Pip not been awarded help?!

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Right here goes...

Applied for pip 19th August

Had my assessment 24th October

Today 9th November I have been told i have not been awarded pip. I recieved 2 points for need prompting to engage with other people and 4 points needs prompting to undertake a journey.

I suffer really bad with aniexty.

I will not do anything with out my mum or daughters dad.

They have to collect my medication.

I can't shower unless somebody is here with me Incase something bad happens

I won't use the iron, straighteners, cooker, hair dryer when alone in case some thing goes wrong. I will not leave the house by myself. I can't even take my own daughter to school. We're do I stand? I didn't fill out my form properly when first applying. What happens with mandatory reconsideration? I've heard that I could do tribunal, I have no idea what this is but how can I possibly go to court to discuss this when I won't even go to my local shop a few doors down😩 in so sorry for the long post but I just need some advice and help how I can appeal this

Thanks everyone x

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    Hi Abigail, first thing you need to do is ask for a MR (Mandatory Reconsideration) DON'T ring them or wait for a call, put this in writing. They almost never ring you back if you ring to ask for the MR. You'll also need a copy of the assessment report to know what was said and what points were scored, where. DO NOT wait for this before doing the MR as you only have 30 days from the date on the decision letter. If you have more evidence the send this with the MR. Most MR's are turned down, if this happens then you can appeal. If you do have to go down the appeal route i'd strongly advise you get help from you local CAB.

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      Thank you Denise for your reply and thank you so much for you advice.

      I'm not really sure what more evidence I can get. I was seeing a cbt therapist but because I couldn't go down to my appointments he has refered me to somewhere else and I have no proof of when this will be happening. It's such a distressing time and just making me feel a whole lot worse. Will defiantly be writing my mr. Thanks again x

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      Do you think I stand a chance of getting my decision turned over by just arguing the fact the points I have been given is wrong? I just can't face any more assessments or chasing after doctors notes which I'm unable to get. Sorry Denise for all the questions x

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      As i already said overturning a decision at MR stage is very rare. They mostly keep the decision the same. I'm not saying this will happen to you but i'm just pre-warning you incase it does.

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    Hi it will all depend on all the evidence you can put forward with your MR request, ie Drs opinion, CBT reports, psychiatrist reports, medication reviews, its OK everyone saying it's not the disease thats the reason you can be awarded PIP but the way it effects your day to day living I don't think that's totally true, you can say you have anything but they will still need proof you have been suffering with it for a certain length of time, usually about 3 months plus.

    I'm not trying to make you feel uneasy regarding your claim, just being realistic in how you need to put your case forward.

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      ive been reading every forum I can find on the Internet. I have suffered with my aniexty from early 2013. I've showed the asseser my medication I'm on and also wrote it all down in my application. But with me unable to go to the doctors and speak to him I'm unsure what more evidence I can get. I was seeing a cbt but due to me not being able to go in he has refered me to some were else, which is another waiting game. Thank you for your advice. I greatly appreciate it x

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      You should really see your GP, he will have received a letter from the therapist you went to see, problem is without some form of proof there attitude will be to say you have managed to carry on without help as such for three years so will possibly see it as you can survive without claiming, please don't be offended by my reasoning, I'm trying to get a picture of your situation, can I ask how old you are and how you live financially.

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      I'm 21... Excuse my French, but such a sh*t age so have this aniexty, my friends are of abroad and what not and here's my not even able to answer my door. In currently on income support due to having my daughter x

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      OK and was it one of your therapists who adviced you to claim pip or is it something you have decided to opt for yourself, have they now said that you have still been refused after MR ???
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      without some form of proof there attitude will be to say you have managed to carry on without help as such for three years so will possibly see it as you can survive without claiming

      ?This unfortunately is the position we are all in. I have been told so many times that I must go to my GP on a regular basis so as to keep the records up to date. Whether I actually need to see the GP is not important. What is more important is you going and it being noted on your medical files.

      Like most with incurable and chronic conditions there really is no point in seeing a GP - there is nothing more that they can do for you - unfortunately that attitude will go against you with any disability based benefit claim.

      ?I actually know of someone that is continually at the GP's surgery not because they need to be there but because they tell the GP that the medication isn't working.

      ?Ironically doing this improves the evidence base yet the patient doesn't touch any of the medication that is prescribed on a monthly basis!! I caught him one afternoon in his summerhouse going through two black bin bags of medication. Opening the packets and putting the pills in one sack, tearing off the labels put there by the chemist in another. The torn off labels were then burnt. He said he had to do this every 6 months to get rid of it.

      So yes to play the system you have to play the GP!

