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Bit of a long story but here goes. About a year ago , I noticed I was a bit dizzy and was having heart palpitations - I went to the doctors and they thought I had low blood pressure and nothing to worry about. Over the coming months my palpitations turned into full blown panic attacks which i had never ever had in my life  - completely out of the blue. I was put on antidepressants but after 7 weeks of Citalopram my panic attacks were actually worse - they tried to put me on higher dosage and different drug but I refused as I felt the antidepressants were actually making things worse. I gradually weened myself off over the course of a few months and in September stopped taking them all together. Still with the palpitations and slight anxiety but not to the extent that it was affecting me, so over the last 6 months these feelings have steadily increased , except now I am experiencing them more at nighttime , I am waking up several times a night with a racing heart and fear. I have always been someone that runs around doing lots o things and I don't feel like i can sit still for long. This last two weeks has been dreadful with some nights of not sleeping at all as I am wide awake after trying to get to sleep. I have sat in front of the tv in the evenings and I don't feel sleepy and all of a sudden I wake up with a sudden rush of fear. Last night I was drenched in sweat. I have also been experiencing muscle aches, I am a runner so my legs are accustomed to exercise, but now I only have to do a bit of walking , carrying a few boxes and my muscles ache which is very odd. Also my skin is very dry , hair is lifeless , I have lost a bit of weight without trying considering I havent been running as much , I seem to have more bowel movements than I used to - sometimes going twice a day, I seem not to tolerate the cold very well either... I am at work now and I feel like I could literally just go to sleep - I feel wired but exhausted ??? Like I do in the evenings sometimes , I could fall sleeps without even realising?  GP thinks blood tests are needed so I am going to get those done but just wanted to reach out to people who might have experienced similar and been diagnosed later down the line with hyperthyroidism. 

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    Definitely sounds like hyperthryroidism. Get your blood test done asap and then you can start treatment. You will be on the way back to normal then rather than suffering. X
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      Cant believe your gp didnt just get you booked in for a blood test! It is pretty obvious - but then my original doctor thought i just had flu and my hair going suddenly grey and skin looking old all of a sudden was my age. Also the fact i couldn't stop shaking, had palpitations and high bp, also had lost 2 stone! I had to collapse at work for them to take me seriously.

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    Hi I had much the same symptoms years ago I was diagnosed with graves disease which got under control with medication unfortunately have relapsed 3times in 8years I continue to see encroligist on no meds at present as bloods were in range its worth having blood tests ask for your antibodies checked as this will show if your thyroid is over active also had scan on thyroid at the begining good luck x
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    Blood tests are Definately needed!!

    Ask them to test for  Graves Antibodies .. or even for Hashimotos

    Please don’t suffer any more sounds like you’ve done enough of that !

    Have them test your bloods for vitamin and mineral deficiencies which are extremely common for us thyroid sufferers .

    Generally we are low or have almost none of these ..

    B12   ( must be sublingual)


    D3  plus K2




    All the above are vital for a healthy Thyroid  and the reason we have virtually none of them is because of the speed at  which our bodies have been forced to run at .. causing unbelievable damages 

    Our immune system is the culprit here .....:.attacking our Thyroid Glands  .., and not in fact our Thyroids..

    So to get things balanced again many of us believe we should appease our Immune System 

    And since 80..90% of our Immune System is in our Gut ...  

    then that is where we must begin

    It’s vital you replace these forms of fuel for your body .. as we cannot expect it to do its work without them !

    Often ...


    Vitamin C

    COQ 10

    And others are needed to ..

    PLEASE come back here with your results .. and type them out 

    Also showing the ones in brackets are those are your lab ranges so you ( we ) know  where 

    You are on them ..

    Then we can help you in a better 

    Way .. 

    take care ..,  rest often .. lying down .......drink lots of water and 

    Fresh unprocessed foods and drinks ..

    Luv mx🌹

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      They are checking TSH , Free T4 and T4 does that make sense ?  Along with all the usual things they test for.   Sounds awful but I hope they find something .... its cripling me now .. getting to the point where I am afraid to go to bed

      Thank you for the advise I will ask about the antibodies as well once this round is done x

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    Ps ...  don’t forget to ask for  a printed copy of bloods ... they are yours and they are obliged to give them to you ... 


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      Hi madge I have graves not on meds at moment the only vitamin I was given was Vietnam D I'VE HAD 3 or4 relapses over the years don't care what they say even when blood is in range I suffer terrible with anxiety it's awful struggle to understand blood counts x

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      I believe relapses after graves remission is because people feel good again ..... not great ! .... just good again

      And get in with their lives 

      But I am positive that is where and when it’s necessary to do the vitamin and mineral replacement  not just a wee vitamin  Complex  pill a day 

      BUT SPECIFIC  vitamins and minerals 

      VITAL  to the running of the Thyroid Gland and  therefore our bodies ..

      If you feed the immune system with all it needs to stay calm 

      I’m convinced it will ‘  leave you alone ‘ as it were 

      It’s worth a try .. it’s worked extremely well for me and others  on here ..

      If I mention a friends name here 

      She will be alerted and give her very valuable advice to  all .

      It’s Linda187 

      She’ll be along soon ... I’m sure 

      Luv mx🌹

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    Wow thankyou so much for all of your replies. I thought they had done a blood test for thyroid but they may have done it at the start of last year and perhaps did not show anything then. 

    I have had a few things go on in my life to cause stress but none that should be causing this much anxiety and daily/ night time attacks. I feel dreadful. So tired I could fall asleep. 

    GP has scheduled a blood test to check Free T4, TSH that type of thing so I guess wait and see what it comes back with. I feel like a basket case :-/ 

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    Sounds like the full monty of symptoms other than the trembling arms and legs.   Welcome to the club !  They can fix it - may take time,  but you are not on your own. Sorry this is a brief response but having had almost identical problems I needed to comment to stop you worrying more than you are already!
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      Thankyou. It is truly awful sad not had trembling arms and legs but recently I have had muscles twitching for no reason... I put it down to anxiety. Although that seems to have stopped now
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    I have very similar symptoms and have just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The aches are killing me as well. I don’t feel like myself because I too was a very active person and I just can’t do much these days. Excited and hopeful for the medication to kick in. So sick of this anxiety as well. It’s taking over my life. Sorry the docs didn’t diagnose you sooner. 

    I hope you get well soon. 

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      Fingers crossed you get sorted asap with medication. Sounds terrible but I hope this is something and not just my mental state. I cannot see how sleep can be so disrupted if not - its been going on weeks and weeks. One night I was up until 4am, with heart just racing. Fingers crossed for us both :-) x 
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    Thanks everyone. Waiting to have blood taken now.... shaking like a leaf. Blood tests do not bother me but I am nervous .... thats not normal for me.

    Keep thinking what if it is just me being crazy lol sad oh well blood test hopefully should be revealing if it is.

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