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Hello, I'm a 52 year old man from ENGLAND, UK. Played lot of Sport as a younger man now suffering with both diseases of right knee, Pvns and PATELLOFEMORAL ARTHRITUS. Had 3 small tumours removed in November. KNEE NO BETTER. TKR has been spoken about by my surgeon but he's reluctant as he's says I'm only 52!! I'm struggling with swelling and pain, can't work or walk well. How old were you when Tkr took place UK reluctant to let me have op

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    HI  Rory like you I liked sport Karate Squash football all high impact on the knees  AT 30 I had  my miniscus (cartilidge) removed L Knee ltr cortizone injections  reg anti imflamitory treaments. at 60 iwas told i would need tkr, but not yet the old too young excuse!!

    at 63 my new dr referred me to a orthopedic surgeon to be told both my knees were shot the knee joints were bone on bone and my left leg was bowing out. I have had my LK   replaced and  maybe in 5/6 mths will get the RK done RORY  its no walk in the park its very painfull but now 2 mths down the line i can start to see the light. If you are having probs in your RK ytou are bound to over compensate with your left  leg as you shift your weight to ease the pain talk to your DR  again good luck


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      Many thanks Colin for your thoughts and we'll wishes. am seeing my Specialist again in May hoping he will put me forward for TKR
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    Hi Rory, I had my first one done 10 weeks ago, I am 56 and in UK and like you lots of sports took its toll. 100% better after having the first one one, will have the other one done later this year. My surgeon said, whats the point in waiting, you may never make old age, so why not get it done now and have quality life and enoy yourself, I agreed and had it done, no regrets
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      just what I'm hoping to hear Lighterson!

      I can't work or walk without severe pain and want to try to move my life off this treadmills its on. great to hear you have had a good result so far. Bedt of luck with your rehab all the best🍀

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      Hi, I'm also 56 and when I asked the locum gp at my surgery to refer me to an orthopaedic surgeon having seen my xrays she point blank refused because I'm too young and they wouldn't even see me. I paid to see a consultant privately who I know also works for the nhs at my local hospital. He said age isn't the issue, pain is. I'm going to his nhs clinic on thursday, three weeks after seeing him privately. I may well see one of his registrars but if I do need surgery he will operate himself. The odd thing is my right knee is agony, but xrays show only moderate OA whereas my left knne is nowhere near as painful but according to the consultant it's shot!
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      Yes read my message to rory 2 days ago. This business about not doing you because you are too young is ridiculous.

      Hope you manage to get your new knee sooner rather than later.

      Take care and keep in touch


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      My left knee looked better on X-ray than my R but was more painful and therefore that's the one I had donr
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    There are more and more orthopaedic surgeons who are realising that at 52 you need to be mobile and with a knee that works just as much as a 70 year old does.  If a TKR will honestly improve your mobility and pain, please don't give up but keep insisting until you can get a surgeon who will do it and not expect you to suffer for another  20 years before they do it.  Of course, you have to be sure that the knee really is ready for a TKR, and if the only objection they have is your age, then you would do well to keep on insisting. PVNS is a real pain . .there are several people on this forum with that disease who know a lot more about it than me!  Good luck and don't take no for an answer.


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      Many thanks for your best wishes. will fight my corner with specialist in May

      can't continue like this much more been off work 16 months now!

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    Hi Rory

    I'm in the UK too and had my first TKR at 52.  Mine was private though.

    I have heard other people say that they have been told that they are too young...by the NHS.

    Hop that your consultant takes the right course of action for you.  Bear in mind, though, that new knees are estimated to last about 15 years...so that's why they are reluctant I think.

    Also, through various posts on here, it seems that people generally seem to recover easier the older they are.  Strange, I know.  I've had a continuing nightmare with my second (and bespoke) TKR.

    Wishing you all the best.


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      Thanks Patsy with your comments. GOODLUCK with your new knee, and don't give up!🍀
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      Hi Pasty

      I just read your comment about older people coming through this surgery a lot faster than someone younger.

      Just thought you might like to know I read a study released from the UK about younger people and older people having this surgery

      It's no disrespect to the older generation at all. The study stated that younger people having a full TRK will more likely suffer than someone older as the nerves are so much more responsive (again no disrespect to the older generation at all). Also the study stated that women struggle a lot more with a TRK more than men. They didn't come up with any answers on that one.

      Just useless information really but just saw your comment and remembered reading that study.


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      Thanks Jodie

      I hadn't thought about the nerves being more responsive but mine certainly are to pain, so that's a good point.  Interesting too that women may struggle more...I definitely have with this second TKR.

      I also think that it's difficult to imagine how awful the recovery could be, when you don't know anyone else who's had the operation.  And when you live on your own (whatever age you are), there's a lot more to consider.

      Wishing you all the best,too.

      Of course, younger people also have the pressure of work, or looking after younger families, too.

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      Thanks Pasty

      I think we are all different and we all heal differently too.

      I really had no idea how this surgery was going to effect me. It has been a massive shock to the system. What you pointed out about people living on their own oh my I all I can say. I couldn't think of any worse. You need help and support after this operation.

      So to anyone that is on their own I take my hat off to you. You are certainly brave.


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    Hi Rory

    I am only 43 years old and live in Australia. I am now 28 days out post op full TRK. I am very young to have had this surgery. The surgeons here didn't want to preform the operation as they all stated I was far too young. Far to young or not Rory my scans showed bone on bone.

    I don't think age should be a factor when you are in constant pain and your quality of life is zero. It's about the individual which I think surgeons forget about.

    All I can say Rory you do what you feel is best don't forget we pay the surgeons advice.

    best of luck


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      Hello Jodie,

      thank-you for replying to my post.My God you are young to have had this Surgury! But you must have needed it. For info although my knee is shot I also have had in my life 4 slipped disc surgeries ending in a spinal Fusion operation which meant having the last 3 vertebra fused with rods and six screws when I was 39.

      All my adult life mainly due to high level sport activity in my younger days,I've suffered with either back or knee issues

      I have when younger been able to handle the stress associated with not being able to work although I had two fantastic children and a quite amazing and loving wife Caroline, my best friend.I so hope Jodie that you recover well and that your pain is reduced.I sense you are one strong cookie, Aussies usually are, like the Irish!

      God bless you all the best Rory O'flaherty Keep in touch. Thinking of you now


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      Thanks Roy

      Some days I don't feel tough the complete opposite. I too was like you a lot of sports etc when younger. Ever since I was a little thing my right knee always gave me grief. So I guess it wasn't a huge surprise to find out there was no cartilage left. I am here as I had a fall at work and the company doctor told them I wasn't allowed to go back to the mine until I had a full TKR. So here I am.

      You have been through a lot of surgeries. I couldn't blame you for trying to hold off. It's great you have a supportive family. I would definitely think hard about this surgery. I am hoping with time and a bit of hard work my quality of life will return to some what normal.

      All the best


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