Prescribed 100mg sertraline and feeling unwell.

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Hi there🙂

I have been prescribed 100mg sertraline and started yesterday. I have been quite ill throughout the night. Stomach ache, nausea, dizzy, trembling, feel flu like. I felt so bad i couldnt go to work this morning.

I'm worried about work as im not one for days off and i feel like if i take the medication again tonight i wont be able to go tomorrow either.

Did anyone take longer than a few days to get used to them? Did anyone stop taking because of the side affects?

I want my life to improve but i have 2 little ones, not much help, work full time and i dont know what to do for the best.



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    Hi Kelly-ann, Unfortunately sertraline can cause all these side effects that you are suffering and can last 2-3 weeks before it settles down and your body gets used to the medication and can take a few weeks longer before you feel the full benefits, if you are worried or feel unable to cope with the side effects go back and see your gp, I don't know if 100mg is your starting dose but the side effects get a little easier with each increase, but I would suggest you see your gp like I said if you are concerned in any way because the side effects can get pretty tough to bare, hope this helps and you get better soon x

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    Hi Kelly-Ann,

    That is quite a high dose to start on. I started on12.5mg for 4 days, then 25mg for 4 days, then 37.5mg for 4 days, finally up to 50mg, which was my prescribed dose. My doctor suggested slowly introducing it, as it minimises side effects. I still had quite bad nausea to begin with, I'm now nearly 3 weeks in and feeling a lot better.

    Can you ring your doctor and ask if you can start on a lower dose and slowly build up to 100mg?

    The side effects can be harsh, but they do lessen with time. Hang in there, it does get easier.

    Take care x

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      Thanks for reply.

      Yes he did start me on that dose. He said because I have been ok in the past with fluoxitine then i should be ok with this. He didnt mention any side affects.

      I have called this morning and waiting for a callback with some advice.

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      That's good, the side effects for Zoloft have not eased up for me, and it seems to have increased anxiety tenfold. Hope you hear back from him, and can cut it back, I can't imagine trying to work and have little ones on this drug. You may need to get some help for awhile from family.

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    That is a very big dose to start with. Call your Dr. I am stopping this drug today, going off slowly. I started on 12.5,then 25, then 37.5 and then 50 over time. I never got over the side effects it is not for me,
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      4months, I got some Valium to help, but it is very addictive. So I decided to ween off it. My life has changed too much on this drug. Didn't help me, but has many others. 

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    I have spoken to the doctor and he just said work with it til Monday and stop if i dont feel any better. Im surprised he is saying give it 6 days when the forums all say it can take weeks to get used to it.

    Ill see how i feel on Monday.

    Thanks for your replys.

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      Wow, do you have any other mental health organizations that you can call. Sadly he is not very knowledgeable, also you cannot just stop this drug. Do you have anything you can take to combat the side effects. Can you call the mental health area of your hospital. 
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      My Dr gave me Ativan, something like Valium. Low dose, you will not be able to take that dose till Monday without help. You may have to go to your hospital. Large dose to start off with. Side effects last for a month at least😬😬🇨🇦.you will need some help. Cut out all caffeine, do you have a local health store. Chamomile tea, 

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      I do hope you start feeling better. Sadly the nausea is the worst thing IMO. yes, try a Health Food sort of shop but and independant one not the 'chains'. Also speak to a good Pharmacist and explain what's happening. Some things will help your tummy pain etc.

      Could you possibly have Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy (not at the same timelol)? Sometimes this can be a Godsend but can be expensive. Regarding your work, could you speak with HR and explain what is happening? You should get support as you would if you had a visible condition such as a broken ankle. If you are in a Union then they will help immediately.

      Kelly, this drug is unpleasant and I hate it (day 22 on 50mg) but I live to hope it gets me settled sometime soon. For me it is easy peasy as i can just crash out all day. For you, with the family, this will be hard and as someone said, ask for support if you have it. Friends perhaps? People need to know how hard this condition is to manage and how most are just a 'trigger situation' away from getting it themselves.

      Bless you an I look forward to seeing you blossom and get well within weeks.

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      Phillip, I too am on day 21 of 50 mg. I just gave in, starting to reduce my dose. Side effects to hard, I am a very small person as well ,only 108 lbs so can't afford to loose weight.hope yours settles down. Good luck, hang in

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      Thanks for taking the time to reply. Actually i just had a conversation with my work and they are happy to support me so i guess i should have a week or 2 off.

      I dont have lots of friends in a position to help nor family so i have to cope best i can by myself.

      Im just wondering if my doctor made a mistake by starting me on 100m no one else on here seems to start on that much. I dont want to change it myself either so I'll have to wait til monday.

      Thanks for your input. I hope you feel better soon too.

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