Prolonged Bleeding....Are think really set to Change?

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Hi Ladies

I've read here of many different experiences of changing cycles, heavy

bleeding/Missed Ps/irregular PS etc.

I've always been regular as clockwork - great when you're young, not so

when you're wanting them to stop altogether! - but there's something about December that makes my cycle go nuts!

I've bled for 19 out of the past 25 days with a break in between. Last year the same happened. Not sure if its the emotion of the time of year (find it really sad with having lost loved ones).

Also accompanied with upset tummy/ache/constipation - What's that all


I don't mind things starting to move on apace but can't be doing with these

extended Ps - will this be what to expect every month now?

Be nice to hear from anyone who's experienced/ing this, as its no fun!sad

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    Not helping matters at all that my Tablet is playing me up as I type!

    Obviously should read 'Are THINGS......change'!!!

    Its destined to be launched across the room, the way I feel this morning! Got woke at 6am to be told electrics had tripped in the kitchen by my son....who promptly left for the gym/work!! *sigh* just another thing 'Super

    Mum' has to deal with!

    Oh how I wished I'd played the lil' wifey years ago instead of the capable gel I am. Have a feeling that's going to change real soon!!!! Urggghhhh!

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      Oh, and my laptop overheated and shut down big time last night! Maybe it's picking up the odd night sweat or minor hot flush from me!

      The worst thing with the December period was that I had an awful chest cold for several weeks and a very chesty cough that is still lingering. When the flooding phase is in full swing, coughs and sneezes produce unpleasant and uncomfortable consequences! I could not tell my husband why I suddenly went UURGH! whilst I was standing talking to him and a paroxism of coughing had subsided! Some things are just unspeakable and we have to suffer them in silence! Like when some period pain feels like you have just been kicked in the, er, undercarriage region!

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    Hi Shaznay

    I can relate to some of that!

    I have been as regular as clockwork, to the day, since my body settled down after coming off the Pill in my early 40's. Then, in 2013, I went 3 weeks overdue before having a normal period. Regular again, apart from the odd occasion when I was a couple of days early or late. Then last October I had that one on time, lasting 10 days, then another one exactly 2 weeks after the start of the first! This lasted a good 7 days or so. Having just turned 50 I thought Oh great - here we go!

    I got confused with the dates but I think the November one was a week late. December's right on cue - Christmas Day! Now I am getting bloating and heartburn again, so I guess things should be starting some time next week.

    The other thing that has changed is the way my periods are - just because I "started" on Christmas Day, my proper period pain and bleeding didn't start until 30th of December, which meant that the flooding happened on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. It finally fizzled out on the 4th of January. Normally it's only the first 3 days where I have a sort of brown streaking, day 4 I get 24 hours (exactly!) when pain will strike (sometimes bad enough for me to cry to be taken down to the vets to be "seen to" once and for all!), then another 2 or 3 days of brown streaking (difficult to describe).

    Now it seems to be 4 or 5 days before the full period starts. But from what I've read on these forums, that is normal for some women.

    I don't really know what to expect anymore - expect the unexpected, as the saying goes!

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      Blimey!  At last - a True Kindred Spirit!! You've just described my situation to a 'Tee'.

      I can totally relate to the 'coming on date' taking 5 days to kick in.  And the brown streaking is a perfect description: vile stuff. I never leave the house without a panty liner!

      I have exactly the same situation most months so feels like I'm on for up to 10 days. (aside from my December P - 19 days, bloody nightmare (no pun intended!).

      Don't laugh: I've been keeping a coded 'Diary' of my Ps on my phone  calendar since June '13.  D= Discharge LB=Light Bleed HB........don't need to be part of the Bletchley gang to crack my Enigma Code! What it does show is that I'm nowhere near getting them late or skipping a month.  Honestly can't wait for that day. Bring it on!!

      Was I really mean to laugh at you and your 'sneezing' incident?!!  Something similar happenened to me while I was laying on the sofa next to my husband.  He's used to me rattling on about how much I hate 'this ******* 'Blob', but I know he does understand how horrible it can be. Maybe because I live in the bathroom for part of the month! 

      I don't think I'd mind so much if all I thought I had to deal with was having the hump and hot flushes. But its the really bad aches & pains, fatigue, insomnia, worry about my bones, gut aches, and the  constant ******* bleeding that does me in!  (see if I can get all those astrisks through the Moderator!!)

      I'm 54 now and wonder if I'm paying the price of not having problems with P pains etc when I was a teenager, and because I had a fantastic pregnancy! 

      Must admit, having stopped bleeding (for the time being) has made me feel 100% better. Oh, and having a good laugh with my ol' man helps:  I've really tried to keep my sense of humour.  And I'm trying my best to stop thinking of absolutely everything as 'glass half empty', on the instructions of my lovely husband.  He really does have a point there because once I start on one, I can go on and on like a dog with a bone!  Thank God for a funny husband I say lol!


