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karen13257 karen13257

Pityriasis Rosea - started to clear after 3 weeks

If you are reading this then you probably have PR.

I too am suffering from this nasty rash. I first noticed the herald patch on my collar bone and initially thought it looked like ring worm. A few days later the rash had spread to my upper chest and was driving me crazy with the itch which was burning and stinging. I've had chicken pox as an adult and this rash was so much worse! When it spread to my legs, back and arms I went to the GP who diagnosed PR. I had never heard of it so started looking up blogs for help as GP said there was no real cure and it could take up to 12 weeks to disappear.  I followed every hint and tip I could find from fellow sufferers and thankfully after 3 weeks it seems to be going. I still have the rash on my arms and legs - the itch is bearable.  I don't know exactly what seems to be working but hopefully it is definitely on the way out.  My regime is: luke warm shower twice a day washing with head and shoulders then moisturise with Aveeno lotion. The GP prescribed two weeks of antibiotics which he said seems to work for 70% of people - I'm still taking along with antihistamines. I'm also taking Vitamin C and zinc supplements to try to boost my immune system.  The most significant difference I noticed was after a sunbed session. I'm not an advocate of sunbeds but being desperate to rid myself of this nasty rash I was prepared to try anything. The rash seemed worse straight after the session but after my third session all the spots on my torso disappeared the next day. I was amazed as I was completely covered in spots. These are flaking now.  As I said earlier I still have spots on my arms and legs so I will have one more session at the sunbed in the hope that I get rid of this once and for all.  Incidently when I mentioned the sunbeds to my GP he said that although there is no real cure there is evidence to suggest that UV light, natural or not, can speed up recovery. I don't usually contribute to blogs but I felt I had to share my regime in the hope that my experience helps a fellow sufferer. Good luck! 

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  • charl1991 karen13257

    i have tis two i have had it for 3 weeks now doctor gave me selsun blue which iv been using didnt see any difference then used oiltalatum in my bath then out epederum on after and now noticing it going down its awful thing to get so i know how your feeling 

  • oaklandlily karen13257

    Thanks for posting your experience.  Can you tell me how long you stayed in the sunbed?  I'm ready to try that.

    • karen13257 oaklandlily

      Hi...I have had three sunbed sessions - first one was 6 minutes, then 8 minutes, then 6 minutes.  Be careful about the strength of the bulbs though.  Never having used a sunbed I took advice from the operators of the tanning salons.  I have to say that I had my last sunbed session almost two weeks ago and so far I have not had a recurrance.  This sunbeds most definitely helped the speed of recovery of this nasty rash and after three weeks the itch had disappeared and by week four there were no real visible marks.  The only thing I would say is that I have never had dry, flaky skin and either the rash or my regime in an attempt to get rid of this has made my skin quite dry.  Make sure you moisturise well.  I hope that this works for you...please let me know how you get on.

  • oaklandlily karen13257

    Oh, good -- I'll try that.  Today, because it's nice in Northern California, I lay outside in the sun for 20 minutes.  I'll try the tanning studio tomorrow.  Your experience is giving me hope!

    • karen13257 oaklandlily

      My doctor did say that there is evidence that UV light natural or not speeds up lying out in the lovely Californian sunshine will help as well.  I'm in Scotland so my only option was a salon.  It does look a bit worse after a session but the next day it was definitely clearing up.   Good luck.

  • amanda57527 karen13257

    Hi Karen

    Can you tell me which antibiotics you were prescibed?

    Also, how long did you leave between each sunbed session?


  • MissCBU karen13257

    Hi Karen,

    My mum has been suffering so bad with this and is covered from the tips of her toes right up to her neck (as it doesn't effect the face), she hasn't been able to sleep with the itchiness and soreness, there's not one space on her body not covered. She's been given antihistamins from the DR and has luke warm showers and baths with emoliant, all not easing the hellish suffering! However, I told her about your use of the sunbeds and how much it helped, like you it's not something she would normally use...after her first session the itchiness died down and now after her third, the spots are drying and itching less - just wanted to say thank you. :-)

    • karen13257 MissCBU

      I am so glad the sunbed has helped your mum.  I never usually post anything like this on the internet but felt I had to share my success in getting rid of this nasty rash even if it only helps one person.  

  • natnat karen13257

    hi im to suffering with this condition im gettin it on my chest collarbone but mainly on my back - its so frustrating because i cant reach certain parts to add the cream to. i tried loads of stiff latest was the coconut oil its on my second day thou, i really dont want to try sunbeds as i hate them but does anyone truly agree that this will clear it up?. im due to go away with my family in feb and dreading the though of going swimming incase anyone sees it. also why do i always itch more at night tome i hardly sleep becagse of it its really getting me down- does anyone else feel depressed by it?

    thanks xx

    • raghu3 natnat

      Even i had sleepless nights due to itching. Coconut oil doesn't seem that working as the steroid creams does. Shower in luke warm water with mild soaps seems to help. And apply moisturizers if it is too itchy! Hope it helps

    • karen13257 natnat

      Hi...this nasty rash really got to me and I also had sleepless nights due to the itching. If you hate sunbeds I wouldn't want to encourage you to use them but three sessions cleared mine up with no recurrence. Are you going somewhere sunny? My GP said that there is evidence that UV light speeds recovery so some time out in the sunshine may help.  The only benefit from the sunbed is that you can get the UV light to all parts of your body without covering up. My rash was EVERYWHERE! 

    • vicy64130 natnat

      I'm in week 3 of this horrid rash.  Big herald spots have dried up but now have a smaller rash all over neck chest back shoulders and started on my face now :-(

      have tried to use h&s, but only every couple of days so will try daily.  Thanks for advice, I'm feeling very miserable and look and feel horrid.   


  • raghu3 karen13257

    A patch started on the right rib below the chest. And after a week small patches started to appear and now it has been six weeks and it has spread on my back and on the sides of the torso and on the waist bones. I consulted a doctor during the third week and he prescribed me an ointment called propynate nf cream.But it doesn't seem 100% curing. He didn't say the name of the infection. I saw it on Google which was same as mine. . A week ago It was very itchy that It was kinda stingy and burning when scratched. But Now it's kinda scaly and stings a bit when i flex my body. Can anybody help me?

    Thank you!

    • karen13257 raghu3

      Hi...honestly I'm not sure which part of my regime worked but I am almost certain that my three sessions at the sunbed cleared it up. I also hate sunbeds and never before and never again will I use them but I was at my wits end with this rash. I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck!


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