period pain after period???

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Hi i have been experiencing period changes for a couple of years only slight  22 days between and then 42 days then normal. I ahve been experiencing anxiety TBH my anxiety is at an all time high. My period finished yesterday but, this morning i was shopping and suddenly had  mild period pain which, freaked me out, i felt hot, panicky and had to hold back tears in the supermarket and had to leave. Once home i felt calmer but my period has started again red blood and not much followed by more mild period pain. I am worried sick as googled and shouldn,t google. I have never had period pain after my period, is this normal? and why am i bleeding again? my period was a little different as was heavy for 3 days , stopped for a day and started again but totaled 5 days as normal. 

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    Amanda, nothing makes sense when you are heading in to meno. I had/have all these horrible symptoms that was just so hard for me to accept that it was peri related.  I thought for sure I was dying of something or everything. I can just say that the best thing you can do is to see your gyn, get a vaginal ultrasound, for your own peace of mind. If the doc finds nothing than do your best to just accept that this is all hormone related. I think once I relaxed it made things lessen a bit. 
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    Hi Amanda,

    ?totally agree with Suzanne - go see your GP and express your concerns and get checked out. I say this for your peace of mind and NOT because I think there will be anything wrong!

    ?I had this happen too - thought my period had ended previous day and of all things went to a Shiatsu session as a guinea pig for students practising. Had a great session, really relaxed and thought I'd wander around the nearby shops. Long story short , bam , period pain. Found a loo and had restarted bleeding. I immediately went from relaxed to panic as this doesn't happen to normal people does it?!

    Ha ha. Welcome to peri-menopause

    ?I thought Shiatsu must have bewitched my hormones into doing a funny thing on me -?! - but mentioned it to my friend and was reassured it had happened to her too (minus the Shiatsu!)

    Also told my GP who saw no cause for alarm but did my smear a few months early to reassure me and sent me for blood tests to see if I was peri-menopausal etc.

    ?I was absolutely fine and though they couldn't establish where the heck I was menopausally speaking (v common) I knew everything was changing timing wise like you and suspected I was in peri.

    This was 9 years ago and I'm now post meno by 18 months. Weird things still happen , randomly achy shins at the moment of all things, but health anxiety is something that I still fight with whenever a new gripe occurs. I've learned that we just can't let it take over.  

    ?Get yourself reassured by your doc. It's the best thing you can do for yourself. Don't feel apologetic about it, don't worry you are wasting anyone's time. Just get it out of the way hon..... 



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      THANK YOU Jo, i'm going crazy every twinge sets me off in panic mode thinking something is wrong i.e i have a disease or cancer, my poor husband is so lovely and supportive. i keep having pangs of nausea today and twice a feeling of warm but, don't think they are hot flashes as not like what people say hot flashes are.  I'm ringing the DRs in the morning. I don't want these sort of feelings for 9 years Jo, did you and are you taking anything to help? x 

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      Hi Amanda,

      Good for you. Just get it out of the way and move on. You will feel better the minute you offload and get some professional advice. 

      ?Honestly - with me it hasn't been continuous crap for 9 years. Don't worry!


      ?I'm 52 now. I started with peri menopause changes gradually about 9 1/2 years ago....cycle shortened, lengthened, skipped....just went v unpredictable.

      ?When I had the weird thing I wrote down for you was when I went to my GP at the time and said "what the heck is happening to me?!" She was wonderful and told me it was all pretty normal from where she sat but she knew I was worried and did what she thought was necessary to reassure me.

      ?I went back to random cycles - eventually 21 days between periods became totally normal (from a 35 day cycle so really annoying). This went on for years with no other effects until 4 years ago when I had my first flush. Took me completely by surprise and felt really odd....and not like the ones I have now. But maybe that's just because now I can almost predict them and know what's happening? Had a couple more that week and then they stopped again.

      2 1/2 years ago we started a big building project and my stress levels climbed. Within a month I was having regular flushes and night sweats plus disturbed sleep, migraine about every 3 months and generally felt like I was going nuts.

      Did extensive reading and tried Red Clover (don't bother). More reading and tried a natural Progesterone cream (likewise). I didn't want to go artificial and was trying natural. I decided I hadn't a clue what I needed to regain my balance - as that's exactly how I felt. Unbalanced. 

      ?More reading and chanced on someone saying be careful around sugar, caffeine, alcohol - So, I now don't have any caffeine at all. I took this out of my life gradually to avoid the crashing detox headaches. I know the sweats / flushes decreased massively as a result.

      I don't drink alcohol apart from an odd meal out or other celebration when I'll have a gin and tonic (crickey I sound a 100)!! But again, the wine I used to love makes me wake up drenched so figure it's not worth it.

      ?I guess I am now coping for the most part but when something new happens - a new ache, or the other week I spotted pink for a day and as I'm now 18 months period free any blood loss is Ultrasound and trans-vaginal were done on Monday and I'm waiting for results next week. My health anxiety has kicked in but deep down I feel I can handle it as my body doing odd things has become my norm.

      I just believe it's still important to get the advice of my GP on that.


      Summing up - I have a new GP and I have been frank with her from the off. I told her my sense of proportion is way off and I despair of telling my other half when something happens as I'm sure he didn't sign up to be with a hypochondriac always thinking the worst...Note to self NEVER GOOGLE! She has been lovely and having admitted I hate going to the docs as feel they will think "Here she comes again. What now?" Well, she has listened, talked to me about the physical aches and pains and the mental anguish and given me websites to research that she trusts re HRT . She is wanting me to try it and feels I'd be a good candidate.

