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Hi everyone I can't write a long Text because i don't feel too good.Basicly I've been drinking on and off since Xmas ( mostly on) Now the Pins and Needles and cramps are so bad I'm starting to Panic.I'm taking all the relevant vitamins and not drinking too much.Had a sip of wine yesterday (it tasted like vinegar) so nothing today.I did some googling yesterday but did'nt really understand it probably have a wet Brain by now.What I would like to know is will these sensations ever go away or is the nervous damage permanent? Hope someone out there can help.Thanks

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    Need to know far more history than, what you've had since Christmas, how much, how often and for how long etc.
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      Oh dear this is I difficult ! Wili have to look at my Alcohol Diary not always kept upto date! Wine 2 bottles everyday during Christmas just to cope with the Stress of it all  probably a large bottle of Vodka thrown in there as well knowing me. New year - resolution no more Alcohol,that lasted 4 days.Back to bingeing same pattern similar amounts.Febuary tried to stop again managed 3 Days's.Since then have been drinking 2 bottles of white wine each day no vodka.Yesterday had small amount of wine to help with withdrawels.Don't want any today feel too ill and worried.Hope that's enough info. I have told you the truth.Its 's a lovely day and I'm too sick to go anywhere so annoying Alcohol spoils everything i just wish it did'nt have such a hold over me.What a waste of money and precious time it is.Thanks for your interest.
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      What I meant was, you can't have just been drinking since Christmas, that's two months. What we need is your history. Have you been drinking for one year, five years ten years etc.

      What vitamins are you taking? Forget wet brain, I've seen someone with that, you will really have needed to have gone some to have that. As Missy says, it's hard to stay hydrated when drinking heavily, because your stomach is full with fluids, unfortunately they are diuretics and they expel more fluid from your body than they put it, starving your vital organs of fluid that they need to function.

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      Hi again. As far as I know i have always enjoyed Alcohol.It was under control when I was working it had to be also when I was expecting my Sons.Then 9 years ago I had bowel cancer which resulted in having a colosctomy (which i hate) Gave up work  too difficult with the Bag and possibie Leaks. So that's when the serious drinking took over. The vitamins i am taking are Thiamine and Vitamin B Compound Strong Tablets  and vitamin C.Lorna no help from GP just refers me to LAS and that's an asylum full of Lunatics.No money for private Rehab so have to go it alone but all you people are a wonderful support.So will get my Brain in gear and start again ! ? I wish the Pins and Needles would face feels as if it's on Fire.Go and Hydrate now.
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      You still aren't answering the question When the prescribing doctor asked me what I drank, I didn't say, a lot or not too much.

      I said, for the past 25 years I have drunk most days (meaning virtually everyday) 8 pints a day, four Stella in the pub and four cans of cider at home. A little less in the first 10 years.

      There is no ambiguity, it is exactly for how long and exactly how much. He asked me if I stopped at all, I said once, for three days, when I had proper flu that kept me in bed and I never left it.

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      I don't understand your question ! ! Surely today I've given you enough information about myself for you to work out your question for yourself ?
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    Hi Susan

    I'm sorry you are suffering.  As RHGB says would need much more information but if you are feeling that ill then I would strongly suggest you see your GP and/or local alcohol service.  They have helped me hugely.  If you are trying to go dry from previously drinking a lot it could be very dangerous for you so do get some help.

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    Its amazing how all the symptoms DO go away after you stop drinking for a while.

    10 years ago I quit for 8 years...but prior to quitting I had many symptoms...including the pins and needles....but the worriesome symptom was my blood pressure was rising rapidly....and that scared me.

    I quit drinking and in about 2 months...everything ....every bad symptom went away.....and my blood pressure returned to normal.

    My CRAMPING was from although you are taking vitamins...its almost impossible to stay hydrated when you are drinking alcohol.  So I believe the cramping would stop if you could get hydrated.

