Pulse and heart beat skipping. Feeling of a thud in chest

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Right abit about my background,

I'm a 30 year old male. 5ft7. 11.8 stone

I went to the doctors just after Christmas because I was feeling panicky about having palpatations and my racing heartbeat.I went through a serious of blood test to look at my cholosterol, blood sugars etc. And I have a 24hr blood pressure monitor fitted. All came back OK but he said my panic attacks and palpatations were triggered by anxiety. I was prescribed with prolanolol and I have been on them for 3 weeks now. First few weeks were great but the past 3-4 days I have been experiencing this drop in my heart beat. It feels like it skips a whole beat and like a thump on my chest. It's scary as hell and I have to catch a breath , I even pressed against my pulse on my neck to see if it did skip and it dropped then carried on as normal.

This scared me so I went to A and E, I was given a 30 second ECG in which time I didn't experience one of these drops (typical). They said that was OK. But he said he wanted to refer me to my GP and have a 24 hour monitor fitted on my just to measure it over a longer period of time. He was going to do a blood test and chest x ray but his colleague advised I didn't need that and they sent me home, now I am just sat here with this horrible feeling waiting for my appointment. I can talk to anyone about as they don't seem to understand and tell me to chill out, I have googles it extensively and came up with ectopic heart beat but I just want a little bit of reassurence as it is scaring the life out of me that my heart is going to stop at any minute. Like I said I am on prolanolol and it doesn't seem to effect these drops in beat.

Sorry for the long winded explanation but it's driving me insane.

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    Afternoon Lee and l am sorry to hear about your ongoing discomfort as l am glad you have had a ECG and that has shown nothing untoward and  the 24 hour monitor ​ as well  will show up any abnormalities regarding yor heart as well.

    ​As for the other symptons l think its quite  likely you  do have heart  palpatations but the vast majority of times tests will sho that there is nothing wrong as a lot of it is related to anxiety.

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    It does sound like ectopic beats as they do give a thump. They are vey annoying but harmless. Some unfortunate people have thousands in a day. Do you exercise as many people say that they don't get them when walking fast, running or cycling.

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    Hi lee, i have this ectopic beats scary as they are they are fine .. those propranalol could be making it worse best talk to your doctor about it... if the ecg was OK  you will be fine im sure cardioligists would of found the reason when having the test, propanalol can be used for anxiety and panic attacks , coild be they are slowing the hert down.. which is what they do ...my cardio said ectopic beats every one has them but go unnoticed so we are the ones who concentrate on every beat and we feel them more .  i do have heart problems lee but i find worrying to much makes the matter worse hard to tell anyone not to worry . im sure they would have told you if there was any thing causing the ectopics. usually its a branch block and they would show on ecg same as anything else ..  dont suffer in silence lee..  x 
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      Thanks Julia. I went to A and E again last night as it was really scaring me. I had another ECG. Yet again i didn't have the skipped beat whilst I was having it,

      The doctor listened to my heart and all the valves. All was fine and Said there was no cause for concern. And reassured me my heart wasn't just going to stop, -and that it was ectopic beats.

      I think the nurses who took my blood pressure and Ecg thought I was daft or making a joke.

      But I presume an ECG would pick any problems up regardless of the skip not happening whilst I was hooked up to the machine.

      They seem to disappear when I am chilled and relaxed.Most horrible feeling I have ever felt in my body.

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      Lee if they put the holter monitor on you this will catch any ectopics..  you do know panick attacks can be just as scary .  pleased you got some reasurance last night. and dont think it's ever a joke going to a&e this is why its there... any chest pain is an emergency . i know  been there  was kept in for a few days .  so dont worry what they think. best be sure .. xx take care

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      yeah the leads are not on long but still catches ay problem you might haveI never thought i had any thing wrong with my hear ..was told for so many years it was my hypothyroidism causing my palpatations  there you go lee. so i have LVBBB ..LAD . and left ventricle hypertrohphy .. so thats it all sorted i hope.  all with ecg.. they will find out yr prob .. 
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