Random throbbing head pain and pressure in right side

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For over a month now, I've had an infrequent throbbing pain & pressure on the right side of head. It appears randomly, and occurs much more frequently when I'm stressed. Although, when I feel fine it will still appear, just not as frequently.  It's always on the right side of my head, near the top but will occasionally be at the back of my head too. I will feel it every single time when I wake up, without fail. That's the only time I can guarantee it'll be felt.

I've had a CT scan done a few weeks ago which came out completely clear. I was thinking that it was my sinuses acting up, so I went to an ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) specialist, but they couldn't find anything wrong.

I don't know what else it could possibly be. I'm starting to think that it may be my neck, but I'm not entirely sure ...

Anyway, here's a summary:

* Throbbing in head on the right side

* Infrequent (appears at random)

* Appears every day

* Brings my mood down completely whenever it occurs

* Had a CT scan; was completely clear

* Sinuses are completely fine, and are clear

Please help.

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    I forgot to mention in the summary:

    * Constant head pressure on the right side which is often dull but gets worse when the throbbing begins

    * Occasional pressure behind right eye

    * Occasional in right ear

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      I've been having the same type of symptoms and I'm very scared I have a brain tumor.


      -Headache (inconsistent)

      -Frequent pain behind head


      -Nausea ( inconsistent)

      -Hard to concentrate at times

      -Throbbing of head

      -Random spasms around body

      Please give me some advice. I'm a 16yr old male and I'm very scared because I just do not want cancer or anything.

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      Let me try out your mind at ease. I had the same symptoms and went to the GP. A nice lady whom I respect she has always looked after me well. I know some can be terrible.

      The symptoms of a brain tumour are actually very different:

      Weight loss



      Change on personality

      It is very rare that you end up with a headache!

      I would go to your GP and have them tell you for your own peace of mind but it's almost certainly not a Tumor if you have a headache.

      Hope this helps.

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      When you mean confusion and dizziness what do you mean? I do get dizzy a lot but it's not like "I'm going to fall omg" but it's like being lightheaded. And what exactly do you mean by confusion? Bc I have had some problems remembering words and concentrating.
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      I get dizzy when I stand up and sometimes I have to stand still and wait for it to go away. AND I too get confused and forget simple things! like im so scared and my vision is blurry but I think i need glasses im scareddd of a tumor or something
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      Sorry but you are wrong. I had bad headaches and vertigo-GP sent me to a Neurologist and a brain tumor was found in a MRI.
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      What was the signs& symptoms you were having and what made you decide to go to your Doctors?
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      I had severe vertigo headaches and plus my son is 3rd year medical school student and he had me go to my GP. GP sent me to ENT. ENT sent me to a Neurologist. Neurologist had me have MRI and lumbar puncture. Has not been very fun. 😯
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      How long have you been dizzy? Just so you know chronic vertigo is not related to anxiety. Hope you are doing better.
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      I'm worried about this now I had been told a last week I had vertigo from an illness I had called labrynthitis Im still a little dizzy but it's not that bad and only now and again I get pains in the back of my head but they are not severe and sometimes I get headaches should I be worried and can brain tumours be treated
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      This guy needs to educate himself. Before attempting to correct others
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      Headache/head pain is a very typical symptom of a brain tumor. Check out the Harvard site. Please don't pass on incorrect info to people who have fears
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      I'm 24 and experience the same thing I've had a crush scan and all is clear just try to stay calm and get an mri done as Doon as possible

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      You really should not give advice without knowing your facts. Headache CAN be a sign of brain tumor and weight loss is not necessarily a sign. I had 2 tumors that had caused so much swelling that it had pushed my brain over the midline the swelling caused by the tumor caused such pressure and headaches along with vision disturbances and dizziness. I also had weight gain due to the problems the tumor caused with my pituitary. No 2 people with brain tumors are the same. So please don't say it can never cause anything.

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      Go to the doctor if you haven't already they can do CT scan with contrast and a lumbar puncture to rule out anything.  Do not disreguard head pain.

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      hi I see it has been a while since you posted but I had the same symptoms especially thhe dizziness and the blurry vision and was diagnosed with papilodema by an eye doctor. The neurologist I saw prescribed medication (that would alter my life) and an LP without even thinking of another course of treatment however I consulted with a brain surgeon I knew and he said that if I lost weight first without using the medication the pressure in my brain could go away, so after loosing 5 kg I was better and have been for a year with no problem. 
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      I have the same exsact symthons. Each and everyone, I am as well 16. Did you find anything?
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      Not really. I had a stroke 5 years ago and those were my symptoms and more. Headaches should be taken more seriously. I was really young when i had it and my mom didn't really take me seriously. She thought i was just sick with something small and normal. I had it and suffered with those symptoms for 4-5 months until my body finally couldn't handle it. My neurosurgeon said it was a miracle that i didn't damage any nerves or that i didn't end up in a coma or dead. 

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      The same what i take to make me cured iam pain in rightside of my head and eyes sometimes my neck
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      Hopefully by now you've seen your doctor? You have described symptoms of Orthostatic Hypertension-high blood pressure, very important to be treated.

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      Hi Carolee, thanks for that. I have two good blood pressure monitors. Both say mine is very normal. Also I have a resting heart rate of 47 due to my long distance running. I'm swayed more towards neurological. My Doctor is seeing me again on 1st March. I'll post again saying how I get on then. Thanks, Phil

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      I have known many people with brain tumors personally and as a nurse. My sister had one, the man she later married had one, my friends mom and my Dad's girlfriends son. The most prominent 1st symptom for all of them was headaches. My sister had headaches for almost a year before our pediatric MD finally ordered CT scan and then only ofter she started runninhg into walls and projectile vommiting. While there are many causes of headaches other than brain tumor, I think it is always best to see a doctor about them and be persistant. If our MD had ordered an CT scan sooner I am sure there would have been less pain and suffering to my family. On a better note, all four individuals I knew personally with brain tumors are still alive today.

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      You most defnitely can get headaches if you have a tumor.
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      Anyone who has concerns about their health should contact their gp or attend A&E.

      Looking for reassurance or medical advice from people not qualified in medicine I.e a doctor is silly. Their is no one, other that a doctor or health professional qualified to deal with anyone's health problems. And that goes for anyone on this site trying to reassure or offer their opinion if not medically qualified don't

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      Did you get sorted I'm suffering with the same thing and am really really worried?

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      Sorry delay had difficulty signing in. I had x-rays but showed wear and tear.Not much can do except pain killers. Can be caused by repetitive strain from computers or using the mobile phones. I am 64 and they put everything down to age
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      Wondering if you have figured this out? It really sounds like you may have Lyme Disease! I have it and those are a lot of my main symptoms. Good luck!
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      I have a meningioma brain tumor on the fifth nerve which means it is sitting on my brain stem, it cause right sided facial drooping, numbness, tingling and pain because of the fifth nerve I also get shooting pain in my head behind my right eye, this is called Trigeminal neuralgia, I do have startle response syndrome which then causes what looks and acts like a stroke with pseudo seizures and the pseudo bulbar effect, I have not lost a pound I actually gained weight and I have horrible headaches every day, every person is different. My opinion is to go have an MRI these tumors are small at first and can take sometimes 20 years to start having symptoms so just to make sure and ease your mind gohave a look at your noggin.

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