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Hi all.

I have been suffering from posterior blepharitis for 3 months and I am feeling hopeless. All the information I find seems to be about curing anterior bleph which I don't have at all.

My eyes look normal from the outside, except the lids are pretty swollen, but not red. On the inside of my eyelids near the margins by eyes are inflamed and bright red.

Doctors gave me some fucithalmic acid which helped a bit until I had to stop with it. I recently went back for more but have been told by every pharmacy in town it's no longer being made by the manufacturer, so that sucks...they also put my on doxycyline for a week which brought down the swelling a lot, but they wouldn't give me any more :S

After coming off the doxy my eyes are almost worse than ever. I am in a lot of pain, my eyes constantly burn and feel very dry.

Does anyone else have this? Can anyone offer advise? Thanks.

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    try putting bio-oil all over your face twice a day massaging it into your eyelashes it gets rid of all the gritty bits from going into your eyes i have been using this method for over 2 year after trying everything that glasgow royal infirmary opthalmic dept gave me which was no use it really really works for me buy the small bottle first to see how it works let me know if you try it regards catherine
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    Dear Luna,


    I got this information from Review of Ophthalmology on-line.

    Notice where this eye doctor says to put the medicine for Blepharitis.

    AzaSite is azithromycin, an antibiotic.

    “ If patients have mild-to-moderate disease, she adds AzaSite rubbed into the lid margins twice a day, which is an off-label use. “Patients put one drop of AzaSite on one index finger, rub it between both index fingers, and then rub it on the four lid margins, where the eyelashes dive into the skin on the top of the eyelid wall,” she says.”

    There is a wonderful new treatment called BlephEx. A little machine that cleans guess what? The eyelash area and the lid margins are cleaned of dead skin cells and scurf and they use tea tree oil on the rotating little head.

    The problem of Blepharitis is on the eyelash area and lid margins.

    I used the Wet Ones, antibacterial hand wipes with Benzethonium Chloride in them, and was able to do the same thing. Only thing is if someone is allergic to shampoos, detergents, fabric softeners or even spermicidal jellies they should not use them.

    If the staphylococcus infection is too bad or gone on too long it could end up being mites, called Demox, and tea tree oil is used for that problem.

    Honjon on this site had the oily problem and the hand wipes in the UK with Benzalkonium Chloride in then solved his problem.

    Where to treat the problem is half the battle. There are 3 things mentioned above that can help.

    Hope this information helps you.



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    Hi, Luna.

    i have exactly the same problem. Have you heard of a procedure called Blephex .

    they expholiate your eyes. Why has no one on this forum mentioned this. They do this in NewYork, and in Paris. Found out London maybe are considering  having this apparitise here. If not I am willing to go to Paris to have this done. Anyone welcome to join me. This is the only way to get rid of this pest of a condition.

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      DEar Mary,

      I googled BlephEx and watched the video. The machine cleans the lids and eye margins but it needs to be done every 3 to 6 months. The video said it is not covered by insurance and cost between $65 to $85 per eye. I think it will be more depending on the area one lives in.

      This would be a wonderful start on cleaning the eyes. If it is a staphylococcus infection it will not kill it. That has to be done by the wipes or an antibiotic.

      Please watch the video. It was very interesting.

      Hope this helps.


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      Hi, Lynda,

      i have seen with interest the procedure. It's amazing. I'm at present using wet ones. Have been given antibiotic drops, ointment and the rest. Nothing works. Yes 130  dollars was quoted, and two maybe three procedures, and completely free of this pest of a complaint. It would be so interesting to hear from someone who has had this done, but I'm willing to go ahead with anyone who's interested.. Also it would be nice if this could be done in London, but I don't think they have the apparitise  yet.. Anyway, this site is so complicated, so my email address is _________, if you would like to keep in touch.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these. Please use the private message facility if you wish to contact other users directly. There is a link below to a guide on this and another link to a section on a guide to the forums in general.

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      Dear Mary,

      I used antibiotics 3 times in the eyes. In the post above it mentions that the doctor online used the antibiotic on the lashes the same areas as the machine cleans the bacteria on the eyelashes and the lid margins.

      That is where the problem is located. At least, for me it was.

      The doctor called it an off label use.

      Hope this infor helps you.