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      I agree to a certain extent Le's but if there DR's are like ours they will monitor your blood to make sure that the medication is not causing an adverse effect on say your kidneys or liver, obviously that will depend on what meds your being given.

      I don't want to offend anyone but you surely can't expect to be granted a quite high benefit if you can't document your diseases, I don't mean you Le's or anyone in particular, just saying you have to show them you do genuinely need this benefit.

      I also think it want be long before the only way you will get them to grant you mobility is when you can't physically walk unaided.

      Thats just my take on the way things seem to be going, and like it or not there are many out there losing there cars.

      That's not here say either.

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      Of course there are GP's and there are GP's!

      Not all are as proactive as you suggest.

      ?My medication includes Morphine & Gabapethin for pain

      then I have Aspirin & Clopidrol for blood thinning

      ?Then I have Statins.

      ?Type 1 Diabetes sees me with two types of injections. Because my body cannot breakdown/digest food I then have Creon

      Then a medication to help the stomach cope with these drugs.

      Then Sertraline for my mental health

      ?I generally see the GP once a year for 10mins (otherwise the repeat prescriptons stop) for them to confirm that I still need the lot and to take a blood sample to see how my Diabetes is..

      I also am supposed to have my eyes tested by the Diabetes nurse/van once a year - but missed last year.

      Oh yes I have the flu jab with the nurse every October.

      ?Apart from those visits, I have been once this year, a few weeks back to check if the bleed I had from the anuerism in my stomach wall was OK.

      It was a quick 5min appointment to say that no more blood had passed through.

      ?That's it, there is no point in going any more times as I have the medication and just get on with it.

      From the GP's point of view I am sure that part of the annual drug chat is to see if I am still living!

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      Based on that lot of medication (repeat prescription) I have no idea how anybody (ATOS or the DWP) could confirm one way or another what level of needs/difficulties I have. The medical evidence I send in to the DWP I get from the GP but there is little or any change to it over the years.
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      Its a wonder the drugs haven't seen you off LOL I'm really sad that you are not getting any AA because you do deserve it, to be honest Le's I do think its your approach to asesmement that makes them think you don't need help, you are to independent and you say yourself you tell them how you manage to overcome your disabilities by finding alternative ways to cope.

      I think you need to approach it from a different perspective, I also think you do need someone with you to fight your corner.

      My Partner would be like you, he really needed help with me a while back but wouldn't except it so carried on alone sometimes struggling, there's no detriment to excepting help

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    Same thing happened to me 0 points after assessment I cannot go out alone, I asked for a mandatory reconsideration which came back the same, I appealed went to the tribunal with my daughter who is my carer, we got a copy of the medication I am taking and a copy of the letter of my referral to cbt I won the tribunal hands down present was a judge a mental health doctor and a disability person they all agreed I should be awarded pip however 2 months later still waiting for them to obtain the statement of reasons from the court as dwp can appeal againt the court decision I am so stressed about it all its been a stressful time but please do not give up and appeal all the way always have the person who cares for you with you. Good luck xx
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      Hi cheryl.

      May I ask if you done you MR over the phone or did you write a letter? I reall can't go to court it wil just make me worse and makes me question weather the dwp are bankin on me not to go. Like I say I have still got to do my MR first but I'm just thinking ahead. Trying my very hardest not give up. I can't not believe they only gave me 2 points for needs prompting to engage with other people. I just feel so violated by them all 😔 thank you for your reply Cheryl

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      You'll need to put your MR in writing, this way you have proof that it's done. Waiting for a call from DWP won't happen, it never does. They never bother ringing you back. I'm sorry but i'm not being nasty but you asked for advice and i've given it, i can't really tell you anymore times about writing this MR not phoning/waiting for call.

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      You also need to send your MR by recorded or registered post so there's no chance they say they did not receive it.

      I see you answered my post but it was removed by mods, do you mind me asking why

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      I were was asking why they removed the post, I posted one last week and it was removed and they didn't let me know why, I was asking do you know why

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      never a good idea to do it this way. A written letter that you can copy means you have proof that it's been done and sent. Never ever trust DWP!

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      Yes I really do know that now however they did write to me to say it was still the same decision.
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      Ah that answers the reason for my post being deleted, I also said a swear word, OK want do that again, can't understand why they don't just delete the word

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      It's no good either just sending a letter to the DWP and it's no good just having the proof of posting slip - proof of posting is not the same as proof of delivery.

      ?I sent two very important letters to the DWP apporx 14 days apart. They said that they had never received either of them and were satisfied that I had never sent them unless I could prove otherwise. I couldn't so they win!

      ?Because of that I lost my DLA award and was refused the transfer over to PIP at a loss to my family of over £250 a week.

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