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Hi all ♥

By now some of you will know that I love mirt. but alas although it instantly lifted my depression and made me feel alive, I am now experiencing sporadic full blown rages! I have never in my 55 years been an angry person in fact I am too placid most of the time. I have now had 5 rages since being on mirth for four weeks, today I was practically ejected from my chemist because of my behaviour. All because they couldn't find my prescription! I contacted my doctor and said my rage frightens me, I even cry angry tears after each incident. I have now been told to stop taking mirtazipine with immediate effect! Alas start valafaxine (spelt wrong) tomorrow! No tapering...just stop!

Cannot believe my luck. Did anyone here experience unnatural rages?

Thanks all ♥

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    Hi Lorraine,

    I've been taking 30mg mirt for 2 weeks and I have absolutely no patience at all. I've always been known as a person who has lots of time for others but the smallest thing is making me so angry!

    It's taking everything in me to hold it together at the minute, I'm shouting all the time & I'm so short tempered everything is annoying me. I'm actually cancelling any plans I have with friends because I don't want them to see me like it.

    I've got a review with my GP on the 18th; I'm hoping it will pass before then.

    Wish you all the best xx

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      Hi Elaine

      thank you so much for responding. I am sorry your having the same problems, but selfishly relieved it's not just me!

      Really hope this phase passes for you ♥

      God bless x

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      I'm doing the same Elaine, I stayed in all over Xmas and new year, "except once, and that was for 5 mins then home to calm down" I've pushed my husband out the door saying it would be good for him to go out for a break! I don't answer the phone or the door, I've cancelled Australia in Feb for my nephews wedding, I've just simply gone nuts!!

      All because my blood pressure was too high so the GP stopped my venlafaxine over a period of about 2 or 3 weeks!

      Sorry 😟 Rant over! 😔

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      Me too Belinda, we had a very quiet Christmas & New Year just me & my 16 month old daughter. When I felt like I was going to pop my parents came for my girl & had her for an hour or two while I got myself together. Do you have any other withdrawal symptoms?

      I'm going out of the house for necessity only (baby formula, electric topup) I'm sure i'd be in danger of losing it similar to Lorraine did if anything happened to go against me.

      Fingers crossed these are just blips and we'll get thru it ☺

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      You maybe sorry you asked about any other withdrawals Elaine, here's the tip of the iceberg

      Headache permanent

      Hissing in ears worse/ all day

      Light n sound sensitive

      Mood swings / severe lows



      Lack of sleep

      Shoulder pain

      Back pain

      Electrical popping in head

      Eyes/sweeping noise

      Irrational thinking


      Withdrawal from social settings

      Urge to hurt myself

      Jaw clenching

      Self harm

      Although we are all different and won't all react in the same way when stopping medication too abruptly 😟

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    Hi Lorraine, yes, I've had the rages though they came about from withdrawal from Venlafaxine, the very drug your doc wants you to go on!  HOw long were you on Mirt?  Mirt is a very difficult one to come off of an a cold turkey stop is NOT adviseable, even if going on Ven!  They act on different receptors, so ven is not a substitute for mirt and vice versa, and con't negate wd from mirt.  What dosage of mirt are you on?

    Ven and mirt can be taken together.  I would talk to your doctor about reducing the mirt slightly and starting a low dose of ven, 37.5 mg.  

    I will warn you, again, that both mirt and ven have horrific withdrawals when come off too quickly, so you are about to enter into a sort of no-man's land, because once committed to these drugs for any number of weeks, your nervous system will remodel to take their actions into account, and then coming off will have to be done VERY SLOWLY should you ever choose to do so!

    i tried to come off my Ven too quickly a year ago and suffered a horrific 10 month protracted withdrawal that ran the gaummut of symptoms, culminating in depression, insomnia and anxiety the likes of which I had never seen!  I was put on mirt because I was so depressed and couldn't sleep or eat, had lost weight...well, it helped me sleep but couldn't hold up to what I now realize was Effexor WD. I ended up back on ven along with the mirt, and within an hour it was like the sun began to shine on me again.  Ven shouldn't have worked that fast if it wasn't wd!  Now I am doing an ultra slow taper off both. 

