Pip assement two weeks ago and haven't heard a thing ,

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Capita did a home visit two weeks ago and was told should hear by two weeks anyone else waiting??

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    Hi Elaine I had my pip assessment on the 5th September and I am still waiting let everyone know how you get on as we all could do with knowing why so long x
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    no one understands dwp how works some cases after f2f take one week some take longer for a decision
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      It's all down to how much of a backlog there is at the office dealing with you.

      ?Think yourself lucky not that long ago waiting for a decision was taking a year or more!!

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    I had mine on 13th September and still awaiting results, I was paid my DLA today so that tells me they haven't made decision yet, seems its not a uniform time scale, they told me last Friday I would hear tomoz (Wednesday) will let you know, don't hold your breath though LOL

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      i get confuse how  assessor told me that he is going to recommend higher rates for me. and also iam on dla right now . 
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      I know, if they don't make the decision he or she maybe shouldn't have commented on result, I still think they are the decision makers.

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      they are  make decision on saturday. i look my old  letters both of them it was saturday.
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    I doubt very much that 2 weeks will be long enough - maybe 8 weeks is more of a practical time frame to work to?
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      new claim take longer dla to pip shudnt be longer.
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      If they leave it 8wks his dla will have finished by then , so I hope not
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      As far away have been told, DLA will continue while decision being made, but if your worried when I gets to 4 weeks and you haven't heard give them a ring and explain your concern

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      Well its Wednesday and post have been and no letter, wasn't truly expecting one but you never know, pigs may have been flying today.

      Will give them till criggy and see what happens LOL maybe I will get a text instead unless Phone satalites go down world wide.

      The joys of reliability.

      Hope your wait is not too much of a strain, keep smiling, its one thing I can do without pain smile

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      Pip said if you get it they will send a text

      I am always checking my phone

      Going nuts lol

      But I suppose it's not the night before Xmas maybe I have to wait until then

      I have read sometimes it's what part of the country you are from

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      I think its a postcode lottery like I said before, I am actually going to ring them, simply because they said I WOULD hear today, I didn't tell them that, they offered me the info, so I will get back to you if I have any joy, yet again I'm not holding out any major hope.

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      Yes do and let us know how you get on as I said before I keep ringing and everything I am told something different I was called back on the 27th September and the lady just said give it another couple of weeks .

      I called back and told to call back on 19th October if I have not heard anything

      I feel like going to my map as this is ridiculous

      Please let me know how you get on thanks good luck

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      Just rang them again asking for call back from case handler

      They said aim is within 24hours or upto five days

      She also said they have thousands of cases

      And that some people have waited a year and I should not complain kind of attitude

      My complaint is never claimed anything as working first time I go to claim due too ill health and it takes this long maybe they need more staff when moving people over from dla to pip makes sense to me do you agree

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      Hi I hope they get back to you quicker than that, I think its all down to the extent of your disability and how much back up paperwork you send in with it, I sent bucket loads to back up my claim so they didn't have to contact Dr/consultant/physiotherapist etc etc so possibly cut the time scale, also probably depends on where you live, whether its capita or the other one, can't remember name, was it asos? mine was capita,

      My partner says not to ring and they will contact me when ready, I will think about it.

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      Someone rand me back very quick today

      She said she maybe able to speed up because she has sent them a task today to please give me an answer urgent that's maybe because I said I am going to get in touch with my mp

      Maybe quick because I said that

      She said call back Monday if not heard anything so will do that,she said when the call back team task case worker they get in touch with answer

      I saw a atos and I live in Lancashire

      I will let you know if they get back to me before next Monday take care

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      I decided to ring them and had a lovely lady who told me my letter was sent Monday, I told her it hasn't arrived and she said the decision is on the system did I want her to tell me ""erm let me think about this, no I will wait for the letter"" I said yes please, I am happy to say that I have been awarded enhanced for care and mobility, I know I would sooner not need it of course, but being unable to walk and needing care is sh*t, so thank you god for being on my side, also I truly hope that any one waiting for a decision is not kept waiting took long.

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      Have been awarded mobility and care, letter on way, but gave me details on phone.

      I'm very happy as its life changing for me, I think its cost me at least £300 in wheelchair taxis in last months.

      I hope everyone gets there PIP sorted sooner than later

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      That's great news just can't understand why mine is taking so long where in the country are you

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      if take longer its good. 100% been accept claim. if get refuse in one week get letter . 
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      Mine was approximately 4 weeks from assessment, so not too long really, I thought would be longer, have decided to have car so I can get out, so fed up sitting in all the time, feel so blessed
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      Thank you so much keeping my fingers crossed I did not know that

      I need some luck how are you doing

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      Yes I would I never go anywhere now

      That drives you crazy

      Hope you have some nice trips out and not just too the doctors

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      4 weeks its long. cuz you are on dla.  if not accept after assessment .in one week, u receive decesion letter . 
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      just be patient and don't worry you will get good results. if not agree a decision can appeal tribunal to get good a decision 

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      Yea, will also be able to take MIL out as well because she's also riddled with arthritis and has a really bad heart but at 88 she doesn't need a wheelchair as it would have to be a big car to get 2 in, she will love being able to go cause shes housebound and also can't get in our car, I have seen it takes about 3 months though to get one, that seems a long time.

