Platelet Rich Plasma procedure (PRP)

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Has anyone tried or considered having a platelet rich plasma procedure done? I’ve read some very promising results from it but not sure if it sounds too good to be true or not.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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    hi guys, from what I can find online it's around $2,500 and around £1000 if you get it done in the UK. I realise this is crazy expensive but at this stage after fighting this horrible disease for 2 years I would re-mortage the house to pay for anything that could cure me. I have already spent easily that much if not more on steroids, doctors, dermatologists..... the list goes on and on and on. 

    They basically take your blood and put it through a centrifuge to separate the plasma and they then inject this straight into your problem areas, I think it's around 6 injects in total. This rejuvenates the skin in that area like nothing else according to the reports and heals LS in the process. There is no recovery time at all. It wasn't designed to cure LS but for men with erectile issues but curing LS was one of the side affects in a lot of people. I need to read a lot more about it but there is P-Shot for men and O-Shot for women from my limited reading.

    This could be complete marketing now and be a cash cow for the rich but I felt it was worth looking into it more.

    I'm based in Ireland by the way Claire.

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      Yeah it does sound doable alright and from the reviews I feel hope for the first time in months. Didn’t look into any clinics as suck yet as I am afraid to research it more in case I find out it’s a scam or something. I am living in the ‘this could very well cure me’ bubble. I know it’s stupid but I have hit rock bottom with this disease and any hope is an amazing feeling. I plan to put a lot more research into the p-shot over the weekend and I will report anything I find interesting back here. I’d love if you could do the same Claire and we can compare notes. I will look into both the brand p-shot and also the platelet rich plasma procedure and see what I can find but either way I think they’re both the same. I am also going to email a clinic which carries it out and ask about the success rate for curing LS as well.

      Hopefully one way or another we’ll end this misery! 

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    Luv your attitude! I think having a positive attitude can really help. 

    Ok i will try and research it - I did awhile back and didn't get very far tbh. I'll give it another go.

    Actually I'm going to write to the specialist doctor I saw at the Royal Free Hospital in London that I saw and see whether she has any recommendations. 

    Will let you know how I get on!


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    Hello everyone.

    Ok at the risk of being inundated with replies, I'd like to give you a brief outline of the success of this treatment in my own personal experience.

    I am in my late fifties, in the UK.

    I was diagnosed in 2012, but believe I had LS for some years prior to that.  I don't think it was a severe case, but severe enough to completely end the possibility of penetrative sex with my husband, and cause a lot of pain and discomfort on a day to day basis. Constant itching night and day, the feeling of cystitis and very sore. Some atrophy and a little fusion with some white patches - but compared to a lot of people I think I got off comparatively lightly. Although I can't say it wasn't serious - it was awful to live with and try to function normally.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short if I can, I had the usual gynae visits, steroid cream etc. but alongside that I was constantly researching and came across the name Dr Casabona from Genoa.  His name and treatment/results kept cropping up.  I managed to contact two people who had undergone the treatment with very good results.

    So in Sept 2014 I went to Genoa and had the procedure.  It was scary - neither myself of husband speak a word of Italian but we managed somehow to go to the four locations - one to consult with Dr C, one for blood to be taken, one where the procedure was done (small hospital) and a final place ( different hospital) the next day to check all was OK.

    I had blood taken and also a small amount of fat taken from my tum (kind of wish it could have been more lol) to be injected to puff out the area a bit, along with my blood plasma.  We flew home as soon as he'd checked me.

    I didn't feel a thing under sedation (not general anaesthetic), but when it wore off I won't lie - it wasn't pleasant.  Really really sore and painful for about ten days, and then intense itching which lasted for about six weeks - drove me a bit crazy but I guess it was all part of it.

    The procedure cost about £1800 - 2000 plus flights/accommodation. It is known as regenerative therapy with adipose derived stem cells and PRP.

    We were able to have a decent sex life for about a year afterwards, but then it started to hurt again.  I think this wasn't so much the LS coming back, but the tightness and under-use had caused me to shrink and shorten so much.

    OK so the good news is, despite his scepticism, my gynae has now admitted that the LS has 95+% disappeared. I no longer get the awful itching or pain and my 'bits' look much healthier. I only use coconut oil now to keep myself comfy, but I think that is just as much to do with menopausal dryness as anything.