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      I am only laughing at your diary entries because I do exactly the same thing! PS - Period Start, LP - Light Period, HP and the level and time of the pain - mild to excruciating...

      I try and remember to put in the days when I am bloated and blimp-like, and any days I get a severe headache that doesn't respond to painkillers. Those particular headaches often last about 3 days, are definitely hormonal, and usually come with a burnt sugar sensation - not a taste or a smell, exactly, but a sensation! Added to my diary are the days - usually only one or two during PMT - when I am either really insanely grumpy or horrendously weepy at the drop of a hat!

      My flooding seemed particularly bad and lumpy on New Year's Eve and Day, but one month I passed something that resembled a lump of chopped liver! I felt that one and I hadn't coughed or sneezed first! It's not something you can raise in general conversation! I did sort of mention it to my husband, in case I passed out and he needed to know why, but I'm sure he blanched! He really didn't want to know!

      Thankfully, Morrison's supermarket supplies really cheap pads to contend with anythin g nature throws at me! I was thinking that maybe the dreadful back pain I can get, more than abdo cramps, was something to do with NOT having ever had children - but it seems anyone can be struck down with heavy periods and bad pain, no matter what the history.

      Fatigue and insomnia - hmmm - had you been 50 I would have said we were separated at birth!

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    Shaznay, it's amazing how much we are all like isn't it? I can relate to you all. My periods use to be clockwork also and I could plan my life around it. Now I can't and I bleed so heavy that last month I bled through my clothes at work!! Yikes! I refuse to make any vacation plans or anything anymore. I get the bad indigestion and stomach problems and now when I ovulate on my left side I get such bad pain that I think I have a diverticulitis flareup and go running to docs for antibiotics which I don't take all of because the pain goes away on its own. I went to my gyno today and I'm scheduling a hysteroscopy to make sure all is well and if it is will schedule a endomentrial ablasion which should lessen and maybe even stop my periods smile . Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. This is a transition period we are all going through and it's tough for sure! My poor husband must wonder if I'm going nuts. My sex drive is non existent anymore and I feel bad that I'm not the same women he married 3 years ago. I went from being a very sexual woman of 49 to being a very unsexual woman of 52. I'm hoping my procedure will be ok, my last pap smear came back with a little abnormality. Wish me luck!
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      Hi Nancy, it sounds like you are going through a lot worse than I am! I wish you all the best for your upcoming procedure. Nothing ever prepares us for these issues, does it? All you get to hear about is hot flushes and erratic periods!

      Good luck! x

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      Yep Nancy, they certainly knew what they were doing when they made women!

      I can cope with the mood swings/OTT reactions to everything/insomnia/flushes etc. Its just I'm hating the aches & pains and i'm completely sick to death of bleeding!!

      I'm sure I've got a libido lurking somewhere. But how can I even think of getting jiggy when I'm either full blown bleeding or dealing with a brown discharge??? Very romantic, slingy a panty liner across the room with gusto...eewwwww! I constantly worry about smelling too and think I'm keeping my local Superdrug in business with the amount of pads/tampons I buy - never without a stash!

      Due a smear myself but its the constant bleeding/streaking that's holding me back here.

      Oh BTW one of my sisters had the e/ablasion : worked great for her so fingers CD that's all you'll need.

      PS - can't tell you how many holidays/mini breaks have been blighted by the Dreaded Blob! Cannot wait to miss a period or 2......12 would be perfect!

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    At least you keep a good sense of humor through all this. My poor hubby and I haven't had sex in quite a while. I was finally planning on some QT time this weekend and of course woke up to my period...ugh, that poor man! I'm so glad you told me your sister had a good experience with the ablasion. I'm really hoping it will change my life! Just have to have my hysteroscopy next week to make sure all is well in the uterus. BTW, at my doc visit the other night he said..hmmm you have a big uterus! So I'm like, ugh is that a bad thing? He just shrugged his shoulders, said most are 12 cm and mine is 13 cm so I left feeling a little special lol. Guess it just meant I could birth big babies lol


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      Dya know what, I was talking about sex with my husband yesterday.  I've been thinking a lot about the fact that I have absolutely no interest at the mo, but have also been thinking of some really steamy sessions we've had in the past.  I asked if he ever thought about them and he looked a bit embarrassed and said 'No not really'.  Poor sod!  I think my constant knockbacks have turned him into a Eunnock!!  Knowing my luck, if I every get my libido back, he'll probably not be able to get a rise ......and he'll be joining a 'Viagra - Is it For Me??' forum lol!! 

