propranolol withdrawal

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As anybody experienced any withdrawal symptoms when withdrawing from small doses?

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    hiya alison i was having bad chest pains and went to hospital came back and doc put me on propranlol 3 times a day 40g in total was only on for 11 days felt strange couldnt think straight and no balance ive decided to cut it down to 15g a day for 2 days then ive stopped i havent had any for 2 days but i still feel just as bad got postnal drip and always trying to clear my throat . I was on these when i had thyroid problem for 2 years and had no problem with them and was on 40g twice a day so cant understand why they are making me worse .

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    i know this thread is old but i'm experiencing this right now too. I've had insomnia, anxiety, and nausea. I feel horrible! reading this thread it seems this will last about two weeks. I was on slow release 80mg for 4 weeks and doc said i can come straight off. Can anyone assure me this will get better? or anyone going through this too?

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    I have not managed to find anyone in a similar situation to myself. I am 22 - female and have been taking propranolol for 6 years for essential tremor. my original symptoms were feeling suddenly so energised that everything in my body HAS to move and would get incredibly frustrated at my hands shaking. I remember feeling tired when i first began the propranolol and kind of like i was high all the time but this soon wore off. I was originally prescribed 80mg a day but consistently only took 40mg every day the last 6 years.

    When i do not take a tablet (i usually take one in the late morning) by 1pm my heart will be beating so fast, my tremor will not just be in my hand it is all over my body even in my voice, i can not sit down, i feel sick and its just generally awful i honestly feel as if i will die if i dont take it. i am so shocked i was not aware of all this happening to me when i first started taking it. It is now literally impossible for me to forget to take it.

    i have been on a journey with my gp the last 3 months to gradually take myself off it and have been taking only 20mg a day for almost a month which 3 months ago i would have never thought i could do. i still feel physical symptoms of taking a lower dose everyday. If this medication isnt vital to your health i strongly recommend not taking it. I would say research and choose for yourself but i have tried to find people or examples like my current situation and there just isnt enough research about how physically draining it can be. my heart feels like it is doing 1000 beats a minute to the point i can hear it in my ears and feel it in my mouth. i feel addicted by this medicine and only the last year have started to question if its changing who i am. i am partly convinced my heart rate will always be high if i completely stop taking it. Anyway i hope this helps someone.

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    Same situation in my case. I stopped taking propranolol about a week ago, after 4 months of treatment at 40mg a day, and the side effects of the withdrawal have been terrible.

    Here's a list of the ones I have:

    • Severe anxiety
    • Nausea
    • Insomnia
    • Dizziness
    • Light headed
    • Headache
    • Weird body sensation
    • Upset stomach
    • Foggy feeling
    • Uncontrolled thoughts about death and different disease I might have (no dark thoughts)

    I stopped the treatment due to hair loss that had me worried. Bald spotting going into your 25th year is a hell to deal with. Had me thinking I might have certain diseases and basically made the treatment pointless as I was taking it as a post trauma treatment.

    Good thing, I can feel my hair growing back.

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      im not sure who to reply to because this post is so scattered so ill reply to you Merlin.

      but this is for everybody.

      i was started on propranolol er about 12 years ago at 60-80 mgs through our the years for migraine prevention. the past three years i completely changed my diet to grain free, low fodmap non acidic foods and ive been migraine free for the past year or so.

      because i've changed my diet my blood pressure is always low now especially while i was taking propranolol. like 90/60 .

      i devised a plan with my neurplogost to wean down on propranolol. it involved weaning from 80mg to 60 mg for one month, from there

      then take 20mg tabs twice a day for two weeks.

      10mg tabs three time a day for two weeks.

      10mg tab twice a day for two weeks.

      10mg tab once a day for two weeks.

      i think weaning like this helped me with not getting some of the withdrawal symptoms others are experiencing.

      I'm on day 9 right now of no propranolol.

      i get high heart rate when standing, sitting and sleeping. standing is the worst. i get dizzy sometimes and on some occassions i feel like i cant catch my breath.

      keep in mind i usually am doing cardio for 5 hours a week, even while weaning.

      right now im not exercising at all and its frustrating and makes me sad but if my heart rate sitting here typing this is 98 i don't want to risk it. funny thing is my blood pressure is around 90/70 now without the propranolol.

      so day 8 yesterday was good i felt better like i can do regular house hold chores and actually walk up stairs fine, but today i didnt drink as much water as i usually do ( about 72 ounces a day) and i was cooling dinner and chopping carrots and felt like i was going to pass out dizzy, out of breath heart rate elevated.

      i try to tell myself if my heart rate isnt as high as it is when i exercise then its okay.

      im praying that time will help and to keep staying hydrated. i also noticed ( and it may just be my imagination) but taking fish oil supplements help. i normally take them even when taking propranolol but today i forgot and the withdrawal was really bad. not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

      i hope this helps someone, i was told by my neuro if you feel sick like this see a cardiologist so please dont hesitate to see one guys.

