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Hello, I could really use some help. So here's some backstory. 21 year male always played played sports all of my life, basketball, baseball, water polo, football, tennis, never had any heart troubles at all. I like working out and go to the gym often. So I went on a trip with my friend where I drank alcohol like 4 days straight (got drunk 3 of those days) so for me that was a lot of drinking because ussualy I do not drink that often at all. I would maybe drink once every 2 weeks, and sometimes I would go months without drinking. So after the weekend on vacation with my friend drinking, i was having heart palpitations for a week. Went to the doctor after a week got an ecg but it came back normal, but after a week they stopped. So I continued with my life, I would go to the gym and before the gym I would drink a pre-workout drink with was high in caffeine (I know I know there bad for you but I have stopped taking them now) one day I took my pre-workout right after I drank it i got this crazy warm rush throughout my body and it was super scary. I thought I was fine though and went to the gym, after an hour at the gym I left because I wasn't feeling the workout, an hour after I left the gym my heart started going so fast and my muscles were twitching and it was so scary, so I figured i was having a caffeine overdose, I have had one before after consuming 40g of caffeine but this time it was 150mg of caffeine, but still after that I quick caffeine. So about 3 times after that day I experienced weird rushes to my head along with my heart beating very fast, but these were all very brief, my heart would slow down after maybe 30 seconds. After that went to the doctor got another ecg and holter monitor and eventually an ECHO and all was fine. However after all this happened (went on vacation with my friend in August, and now it's December) I stil get weird heart sensations. Theres times where I'm on the computer and my heart may beat irregular for abit, these doesn't happen often. Other times I feel as if my heart may skip a beat or beat weird and it totally freaks me out, I understand some of it may be in my head since I'm so so aware of my heart. The other thing that scares me is that when I check my heart on my home blood pressure machine the irregular heartbeat symbol comes up, this happens once maybe twice week maybe, but I do check my blood pressure constantly, up to 12 times a day ussually (take the test 4 times when I sit down and do it) which I know is a lot. I can't help it I am so scared for my health, I know I am a hyperchondriac as I have thought in the past I have had different types of cancers or lumps on my body, 6 months ago I was convinced I had testicular cancer for months, even though I never found a lump down there but I felt discomfort down in that area, but I soon realized I didn't have that and the symptoms were in my head, although that ruined my life for a couple months. So yea I have always had bad anxiety, I would say slight social anxiety, I get very nervous for social situations but for sure my health worries are so so bad it truly wrecks my life. So other symptoms I get are missed beats like when I am working out, it feels like a missed beat followed by a stronger one and always freaks me out. And twice i have been laying on my stomach and my heart would do a rapid race for like maybe 4 beats then stop but I'm talking super fast for 2 seconds or maybe 3 seconds, both these have been about a month a half spaced out and happened when laying on my stomach and in bed. So that makes me convinced I have SVT or something like that. I am scared because I have these symptoms and I've even had a medical device (home blood pressure machine) tell me it sees an irregular heartbeat. I recently went to a cardiologist who was difficult to talk to because he was from an Asian country and I'm American and idk how great he understood my symptoms because I had said this happened after drinking and he said that was the cause but it's been 4 months and still I'm getting palpitations. But I'm sure he knew his stuff as he listened to my heart and did an ecg and said I seemed fine, but I still said I would like some tests, so currently I'm wearing a heart monitor for a week that's records everybeat then I'm getting a stress test. I'm so frustrated because I got the 2nd fast heartbeat thing the day before I got this heart monitor on and it sucks because I know it won't happen when I'm on this monitor because it doesn't happen very often. So I also get weird feelings in my heart when sitting down and relaxing, or laying down too. And I have got some palpitations when bending over, like it put in extra heartbeats and that has happened maybe 3 times. So not very often but still in my head it scares me like no other. This whole heart troubles have been scaring me like crazy I'm to scared to go out and do things. In the beginning I thought I had high blood pressure because at times my blood pressure just shoots up and I can feel that my blood pressure gets high, but it's weird because it's like quick jolts of high blood pressure and I get scarier and run to the blood machine. I am so scared to go out and have a drink with my friends because I am convinced i have a heart arrhythmia. I have drank twice since that weekend with my friend and felt totally fine while drinking (felt great honestly but that's what alcohol does haha) and the next day I get anxious and my heart races nothing crazy fast but it just gets higher at times. The first time I drank after my weekend with my friend i got pretty drunk I felt so so so anxious the next day with my heart being weird and racing at times but mostly just so so anxious like I honestly could not sit down I was so anxious. The next time I drank I got a good buzz came home that night drank a lot of water next day felt pretty fine besides one time where my chest felt weird and my heart rate when up but it didn't last to long, but still in my mind it was scary. So now i am wearing my heart monitor and I am constantly looking things up online about sudden cardiac arrest in young people and I'm so scared if i go have a drink or play basketball (which is a love of mine but I'm way to scared to play since I don't want to die on the court like i have read about about many young athletes) I am so convinced I have a heart arrthymia it is just really scarying me. Other info my heart palpitations never come with shortness of breath or chest pain or fluttering i don't think, even though one time I think my heart might have fluttered for a bit. So I know people may think this is the same as my testicular cancer thing and think it's all in my head but I swear that these symptoms are so real. I know my anxiety has been so so so bad because all I think about is my heart, all I do these day is like check my pulse all the time. I still go to the gym every week and I workout and lift and I do get palpitations but they never cause me to get shortness of breath so I push through and it's usually a good workout. So I write this in hopes that people can tell me maybe what heart condition they think i have or maybe it's something else. I am just so tired of living this way I hope the doc finds something with this heart minitor or stress test because after these I can't really do any more tests i would have done them all. So maybe I can get some more info on heart arrhythmias so I can know what's going on with me, or maybe im ok and need some reassurance. Oh and another thing I have read is that heart arrhythmias are hard to detect so that freaks me out so much because then i think I have one but there just having trouble finding it. Family history: nobody with heart problems, pretty good genetics a lot of maybe family live till there 90, despite a few deaths due to accidents. So if you have read this thank you so much I know it's super long so if you have read this thank you so much I just need help so bad. I'm tired of these heart things I'm getting, I get weird feelings in my heart a lot and don't know what to think. Do you think I maybe caused an arrhythmia with that weekend of drinking or maybe that pre-workout I used to drink? Please help someone thank you.