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    I am on day 10 sober after completing a detox. I was drinking 2-3 bottles of wine per day. Susan you must not just stop as it is incredibly dangerous. If you can't or dont feel able to seek medical help then reduce by no more than 10% of your regular inrake daily or you are at risk of seizures or worse. Please seek help if you can and all good wishes from can get better x
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    I am on day 10 sober after completing a detox. I was drinking 2-3 bottles of wine per day. Susan you must not just stop as it is incredibly dangerous. If you can't or dont feel able to seek medical help then reduce by no more than 10% of your regular inrake daily or you are at risk of seizures or worse. Please seek help if you can and all good wishes from can get better x
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    I agree with Susan RHGB. You can come across a little aggressive at times, which doesn't help anyone. The amount you are drinking and what you are drinking is irrelevant as we are all different. I used to drink 2 1/2 bottles of wine and go to work the next day for years. Now if i drink 3/4 bottle I'm ill and can't get out of bed. 

    We are all very grateful to you and your mission with NHS but most of us haven't got that strength and you have to accept and understand..

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      "The amount you are drinking and what you are drinking is irrelevant (and how long)."

      I'd disagree and say it is very relevant. To give any useful advice would be difficult. Do you not think if you went and sat in front of a doctor, as well as doing tests, he would not ask these questions? 

      Every doctor/hepatologist I have seen in the last 18 months has asked me those questions. I was asked it again last week.

      My questions are trying to get a bit of history, so that I give good advice and not bad advice. But I am interested to hear your answers to Susan's questions.

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      I gave yu 30 years of my drinking History today It seems like it was complete waste of my time
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      I do think Susan has given us more than enough information about her drinking history.

      In fact it sounds a lot like mine

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      As you know RHGB I have along history of alcohol problems. When I'm asked about my history I truelly can not remember. Because I functioned for years with drinking 1/2 bootleg of wine to 2 1/2 bottles, maybe 3 at my worst. I had days off occasionally. The last 4 years when I was put in the priory by family I've drunk on and off, mostly sober apart from the last 6 months. I never reach more than 10 days drinking as I'm too ill. 

      BUT, can't tell you exactly my drinking story as I can't remember.

      Please don't become one of those aggressive people I meet in aa and recovery groups, that haven't the time of day for those still suffering as that makes, us still suffering, feel worse

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      *meant 1/2 bottle( predictive text!
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      I am not holier than thou, I put myself in the same category as everyone else here.

      I am not judgemental, but being male, I deal in logic, it is how my brain is hardwired - someone else can do the hugs and sympathy.

      The point I was making is, without the facts, it is hard to make a judgement call, I would rather give no advice than bad advice, because I don't have the background here.

      Initially the OP said, she has been drinking since Xmas. Well, my answer based on that, would be you have nothing to worry about, less than two months drinking, give it a week sober and you'll be fine. Next, we have, I have always enjoyed alcohol (okay seems to be longer than Xmas then), but I had it under control.

      Quantify that phrase. (I had my drinking under control for 25 years, held a middle management position, it was only when I went into hospital for a stroke, I found out how bad I was). Next came the serious drinking nine years ago, again, please quantify serious drinking. Something like, I've been drinking a bottle of wine a day for 20 years, 9 years ago it doubled to 2 bottles of wine a day. That would be useful.

      If you took your car into a garage for repair, the first thing the mechanic would say, what's wrong with it, how long has it been doing it, any other symptoms our problems.

      People obviously have different views to me, so I shall bow out of this one, before it gets heated. But what I will say, is apart from a comment from Missy and a comment from Lorna about cutting down slowly, nobody has given any advice. I judge the success on whether the person gets good accurate advice and I don't see much happening on that front.

      The only advice I can give, is keep taking the thiamine for your short term memory, the vitamin B Compound Strong tablets for your liver, although they do best at helping the liver to heal when you have given up drinking, even if it is only for a period of months. If you're worried about hepatic encephalopathy (or wet brain as you call it), take lactulose everyday.

      This is a free forum and somebody may decide to reply to my post, I will not be replying, as I shall not return to this thread, as I see potential for it ending up in a row, with opposing views (which we are all entitled to). So don't take it as a sign of ignorance that I do not reply.

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      Sorry if I upset you RHGB. Think it was a misunderstanding and don't really want to fall out with anyone on this site! Was just a little sensitive that day obviously! 

      Hope the campral is working for you smile

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