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i had knee and leg surgery (screws and a plate) 4 weeks ago. I am still nauseous. The Dr's are stumped. I tried suppositories, Zofran, motion sickness patches, fresh ginger tea, vinegar, water and honey mixture, acupuncture with herbs. I feel better by the night time, but I wake up in the morning feeling awful and start the horrible cycle all over again. I have to force down protein drinks - I have NO appetite. In the evenings I can handle eating dinner - chicken with veggies. I am afraid to go to sleep at night because I know what the morning will bring.

Any ideas on how to end this? 4 weeks! I'm getting desperate. I'm a 55 year old female

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    Addition: I stopped taking all pain meds right when I came home the hospital almost 4 weeks ago
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      Have you tried organic coconut water? I sip this all night and it does help.
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    I wonder if the nausia symptoms could be unrelated from your operation, or a virus you caught in hospital. I have the same problem, but its a virus thats going round. My mouth feels metalic or acid when i awake, have some stomach pain too and little appettite. I have felt better since taking lanprozoele (ppi) capsule before bedtime. ....Like you I find ginger drink useful. Hot Lemon also helps stops stomach acid.

    Could the nausea been set off from the operation anestetic; maybe some left overs of chemicals or painkillers are still in your bloodstream?  (I take tramadol for pain, before bed,which doesnt cause stomach issues). I hope over time thinks will get back to normal

    get well soon S.

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      Thank you Pat - my primary care Dr. Did state that they gave me a lot of meds while in the hospital, so yes anesthesia and pain meds could be the culprit. The pain in my leg at this point is minimal so i am not taking anything for pain - don't really need them right now. I've been dunking a lot of water to flush my system of those chemicals. Do you or anyone know how I can feel better or how much longer this nightmare will last?
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      Hi, have you tried not drinking the energy drink, to see if it helps? I dont know of anyone who has had this - the dr's wont have empathy unless they've been through it. I wonder if you feel dizzy when you lie down to sleep in pitch darkness - I've had that and felt Im not sure where the ground is ! To do with balance thing inside the ear, I suspect, but it makes me immediately anxious of being sick and so I switch on the light.

      I wonder if the fear of going under the anesthetict could be hidden within your mind, since it seeems worse at night, and whether fear of being sick - focussing on it - makes it worse.

      I looked up your meds for nausea and see its 'seritone' type. I'm a bit wary of these things that altar chemicals in the brain

      You could try speaking to a herbalist to combat nausia, eg organic  mint or lemon tea. I eat  finely chopped garlic mixed with food, eg yogurt, so it doesnt burn stomach, and find it has many cures for digetsive aliments. (My last resort - no offence - is praying for the problem to stop, or phoning/emailng Premier Christian Radio for them to pray - surprisingly more times than not it  brings relief; God bless smile prayers from me to Susan)


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      Thank you Pat. Well here it is in the morning and I am feeling really bad. I am not as nauseous right now but can't even think about putting food in me. I take a protein drink when I'm able to stomach it because I need nutrition. I wake up and I feel ok - not good - just ok and I feel it coming on for about an hour then become bed ridden. I feel awful all day and it starts to settle down in the evening and by night time I'm good. I'm as pale as a ghost, my eyes are sunken. Over 4 weeks of this now - It needs to end
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    Looks like you may have picked up a bug in hospital , as dr done any blood tests.

    Sometimes pain killers can cause you to feel sick especially dhidrocodine or anything with codine in. Domperide just taken off the market was great for sickness.

    Go back to dr and have a word with him, he will be able to look further.

    Have you tried gaviscon, I would have said ginger cordial diluted with wam water to drink.

    Hope you feel better soon...holly

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    Hi Susan

    I agree, I think you should have a blood test for an infection. You may have very well picked up

    a bug during your stay in hospital. Go to your doc and request a test as a process of elimination. hope this wishes and hope you get to the bottom of your problem...

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      Thank you lilian. I was in the emergency room and they did a ton of blood tests - all came up good. As far as a virus or bug, if I did, I would think I feel bad all of the time - I feel pretty good at night - I wake up in the morning sick as a dog (no I'm not pregnant). Have you or anyone ever heard of this? And any idea when this nightmare is going to end?
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      hi lve experienced simular, but without connection of hospital. l started 2yr ago, bouts of nausea, lasted a few week, settled a few week, flared again, 

