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Hi I have been told by my neighbour that a friend of his was stopped by someone in tesco claiming to be from the DWP and told he was going to lose his motability vehicle because he was not using his walking aid he was told they followed him because his car was picked up by their number plate reading thingy in their vehicle I can't believe what he's saying anyone else had a similar experience?

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    No never heard of this. DWP wouldn't approacha clamaint this way. Yes they would watch them if they've been reported as possible fraud BUT they'd never appraoch them in this way. The watching would happen for months and months then once they have all the evidence they need they would have the clamaint in for an interview under caution. In my oppinion i think this friend of your neighbour should be careful as this could possibly be the start of something....fraud investigation. Seems like someone was trying to warn him. Like a friend of a friend for example (not DWP)

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      Thanks for the reply I think my neighbour is talking complete rubbish myself as I'm sure what you say is right I think I will stop talking to him as he's come out with total rubbish before don't know why he does it thanks again Denise

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    Sounds like there actual is no 'friend' do you get motability? Is he just trying to be malicious and worry you?

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      Very good point you made there. Is he jealous of you Chris? Horrible to say but there's some nasty people out there.

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      Hi yes I do have a motability vehicle and yes I think he does try to to worry me he's come out with stuff before like motability where cutting the milage allowance on all their vehicles when I phoned them they told me they had no plans to do so like I said I think I'll just stop talking to him can't be doing with the ago thanks for the advice

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      Jealousy - plain and simple. Though misplaced I'd rather be healthy and have no car then ill and have a motability car, but some don't see it like that.

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      I think he probably is Denise he's disabled himself but had his licence taken away due to his eyesight sometimes I feel like sending the car back as I get nasty comments from other neighbours one of them works at my local tesco and some of their staff are off with me I paid my taxes and NI for 38 years

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      Same here I would gladly swop with any of them see how they like living like I have to may well change their attitudes
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      To be honest Chris it's no one else business but yours. Some people are just so nasty and rude! When i had my first mobility car back in November the day i collected it my neighbour walked past and said "oh a new car" i don't know how you afford it. I've worked full time all my life and i've never had a new car. I didn't answer him simple because it was really none of his business how i got my car. Don't give your car up because of some nasty people. Just ignore them. I would love to work if i could sadly for me it's not an option. If it wasn't for my car outside i wouldn't go anywhere. Enjoy that car and hold your head up high. I would love for these people to be in our shoes for just 1 day. They'd soon shut up and keep their noses out! That's for sure...rant over wink

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      I once got spat at by an elderly lady who walked over to where I parked, watched me put my blue badge on the dash and get out, she looked me up and down and spat at me and walked away.

      No wheelchair = no disability

      Just a shame they don't have x-ray eyes to see what's going on inside my lungs. I actually gave up using my blue badge for a couple of years, only recently got a new one, bugger what the small minded think.

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      That's disgusting never a policeman around when you need one

      I've been shoved out the way while shopping blocked in in the car park I try not to use my stick while out as some people deliberately get in my way I lost 2 front teeth when I fell trying to avoid colliding with someone that thought it was funny to stop right in front of me so I don't go anywhere unless I have to

      Yes bugger the lot of them

      Saying that there are some people that are very helpful

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      Hi Chris,

      apart from the arthritis, Fibro and spondylitis, my main health problem is unstable angina. I have been known to collapse for no apparent reason,

      I've had a badge for years and remember parking one day with my (grown up married) daughter.  As we got out of the car, this man verbally attacked me and I thought he was going to physically attack me as he came towards us swinging his walking stick.  Because I could walk (just about that is) he felt that I was using the badge fraudulently, it was horrendous.  There are some very jealous and nasty people out there. 

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      Hi I have seen this happen many times in my local car parks it's not right I am sure that it could be classed as a hate crime but as I said never a copper when you need one my problem is diabetic neuropathy I can't feel my feet very well plus other things going on I walk slowly I try not to use a stick as I find people deliberately get in my way I can't just stop right away and I end up walking in to people and that's makes things worse

      Thank you all for your input and take care

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    I have commented several times about invisible disability.

    I have c4,5,6, 6 and 7 cervical stenosis with spondylosis with myolepathy and also bladder and legs problems.

    No visible signs but cannot walk unaided and a wheelchair is out of the question as I cannot use upper body. I purchased a rollator (wheeled buggy) but couldn't stand and push it.

    People get in my way when I try to walk to my car , I just stop still they can manoeuvre around me better than I could them.


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      Talk about invisible disability, I think sometimes my hubby and I are invisible also.  People just continue walking straight at us, like you Mike I stop and they have to move quickly to avoid bumping into us. 

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