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      i wanted to update anyone whose reading this.

      Today is day 12 of no propranolol after taking it for 12 years or so. Today my resting heart rate was 77 so i thought id take advantage of

      a lower heary rate and go on the eliptical for 30 minutes. i set the eliptical to 30 mins and checked my heart rate through out the whole time. i went slower than usual but made sure my heart rate stayed at 130-140.

      i finished the 30 minutes and i felt fine and happy to be getting back to normal.

      Week one was the worst so far. everyday i get a little bit better. I'll try to update you guys as this goes.

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    Hi can anyone help, I've stopped propranolol 8 days ago and I'm going through bad withdrawals is this normal?

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      Hi I'm new to this site so not sure who I'm replying to, hopefully Toni.

      I found this thread after googling Propranolol and so glad I did. It has been so informative and some of the symptoms I have been experiencing, many of the others have too.

      I know trying to come off Propranolol is a lonely and scary experience. What are your symptoms?

      This is my story...

      I'm in my 40s and I had my first ever panic in February. I honestly thought I was about to have a heart attack and as I was alone with two young children I called 999. Long story short, ended up in A&E, did bloods, ECG... everything fine. I've had an extremely stressful year so they put it down to anxiety. Spoke to my doctor the next day who prescribed 40mg Propranolol once a day. Apart from struggling to sleep at night I felt okay at first, just tired and a bit slower to get going in the mornings. I have a busy life so always here, there and everywhere. However, I began to notice I would feel out of breath just running up stairs or doing light housework. I would feel my heart begin to race.

      A few weeks later, I had another panic attack on the Sunday night and then another later in the same week after walking up some steps on an outside walk. It was awful as I had to pick my children up from school. I called the doctors again and one called back (telephone appointments due to covid restrictions) and he advised that the propranolol was only reducing the symptoms and not getting on top of the anxiety so prescribed 10mg of Citalopram. I only took two and OMG the side effects, I honestly thought I'd end up at A&E again. Felt like I couldn't breath, thirsty, legs shaking, heart rate so fast. Awful. The next day I called the Doctors again and they agreed I should stop but carry on with the Propranolol. I think I had one that day, but by reading up the side effects of the Citalopram I started looking at Propranolol too. With hindsight I think slowing my heart rate down (naturally quite fast) just made me feel more panicky when doing any remotely physical. So I decided to stop taking Propranolol completely.

      So the first week was good. A few times felt like I had this adrenaline rush that would result in a panic attack but managed to ride through it. Kept busy as school holidays. This last week felt okay and then last night, wham, an almighty panic attack. No reason and gutted as been doing so well.

      It almost felt like food set it off. I didn't eat much yesterday so at bed time I had 4 biscuits. One child was still awake so went to him and then by the time I got in bed I had stomach ache, I could feel the onset of panic and I started to physically shake and couldn't stop, my legs, hands all over body shaking. I was freezing too and very very thirsty. It was about midnight and I was in this state for well over an hour. Very very frightening. Husband was awake with me. When it subsided I was too scared to go to sleep. I did eventually but woke again several times. This morning I felt rough but managed to get up and function but at a slower pace. Went out for a walk. This afternoon I had something sugary and it was coming on again, heart was racing but thankfully none of the other symptoms. It's just so scary. It's weekend so unless I call 111 I can't speak to anyone. I'm dreading going to bed tonight in case it happens again.

      Many people on this thread have commented about the reaction to food and certain foods triggering symptoms. I honestly thought I was going mad until I found this, its been so reassuring. It is not at all pleasant trying to get off propranolol, I think I took it for just under 7 weeks and honestly thought I'd be okay just stopping. I haven't even told my doctor yet. It's scary and its lonely. That's why I wanted to share my story as hopefully it will reassure others going through similar that they are not alone. I think I'm day 12 post propranolol and determined not to have to resort to taking another one ever again although I did come close last night.

      I'm going to try some magnesium supplements as suggested and I have a short course of CBT starting next week. The daft thing is, things are ok at home right now, I don't feel worried about anything in particular, my mind is ok, just my body playing tricks on me.

      To anyone reading this, keep going, speak to your Doctor if you are worried and hopefully as many others have said before me, things will improve with time. I hope I am over the worse now. Time will only tell. Take care x.

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      My daughter was on prozac for anxiety. She was given propranolol for migraines. Propranolol gave her anxiety attacks. Happened when she first started taking it, then as we tapered down and a few with withdrawal symptoms. The propranolol may be making your anxiety worse.

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