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Got report back last Friday and was amazed by the lies in it, missing out meds, not noting new meds. Normal head & neck movement yet on med records it says restricted movement. Good to know a nurse as said I will get better when specialist said the opposite. I took a friend and I held on to her as my balance isnt to good. Yet he says its 20 meters from waiting room to interview room and I managed it on my own.I am so angry. Phoned ATOS and asked about starting an offical complaint as PIP told me.

Also waiting for phone call from case manager from PIP. I will fight this & I will contact my local mp. I cannot believe the gov still as ATOS doing assessments. Has anyone else had this problem and how did it end. Thanks for reading x

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    I am so sorry about all this. My pip went through fine. It's My esa I have having a nightmare with just waiting for my court date. It was an atos nurse and as soon as I went in I knew then she was going to be horrible. When I got the forms back she had lied and twisted everything I said. It's been so stressful. Hope everything goes well. X
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      Hi Barbara. ESA wasn't a problem for me. That what happened to my PIP.

      I hope you get sorted sweet. Good luck x

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    So sorry this has happened to you... It seems to happen a lot! I wonder why eh?!

    Anyway, first off when disagreeing with anything they say, the magic words are to not say you disagree with everything in their report (even if you do)!

    Go through every single point you disagree with and PEEL (point, evidence, explain, link).

    Make your point, give medical evidence to support it, explain this symptom and link it to why this shows you disagree with their assessment.

    I did this for my partner and got his decision over turned due to the sheer lies in the ATOS report.

    Next time you are seen request a home visit, if your dr will support you in this due to the anxiety brought on by your last experience.

    The ATOS buildings are full of "clever" and tricky ways of making THEIR point, such as how far their assessment room is from waiting room, down to placing the best magazines up a height to see if you reach them.

    Do not let these people win.

    Fight it, get everyone you know help you fight it, give them EVERY scrap of medical evidence you have.

    It isn't easy but I managed to sort it for my partner.

    Good luck and best wishes xxxxx

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      Hi Audrey

      Don't want to add anything just comment on the excellent advice given to the OP by your good self. 10 out of 10.

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      Hi Audrey. Thanks for advice. Will do that . I have marked and made notes but it seems like i'm repeating my self my main problem is due to stenosis which means I have nerve damage. Anyway thank you and I will fight it. Xx
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      Hi Paula,

      Yes it does feel like you are repeating yourself but from my experience its better to do it then not.

      I'm not familiar with stenosis but am I right in thinking it causes pain and/or numbness?

      Anyway regardless of that you have to repeat yourself, because of the questions they ask you. So for example they ask you about how you manage bathing, you explain that your pain restricts you in whichever way it does, due to your condition. Then the next page could ask about cooking, and again you explain why it's difficult due to your diagnosed condition.

      The whole thing is repetitive but the more you explain, inform and describe your condition and how it affects your life the better.

      My partner has nerve/spinal damage and I just finished his 40 page PIP renewal form...

      It was all repetition but for some reason it seems like this is what is wanted. Maybe it's to test our spirit and patience!

      Good luck and remember send any scrap of medical evidence you can lay your hands on.

      Take care xxxxx

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    Hi Paula what you have said doesnt surprise me at all as our own son also had lies  put in his report too, said he went alone when he didnt, he got a friend to take him as he coukdnt drive the distance, im sorrry to say also in his case reports form doctors, back specialsists and scans didnt make a bit of difference to them.

    Its one thing for the government to allow atos putting us through the atos regime but then for them to lie as well, its outragous, my son didnt get his PIP and they wernt interested when he challenged them about the lies either.

    Atos or as ive read get money for everyone they turn down, maybe true maybe not but what ever us victims are giving them their wages.

    Even our grand daughter with MS and the worse aggressive kind didnt get her PIP!

    My turn soon but with M.E. and fibro im not holding my breath,, just waiting for the brown envelope to come through the door to say im losing my DLA.


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      Susan so sorry you've had such a tough time, but please don't give up hope.

      ATOS are experts at breaking down people with disabilities (myself included). It's their job. It's sickening, but true.

      They fall foul however when they don't just manipulate the "truth" about conditions, but when they outright lie. They said my partner could walk 250m, the assessor didn't see him in any other position than lying down as he was having a bad day and couldn't stand up. So that was a lie.

      So when he failed assessment I was obviously shocked and in disbelief but you have to focus your outrage into appealing and appealing. Get more and more evidence from real Drs who know your condition that contradicts the ATOS report.

      ATOS are sneaky and the only way to get past them is to be relentless in the pursuit of what you deserve.

      I get PIP for depression so surely they will give you it for ME and fibro?

      It is sad that those of us who are unlucky enough to be unwell and disabled also have to face the hell of fighting ATOS, when really we are already trying to fight through our illnesses.

      I wish you all the luck in the world and don't give up hope xxxxx

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      Hi Audrey

      Another good read in your reply to Susan. Just had to comment on the second last paragraph "I get PIP for depression so surely they will give you it for ME and fibro?"

      That goes to the heart of the problem which is consistency in ATOS decision making. It really comes down to the individual assessor and how competant/sympathic they are.

      I have come accross the other side of the coin the decent assessor who takes all evidence into consideration. It is really fustrating that the poor assessors are causing such distress to vulnerable people.

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      Yes actually you're totally right.

      When my partner's claim didn't go through the first person I spoke to from PIP was so unhelpful and such a pain I hung up.

      The second lady I spoke to was very helpful and talked me through how to make the most of the appeal process.

      I think there is a lack of consistency throughout the whole system which is confusing for everyone involved.

      I think that's probably the way it is designed though, to make people so frustrated they give up!

      Very unfair system and makes me angry just thinking about it!


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      Hi Susan556.

      Sorry to hear your son's ordeal. Hope hes taking it further.It goes get you down and you do start to wonder is it all worth it. Im appealing just waiting for date. A little worried as I might not have anyone to come with me. After court im going to my mp regarding ATOS.

      Will keep my fingers cross for you sweet x

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      Thanks Paula, they arnt called atos for no reason, Couldnt care a toss! sorry for being so rude but very fitting dont you think. Paula theres not much more our son can do, this was the appeal. He has spent last week pretty much in constant pain, Its now affecting his abdomen, nerves pains affliction from his back causing damage. Specialist told him there is an op they can give when it gets to the stage he loses control of his bowels and bladder, sad due to nerve damaged but in his case the spine wont cope with the op so nothing can be done. he is only 40.

      I kbow lots of people are going to their MPS about things now. What we need is the government to alter its system on the whole way the assesments are being handled but seeing its our goverment who allowing this and set it all up not much hppe of this ever getting changed is there.

      Sie xxx

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      Thanks Audrey we will see. still waiting for the brown envelope to come through my letterbox at the moment.

      Sue xx

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      Bless you. My heart does go out to you and ur family. I hope its better luck for you sweet.

      Bloody ATOS.

      Gentle hugs xx


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