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    Go to Boots & buy a large bottle of Thursday plantation teatree oil. Makesure it's Thursday plantation for it's the one I used. Now have some may take upto six weeks before it all clears but it will! Gets que tip soak it with the oil & put it around ur eyes. & concentraying on the base of ur eyelashes! Tea tree oil kills bacteria & fungus. I have read blepharitis is mainly caused by demodex, tiny mites that mate & grow in an over population means u need to kill those mites from mating! Now tea tree oespecially ur diluted will sting, but u dab tissue straight away, that after effect is a cooling effect! I no longer have blepharitis! I had it bad..dry eyes, dandruff of lashes, peeling skin, red itchy inflamed everything! I also drank lots of wateR. Try this , give it it every morning & night! Or more in the day ..u will see results! I did..GL!
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      please give us an update, Can you buy a sterile brand of tee tree oil or is it safe as is so happy for you !!!!
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      It says on the bottle, you are not to use it around your eyes, nuy ity was OK for you and helped you?
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    I too suffer with Posteria Blepharitis and I have read all the replies here and am going to try them.  It is horrible i am on my 3rd week with antibiotics Flucioxacillin and Chlorempnecol ointment...I have also bought Glasses slightly tinted for my computer work ( I use a computer at work) I have normal glasses but am trying slightly tinted to see if they help at is absolutely awful, I have had it a few years now but the last few months it has flared up really badly......i get small keens in the corners of my eyes and very dry skin on the lid and this has even resulted in it bleeding slightly........ I noticed the discussion is 10 months old and would be very interested if Luna tried any of the suggestions and did they work for you ?
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      Hi Gwynny, have you read the leaflet above?  It is very informative.

      Since I wrote what drops I am using, I have been given a new prescription by my Ophthalmologist.  I now use Hyabak lubricating eye drops and VitA-POS lubricating gel [at night because it makes my eyes blurred for about 10 minutes].

      Have the tinted specs helped?  Photophobia is another problem with Blepharitis.  I have to wear specs all the time, so I buy a pair of Photochromic ones for all the time and some very dark sun glasses for the summer months.

      Have you been referred to an Ophthalmologist at your local hospital?  

      I use a hot compress on my eyes, which helps a lot and then the various lubricants as well as the other eye drops that I have to use.

      Good luck!


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    Hi MrsMopp, I only just started using the tinted specs so have not seen any difference as yet, especially while I have the flare up. I will finish the antibiotics and see if they help then.  No my doctor has not sent me anywhere for a few years, Last time it was to see an eye specialist at the hospital who in my opinion was not much help. Told me to use the baby shampoo, eye bag compress and clean them but didnt recommend anything so it has been a case of hit and miss for me... I use the Lumecare gel and the drops, they have helped a lot but nothing seems to be helping at the moment.  I have just ordered some herbal eye drops that had a lot of really good comments so hoping they may help also, but I am going to try the Bicarbonate of soda in place of the baby shampoo see if that helps.  Thanks for the reply is an awful thing to have......
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      Perhaps it would be an idea to revisit the hospital and tell them you are having an appalling time of it at the moment.  The Consultant may have retired and you may see someone different anyway.


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    here is what I rid of the smiley face male opthamologist and found a way better female doc.Hot pads 2x a day or more,  preservative free drops 1x use pretty much or more if you can keep the things in a cup until you need more 4-5 drop per unit (expensive), ands its ok to use any drops in a bottle as long as they dont say takes the red out. I am staying with the Refresh and Systane brands (US) and don't buy the generics one time use preservative free drops from Walgreens. I use the baby shampoo and occusoft wipes( fabulous at $1 per day) I rotate thes washes and can see no difference excetp somedays work day are better and can produce min tears myselfy is way bettrer

      All I have is some releaf so I can do my desk job on computer for two more years. My wife cant see the swelling in my right eyelid and the left one is not as bad or swollen. I also have some minor redness on lower eyelids just above the lashes. I think I have the Suborric type blpe,h and not sure of spelling. Just now put the three way anti-biotic in the mostly corners of both eyes, It feels better, but vision is blurry and am constantly cleaning my glasses. This is a real challenging condition and I have been very disturbed by it. This is all per my doc pretty much.  I bought an over ther counter nightime oil refresh brand for sleeping and I ROTATE this with the 3 way Antibiotic ie above called neosporin, baciitracin and one more bactericide. I like the rotation if I have no pain in the corners of eyes. Anybody do this rotation thing that I am doing ? What products Are you using ? 

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