Pvcs pacs and inverted T waves

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Hello everyone! 

This site has been very helpful with my heart palpitation struggles. 

About a year ago I started to have  the pvc’s and pac’s. Over the year they have became more frequent. I had several ekgs, all with inverted t waves. I had a stress echo which turned out fine, and an echocardiogram which was also normal. I just can’t believe the doctors when they are telling me my heart is fine. My heart pounds constantly. I constantly see my stomach thumping very hard. This has all caused a lot of anxiety. I was offered beta blockers, but my bp is usually 100/70. I couldn’t tolerate the medicine, because it made me very dizzy with no energy. I tried magnesium, but that made me dizzy as well. I’ve been to numerous doctors endocrinologist, neurologists, ent and all my test come back normal. I just can’t figure this out. I feel as if the doctors aren’t taking me seriously, because I’m a little younger than the typical heart patient. I’m a 37 year for of female. 

I’m just looking for anyone who has been through this to connect to. It’s very scary not knowing what is going on with your heart. 

Thank you to everyone who replies. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day. 

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    You might try a tiny dose of the beta blocker, I use about a quarter-dose of atenolol and it still hits me like a brick - which is good, it helps the arrhythmias somewhat, but has minimal effects on BP.

    Always look for other issues that might affect your electrolytes - sodium, potassium, magnesium.  The problem is there's no quick test for them at home that I know of - which seems really odd but there it is.

    There are a fair number of us in the same kind of boat with you, fwiw.

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      Hi, the cardiologist started me on 10 mg of a beta blocker. I tried to take it, but I got so dizzy. I had no energy at all. I still felt the constant palps  as well.

       I really wish it worked for me. 

      Thank you for replying! 

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    Many things can trigger palpitations, etc.  Alcohol, Caffeine, icy cold drinks, dehydration, gluten, excessive sugar, even sleeping on your left side can aggravate it. You might try Taurine, Cataplex B, Magnesium, and Potassium rich foods. can help as well. Cataplex B and Taurine helped me for a while, I went 3 months without problems. You are much younger than I so some of mine is age related. I have been told by Dr.s that it is not damaging to your heart. If you have AFib you will need to be on blood thinner. Yoga and meditation are also a helpl. Good luck. Praying you get some relief, I know how scary it is.
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      Thank you for your kind comment. 

      I’m going to cut out sugar and hopefully that will give me some relief. 

      I hope you are feeling better! 

      Have a wonderful day smile 

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    I have been on many different meds none of which helped. Just started Flecinaide this week, so far no evident side effects. Will see if tthis helps the Afib and the palpitations.  Hope you feel better. 


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      I sure hope it works for you. Anything with the heart is very scary. 

      I’ve heard a lot about the medicine you just started. Maybe I should look into it. 

      Keep me posted on if it continues to work for you. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

      Hope you have a wonderful day 😊

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    Hello everyone! 

    Hope you all are doing well. 

    I just wanted to provide some update. 

    I went to the pulmonologist yesterday. He ordered blood work for the D Dimer test. 

    I got my results last night. The standard range is 0.00 - 0.49. My results were 1.23. It was flagged as high. I don’t really know how to read these results. I understand they are high, but I don’t know how high. 

    My doctors office is closed till Monday. 

    I was hoping to come on here to see if anyone can help explain what this means. 

    Thank you all so much! 

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. 

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      D-dimer tests are for clotting. There is a chance you could have a pulmonary embolism or emboli. I wouldn’t wait until Monday if I were you I would try and get an emergency CT scan. If you have a PE you need to get on blood thinners asap. Especially if you are having palpitations. I am not trying to scare you but PEs can kill you or do serious damage to your lungs and heart. In the meantime take some aspirin as it thins your blood a little bit as well as fish oil and ginger. Don’t have this if they put you on blood thinners though as it increases chance of bleeding and bruising. Good luck I hope everything works out ok.
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      Thank you for your reply. 

      I got a message from the doctors office stating that I’m scheduled for a CT scan this Tuesday. 

