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i have had thredworms for a few months now and i dont know what to do!

i really cant tell my parents! so i need a way i can get rid of them at home, ill try just about anything, i think i have it really bad, somthimes theres heaps like 20-30 at one time i dont know what to do, please some one help! please reply some one

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    Dear 'me'

    You should not be embarassed to talk to your mum about this problem - I'm sure she would give you nothing but help and sympathy. Alternatively you must see a doctor - how old are you?? Don't be ashamed, aybody can suffer from this horrible problem (even your parents) and in fact it is quite possible that if you have them, they do too! Don't suffer in silence these things are horrible and you need help :cry:

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    I have the same problem but I'm so scared. I've had them for 5 years and I jsut cant deal with it. for 2 years i tried to ignore them, but it didn't work. I really want to tell my mom but I feel so embaressed about this. Help! I know I should tell her, but I dont know what to say. Please help!!!!
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      You need to tell a parent. Now.
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      I used to be in your situation. I had them for months but I didn't tell anyone. It was horrible. Then, I told my mom and she got me medications and they worked!! Just tell your parents, and they will understand and help you.

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      HELP !!!!!!!!!! I have thread worms I have had them for 3 years I told them when I finally pooped there was not any then I got them again and now I have done research and found out I could possibly die but my parents are sleeping and there so busy I never get to hang out with them and the worms are so serious if hurts my private and I have not slep for the past 2 days please help and reply quick
  • Posted thiz site iz ov tha chain! - hi im 13 and i have jst recently found these 'white wriggley finks' in my poo too............

    FIRST REACTION- well ah just stered at them wid ma mouf wid open

    .......OH MA LORD....... ARE THESE 4 REAL??????

    SECOND REACTION - OH MA LORD who am ah gona tell

    [allthough me and ma mom are close i just can't ]

    .....NOW.... - itz stupid coz whilst am writting this

    ah still ave them in ma buttox but too perevent

    them ah fink i am going to........

    * wash ma hands: * change clothing:

    -in the morning, -ma nickers every day [i do now]

    -after loo, -ma bedding

    -before eating' - wer pant to bed



    MOM 4 SURE!!!



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    Threadworms can usually be treated very easily by simply taking one tablet. It is called Ovex and can be bought from any chemist.

    Don't be embarrassed ..... almost everyone has them at some time in their life.

    It is usually recommended that a second tablet is taken after two weeks to ensure the threadworms are completely cleared - your pharmacist will advise you.

    Also, your mum really should be told .... it's quite possible that she and other members of the family have them too and also need to be treated.

    In the meantime, no scratching and lots of handwashing.

    Good luck!! smile

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    hi i am 13 years old and i keep getting threadworms over and over again its annoying!!! i always take ovex tablets wen i get them and i take one 2 weeks later but abewt 2 months later i get reinfected with them!!! my mum n dad say its because i'm unhygienic wen i get them but this time i haven't told them what shall i do??!!

    i found some ovex tablets in the medicine draw on monday and took 1 now there is 1 left and im waiting till 2 weeks is over what shall i do??

    is there any other way of getting rid of them without taking medication like a home remedy or something!!?


    P.S- i went to hospital in 2006-7 and they said i have them and i had to get ovex tablets. [/b]

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    hay guys ive got worms and im a 23 year old male dnt be embarased too tell i keep geting reinfected and the last year and a half ive had them about 6 times i just came acrossed this site when i was searching on why i keep geting them

    i found out worms only live on humans if the human is healthy so theres a good point to look at if u got worms then your healthy as if yopur not then they will die and the worms no this....

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    [quote:f1d6d6b820=\"me\"]i have had thredworms for a few months now and i dont know what to do!

    i really cant tell my parents! so i need a way i can get rid of them at home, ill try just about anything, i think i have it really bad, somthimes theres heaps like 20-30 at one time i dont know what to do, please some one help! please reply some one[/quote:f1d6d6b820]

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    I had these little blighters for years when I was a teenager and I was too embarrassed to tell my parents too. finally, when I left home I went to the pharmacist and asked for a Threadworm treatment. It was one tablet, and I was miraculously cured. i felt silly for having waited so long! i've been clear for 9 years now. Go and ask your pharmacist for the tablet now!

    You also need to wash your underwear, pyjamas and bedclothes on the same day you take the tablet (if you can't do this without your Mum being suspicious and you really don't want to tell her the truth, you might want to say you spilt a drink on them or something!) because the eggs can stay in the bedclothes for 2 weeks after.

    if the single treatment doesn't work, then you will need to tell you family so that everyone can be treated at once. Sometimes people have them without having any symptoms, so even if your family don't think they have threadworms, they shoudl still take the tablets. There are figures which suggest about 40% of people have them, so don't be embarrassed. You're being the sensible grown up one by telling them and getting treatment.

    So do tell your parents if you can, but i know how it feels if you just can't bring yourself to, so try one treatment yourself first if you prefer.

    good luck!

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    I know the feeling, I'm 12 years old. I constantly get them and I constantly cry over it. I really need help. It so embarrassing and I dont wanna tell anyone . PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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    I have the same problem I only just got them but I don't wanna tell my mum I really need to know if they go on their own ??

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