      Last October didnt settle, from waking that horrible feeling of knowing it was still present, even dressing an ordeal,  so l can relate to how you feel, soul destroying when it goes on daily. l lived off tea and cereal biscuits day time, any movement made it worse, sitting settled it a bit, but have to do jobs,no one to do them, plus despite feeling lousy its boring,  so it was l0min jobs at a time, then severe again panting with it, ,had to sit till it settled, , going shopping or essential appt a nightmare, taxi to supermarket, lean on trolley, get done quick  home, often looked pale and drawn with it, would nap to try feel better, it would be at its best evening, so would have small meal, plain, knowing l was lacking in protein vits mins, but could eat pots,hash browns, fried, but baked, broc carrots chicken fish, rice, pasta, stopped all processed food, ready meal, tinned food, stopped using dairy products, natural aversion anyway, so use either coconut almond milk or lactose free cheese, no eggs,lve lost 2 stone in last few month, though overweight before 3 stone, so that the only posative.   drank ginger tea, had already done the gaviscon, etc, then added probiotics, stopped drinking tap water, just spring, got A... to deliver heavy things, chemist delivered also. Doc sent me for scan and scope, bit of inflammation seen, put on omprazole, no improvement 3wk later, so stopped them, also  been taking an anti b daily for years to prevent intersticial cystitus flare up, along with cimetidine, urologist diagnosed prscribed,  stopped meds to min,gastrologist said he didnt understand severity of symptoms, referred me to more experienced one. Along with nausea l would get bloating belching and discomfort,had reflux diagnosed years earlier, not aware of probs with it,  but def the nausea  worst, affects physically mentally, lifestyle. Its been settled for last few week,such a relief,  though still feel it mild underlying, but stick to small meal plain eve, and supplaments.Today lve low pelvic pain, related to i.c, but reluctant to take pain killers even,l tried diacodeine once, passed out due to it, so  use rub on and gel, patches,  Sorry to say l,m no wiser what sets it off or settles it, and gp gastrologist plead ignorance of cause. l can only think its some allergic response, but finding what to is difficult, l did stop using dairy products, natural aversion anyway, so use either coconut almond milk or lactose free cheese, no eggs, l also had a thick coating on my tongue, improved a bit now, question if candida overgrowth also if flouride in water, l,m sure its not gluten. It really is a process of elimination,funnily like you with it being worst waking mornings l thought of pregnany,not for me too old, but why pregnant women get morning sickness, is it about laying horizontal for 8hrs, or digestive system, the baby pressing, just like you desperate to find cause and then solution,  but its possible yours could be a bug, have you been tested for pylori, youd really need a gastroscope to see it anything can be seen re bug or  inflammation. Sorry to say l still dont know cause or solution, lve just eliminated any potential cause, its laborious and no wiser, but it has settled, touch wood, it flared slightly 2 days ago, l,d tried some frozen mash night before so then checking additives, l do take one omp at night again.

      Think you need to see doc for gastro and rule out any bug, there is of course a waiting list, unless your in a position to go privately. Keep battling, l,m sure it will settle, best wishes.

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    Could the Ensure drinks be making me sick? Has anyone else experienced that?
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      It occurred to me that this could be making your nausea worse. It probably has lots of E numbers. Why not try excluding it for a while, say cut out milk products. You can buy Milled Hemp (protein) seeds (powder) to sprinkle on food or soups. In fact eating simple foods like soups and broths may help you. When can get all our nutrition from small simple meals. Beware also of chicken - eg the grease.

      Have you also thought of sleeping on a slight gradient, head higher than body - it might help, since you are doing ok when you stand upright.

      ( bricks or wood under the casters/legs of head part of bed, maybe)

      My own thots is that its a viral thing. I have had them last over a month and I am always worse in the morning when i awkae.

      Get well soon and hang in there S, smile - you can overcome this !

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      Thank you Pat - I will stop the ensure drinks and dairy products and see if that helps.

      I am sleeping in an inclined position - either in a recliner chair or propped up pillows on the bed. I've never been lactose intolerant, but my body went thru quite a change - I'll try anything at this point.

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      No such luck - I woke up at 5:00 am feeling very sick - took a zofran and feel much worse. Waiting for it to wear off.

      I need this to end

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      sorry to hear that...If it was me I wouldnt take anything that affects brain chemistry like Zofran, though I know its designed to stop nausea.

      Theres few medical drugs that I can endorse - but have you ever tried a 'proton pump inhibitor' such as Lansprozole; it stops enzymes producing stomach acid; rising acid can give nausea.

      It works for me and knocks stomach problems -  ive had from a lingeriing stomach virus - on the head. I think our bodies can get into a pattern, which needs breaking: I only take it for a few days. Maybe you stomach isnt digesting your evening meal

       neck spasms

      Does your neck ever feel painful from lying on the the recliner - just a thought. Fasting during evenings may help.

      Personally I'm wary of the drugs Dr's  hand out, Its big business at work from which Dr's benefit financially from

      Chopped garlic and other herbs have been used for thousands of yrs to cure ailments; its not just an anti-biotic and reliieves indigestion, it also lowers blood pressure. Theres many other natural cures, like cider vinegar mixed with warm water and some honey, which have no side effects.