    I have now started a course of women's health physio, which involves intrusive manual manipulation to soften the internal tissues to enable me to have sex again - I am hopeful this will help.

    I would say the only issue is that Dr Casabona has never published his research/results -  a real shame because I know the procedure worked for me and many, many other patients.  But I am incredibly happy I took the chance and went ahead. I know they are starting to offer the procedure in the UK, but not sure in what format and how successful it is here.

    I hope this helps - I know lots of you will have questions - but please go easy on me!

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      Thanks so much for sharing that! It's so incredibly hopeful hearing news like this!! I have doing calls and emails for the past 2 days and have a bit to share with everyone on that as well. I have the cost and what to expect etc. Great news is that, it's available in the UK so there is no need to fly to Italy. Should make things that little bit easier. The one I was looking into is called P-Shot or O-Shot. It's not stem cells but from reading up on it, it appears the important part is the plasma anyway from what I found but I could be wrong.

      Anyway, thanks again for your detailed reply, it's fantastic hearing news like this!!

      Will reply to everyone over the weekend.

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      I know they have it here in the U. S. And wonder what the overall success rate is. I think Dr Goldstein is doing a study on it but could be wrong...congrats to you. Did they feel this could last you a lifetime?
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    Hello, I had this done a couple of years ago by a naturopath here in Oregon.  She was sort of still perfecting her technique and using my case to present at a conference, so I only paid $300.  My understanding from others on this site is that some have had good luck with it.  But there are studies being done and it is not widely accepted at this point and there are no long term studies yet.  In my case, I was supposed to get 2 treatments but I ended up with a raging infection and cellulitis in my entire area from my pubic bone area to my perineal area.  It required antibiotics and took a while to clear up.  I also metabolized the numbing cream very quickly, so I felt the needles.  It was awkward and I kept asking myself why I was doing it and not totally clear if it was safe.  That said, my LS has been holding out ok.  I had some scarring progression over my clitoris but it seems like since I started taking some supplements like D3 recently that some of that has receded.  I think the PRP probably helped in general, but I’m disappointed that the naturopath who did the treatment decided that I probably had some innate bacterial presence and did not want to proceed with the second treatment or even check to follow up with me to see how I did later.  I also had a testosterone/estrogen pellet injected in my butt that lasted for about 4 months and I felt that my LS did well during that time.  I’m in Oregon in the USA and we have a lot of Naturopaths here that are willing to try various things.  
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      Hi Pat, thanks a mill for sharing your story as horrific as it sounds! You were so incredibly unlucky to catch an infection, just what you need on top of the LS! I bet you felt life was testing you to see how much you could handle! I feel like that a lot as well. Would you ever consider going back for another PRP.... from a different doctor this time around!!
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      Hi, thank you for your kind words.  I did feel pretty alone because I haven’t told anyone about my LS problem, so I hadn’t told anyone about the procedure. I just told my roomate that I was sick.  I was also vomiting due to the tylenol and codeine that they gave me, but at the time I didn’t know why I was so sick.  After all of that, I would go back and have it done again, but with someone else.  Now my first Naturopath is doing the procedure and I actually have more trust in her.  I am pretty bad about keeping to a good diet (I eat tons of sugar and dairy, if I’m being really honest), and so I feel like I should improve on that before I try again.  It has been so good for me to be on this forum so that I can share my story.  I also want to share the good stuff, which is that I do see improvement and I think my supplements are really helping, too.  Thank you again for caring.
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    Hi all,

    So I emailed Dr SW Clinic in Harley Street London in regards to the P-Shot or O-Shot for women and she emailed back. There were a lot of links which I have removed as the post would more than likely not get approved. I presume I can send these in private messages? If you want to see these anyway, please PM me and I will include the full reply there.

    The clinic also rang me and told me that they have had a lot of success in treating LS and are in the middle of writing up a report on the whole thing but it's not ready to be published just yet. They said that most people come back after a year or so for a top up as their symptoms slowly start to come back around then but that some people never come back. They made it sound as if they don't come back because they are cured, but I feel a lot of people don't come back because of the high expense but also maybe some of them went into remission as a result.

    I haven't ruled out the p-shot but I have moved it further down my list of things to try. Something I am very excited about however and I will probably create a new post on it is functional medicine. I have an appointment with a functional doctor now next week and I will share all after smile

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