Possible Oral / Genital thrush, desperate

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I have had an abnormal tongue as long as i can remember. My tongue has never been bright purple all the way to the back. I have seasonal allergies / food allergies / pet allergies, etc. so i have always had some kind of abnormalities with my mucous membranes & also felt like my immune system is not as strong as it should be.


I have used 2 week treatment of Fluconazol capsules (100mg) - No difference whatsoever.

I have used nystatin oral liquid twice - No difference

I have used other oral liquid that contained miconazole - no difference.

My tongue does not burn, does not itch. I have a feeling of something being stuck behind my tongue every now and then but some days i don't feel it at all. I have also noticed that when i talk a lot and don't drink a lot of water during the day, my tongue gets white, especially in the back. It's more bright in the middle, but after searching for "median rhomboid glossitis" - which is a form of oral yeast, it does not look similar even thought the center is more red. Also, when i drink caffeinated drinks, i get a horrible taste in my mouth and it also makes my tongue more white. Alcohol makes my mouth extremely dry.

There is some days, when my tongue looks normal aka. pink, but the back is still more white.

Pictures of my tongue:



I have also IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that i was diagnosed with a few year ago, because i had constant bowel issues and diarrhea. I don't know whether there is a link between the two, but i can only assume.

I also have balanitis, which has not been cured yet. Those capsules (fluzonacole) that i took did no difference. Canesten is not doing any difference either. The first time i recall having balanitis was, when i had unprotected oral sex with a girl but not vaginal sex. Most of the dots left by themselves, i applied some hydrocortisone and it was simple as that. But ever since they have been coming back, especially when i started to use condoms in the first place. They have not been suddenly coming back after using a condom anymore but there is a little bit left, not a whole bunch, but there would be 1-2 noticeable dots. Now, i don't know whether this is linked to my oral problems / thrush, but it could be some kind of allergy which i don't know about. I don't use soaps, or anything that would irritate my glans.

As i said, any kind of medication haven't fixed it for me. I have been to the dentist and i have been told that the whiteness in my tongue is completely normal, which i disagree with. I have been tested for STD's and everything came back negative, twice.

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    First of all, have you been to your GP?

    Have you tried Canesten HC on your Balanitis?  It is an anti fungal with hydrocortisone, which might help.

    The Fluconazole 100mg is that one a week?

    I take oral steroids & other drugs, so occasionally my oral thrush takes on a life of its own but when I take Fluconazole, my Consultant gives me 5omg per day for 4 weeks.  That clears it up.

    But, having said that, it upsets my liver so I prefer to use Corsodyl mouthwash, which can stain the teeth but it clears the thrush.  Nystatyn doesn't do anything.

    The pictures of your tongue look normal on the one & slightly white at the back of the other, not like oral thrush.

    Try buying some Corsodyl, the generic name is Chlorhexidine.  Only use it once a day & follow the instructions on the bottle, then you should't stain your teeth.


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      Hey. Thanks for quick reply.

      I have been to multiple doctors. Dentist, allergy doctor, fungal infection doctor.

      Dentist said that my tongue looks normal, allergy doctor said that my mouth looks abnormal and fungal infection doctor saw nothing wrong but described me the medication for oral thrush just incase.

      I used to take the fluconazole once a day for 2 weeks. No improvements whatsoever.

      I have the regular over the counter Canestem, but i also have hydrocortisone cream, neither of them have had any effect on my balanitis.

      I have tried the corsodyl gel on my tongue, which has hardly had any effect. I will buy the mouthwash and try it as soon as i have money to buy it.

      My tongue doesn't look like it has thrush in it? Hmmm.. That is... Interesting. Since my tongue reacts to caffeine and alcohol which is usual in fungal infections of the tongue, but then again i rarely have proper thick bacteria/fungus on my tongue, its just a little whiter around the edges and more bright in the middle.

      Oh, also one thing i forgot to mention: i have this weird fishy taste in my mouth even when i have brushed my teeth. I don't smell it by trying to smell my breath, but i smell it when i put my hand infront my mouth and move my tongue. I have no idea whether my breath actually smells like that, but i have received mixed reviews. Most of people say that my breath is fine and some say that there is an mild odor in my breath.

      Also, my ex-wife used to get really bad breath the next day if we had kissed a lot. I don't know whether there is a connection but it sure as hell is weird.

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      And last thing: one of my toenails is also a lot darker then the rest. I have not paid attention to it before but it has been going on for years as far as i know. It might be fungal, i have no idea. I have applied canesten on it as well to see whether it reacts to it. It might be something else as well, but i doubt that its anything dangerous since it hasn't spread or changed as far as i know.

