Perimenopause or not ?

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Hi Ladies,

just wondered if if anyone else has symtoms of Doom and Gloom along with feelings of being on edge all the time ?  I wondered if this is common ? I feel an overwhelming feeling of not being able to cope with most things, also feeling very agitated 😢

Many thanks

Debbie x


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    Hi debbie. There are so many threads on this forum where you will see how supportive everyone is. It's so easy to join one but knowing all the wonderful ladies who have helped me and many others you'll soon get the help you need. I'm still on HRT so I have yet to have these feelings, but you won't be on your own 😊
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    Hi Deb

    look at all the menopause topics and you will see that anxiety, doom etc can be part of peri, unless you simply have anxiety depression and no peri yet.

    look at all the discussions and you will see what your looking for hopefully

    good luck


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      Hi Debbie

      could be peri at 48, i was only aged 40/41 when i had peri ( my mother was also done and dusted at 44) my peri lasted 10 years, i am only age 50 and 16 months post meno now..

      i had natural route ( cant take HRT ) 

      it gets better 

      be kind to yourself .. 

      jay x

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    Hiya Debbie,

    Massive hugs coming your way sweetie!

    Yes for me this was really how it all came about last Jan 13 when I had missed my period which I was fine, no PMT or anything. It wasn't until I started brewing up for my next period that I woke up one morning with the blackest cloud that I had ever experienced. When I got up I said to my hubby that I felt really really flat and couldn't stop crying, didn't know where this had come from, felt sick, really anxious, shaky, just felt really different inside (but couldn't explain to anyone how though). We run our business from home and I said to the lady that I worked with at the time how I was feeling and all she came back to me with "I wouldn't mind a melt down like this" as I couldn't go into the office to work, couldn't be around anyone other than my hubby and son. Just hid in our bedroom and Google which was my biggest mistake as I had everything under the sun wrong with me and I was convinced I was going to die!! Even booked myself into a Bupa hospital to get a complete health check. This included much more in the way blood test, had ECG, the works (no scans though). I had the results on the same day which is what I needed otherwise I would have gone mad if I had to wait in fear of what they might find!! Thankfully nothing was found. This feeling went on for approx two weeks until my period finally did arrive and guess what the old positive Joy came back with none of these horrid feelings that I had had for the previous two weeks! At the time a hormone test didn't confirm that I was peri so this blip was still a mystery as not one doctor could say to me these feelings could have just been a symptom of going through peri. These blips happened to me twice more last year and the same doom and gloom came back with the same fear as the first time!! It was only when I did loads more research this time though more about what to expect going through peri etc and this website came up. During one of my low days I sat and read all the experiences and I now realise what was really happening to me. That I wasn't going to die, but this great to understand when you are feeling good but hard to convince yourself when you are suffering with a bad time. 

    I finally found a lady GP who was meant to be good for ladies things and she was so lovely and listened to everything I had to say, during this visit she did confirm that she thought my hormones had played a big part to the way I was feeling and suggested a low dose of HRT. She gave me this website to go on to read up on it before making my decision. (That was July 13) and wasn't until March this year that I knew I had to do something to get things back in balance. The one thing she did say to me that whilst you are in early 50's and below the risk are quite small and even if I stayed on it for 5 years to help me through transition then at least I would get my life back on track. 

    Its all trial and error with getting the right one and now I am using the patches which don't go through the liver so are kinder to use.

    Personally I don't think Anti depressants are the answer as if you didn't really suffer like this before then it is another one of  peri symptoms and will go away when you go into full menopause.

    Life is too short to carry on feeling this way and I truly hope that you will soon find peace in the way you are feeling.

    if you don't want to medication or vits then please find a good acupuncturist who will be able to help with your over thinking and believe me it does help as I have been where you are. It's very calming and helpful for many things.

    Be kind to your self Debdie as this time will pass!! Joy xxx


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      Dear Jo,  Big hug back to you 😊😘 Thanks so much for your reply.

      For some reason it's the very thought of an appointment that has my anxious feelings go throug the roof ?  So I  have had to speak to my Doctor over then phone !! I know it's nuts 😢 I don't really want HRT but she won't prescribe them anyway unless I go in ? There lies my problem.

      Vitmamins I have no problem with 🙏 have been taking Magnesium for 3 weeks to help with sleep and anxiety, it's good but not as good as I hoped for ? I take 200 mg maybe I should increase it ?

      I so hope your right and this will pass somehow it really doesnt feel like it !

      hugs Debbie x

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      Hi Debbie,

      I also take Menopol plus (simply supplements) 1 tablet in the morning and one at night. See what the reviews say and what's in included. 

      I take 1 magnesium tablet in the morning and one at night as well as using the magnesium spray - try doing both as I suggested in one of my previous replies. 

      If you have a problem going into see the doctor try taking your husband or a friend in with you (which is what I did last year when I was at my lowest). This way you have the support and another voice and extra ears to help you remember what is being said to you.  I now am confident to visit mine on my own now.

      They also say Omega 3 is good for balance and lowness. 

      Take care and remember you can always talk to all of the lovely ladies on this very helpful forum. Remember also you are not alone going through this journey. 

      Joy xxx⛄️☀️☺️👌💃


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      Dear Joy,

      Thank you again sweetheart 🙏😊 will get the Spray as well as you suggest.

      Will also check the Menopol Plus for sure.

      Thank you very much for all your help and kindness.

      Hugs to you

      Debbie x 🙏😘💨

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    Oh yes!! I have had the doom and gloom. Seems to come around every 10 days or so. Just want to crawl in bed and watch TV all day!
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      Hi Robin,

      You are on HRT as well, do you feel better for using it and do you feel that it has sorted all of symptoms out?

      I am now using the patches and to be honest find them a lot better than having to take tablets. It is still early days yet on these but do feel that providing this month is good as I believe sometimes when you are on the oestrogen and Progrestrone patches you can still get Pmt?

      What are you using and how do you find it?

      what were your symptoms that you were struggling with?

      its good to share our experiences isn't it?

      Have great day!! 😘 xxx

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    Hi Debbie

    All you are saying sounds so familiar! Having all those symptoms myself. Have been taking herbal tablets - high dose soya, Starflower, sage, B12& B6. Plus using the magnet in my pants! Lol.

    I have to say the symptoms have lessened since taking the tablets & using the menopause magnet. Maybe worth a try for you aswell?

    Good luck & try & rest as much as you can & don't expect too much of yourself at the moment x

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    Hey Debbie I'm sorry that you are feeling that way. Its horrible I know because I have been going through it also. Sometimes I feel as though I'm going nuts. I don't have 

    any good solutions for you I just wanted you to know you

    are not alone. However there are ladies in here that will

    give you good advice.Its almost like we all know each 

    other each and every person is so caring. Hang in there

    HUGS to you smile

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      Hi Donna,

      Thank you so much for your reply and telling me you feel the same, that has actually helped me tremendously, just to feel that I'm not the only one feeling like this.

      I'm so sorry your feeling this way too 😢 I guess we have to try and stay positive though I know only too well how hard that is.

      Big hugs to you

      Debbie x

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