      Yep.  I refuse to lose my sense of humour.  I have a great ol' man who I dearly love and feel sorry for-  in equal measures.  I know he's sick to death of my whinging and has told me to stop with the 'glass is half empty'-approach to everything.  I completely took his advice, and it lasted until my next bout of depleted hormone moaning, but he does have a point. 

      Good luck with your procedure next week.  Hope it all works out good for you x

      13cm huh?  Assuming your Doc is male:  always remember in his world - Size is Everything!!lol

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    Hi there!!

    oh include me too in all of this - what a nightmare!! regular as tick tock til 42 then spotting spotting spotting! won't stop so i trog to the dr. He gives me pills to stop it- they work but i feel like im on planet zog! Nearly passed out in a flipping wool shop with my mum!! Then all ok for 1 year then cycles start to lengthen to 42 days 45 day 23 days OMG now what i think. Then back to spotting so i trog back to gp she sends me for a scan. I end up having 2 cos the first 1 is too close to period & they can't see anything. Finally phone gp ooh they thought you had polyps on the first scan but by the 2nd one they'd gone!! What?! anyway it must be your hormones they said... bang a year later period from hell won't stop been bleeding for bout 4 wks off and on- huge clots this week.. Nightmare at work- im a teacher & i can't just walk on on my class - yesterday had to give out some certificates in assembly. Blimey i got off that chair really carefully i can tell you - thought i might flood!! At least everyone i work with has been thro it, going thro it or has it to come! Anyay you are not alone & spookily my periods go crazy every Christmas/January too. Im back to the drs on Mon cos can't stand this much longer.... XXX


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      Wonder if the abs you had were he ones I'd been prescribed about 6yrs ago? T. Acid? Do wonders for lightening the bleed as I regularly passed chunks! Hate taking tabs generally so stopped with the repeat prescription a few yes back. Noticed at lighter even without the meds....but still as regular as clockwork!!

      Even now, my 'December Period' (or Xmas pressie from your worse enemy!!), I'm still regular.

      Can't wait to think 'Oh, I'm late. I haven't had a P for 3 wks!'. But I'm tralling some Bioidentical Progesterone Cream so think I may always had a bleed of sorts, with that or HRT. Just have to go cold turkey - yeah right!!

      Completely sympathise with the fear of flooding. Hated my train commute when I was a lot younger for that reason. Have been fortunate enough to not have had to work for past 18mths (worked like a Trojan for 22yrs (self employed) so earned my br

      eak. Can have my Peri/Menopause without an audience!!!

      Now I'm on the other side of my nightmare Xmas/NY blob, I can only assume so many of us get this due to the I creased stress & emotion (esp. for me missing late parents/i-laws badly sad)

      Don't want to speak too soon, but since I stopped bleeding, my mood's been pretty good......aside from rounding on my son who dared criticise my (really dry and nearly burnt!) chocolate


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    I too was once regular as clock work.  I am 49 now and have had irregualr periods for the past couple years.  I had two cycles in Dec both this year and last.  So, very similiar.  I was checked out last year for all my sudden irregular cycles with an ultra sound.  But, all is okay.  You know you just get use to the irregualar.  And the cycles will not be like this forever, it will subside, so hang in there.  Balance is everything so try to stay focused on eating right and some exercise, that helps everyone out!  Doctors really dont have an answer for  the perimenapausal transition.  Thanks for sharing, makes me know I am not the only one.  blessings....

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      Maybe I'm just waiting to be 'irregular'!!

      Wouldn't it be so much easier I there was a set pattern to Menopause - no Peri. PS stop overnight. We have 12mths of insomnia/joint pain/sensitivity/anger(!)/sweats/dried-up Do Dah/lethargy...........and then we pop up, 12mts later like Cougars, raring to go , ha,ha!!!!!

      Think I need some coffee to smell!!

      And you're right: Docs struggle with Peri. So that why this forum is a God send fr us all.

      Keep posting Ladies - and Spring's just around the corner!

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    Hi All

    those tabs were called nothestrone or something like that! Anyway sent me wappy as hell. I too get the brown stuff OMG goes on for days doesn't it? Im hoping ill get the mini pill or something cos the stress of all this is dreadful. Im so concerned about spotting, bleeding, or just finding stuff when i go to the loo i actually put off going for hours! This has been going on for 2 years now i keep telling myself the scans were fine and i was told it was hormonal 6 months ago but it's no comfort. Also I do a lot of running & my first lot of spotting, im conviced was brought on by lots of training. i was running every other day between 4 and 7 miles. Im fed up at mo cos don't even feel like running. About 4 wks ago i started having palpations especailly when im lying in bed! Are they part of Mother Nature's peri nightmare too? XX so glad to have found you all xx 


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      Thinking of of starting a new Discussion - 'Who's sick to Death with Streaking and Brown Discharge?!!' :-)

      Keep running luvteacakes. Great for your health and clears

      your mind!!

      :-) S x

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