      I don’t have any chest pains. I’ve been getting the palpitations for a year. 

      Everytime I go to the hospital they blow me off. I have a history of anxiety and don’t believe they take me seriously. 

      I think I might just go anyways. Rather play things on the safe side. 

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      Yes I got my results back, and it came back clear. 

      Not sure why it was elevated. My doctor is going to do the same blood work in a month. 

      Hopefully it will come back in normal range. 

      Thank you very much for asking. I really appreciate all your comments. 

      I hope you are having a lovely day 😊

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      Well, the dizziness comes and goes. 

      The palpitations are all day every day. I tried everything to get them to stop. Nothing works. 

      Doctors keep telling me everyone has them, but most don’t feel them.

      I have a hard time believing there are people out there that don’t feel them. 

      I used to panic when I had them, but after getting them for a year I’m getting used to them. 

      I still hate them. Every single one. They bring me down. Just don’t know where to turn to next. 

      I do notice they a pretty bad after I eat, so not sure what’s going on there. 

      Hope you’re having a nice day! 

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      I went to an endocrinologist. She tested my thyroid, and it came back good. 

      She also did an ultrasound on my thyroid. She told me it was enlarged and I had a cyst, but it should be causing any problem. 

      I check my blood sugar at home from time to time, and it comes back within normal range. 

      I’m not sure if I should look for another cardiologist or what. 

      Wish I could get this figured out, so I can move on with my life. 

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      If you are having palpitations after eating, could it be a stomach problem? Do you have any discomfort when eating?  Or do you have any problems the other end with bowel movements?
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      No my stomach doesn’t usually hurt. I went to the hospital two months ago with severe upper right abdomen pain. They did an ultrasound and my gallbladder looks ok. They treated me for an ulcer. The medicine they gave me helped with the pain and within a few days I felt much better. Maybe I have something going on with my stomach. I didn’t have and bowel problems. 

      I went to dinner last night and had a small glass of wine. Im not a big drinker, but today my heart is pounding. I drank a bunch of water and a Gatorade and it seemed to help. 

      Some days are better than others. 

      I really appreciate all of your help. 

      I don’t really talk about it much to anyone, because I feel like I sound like a broken record. 

      Everyone tells me that I’ve been to the doctors and I’m fine. Easy for them to say. 

      I started doing yoga a week ago. It’s calming and I like it. 

      I know there’s something going on with me, I just can’t figure out what. 

      It does cause anxiety, but my symptoms aren’t from the anxiety 

      My anxiety stated after the constant heart palps. It’s very scary at times. 

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      I know how it feels to be ill and no one know what is wrong so everyone assumes you are making a big deal out of nothing. I also completely understand the whole anxiety thing.

      It maybe a good idea to speak to a gastroenterologist and possibly have an endoscopy to see if there is a problem. The other thing I was thinking is maybe get a hormone test, do you get palpitations more at certain times of the month? I was told to keep a diary of my symptoms and I noticed I got more symptomatic when there was a change in my hormones, every 2 weeks. So just before my period and when I was ovulating. Little things like that might help the doctors with a diagnosis.


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      How are you feeling now? I sure hope you are feeling much better.

      Yes the palpitations occur a lot more a week before my period. I also thought about it being hormone related. 

      I think it will be beneficial to have an endoscope. I think that’s my next step. 

      I won’t give up until I figure this out 

      This past year has been a rough one.

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      I am OK, it is a bit of a slow recovery, and I am quite impatient. I have never had a serious illness before so it still scares me. The side effects of the blood thinners are unpleasant but I think I only have a couple more months on them.

      I hope you find out what is wrong and I would be interested to find out, so keep me updated. Try and stay positive, as much as you can and good luck! 

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      Thank you so much! I will keep you updated. 

      I’m glad you’re feeling a little better, and I hope you can get off the blood thinners soon. 

      Take care. 

      I will message you once I get to the doctors. Sure hope I can get this figured out. 

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