Please read - 3 years of suffering has been cured in the last few months

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Hi everyone!!

I posted a few months back RE tea tree oil.

A few people were sceptical of using it when I posted however I have seen a lot of posts lately discussing it and thought I would pop in my experiences as so far so good (and I've been using for months rather than days or weeks).

I suffered for years and like many tried everything from creams to wipes to control this.

I have now found what works for me and seeing other people have such success I feel like I need to say something to hopefully help more of you.

I very simply mix a few drops of pure tea tree oil, with a drop of baby shampoo into a travel size bottle (the ones you use for shampoo when travelling) and dilute with water. I then, morning and night rub this around my lash line, eye and brow area with cotton buds (1 per eye) and occasionally again after removing my make up. Takes about 30 seconds to do and I just slip it in my morning and night teeth/contact routine.

This time last year I couldn't wear mascara, could barely wear contact lenses and a definite no no to eyeshadow and false lashes. In the last few months I am basically wearing what I want on my face and eyes, haven't taken anti histamines (this used to be what I would do if I had a flare up) and haven't not gone anywhere because of a bad eye day smile

It has only been a few months and I did have a flare up for a few days but I think that was because I got lazy with my routine, but to be relatively symptom free for so long is amazing. Please try it for a week or two and see if it helps you as if it does you will feel a new person!!!

No more expensive wipes doctors trips tablets creams and tears from the pain. I just clean my eyes with the mixture and get on with my day smile

Ask me any questions you want!

Good luck


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    I wonder if this works only in the case of Demodex mites? I have ocular rosacea and I specifically asked the opthalmologist if tea tree oil would be of help to me. He said that the tea tree oil only worked if Demodex was the root cause of the blepharitis. And that Demodex was rare? I'm not sure because he told me yo just keep going with warm compresses, lid massage and baby shampoo and here I still sit with symptoms. Hmmmm....

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      I just think that for something SO SO SO persistent like bleph, a bit of warm water and baby shampoo isn't going to shift it, It may soothe but that's about it for most people.

      I'm not saying tea tree is the cure for all but if it can help a few people then brilliant. I suffered for so long and tried so many things to clear it and became miserable in the process, I'm just glad I discovered this and pray it continues working.

      If you decide to try good luck! And don't put too much tea tree in it is stronger than it looks


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    emma, you're right, maybe more people will catch on!!! smile works great for me too! Dena

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    emma, you're right, maybe more people will catch on!!! smile works great for me too! Dena

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    I have been having luck with OcuSoft Plus and Aveeno eczema cream. However, after reading your post I went back to using Tea Tree Shampoo. So far it is not irritating the skin around my eyes and things are feeling much better. I will stay with this for now but when I use up the OcuSoft Plus I am going to give your routine a try.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    I'm hesitant to use my own concoction of tea tree oil and shampoo - just afraid I will damage my corneal surface if I get it wrong. But I may try the Cliradex wipes. I know they are basically the same tea tree oil. And expensive unfortunately - but just so I have peace of mind that they are formulated for eye use. I'd feel more assured. Or there's another tea tree product wash - We Love Eyes (I think)

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      I'm tempted to make a YouTube video to show you, I understand being cautious as obviously it's your sight we are talking about!!

      However the concentration of tea tree is so dilute! 100ml water to 2 drops of tea tree, it doesn't burn or sting as it is so diluted.

      If you do ever decide to try it, just start with one drop mixed with 100ml water and 1 drop of baby shampoo. The tea tree kills mites and germs, the baby shampoo soothes and honestly it works out like 2p for a months worth of use.

      Start off slow and see how you go (if you do decide to do some diy) and maybe even just use it as a face wash to start with rather than q tips on the eye.

      Just an idea! If you don't try it good luck with your current routine I hope for everyone we each find what works for us!

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    Oh Emma good for you,sounds like it must have ben the good old demodex mites that doctors rarely find or even try to. My doc said go ahead and try the cliredex wipes which have the tee tree oil also. I think so many cases of mgd and bleph are caused by the mites,just think of the money spent on all those drops snd treatments when it could be cleared up with something as simple as tee tree oil. Very happy for you,I hope I am as lucky.!! Xx
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      It seems like people on here have all had millions of appointments yet no doctor has actually managed to find a cure for most individuals.

      It's one of those very frustrating situations where it is down to the patient to find their cure.

      I am no doctor of course and would never tell or advise anyone to go against their doctors advice however I know how desperate times can get and how useless doctors can be and if say if the wipes work or even help just from a financial perspective the mix of shampoo and tto is the same just cheaper smile

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      Also, Emma

      Do you have to leave on the baby shampoo/water/tto mix for a bit or do you just apply it to the eye, rub around and splash water to remove?

      Sorry. I just don't know how long it has to remain on eyelid and lashes to kill the Demodex

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      I just leave it on, as it's so diluted it doesn't do anything if left on.

      However if you would prefer to wash off I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference, you may just need to apply more often smile

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      Thats for sure,money spent on apts etc can be huge. Plus quality of life.

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