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I'm male 35 and have battled with low mood and anxiety most of my life.  I had a big breakdown just over 2 years ago and have not been the same since.  I have tried to battle the depression and anhedonia on my own without medication until now, I got prescribed Fluoxetine just over 2 weeks ago I'm on day 16.  My depression got so bad i started to consider suicide, I am also paying privately for therapy and I am signed off work sick.  I am currently staying at my mothers house because i do not like to be alone

This being my third week on flux I am really struggling.  I have no appetite, insomnia and no energy.  I constantly have gloomy thoughts about the past and the future.  Suicide often makes sense but I'm not going to act but I can't go on much longer. 

The depression and anhedonia seems worse but I'm hoping i did the right thing by going on these tablets.

I have spoken to my doctor and as i expected they said you just need to wait, and gave me the number of the crisis team and samaritans

Any positive responses would be much appreciated right now

Thank you


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    I started to feel better on week 5. Have now been on them 7 weeks and the nausea has gone and my appetite is back. Still feel a little light headed but not sure if that's the tablets or not. Like you I was despairing of the side effects but hang on in they do get better.
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    You're doing the right thing by starting these meds.  Honestly.  I was ill for 15 years and nothing helped, but only when I started SSRI's did I recover completely and have been well ever since.

    My son also had a melt down 2 years ago and was out into these meds and he went through hell - he'd also considered suicide.  He was also in touch with the crisis team and hospital.  It took him many months to recover and now he's back to his normal happy self again and enjoying life once more.

    Its a tough road copying with depression and equally tough on these meds, but I can assure you it really does get better.  You need to be very patient unfortunately as it can take months, and even when you feel your patience has run out, you just need to press on further.

    If you feel it's all too much then please speak to someone and also post in here.  You'll get lots of support on here.

    These meds will help you.  Honestly xx

    Keep in touch.

    K xx

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      Sorry for the typos 🙄
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    Thank you Kate

    Today is the most depressed I've ever felt.  It's feels as though I'll never ever 'want' to do anything ever again

    I have a review 2 weeks.  I hope i see some improvement by then I don't want to increase dose

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      It does get worse before it gets better, and I also felt like I'd never get better.  When you're in the depths of it all you can never see an end to it - it's how the illness works.  

      Throughout recovery you you will find it hard to see improvement, but that's how it often works.  It doesn't mean you aren't improving, just that the meds are working in the background.  It's all too easy to want to increase your meds when you don't see improvement, and it's often a mistake most people make as a larger dose doesn't bring recovery to you any quicker, and doesn't relieve the symptoms you have at the mo.  These meds work very slowly and you should stick on one dose for many months before you can see if you need to increase.  Increasing often gives you side effects again.

      Please don't worry about all this, as you will feel better in time, but much time.  Count progress in months, not weeks.  That's how slow it works.  I know we want to be well now - I remember the suffering - but you can't hurry these meds.  Some people take 3-4 months to recover, some longer and some less time.  Everyone's different.  My son took 9 months.  It really is worth the wait though.

      Along the recovery route you'll begin to feel well and then find yourself back at the beginning.  It's very common.  Recovery comes in waves - so you'll be up and down along the way.  Each time though it gets better and better.

      What dose are you on?  I recovered on 20mg.  Some people suit 30mg or a little higher.  Remember - don't rush to increase.  Give each dose a long, long time to settle.

      Remember this is an illness.  Treat yourself gently for the time being whilst the meds get into your system.  There really is light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can't see it yet.

      You will get better.

      K x

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    Ive been on 20mg of flux for about 7 weeks now i had tried them twice before but felt so ill on them and sufferd insomnia on them so stopped after 5 days this is my 3rd attempt ..i didnt relise i was feeling better till i decided to go food shopping and started cooking again little things like that i had stopped doing ..i lost 3 stone through depression my hair broke off and went really thin ..these tablets work slowley but you will notice you will take intrest in things again not saying you will walk round with a constant happy smile on your face like some people think ..i still think about negative stuff but i find as quick as it comes into my mind it goes i dont dwell on the negatives ..and my sleeping is so much better ..just give it time ive had a really bad 3 years feel like ive had everything thrown at me but life does get better hold on in there good luck
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      Itabtrue it just takes time I'm on 40 mg now I was on half a pill a day then a pill a day then a pill and a half and now two I'm a bit scared of the high dosage but I know my doctor just wants to help and I know it takes time but all u can do is wait people have said it took them months

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    Hey Chris. Sorry your going through such a difficult time. I've been battling myself for a long time and similar thoughts. On Fluoxetine just over 3 months. For me, has taken what seems like forever. Each of us different for sure. Keep a log of each day helps to keep track. I was prescribed for Klonopin for sleep. You may need to add some psyco theropy. I'm trying everything I can find, meditation, coloring-yes coloring, removing what stresses me out, working out at gym daily, eating good, no alcohol and cutting out caffeine. It's sucks but we have to get our sh*t together. Prayer's sent.
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    Thank you all

    I had to stop during therapy today as I was crying too much and couldn't think at all

    I think i may have to have put therapy on hold for a while until I'm feeling a bit better

    Though the thought of possibly having to wait months and months too improve is pretty terrifying right now

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      I hear you. Use this group as I do to vent and get response from others going through the same. Knowledge is power and the best therapy for me is knowing others are out there who listen. Even your testimony helps me and I'm sure others. Gives a sense of relief. Thanks for sharing Chris and keep us posted as well as giving us theropy in a sense with something we can understand.
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      You won't feel this bad throughout recovery.  The first few weeks are the worst.  Looking ahead always seems like a lifetime, but it isn't that long really,  I know exactly how you're feeling right now.  Take one day at a time, and post here.

      Do you have anyone at home you can talk to?

      You will get better xxx

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      Just my Mother really, a few friends know but they really don't understand x
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      People don't understand - they have absolutely no idea what it feels like, unless they've suffered with it.  The experience is totally different than just trying to explain it to someone.  

      This is a good site - there's many people who are going through the same as you right now and there's many who've gone through it and are out the other side.  Everyone will understand.

      You will get back to yourself again. x

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