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I had my gallbladder removed just over a year ago and I'm still having problems with

eating . I can only tolerate potato and cheese, I have it every day just to survive !!

I'm so weak with not being able eat and it's making me very depressed and panicky.

I never felt like this before surgery . Anyone had their gallbladder removed a while ago and still can't eat much ? What do you eat ? I can't tolerate fat , spicy foods,

veggies go straight through me . I didn't expect to feel like this a year after removal !!

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    Hi you are probably suffering with bile from the Liver but I am no Dr, only what I have researched myself. Some people can eat what they like after extraction but others suffer with Bile which the GB used to hold. Cant offer you a solution and that is a bit sorrowful that you can only eat what you have said after Op. One of the things is Fat and although you can tolerate it does not mean to say its not causing you the issue but if you believe that then you should be taking Vitamin supplement and some other chemicals which like Fruits and Veg. Whilst the body can take a lot of issues your depletion of chemicals need keeping up Bananas for potassium etc etc. It is also said some people are also suffering with Liver stones, just because you had the GB out does not mean stones do not stop as well? The Liver sounds my 2nd guess as this is stated from my research..

    If it is only Bile then small meals but often so that food stuffs soak up the Bile. I really feel sorry for you if all you can eat is what you say. In Dec and Jan i was down to just porridge and water so I know where your at in feeling but I have not had mine out yet and as I have my issues under control with diet I am now thinking twice about having it out!

    There truly is not enough info readily available about this matter from Dr's or Hospitals.

    So all I can say is most certainly eating some form of fruits and Veg, maybe a Rice dish?

    I so wish I could eat Cheese, you have no idea how I want to eat it. I can eat plastic Cheese but there is no goodness in that..

    So all I can say is visit You Tube and research GB but I do have to say there is little about diet. Thinking of you, Julian

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    Hi Linda. You and I are in almost the same boat. I have severe ibs for most of my life and slowly my system tolerated less foods.

    Had my gallbladder out in Jan. this year and slowly got sicker each month. In Sept. I got very ill with nausea, cramps, indigestion, pain and now the most horrible trapped gas which is never ending. I am in agony all day. I dread eating anything at all because I know the misery will start. I can only eat white rice, mashed potatoes made with water, carrots and Boar's Head turkey breast with no additives and an occasional lean piece of chicken breast. I can no longer eat candy or drink tea. I est this diet every single meal but I am getting sicker. Seeing gi Dr. but I know that will be a waste of time. Oh and I can't tolerate most all meds. Praying you find an answer.

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    hi there

    i am amazed that you can eat cheese!!! one of the most difficult foods to digest!!

    i would suggest that u talk to your dr and get referred to a nutritionalist. i have started to take Questran powders every day given to me as I was still having problems with food after gb removal, could be an idea. Please keep knocking on doors, u will get an answer, u may not be getting the correct enzymes to digest food, it is a delicate balance and by the sounds of things u need more investigation.

    Good luck and don't give up!!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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      I'm 3months post op and having about the same problems as everyone else. I usually eat oatmeal and toast and egg for breakfast. Of course it makes me feel horrible but I don't have a choice. I also go to the gym to keep up my strength. I buy the already made plant based protein drinks to drink during my workout. It seems that after I had my GB out I have to eat every couple hrs. Someone told me if you don't the bile pools up in your stomach so you want something in it to absorb the bile. It's been a nightmare for sure. If I would have known this I would have never had it done. I'm on my 3rd GI dr. I'll see him next tuesday. I've seen him years ago so I know he will work with me. I don't have the bathroom runs like most people have. I have horrible heartburn and chest pain. Been to the ER twice thinking I was having a heart attack. I'm on nexium and carafate. Also I asked my first GI dr. to put me on questran. He didn't want to because he said that is for people who have diarehha. But then I heard it's for helping bind bile. Anyone taking that to help bind your bile. I can't eat anything high in fat. I'm doing rice and potatoes, chicken, cooked veggies for supper. I have a meeting with a nutrionist next week. I'm hoping she can give me ideas on food. I'm lactose intolrant so thats why I stick to the plant based protein. It does help. Anyone with any response please shout out to me. I feel for everyone going through this. Its one of the most horrible feelings in the world. I have no words for it. To be honest,,,the only time I feel good and feel like my ole self is when I'm not eating....SAD!!