      ?We both believe I still have some kind of a cycle with hormones as I am ok sleep wise at times and barely wake up (heaven) and then have disturbed nights with 5 wake ups throwing the covers off boiling hot. Same with anxiety. Sometimes I cannot get my sense of proportion in gear at all!!

      You are younger than me and I feel for you as I remember how confused and scared I was. It all feels so blooming weird! Nothing prepares you for feeling like you are losing your identity/sense of balance. If you are struggling as I was then please open up to your doc if you can or find one you can be comfortable with. That will stand you in good stead. If you facebook there are a couple of groups on there that are brill - Menopause Matters and Menopause. There you will get loads of women just getting into peri and others who are 70's and well through the lot of it.

      There's advice on what's working for people and what isn't. Just knowing you aren't the only one really helps.

      ?I'm really struggling to shift the 21lbs I've gained in the last 18 months - and I mean really really struggling! That's one thing I would tell my younger self....keep exercising and watch the chocs. It just gets harder and I think just about everyone says that. I used to drop half a stone for a holiday and then not worry when it crept back...gone are those days.

      We know we feel better when we eat well and get some ex normally so why would that change in meno? It doesn't. It's even more important.

      ?Let me know how you get on. Sorry if this is a bit of an essay. Once I started...well, always been a chatterbox!

      I'll be thinking of you and if you want a rant about something or need to share a fear, I've probably been there already so fire away!!!!

      ?x J     


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      Thank you again Jo, im sat here crying as feel really rubbish at the moment. I am sat sipping water as feel so nauseous and have stomach cramps. I was wondering if the nausea has been caused by aspirin. I took aspirin this morning and again at 3 pm as i have been experiencing  cramping pains (mild) yesterday and today. I finished a strange period on Saturday (3 days) when mine are normally 5 days, i missed a day started again Monday just a tiny amount of bleeding then stopped again and had cramps on Tuesday morning had a panic type attack and felt hot and again some spotting. The spotting has stopped but i still have cramps. Could this be an infection?  
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      Don't underestimate what panic does to you Amanda. It makes you feel so so much worse. If you've not eaten properly you're also going to feel really off.

      Yes, could be you have an infection of some kind but that's another reason to see GP tomorrow.

      Try and calm yourself down, get some sleep & off to docs tomorrow.

      Honestly this sounds so similar to what happened to me....hang in there kiddo & get yourself a piece of paper, put your thoughts down for doc and then put the piece of paper in your bag. Let it go for tonight knowing you've sorted out what you want to say and ask when you get to see GP.

      I'll be checking back to see how things are. Take care sweetie X J

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      Aspirin can make your stomach feel very sick. Best not to take it especially if you might have some gastritis going on. Stick with Tylenol but make sure to eat something with it. It can make you pretty nauseous as well. 

      If you have an infection the doctor will know. 

      Anxiety can do so many things. Really try to keep yourself calm! 

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      Hi Jo and everyone, rang GP at 8 am this morning and have an appointment friday morning as none available today. I am seeing the same GP i saw 2 weeks ago when i attended for a pain in vagina following sex. My low abdo pain has been better today just felt it a couple of times and not touched any pain killers. The nausea has persisted all day and belching. i have tried ginger biscuits but not helped at all. My anxiety less but think this is because pain less. no spotting either. Will see what the GP says tomorrow xx
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      I'm so glad you've got an appointment sorted. Good that it's so soon too!

      All you have to do is talk through what you've told us & then see what doc thinks/advises.

      Nearly there. Get some rest.

      I'll check back to see how you're doing.

      Best of luck x

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      I wondered how you are? You've kept popping into my head these last few days......hope you got some support and advice and are feeling much better as a result. x

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      Hi Jo thank you for thinking of me. I had some bad days but for the past 2 days i am feeling well no pains at all and my anxiety is better at the moment. My Gp thinks it is all anxiety but i had bloods done to check all ok  and awaiting an ultra sound. x 
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      Hang in there kiddo.....I'm sure you will get on top of it. I know it's like you can't see the wood for the trees at times - the anxiety makes any pain a full blown drama and you just feel drained with it all (sound familiar?) but it honestly has improved for me over time (without meds or natural remedies right now) and I'm hopeful you will be the same.

      No shame in asking for help though and perhaps doing the reading on HRT ? I'm looking at it and feeling like it's worth a shot.

      ?As I said, deep breaths and keep believing it will get better x 

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      I'll keep all crossed for you! Best of luck and I hope you get the reassurance you need.

      ?Had the results from mine and I'm all good apparently so that's been great to hear......

      ?I've been told to wait a couple of months before thinking about HRT though because of having had the little bit of spotting in early October. I was a bit concerned by that -  I thought having had the reassurance of the pelvic/abdominal ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound being fine, I should be ok to get on with it....but, GP wants to wait til end of Jan.

      Always something eh?!

      ?Let me know how you go with things. x

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      Hi Jo i have had my uss and tvuss today, she took lots of measurements and said my left ovary was tucked up?? but saw it and said it was fine. She said i have gall stones though, she advised me to make an appointment to see my GP in a week. I am a little concerned re this ovary now. I am also sore from the tvuss probe as she had to move it to view the ovary. I wish i had asked more questions as worried why would the ovary be tucked up??
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