Prostrate radiation, Painful Burning

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Prostrate Radiation, Painful Burning

I have had 10 treatments Of EBRT,

My Concern:

It is beginning to be very painful while urinating with a burning sensation, and the pain lingers afterwards . At first it was tolerable, now the pain is beginning to be an issue with me...(very painful) and it feels like my bladder never empties, along with pain in my penis and groin area. My frequency of urination has increased from 1 times during night time sleep to two. After I get up at night to urinate, the pain is so intense, and want go away it keeps me awake.

I did mentioned this to my Doctor, and was told to take Ibuprofen. I am very allergic to aspirin, so ibuprofen is not for me. I do take tamsulosin once a day, but I don't think this helps to relieve my issue. I knew this would probably be a side effect, but was told by others who had radiation it was tolerable, but with me it has become a painful issue. I don't want to come across and sound like a wuss, but this is begining to be untolerable.

Any comments or suggestion on how to deal with this wouild be appreciated.


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    Hi Roger, Sorry to hear of your problems. Umm, after only 10 treatments, not half way yet. I also can not take Asprin or ibuprofen due to heart medication reacting to it. So, I use, like a great many Australians, a drug called paracetamol. Does not upset the stomach either. I do not know what brands you have in the USA. Here, we simply buy it by name. Maybe your Tylenol?, but usually drug stores have their own variety. Anyway, usually comes in different strengths. If I have sore back muscles I take 2 panadol osteo x 3 times a day, which is 2 x 665mg each tablet. These are coated so they do not upset your stomach and are slow release over the 8 hours between tablets. Work great for me. In your case, maybe a try is worth while.

    Take care. Geoff


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      Thanks Geoff for the quick reply.

      I did some research on my condition. I should have done it sooner.

      The lining of the bladder is sensitive to radiation and may become inflamed (a condition called cystitis) during treatments. Your treatments may cause you to feel:

      Pain or a burning sensation when you are urinating.

      The need to urinate frequently (often in small amounts).

      Pressure or a sense of urgency to go to the bathroom, although you may have very little urine to pass.

      Exactly my symptoms. ...

      My pain just stays with me, and keeps me awake at night. I just hope I don't have permanent damage.

      I am going to the Doc. Today and discuss this with her.


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      OK, just explain to her you cannot take the Aspirin and suggest something else. I see plenty of papers on the issues and apparently, analgesics are the remedy. Just got to get one that works for you.


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    Hello Roger, sorry you're having this issue, and hopefully it will pass with time. When you see you doctor, ask her if drinking plenty of water would help. Also, I've read where taking Magnesium is a good anti-inflammatory agent. That may be of some help too. Wishing you the best.

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      Just got back from seeing a Doctor,He took a urine sample, and told me to get some AZO. It is made from cranberries, and it is good for urinary track health. He also told me to increase my Flomax.

      Well.. those two items are useless if I have urinary track infection. Just wait and see after results. I do know my issues are beginning to be very psinful, Hate to sound like a PUS, but it is real.


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      Hi. I just though I would say my other half suffered severe burning for the last 2 years since brachytherapy. To start with antibiotics helped. But it came back every time he stopped antibiotics. In the end the Dr stopped giving antibiotics. The urine test was always negative, but they were assuming it was an infection in the prostate. He also tried anti inflammatory tablets, pain killers, tried taking tamsulosin twice a day. Drinking pure cranberry juice. (Not sweetened. Nothing helped. He also suffered urgency. He was at his wits end. He said it was like peeing hot glass. Anyway, a few weeks ago the burning just stopped. No idea why.

      We have never heard of anyone else suffering for so long. All consultants were baffled. Do try antibiotics though. They may help.

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      Your other half is very fortunate to have the burning sensation to stop. Mine feels like urinating fire. And the pain will linger after urination. I think my treatments were started too soon after my biopsy. I was still having blood in my ejaculations.

      Just a speculation tho.

      Thanks for the reply.


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      Hi, sorry to hear of your troubles. I agree with comments by some that cranberry juice is good. Ensure you don't drink grapefruit juice as it interacts negatively with many meds.

      Having gone through a RSRP and not Radiation, I cannot express an opinion on pain during urination. But if your ladder pain is nerve related, I suggest you get a prescription for amitriptyline which at 75 mg twice a day is used to trartbdepression, has been found to be useful to alleviate bladed pain at low doses. After experiencing bladder discomfort, I was Rx'd this drug at 10mg twice a day in in two days it was working.