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      Hi Carla

      i am exactly the same as u, still living on a restricted diet, the dr gave me questran powders last week, like u I don't have diarreah just a huge amount of pain, nausea etc if I eat fat. The powder is maybe helping a bit, I had some chocolate yesterday (god I miss it!) and today feel poorly๐Ÿ˜ฃ sooooo I will have to go back to the dr again, just very tedious never being able to join in with normal life is very depressing. I will keep u posted and like I urged Linda will keep pestering the dr's!!

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    Hi Linda, I'm came here about 5 months before you had your gallbladder removed.

    I'm still living in pain and never felt so ill in all my life, but i've still nit had mine removed because of all the patheticness (not a word but suits the NHS) and waiting 6 months between appt's etc. They just don't care i can't function at all๐Ÿ‘Ž

    I remember how much trouble you had before removal and just can't believe yoy've just been left to get on with it. It's PATHETIC!, it really is.

    Anyway, can't add much but i'm suprised you can eat cheese as someone has mention. Is your gastro hospital dept not giving you any help or answers? No point in asking your GP as i find them pretty hopeless.

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    Hi All , Thanks for your replies. I too am surprised that I can eat some cheese

    but it's only one sort and it's very low fat , it's very mild mozzarella, any other

    sort and I'm in trouble. I too have IBS and can't tolerate any veggies or salads.

    I haven't been able to eat meat , eggs , milk , anything from the deli counter for years.

    The list goes on ! I have seen a gastro and tried the Questran powders but they

    caused me other issues. Gastro said if I don't eat I will die a slow painful death !!

    I can't believe she could say that when I so want to eat ! I've been very depressed

    ever since . She said she doesn't know what's wrong and can't help me so I'm

    left to deal with it on my own . I just cannot think of any food I might be able to eat .

    Food is constantly on my mind , because I can't have it !

    It's disgusting how we are left to cope alone with it . I wouldn't have had the operation

    if I'd known the outcome . So glad for this forum as my family won't talk to me abbout it .

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      Hi Linda Wow Linda that sounds very extreme what you can eat? And if your Dr is not doing anything then they need shooting! How much weight have you lost?

      Well you wont die of not eating as long as you can drink water but that will only be for a few months. If you can eat a little that will be fine. I do not know what to say but I eat as I have said Fruit and Veg which is the bulk of my diet now.

      I actually was saved by eating Chinese food, Chicken or Beef Chow Mein but with your diet tolerance I would say that would be a wrong step to take. I think I was lucky with diet because I was down to Porridge and Water but a friend said about Chinese and I gave it a go. Although Noodles are fatty my GB accepted it but I certainly was able to start eating again because of it. I had about 2 months of that and once I got the all clear after End/Colonoscopies I did not have Diverticulitis, is when it was obvious it was Gall Bladder. So I then started trying other foods like Dairy and nope I could not eat it. Bacon made me sick as a Dog as did Cheese. I can now eat chocolate but not a lot of it. I also took an allergy test which proved it was not that.

      If you have lost weight your Dr is duty bound to send you for a certain test, as a duty of care because you could have something else wrong? If you have not lost a lot of weight then I do not know what to suggest other than be a pain in the butt with your Dr's. I lost in Dec and Jan 28Lbs + I actually think it was over 30 and that's what got me into the Hospital regime. I too found resistance there they were trying to blame it on my back problems which was a joke. But yes once you have gone through all the tests from Dr's they seem not to care and just say "Eat what you can"!!! And that is my conclusion, a Dr wants to give you tablets and a surgeon want to use a knife, anything in between is a dark Black hole!!!!

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      Interesting Julian, Saying that about your back, my GP tried to give me that one as i've got a herniated disc in my lumbar spine, anybody know's a lumbar herniated disc refers pain downwards not upwards. Just another fob off.