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    Hi JC sorry you are having such a hard time its difficult to know what comes first the heartbeats or the anxiety I have had such heartbeats for 35 years so I dont think you have anything serious although I have seen an Electrophyiologist 4 weeks ago after seeing a Cardiologist for 35 years who diagnosed a " sensitive" heart the new doc diagnosed RVOT or maybe Cardiomyopathy which scared me I am going in next week to have an ablation and been told I have no choice now! I would advise to research Electrophyiologists in your area and make an appointment if only to set your mind at rest will update you on how i get on, best wishes by the way i cant drink makes my heart crazy!

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      Hey Ingrid thank you so much for your reply. I am so sorry about your recent heart news but I'm sure the ablation will go good and you will be all cured! Hey just curious how did the electrophyiologist diagnose you with your RVOT or possible cardiomyopathy? I'm curious to what tests he did that the other cardiologist didn't do? Or what did he see in your heart that the other cardiologist didn't see?

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    all of your tests came back normal, i really believe your palpitations are related to anxiety, You are making yourself sick with worry and stress, i know, i can relate to that i used to get myself so worked up believing i had an illness and there is a very strong mind/body connection and you really can make yourself sick. Maybe you need a mediction to calm you some, you are young and should be enjoying yourself, please talk to someone that can help you. I believe your health is fine. As long as all of your cardiac tests came back fine. good luck! 


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      Thank you for your response PJoy. I agree the mind is a very strong thing. I'll try and relax more and try and trust the doctors! Thank you again!

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    Dear JC10

    I feel sorry you sre going through so much stress. Try to remember your heart is a pump and is doing a really good job overall, pumping continually. You must rely on your medical help and seek other cardiologists till you find one that can guide you to confidence.

    I have had ectopic beats for many many years. I am not young. I am still going strong!

    I have found one thing that helps is to eat fairly natural foods as our gut system and cardiac system are related via the vagus nerve. Lots of water too in order to keep things moving along.

    You will be OK. Take courage. Try not to take your blood pressure and pulse too much.


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      Hey Annie thanks for your reply. A lot of good advice there. I'll work on eating more natural foods and more water, I'll also try and see a new cardiologist. Thanks again!

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      Hi JC the Electrophysiologist did an ECG a stress test and I wore a holter for 24 hours although as soon as he saw the ECG he diagnosed RVOT and was quite amazed my cardiologist had never picked this up! On this site I read a cardiologist deals with the mechanics of the heart and an electrophysiologist the electrics of the heart which kind of makes sense, I am also very anxious! but did these heartbeats make me this way I have had them since aged 19 im 55 now but are progressively worse! anxiety or a heart problem Im soon to find out, but according to new doc an electrical problem!

      My advice is to find an Electrophysiolgist, best wishes Ingrid

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      O wow very interesting! Well I'm glad they caught that on your ECG so you can get it fixed. Hey sorry last question for you can you tell me what we're all the symptoms you were having? Just so I can compare them to mine. Thank you so much and sorry for all the questions.

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      Hi JC it started witj skipped heartbeats and fast heartbeats which I was prescribed propananol a betablocker, which helped to some extent! started at age 19 so havent been able to drink at all since then or have coffee, then a few years ago it started to get worse lasting days and then I would feel my heart quivering and feeling I would faint and not breathe properly been on numerous medications non helped! so in April this year I had skipped heartbeats practically every other beat, night and day had to give up work and then discovered on this site the Electrophysiologists name looked him up and booked an emergency appointment was seen immediately and was booked in for ablation inside 4 weeks! which is now 19th Dec really scared but have no quality of life! Hope that answers some questions everyone seems to have a different experience but with same underlying cause! Best wishes Ingrid
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      Thank you for your response. Jeez now I'm super super worried that I have RVOT or cardiomyopathy 😔 Well idk hopefully i don't but idk 😔 Good luck in your surgery I'm sure it will go well and thanks for all your responses.

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    i had ectopics for a verly long time, and they began to drive me nuts,, eventually took a low dose of Flecainide,, 50mgs , morning and night.

    Real game changer for me, hardly get htem at all now, just the occasional blip.

    i swim 40 lengths most days , but i still find if i push mt heart rate up too far, it can go a bit crazy.

    Still i can enjoy life more now, i sleep better and my anxiety is well under control.

    i also have 1st degree heart block and occassional AF.

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