      Remember that any pain is a problem which must be brought to the attention of your physicians. You are NOT a wus for mentioning it.

      A close friend died on lung cancer because he NEVER let on he had problems, originally small and manageable and by the time his Mrs raised the matter he was too far gone.

      Also, if your GP! Urologist or oncologist cannot solve your issues, find someone who can.

      You are in Australian right? May I ask what state!

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      I am in USA, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Thanks for the reply and advice.

      I was told some pain urninating would be present, but not like urinating fire.  At times I feel like I have to urinate every few minutes or so, this makes the pain linger between those urges.

      yes, I am going to hound them (my Doctors) . I had urine sample taken a couple days ago, results not back yet. All the reseach I have done on side effects on  RapidArk radiation is just more extreme than advertised.

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      Ok, so you're not in Australia. Check.

      I now see you're in Mike Pence's state. Now I understand. Mid west USA.

      I spoke to a friend today who said that some folk on RT can have problems like yours from the start. So don't be too hard on yourself.

      He said you may have radiation cystitis. Look into that as well as into what is called a bladder wash.

      Best wishes.

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    Hi Roger,

    ​I hope that my experirnce may be of some help. i had 8 weeks of radiation treatment and my pains started at the end of the fifth week and continued for about 7-10days after radiation treatment was completed. My doctor prescibed a tablet which i think was called Zapain.It contained codiene. It helped me enormously and gave me huge relief. Perhaps your doctor can prescribe something similar. It is important to keep your bowels open, eat plenty of fruit and drink plenty of water. 

    Keep strong, my treatment was 12 years ago and I am still going strong.


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      Hello glamor,

      I am only 13 days ito my radiation treatment, and my urinating pain and frequency began the first few days. I seen a Doctor yesterday and she prescribed Pyridium 200mg 3 times a day. Just had one dose so obviously no relief yet, except an orange colored urine in the toliet bowl. I will see how this goes.

      I had no clue side effects wouild be this severe, I guess every individual is different. My bowels are giving me problems also, I want go into details, but just say NOT GOOD!

      Thanks for the suppport and info, I will continue to deal with this, but at times I have seconds thoughts about treatment and staying on AS. well, to late deal with it  lolo..


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    I completed radiation treatment last year.  About 10 sessions into it, I began to experience urinary problems, burning sensation, urge to go frequently.  Things got progressively worst--my doctor prescribe Flomax, Pyridium, and hydrocodone for pain.  Nothing seemed to work--things got worse, to the point I was trying to pee every hour, with significant pain.  Almost decided to call a pause in the treatment.  But, then I discovered turmeric tea.  Within 24 hours, I'm peeing on a normal frequency and within 3 days I'm off the meds.  The rest of my treatments were pain free--drank two cups per day.  Below I've include the receipt for the tea for both 1 serving or 8 servings.  I hope it works for you.

    1 serving:

    1/2 tsp.  turmeric powder

    1/4 tsp.  ground ginger

    1/4 tsp.  ground cinnamon

    dash   finely ground black pepper

    ½ tsp.   coconut oil

    ½ - 1 tsp.  honey

    1 tsp.   vanilla

    8 servings:   

    1T + 1 tsp.   

    2 tsp.    

    2 tsp.

    ¼ tsp.    

    1 T + 1 tsp.  

    1T + 1tsp. to 2T + 2tsp.  

    2 T + 2 tsp.   



    To prepare spice mix:

    1 Serving Instructions:  Put ingredients in a cup.  Stir in 1-2 tablespoons boiling water until spices are smooth and oil is melted. 

    8 Serving Instructions:  Mix ingredients in small saucepan until blended.  Place over low heat and stir constantly until smooth.  Store in a glass jar.  To serve, put 2 level teaspoons in a mug.

    To prepare beverage:

    For turmeric tea: fill cup with boiling water

    Alternatively take with milk: fill cup with milk and microwave for 2 minutes, or heat on stovetop.


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      david, I am almost 1 year EBRT treatment. Thanks for the recipe for tea, maybe it will be some relief to some one. I now take Flomax, and have normal urinating. Although , once a night get up to pee.

      Ejacklactions are some what painful. but  tolerable.

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