    It could be that mirt has pooped out on you and you are experiencing tolerance withdrawal.  Believe it or not, reducing the dose of mirt may actually make you feel better.  However, it needs to be done slowly, and it also depends on how high a dose you got to and for how long.

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      Thank you so much betsy

      I'm currently taking 15mg mirtazipine (only took 7.5 last night as felt so angry + duazepam) and have been on mirt only four weeks. Prior to that six months on citalopram. Not sure what the dose of ven will be as have to collect them in the morning. I'm now seriously thinking of taking nothing and just giving up trying to get better on drugs. ♥♥♥

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      Oh boy, I think you may have had something similar to me, withdrawal from cit that the mirt couldn't cover up.  I would say the anger is more likely due to cit withdrawal that mirt.  I had rages when in withdrawal from Effexor, but not when I went on mirt.  I know I'm like the Withdrawal Boy Who Cried Wolf, it must seem, but I do think that your depression and anxiety sneaking back on Cit were not returning of original symptoms but withdrawal symptoms from tolerance withdrawal.

      Do not just throw in the towel and stop taking any of the drugs you are on cold turkey - disaster! Your system became sensitized with the cit and can't take any more yanking around with these drugs!  Your best bet is a slow reduction off mirt, but you are still left with cit WD.  I STRONGLY encourage you to join the surviving antidepressant forum where the experienced mods can look at your history and advise you! You have nothing to lose by doing so!  If you go to the 10% taper method link in the following link, that takes you to SA and you can join from there.


      I'm SquirrellyGirl there.  Hope to see you there .  BTW it is a non-profit, no cost to join, and I am simply a good samaritan, not someone who works for them or anything

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      Wow feel a whole heap better betsy! Feel lucky to have you all here. 100% going to the forum you suggested now. ♥♥♥♥
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      After reading about your protracted withdrawal from venlafaxine betsy, then the mirtazapine not being enough so now on both, I understand where the doc was coming from! 😏 Last week I saw him and he mentioned starting me on Duloxatine with the mirtazapine, if that is what his plan is, I hope I see the sun shine soon 😢
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      I know that he took you off the ven because of your high BP, but the Duloxatine may not make up for the ven.  I'd ask if it is possible to get liquid ven and maybe reinstate a very small dose.  How much did you come off of?  Sometimes a fraction of that will allow you some relief and then you can do a slower taper off, using the liquid.  SA recommends a 10% taper of the previous dose.  How long have you been off?

      After all the time I'd been off ven, I probably could have gotten away with a much smaller reinstatement dose, maybe 5 mg.  But since I didn't know and neither did my doc, he just threw me on the low dose. 

      How is your BP off?  Mine actually went up in WD!

      If you stick with your doc's plan, I hope it work out

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      Thanks betsy, unfortunately, my bp is still high and now I'm on 2 different types of pills for that! 😟

      Hey ho 😉


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      That is too bad, Belinda!  Were you on the extended release with little beads inside the capsules?  If you have any left, you could take 10 beads for several days and see if it alleviates any of your wd symptoms.  By your list it looks like you are in pretty serious protracted withdrawal!  Sometimes a tiny reinstatement is all that is needed given that all those symptoms are signs of your nervous system trying to adjust back; you've probably come part way.  The problem with not reinstating and just sticking it out is that recovery from AD withdrawal is not linear; it occurs in windows and waves, and sometimes a wave can get worse later down the road than earlier days.  It defies logic, but when you think about all the other chemical systems that are impacted by changes in serotonin and norepinephrine, it's a veritble pin-ball game, with there being periods of calm before things start riccocheting around again!
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      No betsy, I was on the tablet form, I'm just hoping the hospital wave a magic wand tomorrow, yeah rite huh! Lol 😉😏

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