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Just remembered this very important thread :D

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    Haven't got the energy to :steam: and :bleep:

    Spent the last few days :steam: ing and :bleep: ing at my husband, as I always do when I feel ill and am not coping with myself.

    Most normal people would have a good cry but not me because I am totally out of touch with my emotions, an emotional cripple with a blockage and if that blockage ever gets dislodged then look out anyone who is standing near :cracker:

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    Alicia I know how you feel I lose my head at my husband such alot. At times I think he most me a saint to put up with me. The worst of it is you know you are doing it put you just can't help it. :evil: :evil:

    They most love us to put up with us :!:

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    I think that mine would like to join in too please ...... it can't be easy for them sad

    Alicia, I find it hard to cry too ...... and I tend not to anyway, because physically it makes me feel so much worse :wah:

    I think we would all feel so much better if we could get on our bikes and go for a really long, energetic ride ...... either that or be able to go down the pub and get rip-roaring drunk and act outrageously :nahnah: :flan: :weird: :run: :diva: :cheers:

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    It's just natural when you are so tired or in pain that you take it out on your nearest and dearest :roll:

    So don't feel bad Alicia, this illness is so frustrating. :roll:

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    So don't feel bad Alicia, [/quote:155d58feab]

    OK, I'll try not to.

    thanks, it's so easy to 'go to ground' when you feel wretched isn't it? I have missed your loving support. sad

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    oh poor alicia, you're having a rotton time aren't you? sad :cuddle:

    i think katie's suggestion sounds excellent - lets all go to the pub and get hammered and start throwing cakes around :lol: :ale:

    im also really :bleep: ed off today. started feeling lousy again a couple of days ago after a relatively good patch. of course this week is kate's birthday so the timing is rubbish :x

    i really felt like i was pacing myself well, too. :roll: it seems like every time i start to feel stable and like i may get better one day, this hideous illness rears its ugly head again. :evil:

    i am SO fed up. trying to take a complete break every hour and a half but have still got to get to the supermarket later to buy stuff for the party :shock:

    luckily my pupil cancelled so i ll be broke but probably more rested...

    :bleep: ing :bleep: y heck :x :x :evil: :evil: :evil: :x :x

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    :bleep: :steam: :bleep:

    I thought I'd been pacing quite well, too, Trees, and yet today I feel horrible again :roll: Why?????

    Oh :bleep: ing :bleep:

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    I don't have the energy to :bleep: or :steam:

    If I didn't know better I'd think I was pregnant :shock:

    Must be hormonal. sad

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    Coo .... Alicia, you never know :shock:

    Oh wouldn't it just be lovely to have a little babe on the forum :cupid: (nearest I could get to a baby :D )

    What about that woman who has just had eight :shock: :shock: She's already got[size=18:8b104ee69a] six[/size:8b104ee69a] children :shock:

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    Oooh don't get me started on that subject :evil:

    Sorry but what on earth was the doctor thinking when he agreed to carry out IVF on that woman if she already had 6 children :steam:

    Plus the fact that she has no home of her own and no income either :? :steam: :?

    Glad this is the punchbag :wink:

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    it seems she was trying to fill the void left from a lonely childhood, so she should at least have had some counselling or a meeting with a psychologist first :doh:

    daisy, i know, its so annoying when you think you're doing everything right and then you get a relapse :x this is why im finding my trudie chalder and margaret somebody book a little frustrating :? (they gave it to me at the clinic)

    they seem to attribute literally all our symptoms to over-rest, and relapses down to over doing it. but i honestly dont think i ever rested that excessively - even when i was really sick i would try most days to walk to the end of the street and so on. and it wasn't that long before i discovered pacing and incorporating more activity in to my day.

    so it doesn't explain why we get ill in the first place, and why we have relapses when we're pacing ourselves really well. i cant help thinking that there really is something still going wrong in my body that isn't just a direct result of over-resting.

    what are your thoughts on this? sorry no emoticons, must be a serious one! :lol:

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    Yes, I really agree Trees. :?

    Today, I had to go to the dental hygienist (this is an example so don't get bored yet!).

    I don't drive, dentist is 2 buses away from here so my mother said she'd take me and do shopping etc while I was in the dentists. :roll:

    So, having done nothing (apart from get up etc ) off we went, by the time we arrived (only about 20 minutes later), I was feeling ill, deathly pale (in spite of blusher!) and haven't recovered yet!! :shock:

    This afternoon have done nothing really....lots of rest etc boring etc, and still feel pretty awful, tummy pains generally yuck. :weird:

    Longing to go to bed :roll:

    So why, why , why ????? (And I did nothing much yesterday, so it's not that)

    I think it's time you wrote your \" Real Down-to-Earth Guide to ME\" :thepost:

    Could you put lots of :bleep: s in it do you think ? :lol:

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