      Also getting stool tests done may show up the cause. (Viruses, etc, have often left the blood system by the time we have tests, so dont show up, though they can found within the internal organs. - glandular fever virus for eg)

      Good luck


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      Hi Pat - no neck spasms. My husband is making me the vinegar mixture. I feel so sick I asked him to take me to the ER, but he's correct - they didn't do anything before and sent me home just as sick. I spoke with my Dr. And she referred me to a GI Specislist but I can't get in for at least 2 more days.

      I am a get up and on the go person - this really has me down. I'm pale as a ghost and I feel like crap. It might be easier to deal with if I knew when it would end. I see no end in sight

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      Still very sick this morning - vomited. I have an appt with a GI specialist on Thursday. I am praying they can fix this - I am loosing so much weight and this is really getting to me.
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      If you are on facebook theres lots of groups and folks who will pray for healing - eg  '' Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible Study ''

      You could always phone your local christian radio station, or local fellowship,  sking to have your name on the prayer list, as you dont need to give any identity.

      It occurs to me that our mind/emotions affects our body. I know that even seeing a dead decaying animal brings on vomiting feelings; certain bad smells and tastes also do that

      Our thoughts and emotions can and do effect our bodies

      There may be a pattern locked in your unconscious mind - from the very time you awoke from the anestetic - which sends a message to your stomach (every morning) telling you that you must feel sick on waking up....

      whether it's psychosomatic or physical in origin (evry morning), it can be broken by praying, other  folks often have faith/belief where we are weak

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      Thank you Pat - I have a strong prayer chain going now and now I am also trying the PSI acupressure bands. Since it is evening I am feeling better - ate a healthy dinner - tilapia and steamed veggies - drinking water to stay hydrated and Gatorade to replace electrolytes. Me and my prayer chain are hoping for better results in the morning.
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      Sadly PSI bands did not work. Laying here like a vegetable going on 5 weeks now. If I knew when this would end I might be more tolerable. Here's my pattern:

      Wake up feeling ok

      Go to rest room and have a BM

      Go back to bed but begin burping

      About 5 minutes later, still burping, back in the bathroom and diarrhea hits

      Back to bed feeling very weak

      Then get nauseous

      Then vomit

      Then lay in bed feeling nauseous and weak all day with periods of sweats and cold spells

      By about 5:00 pm start to feel better

      Eat dinner at about 6:00 pm

      Feel much better by 8:00 pm

      Go to bed and wake up with the cycle all over again

      Zofran makes me feel worse with rapid heart rate and chest begins to feel heavy

      Phenergan does the same

      Going to see GI specialist tomorrow

      Any idea on what questions to ask? I need this resolved quickly and don't want to have to wait for follow up appts.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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      not easy i know, but stay encouuraged and seet your eyes on Jesus !  for He has been through the same and worse, being crucified while innocent. Yet He was not bitter, He thought of those dying each side of Him even in His last words.

      I was reading about women in Africa dying after giveing birth because tehy cant afford antibiotics - sitting under a tree baby in their arms..... others live in in shanty town homes homes made from cardboard...and drink stagnant water...... (their kids die from that too - parasites in the water living intheir guts, gives them blindness or a slow death) ....we have much we have much to be grateful for; there is always some worse off

      so we can thank God for our limbs - some have none, our eyesight, our shelter, family, friends, our medical help, our wealth.....we can walk, see beauty of creation, hear birds singing.....all praise to God who gave us good news of Salvation, eternal life when we are 'born  again' in Jesus Christ.

      Staying positive helps healing. Our body wont be hurried, its got its own timing, - nor will God. He alone is in control. He made all things, and works all  things  out for good. EG Being ill and alone brings us to our senses - we take stock over our lives; when we are always well and  busy we dont hear His voice or His wisdom but go astray,  instead chasing afte pleasures, mammon, etc

      Illness is good time to take stock, (and give thnks) God wastes nothing, if we humble ourselves and admit He and not us is the ruler of all things. When we complain we are actually complaining against God, since He orders, or allows all things to happen.

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      Thank you Rex and all - just left the GI Specialist - Test results take 24 hrs. Gave me meds. If test results positive for C Dif - different meds. If negative stay on the original meds. Either way, meds take about a weeks to work, so it looks like maybe another week of hell. But dr said to call him Monday if no change or worse.

      Med he gave me is pantoprazole.

      I'll ask the Dr. About stemitalk. I don't know what this is.

      Any comments from anyone?

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      My husband had tried lots of med for his stomach problems and pantoprazole worked for him along with gaviscon.

      I hope they work for you,you are having a very bad time at the moment,keep stong.

      Hope you feel better soon.

      You are in our thoughts and our prayers x holly

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