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Hi everyone.... I've suffered with rhuematoid arthritis for 9 years now - I'm 29, diagnosed at 20. It's never been under control, I have been through loads of biologic drugs, humiera, cimzia, enbrel, tocilizumab to name a few (sorry about spelling) all no improvement or reactions to them. Been on high dose mtx could not tolerate it even tried injecting it. Tried hydro whatever it's called and sulfasalazine no good. Currently on infliximab an trying just 2 tablets of mtx to see how I go. I've had no improvement yet but just infections after infusion like all other treatments I did. Also have patchy colitis, underactive thyroid and bad depression.

My wrists are fused I can not move them at all. A couple of toes also. My fingers are really deformed already, and my left knee has been swollen for 2 years. Fluid turned to gel so draining no good and steriod injections don't work. Struggle in every day to day thing, and my mobility is awful.

My joints effected are, toes, feet, ankles, knees, ribs/breastfeeding bone, shoulders sometimes, wrists, all fingers, neck and jaw when I'm bad.

As well as my infusion, I'm on :

Mst 60mg morning and night

Oramorph 10mg 4 x a day

30mg amitriptyline


prednisolone 6 a day

Diclofenac 50mg 3x a day

Sertraline 50mg a day

Mtx 10mg a week

Folic acid

Senna 2 a day

Ducosate 4 a day not sure of mg on last 2

Think that's all

Anyhow the reason I'm posting... Sorry for all the info wanted to give yous a quick background.

Today I had a pip assessment... the lady was lovely and it was not scary at all. I had been petrified, I had read on here they make you feel comfortable so you drop your guard if you have one. I was completely honest an just told her how I was didn't exaggerate as some people told me to.

She didn't really ask many questions or the questions I was expecting... like how many bad an good days do you have.

She was also putting words in my mouth kinda.. finishing my sentences.

When she had finished the questions an talk she said I would normally now ask you to do some things an would assess you on that - but I can clearly see how much pain your in an I can see from your joints how you are... and also the amount of pain relief your on tells how bad you are. So I am refusing to do that an I will state that in my report.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or have any thoughts on what the outcome could be. I've read a lot about them saying one thing to you an then receiving different things in your report.

I have suffered for years with this... an never applied for this after people telling me too.

I'm at a point now where I'm house bound an literally can not do much at all. I feel ashamed being out in pupil the way I walk because I'm a young woman. I just can't cope any more an hope I do get this now so I can get extra help.

Any advise or previous experiences shared would kindly appreciated


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    Oh my gosh.... just read over my post after submitting it. It says breastfeeding bone!!!!!!

    ?????? sorry guys.... silly auto on my phone.

    It's meant to be breast bone!!!! Sternum to be precise... could not think of it.

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    actually your story about woman is almost similar to mine. Not taking as many meds though. she finished my sentences and also didn't examine me for same reason.as for meds I told her I was taking sarin and hydroxy chloride. couldnt understand why she laughed.thats bout 6-7 weeks ago. I'll let you know when I hear. I won't hold my breath.

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      Only just seen this reply... thanks for sharing. 6-7 weeks... are the waits that long?

      Why did she laugh 🤔🤔

      Yes let me know thanks.... an good luck hope you get what your hoping for x

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    Hi RAWarrior

    Your experience sounds very similar to the one I had which was successful. Sometimes the evidence is overwhelming so the assessments are a little less formal. Just going on your medication it would seem very likely you would qualify for PIP although it all depends on fitting the correct descriptors.  

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      Thanks for the reply.... I did come away from it thinking it went as well as it could of. Just the waiting game now.

      May I ask what you was award Anthony?

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      Did you get a copy of your report Anthony did the DM go with what the assessor said and the descriptors she ticked?

      Its just that I got my report and it seems a good one , but I'm still waiting for a decision, hoping they don't go against it.

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    I had my ATOS medical assessment for pip just over 3 weeks ago and the nurse said the same to me - that she didn't feel the need to carry out a physical assessment.  Hopefully our claims will turn out to be successful !

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      Yes mine was atos too TCake....

      Good luck with yours, will you let me know how you get one.

      Did you ring an ask for your report or just wait. X

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      I just rang on Thursday.  They say I should have my report within 10 days.
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      Oh the suspense when your post man comes from now.... hope you get it soon.

      Truefully.... I think for sure I'll get enchanted living, theres nothing much i can do with my hands - but that's my opinion, I know anything can happen. An I'm prepared for that.

      So something on the motability side would be good, as I struggle walking, of a night I can not walk an have things in place for bathroom needs. Which is so embarrassing at my age.

      Anything will be a bonus... I'll use it to get help in the house with cleaning etc.

      A blue badge would also come in handy for all the hospital appointments making parking closer to the entrance easier and just in general. Closer parking to make life a little easier.

      What are you hoping for TCake? X

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      I'n not hoping for anything so if I get turned down I won't be disappointed.  Even standard rate care/mobility would help.  I have heard that they look more at what you can do physically (eg cooking/ dressing/undressing/walking) rather that what health conditions you suffer from.  Do you live alone or have anyone to help you?  eg get your shopping in?

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      I live alone and dont have family close by.  I do have a friend who visits me each week and she will do my shopping and washing.  I only ever go out if I have a hospital appointment, which I attend with my friend and travel by taxi.  Did you attend your medical on your own or with a friend and how did you travel to it?  They take those two things into account when assessing you.
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      I went with my mum. She drove me there.

      She didn't ask how I got there... that's one of the questions I was expecting.

      I have a daughter who I can not get to school. My family are taking care of her at the minute as I'm unable. Her dad helps out. My family help me as much as they can. But not as much as I need. I don't like to ask when I need my beds changing or the floor moping etc.

      I have a bath lift, I can't get in an out of Bath alone. I can't prepare food or pick up a pan. Getting dressed is a major task, can not pull tops over my head. Nor fasten bras. Or fasten buttons.

      In my assessment I was crying an was wiping my eyes with the tissue she gave me.

      At the end she said, I've been watching you wipe your eyes an you can't even do that properly. Your really struggling. I was so unaware of that. It's just life to me know an didn't realise.

      I am the same I only go out for appointments really.

      Sorry to hear you don't have family close by... that must be hard. Really hope you get it so you can get extra help.

      Can I ask what your condition is?

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      A blue badge would also come in handy for all the hospital appointments making parking closer to the entrance easier and just in general.

      You can apply for a Blue Badge without a PIP award. Just complete your local authority application form.


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