Problems with Omeprazole? Solves one problem but causes another?

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I was having gastritis symptoms (sore, corrosive feeling in stomach, but no acid reflux), I was prescribed Omeprazole (2 x 20mcg daily for 28 days).   This cleared up the symptoms quite quickly.   But then towards the end of the 28 day course, I suddenly started experiencing acid reflux, completely out of the blue.    It was like the Omeprazole had suddenly either stopped working or was creating a new problem.    I spoke to the pharmacist, who advised that I finish the 28 day course, then taper down onto 1 x 20mcg daily for a few weeks, then 1 x 10mcg daily, and wean myself off it gradually.   This all made sense, as I took Omeprazole once before, for one month, and suffered quite nasty acid reflux after going cold turkey.

 But gradually reducing hasn’t helped much (well maybe slightly, but not a lot), and I’ve now been off Omeprazole completely for a week, and I’m still needing Gaviscon or Peptac after every meal.  I feel that Omeprazole fixed the gastritis, but created an acid reflux problem.

 Has anyone else experienced this?  Do I just need to be patient, keep taking the Gaviscon and wait for my stomach to settle?  I’ve already read that you shouldn’t start ‘step down’ from Omeprazole til your symptoms are under control, but Omeprazole seemed to be creating symptoms, not controlling them!

I’m wary of going back to the doctors, he mentioned an endoscopy last time, and I’d never cope with that.

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    Hi rachel63659

    You have classic sympttoms if it.

    You can be tested with endoscopy, stool test, breath test, or blood test. Breath test picks up chemicals in the gut if HPylori bacteria is present. Breath test is not as invasive as endoscopy,. Stool test and blood test do not always pick up HPylori.

    Go back to your doc and ask for an HPylori breath wishes..keep us posted....

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    It might not be the drug causing this, can be a loose sphincter at to top of your stomach.

    If your Dr has suggested an endoscopy, I'd go for it. It's over very quickly, and will give you a fast answer.

    You're sedated for it, and won't usually know much about it.

    I chose to have this- several times over the years, without sedation as I wanted to drive home.

    It's not that bad.

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     I don't cope well with anything invasive, and I've already spoken to our local BMI Hospital, which seems to be the only place where you can guarantee deep sedation (propofol) or a GA with an endoscopy, and it costs £1396, so I'd only pursue this if my GP feels an endoscopy is the only way forward, as it's a lot of money!   

    I hadn't considered h pylori, so thanks for that, I shall read up on it.  

    If the problem is due to loose sphincter, can they fix it?   

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      Mine seemed to just cure itself, after taking cimetidine for a few years, and I was told it had probably happened because I had lost a lot of weight, on a post baby diet.

      I was checked for H Pylori, at the time it was a new theory that it could cause ulcers.

      They give you a course of antibiotics, and it's gone for good.

      I didn't have it though.

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      I just find the whole acid reflux thing confusing, because I never experience it unless I'm taking, or have been taking, Ompeprazole.   Its weird. 
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    The omeprazole reduces acid which is what you needed to heal your gastritis. It's unlikely it caused your reflux. 

    If you are getting reflux, by reducing acid oemprazole will make it less dangerous.

    But don't be scared of haiving an endoscopy if necessary. It's the best way of finding out what's wrong.

    It's normal to be concerned about a procedure that sounds horrific but go to this thread on this forum and see what others have said about it:

    I've survived dozens of endoscopies over the years and, although I won't pretend they're pleasant, they're a manageable experience, particularly if you opt for sedation, and will assure you that you are not going to develop cancer.

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    Save your money I was terrified asked for everything going sedation and throat spray and was out for the whole procedure . Good luck
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      Alison - did you have conscious sedation, or was it the heavy duty stuff?   Can you remember anything about the procedure? Sorry to ask so many questions!
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      I think I had the normal dose ...I have it on my notes at home .... I was shaking and tear full before hand ... and on my own ... friend came to pick me up afterwards. Everyone was lovely and very reassuring . Honestly... they put a candula in and then I went thro .. sprayed my throat and put the tube in my mouth and that's the last I remember until waking up in the recovery room . I was able to speak to the Gastroenterologit and ask questions . .I think they administer drugs to knock you out based on your body weight . You might even be able to see the procedure on you tube ..but that might freak you out . ..take someone with you and you'll be fine ..deep breathing and visualisation of somewhere beautiful ...sweet dreams ...
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    I react to anything invasive as well.  My throat even reacts to swallowing tablets. My immune system puts up a huge fight if I have any procedure or hospital/prescribed medication.

    I would ask for a throat spray if you have to have an endoscopy.  It is far

    less toxic than sedation.  I was not asked what medication I wanted. I was given sedation automatically.  I got severe depression from it and it lasted three weeks.  I remembered everything about the procedure and would not ever have it again.  Nothing showed up during the examination but I was told I might have a loose sphincter that was causing the acid to come out.  I was told surgery could correct this but I can't tolerate general anaesthetic either so I decided to just take over the counter antacids instead.

    You could always ask for a barium meal instead which is less invasive and doesn't require sedation.


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      No, an endoscopy is a camera procedure, where the dr can have a good look inside your oesophagus and take a biopsy if needed.

      A barium meal coats everything, and shows the outline on X ray. I had a barium meal to detect a reflux years ago, where I had to drink some, and then the table tilted to see if it came back out of the valve at the top of my stomach, it did, that's how my reflux was diagnosed.

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      *Looks inside stomach also.
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      Barium meals are not so commonly used these days but they do show up digestive tract problems.  Doctors do prefer endoscopies because they are more modern but don't consider that not everyone can tolerate them.  Another option to try is a CT scan which is just as good as an endoscopy and is also less invasive.


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      Of course you can get a CT scan on NHS if it's necessary but, although it's brilliant at detecting tumours etc, it cannot take biopsies so isn't as good as a scope. Because of this, and the cost, you're unlikely to get one as an alternative investigation.
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      CTs are available on the NHS.  They can be used as an alernative to colonoscopies as well and are also known as virtual colonoscopies.
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      I can't tolerate pelvic ultrasounds and was told I could have a CT as an alternative 

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