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      Hi I have looked and maybe quicker if car is on the forecourt but if you use one which needs adaptations like for wheel chair could be 12 weeks I think once all paper work is done though can take just 3 weeks for car

      It says you need main driver proof statement of dwp which I think you fill a form in for this and passport all Id and house hold bill

      If you key in on Google how long for mot ability car it brings up the motability site with all details also most asked questions

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      Thank you Sharon for taking the time to look, it all seems so long winded, it will be winter LOL or it is winter, noticed need heating on a bit now, but I think I'm feeling cold more now.

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      I have to wait till end of November as paid in arrears, also I get no back pay as I'm already on DLA low rate

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      Ohhh I see but when the time comes just do itx

      Nothing is simple is it

      I laugh sometimes because I think how much worse can it get

      I have had no money as I probably said a few times lol

      I like this site though it has helped me feel like I am not alone

      Never been on any forum before

      Its good because we are all in the same boat so understand people have many different diabilties x

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      Yes it has because I have gone from being only disabled because of RA,UC,Osteoarthritis, Spondilitis and a couple of other minor health issues to being wheelchair bound on bad day and on a really good day I can get about on crutches but not allowed on these without my partner being close as don't have balance so fall over LOL look like a dementedly duck, I'm told my best case scenario is to progress to crutches so really pushing myself as I don't want to be permanently wheelchair bound, no amount of money or car can compensate me for not having the use of my legs.

      Even with all my other complaints I could still walk, I will not get depressed though because I see so many worse off who will never get out of there wheelchairs again.

      So onwards and upwards literally I hope.

      Sorry for rant LOL

      Hope you get yours soon

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      hi . have not been good for quite a while. got my PIP decision today  after waiting weeks and weeks (4-6 weeks in total from assessment) and was awarded enhanced care and mobility. thanks for all the help and advice. what an anxious wait
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      Brilliant Alan so same day as I got official letter today even though I knew yesterday, hopefully this will make as big a difference to your quality of life as it will to mine, are you going to have a car, I need to be feeling well enough to go test drive first LOL
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      i mobility car now i can change cuz over 3 yers i was waiting for decision letter to renew my mobillity car. i hope evry one get good decision. 
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      alexandria. can you look decision letter which day been made?
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      Well I am so pleased for you but sad because I will have nobody to talk too now haha x could you and Alex tell me the day of your assessment and then I can work out how long it was x

      I feel anxious it's like waiting at school to be picked for a team and you don't want too be the last one lol

      But really there is hope I suppose

      Has your money gone up then??

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      My assessment was September the 13th so approximately 4 weeks, and as for leaving I will still be on forum for a while as I need to return the support I was given, and to be honest I'm not able to do much else.

      Yes mine went up as health became so much worse, I'm sadly mostly wheelchair bound but watch this space, I tend not to listen too much to experts LOL

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      That's a strong reply good on you for trying that's what I say

      Like who really wants to be on disability

      Thanks for all your support

      Do you think mine is longer because it's a new claim and I am not on dla

      I bet you feel like you have been listened too with getting higher rate

      My dad sadly passed away at end of Feb his was such a good person always said don't let them dogs get you down in life keep pushing forward xx

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      So pleased for you Alan you will have to stay on forum to see how we all do

      And if we need anymore advice

      Because no doubt I will that's for sure

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      Your name means defender of man from defending Britain so that's what your doing on here lol

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      I think that's why my Mum gave it me and I have always been a bit Bolshi LOL yes I would imagine that new claims take longer as my file from original case was already on system, mine was also quite a straight forward one because of disability.

      Try not too worry, I will try and send a link for a food site I use but they don't like links on here

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      my assessment took only 15 minutes,and at the end the assessor told me that based on my health condition, I finish now and I recommend higher rates. Sharon if take longer for decision means you been accept pip claim. what you have before they give same or make higher. I advise you 100% you been accepted.
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      The lovely lady who did mine was medically trained I'm sure as she knew about one of my conditions which is very rare and even some consultants have to look it up, she was here 1 hour and 25 minutes, seemed ages LOL

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      You are making wild claims - no one but the DWP decison maker can make that decison.

      ?Based on your presumtion, the fact that I had been receiving DLA - Middle rate Care & High rate mobility I should have at least gained some award for Attendance Allowance? DWP state that 80% of all new claims are given an award first time round.

      ?In fact I was turned down with the DWP telling me that I don't have any problems with my health and that I can care for myself with no difficulties.

