afraid to start Paxil because of the side effects of more anxiety than I already have. I tried it two weeks ago 20mg but it gave me like electricity feeling in my arms and it didn't last long but scared me. I stopped taking it but now realise I do need to take them and maybe 20 mg is too much and I should take 10mg instead to start off with and go up from there? Living with the anxiety is just no life and I really want to feel normal again.? I am just in tramadol at moment from severe headache and not sure if I can take Paroxetin with the tramadol? Any advice would be good.

      Thank you. 😊

    • lindsey1975

      Hello, I was afraid to take it at first but decided to start from 5mg then 10 and up to 15 then 20mg, this way the start up wasn't too bad at all, now I'm wanting to reduce, they have done wonders for my anxiety, I want to see if I can cope been on 10 as I have gained a lot of weight!

      Wishing you well x Clare

    • lindsey1975

      Definitely consult your physician, but starting at 10 then working your way up should not be a problem at all. If your doctor recommended 20 however, you may want to just try sticking with that. Give it a week or so... things should even out and you should start seeing the positive effects of it after a few weeks. Once your brain regulates to it, it can really be a life changer.

    • Clancabell

      Hi have you managed to lose weight. I have been on this medication for the past 3months 20mg and have gained a lot of weight . It has worked for anxiety and depression but weight gain is disappointing. I’m curious to see if you can lose weight whilst being on it. 

  • anthia80936

    Just realised this is a US site. I'm in UK. It's called Seroxat here. There have been many horror stories about this drug. Fortunately I'd already been taking it for years. Have now been taking for over 21 years! I'm currently on maximum dose - 60 mg. Only side effects I have are vivid dreams. Small price to pay for feeling so much calmer. It saved my life. It could well save yours! Far safer to take than Valium (or similar), which are highly addictive. Start on the lowest dose and see how it goes. Initial side effects may be (I had these) constipation and dry mouth. That stops after a while. Good luck!

  • anthia80936

    I really really hope to get some help here because I just started this drug I know these post have been like years and years but I am scared to death I cannot take anymore of this I am very hypersensitive to medicine and I know if I called the doctor she's going to tell me to stick it out I only took it last night but I feel like crap every time I stand up I just feel like I'm going to pass out my stomach is in knots I ate a bowl of cereal today but I'm still feeling really really bad all I want to do is lay in bed and do nothing I know this isn't going to help but I really really need some help please tell me how long this will last

    • Paxilchar

      Trust me when I tell you I know exactly how you are feeling. I have felt it countless times. So if you are just starting out on paxil it's going to take a week or so until it starts to elevate the seratonin in your brain and you start to feel the positive effects of it. Right now you are in a state where it seems like you are in hell and this is going to last forever. I can honestly tell you that "this too will pass"... it really will. You will get through this, and when the medication starts to work, when the seratonin levels improve, it creates a sort of wall to your anxiety that the anxiety just doesn't get past. You may get little bouts that come, but you can increase the dosage if need be. It works wonders, it really does. One day you'll just not have the panic anymore... and you will feel empowered and "normal" again... you WILL get your life back and feel the joy of comfort and peace again. The downside is that this isn't like xanax where it works right away... it takes a while like I said for it to regulate the seratonin. But once you have more seratonin in your brain, you will notice it. You will feel better, you will feel alive again and at peace again. HANG IN THERE... IT IS GOING TO GET BETTER!

    • peaceforpanic

      Reading your post has given me some hope, my dr prescribed me paxil but I have been afraid to start it because I took Zoloft for 6 days and had to stop as it made my anxiety go through the roof. I'm a single mom of 2 young amazing boys and it has been a struggle feeling so sick. I stopped the zoloft and felt better but still.dealing with the ups and downs of anxiety and panic attacks. My dr also gave me xanax but I do not want to use it as a crutch. Dr told me maybe start out taking 10 mg paxil to see how I do. I took it 8 years ago for post pardum and I don't recall any side effects, however that was 8 years ago and I don't know if my body will.handle the same...I wish I weren't so on the fence about starting paxil again but this last month has been rough!


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