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As I am on strong antibiotics for Lyme disease,I already posted I can't drink my usual half bottle vodka every night,day10 and no alcohol,just wanted to report my doc prescribed Quetiapine to sleep and it actually works,I can do this,as long as I can sleep,I can fight the booze!

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    Anything that helps to slow the brain down, helps with coming off of alcohol.

    And you got lucky with quetiapine, because it is an antagonist, and in the limited studies done, it has been shown to be beneficial in helping those with alcohol depedence.

    On the strong antibiotics, don't be surprised that you are very likely to suffer diarrhea for the complete period of the course and a few days afterwards and maybe a touch of colitis.

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      Hi RHGB the drug is also an antiphicotic for mental health problems,there are no rules,as you say,it is helping me sleep and resist alcohol,though I am very determined to get rid of the horrible Lyme disease.Luckily I have no symtems to suggest withdrawal,I was very sick with diarrhoea first few days but was advised to take pills on full stomach,I have lots of feeling need to burp,bit of wind,but no pain in gut so far.
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    Well 10 days without the vodka is impressive it's just unfortunate that you have had to become ill to enforce sobriety, but I think if you are able to now get the sleep you need then you can smash the demon drink as your brain will begin to adjust to doing without it 😊

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      That's good keep it going 10 days is a lot happy for you.

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      Oh I hope so,Numpty,this is my chance,fate maybe,we,ll see what's happens! X

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    Well done Angela.

    Do you intend to stay off the booze when you have finished the antibiotics?  How long will you be allowed to have the Quetiapine?

    Sorry for all the questions and please only reply if you want to.


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      Hi Patricia,I want to stay off the booze,but would like to think I could drink socially when I finish antibiotics but maybe that's impossible as I could fall back into old ways,I would love to pour my vodka with ice and pep max tonight so do long for that,it's just one doesn't stop at one,as we all have found on this helpful amazing sight,I have 5 days! Will keep you posted.I can take the Quetiapine as long as I want.How are you? X

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      I am pretty much the same Angela, I drink every night after 8o/c, never more than 10 units, but that is still more than the recommended amount.  I just know I wouldn't wind down or sleep without it.  That is why I am very interested in your progress.  I think you have done so well, I admire you.

      Like you, I don't want to never be able to drink again, I just wish I could have the will power to miss a night now and again, which I don't at the moment.

      Anyway, please, please keep posting and letting us know how you are doing.  You have made me wonder if I should ask my doctor to prescribe me Quetiapine, but I haven't admitted to him yet that I have a problem.

      Thank you so much for posting, you inspire me and many others.

      Oh, and can I ask if you know how you contracted Lyme disease?  You don't have to say.

      Pat xxxx

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      Hi Pat,no need to admire me,but thanks anyway,it's the horror of not getting rid of Lyme disease that stops me drinking,as antibiotics may not work if I drink.I got it from a tick bite,I pulled it out but may have left the head in,maybe not,but it took week befor it flared up,an angry looking rash,hot to touch,saw doc same day and he confirmed what 2 other people had said to me that day.The pills I got foas your 

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      Get hack to you Pat,not typing very well,goes slow,then disappears x
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    Good work, Angela!

    How long will you be prescribed quetiapine? I think you need to find out, since it's helping you so much.

    love Tess xx

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      Thank you Tess,doc said it's not addictive like diazepam and I can take it as long as I want,seems too good to be true,so time will tell,I have been drinking nonalcoholic wine past 2 nights,mixed with pep max,as I still feel the need to sip away while watching TV in the evening.How are you doing? X

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      Well, my addiction is/was valium, and I'm doing very well.

      My husband is an alcoholic, though, and he isn't doing well at all. Severe liver damage and terminal.

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      So sorry to hear about your husband Tess,has he managed to stop drinking? I hope he has,and he has loads time left with you,glad to hear you are doing well,especially with family problems,life so hard.x
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      Hi Angela,

      Yes, he's still drinking after a period of stopping completely.

      I would be so glad if he was able to stop, but he hasn't, despite me being very happy that he DID, for nearly six weeks. He was so different then, but now we're no further on and he really has damaged his liver and other organs so doctors say life expectancy seriously reduced. i mean, very seriously.

      But I still support and love him. He hasn't had an easy ride. Yes, life is hard, but at least one of us has (almost) kicked an addiction. I actually had stopped benzos, too, when he stopped drinking. Oh, it's a long story, which includes two stalkers (no, I'm serious) which didn't help either of us.

      Anyway, I am back on track now. Me taking valium won't stop him drinking, so I'm only on 6mg a day, which compared to my earlier misuse, is nothing. I will be on zero in about a month. No more prescriptions and I'm glad. On another thread here I have spent two days and nights trying to persuade somebody thaat benzos are an easy fix, not a cure for anything, but once I told the open forum on that thread how long I'd been on them (40 years) I just got a lecture for being an addict - soooooo helpful.

      Not helpful at all, actually. Made me cry. I was trying to stop the OP going down the benzo route by telling her my story. Oh, so what. Maybe someone else reading it was helped? I hope so.

      Love to you and well done, Angela. Addiction to anything is such an awful thing.

      Tess xxxx

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      Hi Tess,my heart goes out to you regards your husband,curse alcohol,what it's done to him.You are keeping amazingly strong,I hope he sees that.I don't always read my emails from the forum,didn't read yours at the time,you opened your heart,and tho you had ignorant replies I am sure you have helped many others,we all take note to advice,and try and act on it.Life is short even for the healthy long lived people(as a Carer I see no quality of life living so long) just have to make the most of each day as it comes,do you have kids? X

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      yes, we have four children who are now grown.

      They love him to bits.

      IT IS SAD  but we will cope.


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      So glad to hear your 4 kids love their dad,as you both really need their support.My dad was an alcohol,made me and my brother,s life a misery,he stopped talking to his dad,he died at 65 and brother hadn't contacted him in over 20 years,he must feel bad,but doesn't admit it.You will cope,you should be proud of yourself.x

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