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      When was this lesson?

      What illness have you got did you appeal

      I think Alan meant if you have not got it they tell you straight away .

      I has my assessment 5th September but I didn't get a letter until the 19th saying they sorry for delay they have everything they need and will be in touch with a decision

      Alan and Alex have been trying to reassure me because I have been worried about waiting so long

      Definitely appeal

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      Sorry Les I was typing les and predicted lesson for your name

      Tell us what happened or have you explained all this earlier we all maybe to come up with a strategy point you in the right direction


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      Alan should not be saying that you will get it - 100%.

      You can only put in the best case for your situation - the rest is in the hands of the DWP.

      It wasn't a lesson - more a point saying that anything can happen - hope fot the best but prepare for the worst.

      ?I have multiple health conditions which affect my ability to reason, understand, hear, walk and live a life whilst in pain.

      ?No, I didn't appeal. No point as I no longer have the strength or ability to fight the DWP through to the courts. I have spent the past 21 years continually fighting them to get what I was entitled to.

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      U do have to except that nothing is black and white and there are no guarantees as to what or not you will get, I agree just because its takes x amount of time is not a guarantee you will get pip, some people wait months and either get it or don't, so no cut and dried answer, also some assessors give people the impression that its a done deal and still don't get it.

      What I'm going to say may offend some I'm sure, but not everyone will and can have it, thousands apply evey year and some who think it should be given simply because they feel they shouldn't work because they say have a bunion (only used that as an example cause its treatment is straight forward) and there are those out there with horrific diseases that don't even apply, not going to get into that one though.

      What I'm trying to say is, if you do apply you have to have a good amount of medical backup that gives them all the info they need and leaves no room for them to say "there's not enough proof this person has these diseases" more is more, also if you have all the medical proof, that's still not enough, when you fill forms out you have to clearly paint a picture of how this effects you on a daily basis.

      Because that's why you are deemed to need care etc.

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      ?I have never been able to get my head round the fact that there are some that have been awarded PIP or DLA that, in my opinion, have nothing more than a common ailmant that with a bit of self will and determination could easilly overcome any claimed disability. However they play the system, prove that on balance they match enough descriptors and get enough points.

      ?I sit here some days and read about what others describe as a 'disability'. I would swap their life for mine any day. Yet, they fit the system and I don't.

      ?I know that we can't have a system that looks at each person individually and therefore have to accept that in the most it has to be a one size fits all. 

      ?Ok yes I am well past 65 (68 actually) and ageing is a natural process that we all have to face - it's not a disability as some claim it to be - it's just something that you have to get on with and cope.

      ?Looking at the over 65's the government are fully aware that £5.5bn a year is unclaimed benefits - Housing benefit, Council Tax, Pension Credit and PIP/DLA/AA.

      ?If people were a little less demanding of monies from the welfare pot believing that there are others in a far far worse position than they are,

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      Yes my dad needed more help and never got it because my mum was still working

      But she is 76 and worked still 3 days a week at the same company she worked at for 52 years it's so unfair how she contributed all her life and when needed help with my father she got none

      Because she works still to keep her mind going and for money

      She only wanted help but she would have had to give up work just to get certain benefits

      I say she deserves a medal

      My father found out he was dying at end of Jan an died at end of Feb this year and she had to do everything whilst he was in hospital like keep working go hospital because she needed money to look after him

      Sorry I am ranting but I have pay national insurance for 30 years even worked after children like a lot of people in this country now I cannot work and it's been a nightmare to get help everything is checked double checked same questions same answers

      I don't know something is wrong with this system.

      I don't even know really what's the difference between dla and pip and why change it .what I have been reading seems like it's all the same questions on forms but sometimes you haven't always got a diagnosis until you have been doctors numerous time then sent too the right specialists sorry I am ranting just fed up today

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      I agree entirely. There are many people that just either fall through the net or are oblivious as to how the benefit system works - those are the people that make up the 'missing' claimants.

      I too had family members that should have had financial help.

      ?My mum died in 2004 (77) of cancer. She had a breast removed and for the next 18 months she struggled with knock on problems. Liver cancer finally killed her. She never claimed anything and went to the appointments at the hospital every week on the bus (13 miles) because she could not afford a taxi.

      ?Then I had my dad who was crippled with arthritis + kidney failure. He lasted 10 years after mum died and was living off ready meals and tinned food. For him also he used the bus to get to and from hospital. He had no carers to do things for him but thankfully he had a kind neighbour to help out with the shopping. He had no family close by (I live over 300 miles away).He died lonely and uncared for not having the money to pay for carers. He had no idea (and neither did I at the time) what the benefit system could have offered him.

      ?DLA had to close down - it was costing too much and had become a benefit that almost anyone could claim for any ailment (totally different to what it started off as in 1992)

      PIP was set up to reduce the DLA cost by 20%.


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