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    I meant bright pink not purple haha.
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    i have chronic candida infection of the moth and intestines that manifest as thrush and chronic diarrhea. Have you ever tested for candida by stool or antibody test( igg,iga,igm) ?
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    You mentioned fish odour, which reminded me of this syndrome.  From your description, it doesn't sound as though you have this but maybe you should forget about thrush & start again.

    Another idea, might be that you are allergic to something in your washing powder [or whatever you use to wash your clothes]  this could also be in shampoos, shower gels etc..

    Have you had any blood tests?

    Are you in the UK?  

    For the condition that I have, I see an Oral specialist, who is more experienced than a dentist.  He swabbed my mouth to see what type of candida I have.  Last year, it was negative, even though I had obvious signs of oral thrush.  I get this years results next week.

    They recommend brushing your tongue, do you do this?


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      I do not live in the UK.

      I'm very positive that it isn't the fish odor syndrome, as i don't smell like fish at all.

      I have never thought about that! It could even make sense, who knows! (Being allergic to the washing powder)

      I have had blood tests done a few times a few years ago, everything looked normal.

      I guess the only option is to get my tongue swabbed, although i don't really trust in the process, as i have read many discussion boards where people with chronic candida say that the mouth test showed negative even though they do have candida.

      Only thing that really makes me link this to candida is the weird coincidence of having white tongue AND balanitis at the same time, and neither being disappearing.

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      It might be worth your while getting patch tested if you can, that would tell you if you are allergic to anything & then you could set about removing whatever it is from the products you use.

      And regarding the balanitis, do you wear boxer shorts because that would help.  Thrush likes it warm & moist [sweaty!]  so loose cotton clothing helps - 'circulating air'.  

      I had patch testing done years ago & discovered I was  allergic to formaldehyde & formaldehyde releasers, which were in a lot of products that I used.  They aren't used as much, they use alternatives but the formaldehyde releasers are still in a lot of products.

      Maybe you should try the alternative angle, patch testing, before you go back to your mouth.  


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      And to your previous reply: i brush my tongue twice a day for like a minute. I couldn't go outside without brushing my tongue. Especially in the mornings it tends to be pretty white.

      I will go take the patch test, and i will also go see a mouth specialist once i can save up some money. Before that i will buy the corsodyl mouthwash.

      The allergy theory could work, because have blocked nose every now and then as well, which is result of some form of allergy, even nasal sprays don't really help it. I use antihistamine on a daily basis and it doesn't do much either.

      I wear boxer shorts, yes. They are usually very loose rather than tight. The weird thing about the balanitis too, is that it only forms on the right side of the gland, there is not a single dot on the left side. There is a small red area below the "hole" as well.

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      That does sound like an allergy to something.

      The white tongue,  I was forgetting, do you drink enough water?  Not coke or anything else.  It could be that you are dehydrated.

      Try not to worry quite so much, that isn't helping!

      What soap powder do you use?  I now use Ariel liquid, which suits me.  


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      Yes ma'am, i drink quite a lot of water. Everytime i get dry tongue i drink water, and i used to drink around 10-12 glasses a day before, but it doesn't really make a big difference to be honest with you.

      I use Ariel Sensitive soap powder.

      I also bought the Corsodyl mouthwash and used it for the first time now. My mouth was burning for the first 20-30 seconds when i had it in my mouth but then it was fine. My tongue got a little irritated by it, but nothing too big. Now my mouth feels normal.

      I don't usually stress about this too much, but when i think about how it affects the other people around me in a sense that if it is some chronic form of systemic candida or something like that, my partner will always get it and it frustrates me.

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      If you truly have a candida infection, its best to stay away from mouth washes, especially the ones that kill beneficial bacteria in your mouth. Candida albicans, if this is what you have, is a commensal yeast and lives naturally in your mouth and intestines, but when the balance of yeast and bacteria become disturbed, as when you use mouthwashes, antibiotics, eat too much sugar/ processed foods etc, the yeast have a chance to become pathogenic and cause localized infection. A Systemic yeast infection is quite rare and usually only seen in the elderly or those who are immune compromised. 

      Have you ever tried a dental probiotic? Or just a regular one ? What about kefir? these could help to restore the benefical bacteria in your mouth. 

      Do you consume a lot of processed foods, sugars, white pasta/ breads etc?

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      I have used regular probiotics for a while

      I eat microwave food every now and then, pasta quite often, breads almost never. Sugar the regular amount i guess, i don't eat THAT much sugar.


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