Prostate or something else? I hope anyone can read this carefully

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Hello, It is my first time here. I am 18 years old male and I have never have any serious health issue. But for the last 4 months I have experience a slight feeling of urgent to pee even after peeing (it seems like a pain or something that makes me feel that I need to pee again). It is not so painful but you got the "pee sensation" which is kind of uncomfortable. I have taken my health so well but I don't know what happened.

Last week I read so much forums about UTI, prostatitis, urology before having an appoinment to a doctor. I read every forums; treatments, causes and understand it even I don't know what my issue is.

I have taken my appoinment and do the following: urine culture, bladder ultrasound. The doctor now say all the test are negative and I have no issues with UTI, kindey or bladder. But why would I still have this issue? I ask him wether my issue is "prostatitis" or what. I masturbate once a day and have no sexual intercourse yet. He said that if this is "prostatitis" I should stop masturbating for 1 month and see the results. He said that he wouldn't give me antibiotics because I am too young (18) and men with antibiotics in prostatitis are usually 50 or above.

I really want any help from you guys and I hope you can understand my situation.


*Urgent to pee/"pee sensation" after peeing

*masturbate regularly

*Urine culture, bladder ultrasound are negative

*Doctor said kidney,bladder is ok

*Doctor said might be prostatitis because I am too young he would give me antibiotics that would cost side effects and such

Sorry for my bad english but I hope anyone can help me. Thanks in advance

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    I allready wrote to somebody else about more or less the same problem that you are having and that I had as well. After a few years I found out that It was basically 2 problems. Firstly it seems to me that If I eat too much starch and that means any starch like corn,patatoes bread health bread meusli etc then I become terribly thirsty and then I drink too much liquids. And believe me I can only eat 1 slice of bread or half a patatoe a day. I cant drink any bear or even malt drinks.An Internist told me that I was drinking far too much water and that I was basically poisoning my kidneys. So make sure that you dont drink more than 2 litres a day and that includes coffee tea fruit juice. Try it because that was my problem. I now eat bacon and eggs in the morning or if Im in a hurry then I will eat half a cup of muesli, but nothing more than that. Try it. Also try and train youre bladder, wait till it is full before you urinate and when you urinate, make sure that you empty it well.   
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      Urologist told me when I was drinking 3L a day after my prostate

      operation to keep flushing out  blood and debris  that it was far to much and to keep just under 2L a day.

      I did find a couple of times when I did not drink enough during hot weather that was when I started another bout of prostatitus.


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    Hello Darren,

    I am rather out of my depth here, but just for for arguments sake,  say :  masturbating by manual stimulation is a procedure that is devoid of natural lubricants.  If you are not aroused and at least semi flaccid before you start,  then you are rubbing an area which is not prepared in a natural way by means of increased blood flow/natural internal secretions, for any form of vigorous activity.

    In the absence of any other possible causative factors  ( for which,  you have already been tested ) it would seem clear that you have most probably by the process of daily masturbation,  caused irritation/ inflammation of your urethra.

    If you follow his advice Darren,   I think that your Doctor is,  by recommending that you do not masturbate for a month allowing you to come to the conclusion yourself and without Him having to lecture you,  that the cause of your symptom is excessive masturbation.

    Interestingly you have apparently undertaken a heap of research.  May I suggest a little more? :

    Urethral Strictures.

    if what you learn there doesn't help you calm things down considerably,  I would be very surprised.

    As Ron Texan has succinctly put it '  Why not take the Doctor's advice ?'

    That does rather seem to be the sticking point for you doesn't it ?  Hence, your coming on to the Forum(s).  

    Yours is not so much a medical problem Darren as a difficulty encountered on your journey into Adult Manhood.

    If you do follow your Doctors advice, in a month"s time,  we can welcome you into the club !

    Good Luck, Young Man



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    I was just wondering Darren,  if you have looked into other ways of achieving that ' feel good ' sensation and the sought after feeling of physical release,  outside of onanism or substance abuse?

    You sound like an intelligent and resourceful lad.  

    Irrespective of a any Geographic, Cultural, Religious or Family/ Upbringing limitations upon your development,  it is still possible to secure for yourself the self - esteem, comfort and support you need,  through your own endeavours... whether they be Sporting,  Social or Intellectual... without resorting to a regulgarity of practice that unchecked,  has by degrees the  potential to harm you.

    Once again,  Good Luck.

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    Dudley to Derek 

    Hello there Derek,  I think in my post you have most probably mis-read the word 'substance' as ' self ' ?

    And allusion to religious claptrap seems to be something,  you have drawn in yourself.

    Best left there isn't it ?  In view of Darren's tender years.




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      I think Derek was referring to your term 'Onanism' which is the Roman Catholic (religious) euphemism for self-abuse (despite the story of Onan having little to do with the proscription of this practice). In my own youth, I indulged more enthousiastically than Darren in this practice with no injurious effects until my current BPH problem at the age of 71. Nevertheless, if only to prove the dr. wrong, I think that a month's abstinance is well worth a try.
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      Onanism certainly has religous connotations.

      However if we argue the Moderator will censure us.

      18 is not a tender age. He can marry, vote and die fighting for his country.

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      I take it that hairs did not grow on the palms of your hands and you did not go blind?

      Evidently eleven or twelve is when a lot of boys including myself  are found to be short sigted.

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