Post recovery .... People with plates and screws.

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Does anyone with plates and screws ever feel like they are pinching or biting your ankle?   I get these sharp bites feeling a couple times a day.   Pushing on it helps.   I am almost 2 years post injury.  

Also so still swells really badly when on feet a lot.  Still????  This pic is of my swelling recently.   

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    Hi. Oh I feel for you. That is quite a bit of swelling. Do you work on your feet a lot? I'm 13 weeks post op and my ankle is full of metal and screws. I can what seems like at times is one screw digging in a little at my inner ankle. I know the metal can be removed if it's giving you trouble and I also know that the swelling can last a long time once the ankle has been operated on. I would get a referral to the surgeon and get his opinion. I do feel for you because I get swelling in my ankle and foot and it's not good.
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    I love that description "biting your ankle". 

    Yes I do, infact this is how I joined this group, asking this question. It seems as though there aren't many who are still suffering pain 2 years out, as you and I. I'd love to hear from someone in the same boat. 

    I think you will find that it is a ligmaent rolling over the plates and or screws....very painful. Add this to stiffness and limited movement....yay.

    I tried the chiro, acupuncture and massage all together and I think that the massage worked the best. 

    Well you showed I'll show you mine smile I'll be this 80 year old proudly pulling these Xrays


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      Here's some bad news for you. I get those sharp intense pains in my ankle to where it feels like it's about to break at random m for no reason.. just because it feels like it can so it does! I have a plate 7 small screws and 2 bolts . my OP was July 4 2002. I dont think it will ever end.

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      I agree, 15 years post op. I have a plate, 6 pins and 2 screws on my left ankle. I also get those sharp intense pains where my ankle feels as if it's going to SNAP! Its weird but I feel my pain more during the Winter time. My pediatrist says according to the xrays it may be early arthritis. My orthopedic doctor said he can remove all the hardware . But, it seems, other than early arthritis there is no other explanation a doctor can give me. I am definitely going to remove the hardware and I'm hoping this will alleviate the pain.

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      have you had the hardware removed yet ? And are you out of pain?

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    hi natava

    Yeah I get that feeling too. I was hoping it was just part of the healing process and temporary. I'm only 13 weeks post op and have 12 screws and 2 pins in mine. I've not got a copy of my X-ray will need to ask for one at next check up. That's an awful lot of swelling especially after 2 years. I was expecting that my ankle would be back to normal after that length of time. Have u spoken to doc about it? Im still off work but luckily I'm in an office so don't have to stand a lot.

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      The doctor said whatever swelling I have after a year will be the new normal. Not sure he knows how much I have... I've been told to wear Ted hose but I don't want to sad. I'm almost 2 yrs out and I still feel the bite. It's not terrible, or long acting but I just wonder why it is happening.
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      Hello. Are you still swollen after 13 wks and can u walk?  I'm at 11 wks and I'm still swollen and in a boot on crutches . 

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      Hey I'm about 5 1/2 weeks.on 1 crutch and boot but in the house a few steps with no boot

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    I can relate to almost everything you stated. Pushing on the screws/plate does not offer any pain relief.

    The doctor offered surgery to remove the screws and plate, with no guarantees of easing my pain. I initially scheduled the surgery for 4 months into the future and i eventually canceled the surgery. I made a change to stop wearing custom orthotics and thought my pain was subsiding. I were wrong. My pain has increased with the same intensity as b4. Increased activity still causes pain and swelling. After walking 10 feet in distance the pain level increases to 9, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain.

    I'm at a loss as to what course of action is next.

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    Hi! I'm new to this group and like the last reply I saw, my ankle also is causing a bit of discomfort. No where near as much as the injury 4 years ago. But the past years I have slowly noticed the screws more and more. And just as the last reply it's a biting, pain from the inside pushing out. My husband rubs my ankle for me quite often this past years and he is noticing a difference every time.

    I also have a sore at the top first screw cite that looks like a small bug bit. My husband has informed me that there has always been a "spot" but now it looks worse to him. I hate that I haven't been paying attention, but usually I just blame the weather.

    I am in my 30s and have to respond to questions at the doctors office that "yes I do start to fall" yes I'm in balanced when getting dressed. But have adapted to my situation. 

    The doctor I used for surgery is no longer available. So starting from the beginning at my family doctor seems so time consuming, but may be coming to that point. 

    I was under the impression that the metal would never need to come out. But with everything going on, it's probably better that it's sooner than later. 

    Hope my experience helps with understanding a lot more about this horrible "club"

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    Went on here looking for remedies for my daughter (13 yr old). Ankle surgery Feb 2017. Her pediatric ortho kept saying: xrays look good & she's all healed. I had enough of that after constant complaints of pain & swelling & things I couldn't understand or feel myself. She has 2 screws. I took her to my podiatrist. She diagnosed her with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Prescribed Gabapentin (for people with seizures) & aggressive physical therapy. Supposedly the nerve sensors can become all jacked up from the surgery. In PT she does various exercises. Also she's told to rub a towel on the surgery sight or even a crumpled piece of paper. She's been going for 6 weeks. Pain is not as bad but still some. She does get the biting and what she calls seizures. I'll keep looking for more answers.. Good luck to all.

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      You might also want to try buying a Massage jade stone off of amazon. It helps to break up scar tissue and to massage the ligaments. My pt gal encouraged me to get one and I love it!
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      Lisa im 42 had my ankle fractured 4 yrs ago took 3 yrs to get the RPSD diagnosed i havnt been able to tolerate much weight bearing i will tell you if she complains that even a small breeze such as a fan on low is hurting it is the pain from that aloe is truly unbearable my best suggestions is too have her soak in as hot a tub as can be tolerated it slightly eases the pain i assume because it loosens the tendons if its a deep pain like bone is broken again ice it i hope shes better i never heard of RPSD b4 now but i will tell u ty for posting this is the first post i felt i could try to help someone theres nothing much more then comfort messures u can do to help except be sure she has lots of support n i hope shes around others who sypothise for her not to take pity but realize how bad it really is ive found most ppl including my family think i make way more of the pain i feel n thats been very difficult n hurtfull if she can tolerate it messaging her foot can also help for me after 4 yrs the pain has lessened but not enough to be comfortable even just washing hurts its a deep pain that makes u feel like ur walking on nails i have been told by several ppl there is a spinal stimulater that can be used its like a tennz unit but its internal n goes into ur spine ive heard both good n bad about them n im thinking of trying myself to get one at this point ive had a plate n 7 screws put in n still cant walk because of the pain n the only other option for me is amputation if u would let me know if ive been of any help id greatly appreciate it god bless n please tell her shes not alone not sure if my email address shows but if so feel free to mail or look me up on FB Char Burnette if ud like sorry about the long reply just very important if i can to try to help others as a mom i know both ends of the struggle n wish i could tell u more to help but thats the best i have to offer
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      I’m going to try that, I have a noticeable piece of scar tissue on the inner part of my ankle.

      (Fibula Spiral fracture, Plate & Screws, tendon repair)

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