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      Hi Matt, yeah well I am about to take my Gall Bladder on trip of Healing that does not need a Dr and their BS. I have suffered all this year, EVEN though I have the GB under control with Diet and I already know whats coming next Jan. I know you have suffered longer than me but I am now going to Science and take my own actions. I am also taking my faith with God to its teaching of natural healing because I am realizing that removal is not the answer, I have been reading those posts in this site who have suffered after extraction.

      I know when I came to this site at first I just wanted that illness gone, however I am lucky that my GB is under control. O.K it been a long haul and torture when shopping and I am really not looking forward to becoming a Vegetarian for at least a small time but I have near been one since Jan this year anyway. I've done my research and its worth a go, at least I care about me (smiles). I've abused my body for all these years, so its about time I give it natural healing. I also am going to do Enema's as well and I never ever thought I would be willing to do that on my own! But I am glad you have your HIDA test soon my friend and had they given me that sooner maybe I would still be keen to have the GB out, if in a poorly state? I may eat my own words and end up in Hospital but I am not wasting next year because the NHS cant deal with me for whatever reason, this subject is not taken seriously. I know not all NHS are the same and its very much a lottery to get proper care that we should but you only have to read the many in here that don't.

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      Hi Julian, Thanks for the reply.

      Sounds like a plan, with the things you are going to try๐Ÿ‘

      If i remember correctly, you've been diagnosed with sludge and stones?

      How long have your problems been going on for?

      All the best


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      Hi Matt yeah that's right I have been suffering unknowingly every Christmas but it was always treated as the Flu bug. Christmas time is the only time I over indulge in food and drink, and thus I become sick!

      What usually happens is I vomit for a few days which in turn makes me not eat for some days and I become well again. Last year however was very different because it started about Aug time so this is where I became aware. I found out that is was Fat issues and eating which was making me sick. Anyway last Dec I was down to eating Porridge and water. I realized Dairy was a major issue as well but I have had NO real help with my Dr's since then, everything I know is all my own learning. I unfortunately have another problem and this is my Pancreas and that was the other organ making me ill.

      So what your looking at with me is a new person right now I am turning to blending Veggies into a smoothie and right now I am fasting 20 hours a day, eating 4 hours, very easy to do with the GB playing up and pretty soon I am going to Water fast when I am ready.

      Water fasting is basically turning your body ON rather than OFF.

      I know this works, as I say in Dec and Jan because of the GB I lost 28 Lb minimum because I was down to Porridge and Water, If I had of stopped the Porridge this figure would have doubled. It however is a problem with Meds if your taking them. So certain issue such as heart problems etc etc, you would need a good Dr to be looking over you but this fasting exercise turns the body ON to burning fat rather than storing it, not only this, it rebuilds cells. I have been researching this for a few months now and I know from experience this does work. If you have some spare time look up this woman on You Tube

      Barbara O'Neill. Your world will be opened up, she runs a treatment coarse retreat in Australia. Very interesting indeed.

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      Thanks Julian, i will check that out on Youtube๐Ÿ‘

      It's a wonderful healthcare system we have, eh๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

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      Hi Matt your not kidding on that one, I have had some wonderful treatment from the NHS but on this particular illness its been pathetic. However, knowing what I know now I have difference of opinion which sort of goes along with my Dr's answers in a funny way.

      Like I say I already know it works but I was still eating in Dec & Jan, even as little as it was.

      I was amazed with Barbara O'Neill and the information she gives out, how the body works and the problems with our foods and there is not much which is good being ruined by GM and pollution and additives.

      I have kept off the weight I lost then but actually I have still got some more to lose. My Dr wanted me to get to 11st 7lb I have not been that weight since I started work and I am 3st above that now, so I lost 2 St back in Jan.

      I'm waiting on a book from the Library and once I have read this, I shall do fasting. I have already been eating smooties made from Fruit and Veg and had no problems with the Gall Bladder so I have the Green Light from that and I am not a lover of Veg so this helps me no end.

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