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After months of a bitter taste, sore burning tongue and constant mucous/throat clearing, I was prescribed Ranitidine along with Gaviscon.

I've altered my diet, cut out dairy and all the negative foods such as tomatoes, onions etc

My question is could there be something I'm missing?

What I mean is, a lot of the time these days my symptons are ok - they only rate a 1 or 2 out of 10 but then all of a sudden - BAM! It's like I'm still eating something that is reacting with me and causing the bitter taste/sore, dry tongue......

I've started using almond milk as I was struggling to find anything to drink except water. A few days after staring the almond milk I though I would give muesli a try - I've not had it since this reflux all started back in November. Within 10 minutes my tongue is burning and sore and I have a horrible bitter 'paracetomal' like taste in my mouth. Would the acid be caused so quickly? What could be in muesli that causes such a reaction?!

Or could it be that the Ranitidine is not working and that I need to try something else?

I'm fed up with this - it's taking over my life.


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    If a lot of the time your symptoms are ok, my guess is that the ranitidin is working.

    I mean it is never working 100%, but is should improve your symptoms.

    When I get a reaction from a food, I feel it very quickly.

    What are the ingredients of your muesli?

    I usually stick with oatmeal which is safe.

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    Which brand of almond milk do you use?

    I avoid milk and I was looking for a replacement too but I am afraid of trying something else.

    I am eating foods with Ph level above 5 only, and it is hard to know what is the ph level of almond milk, soy milk, etc, especially with the added vitamins.

    Also I avoid fat (triggers my symptoms)

    , and the low-fat version of those milk substitute usually don't taste good.

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      Any brand of almond milk is good, get only unsweetened. Almonds or almond milk is very alkalic.

      Oatmeal is acidic, I can eat only cream of buck wheat. 

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    Hi there ines6375

    Thanks lots for your reply!

    What are your symptons please? I think I still worry at times that I've been misdiagnosed sad

    Last November I woke up with a 'bitter taste' which was dreadful. I gradually noticed excessive mucous and a sore tongue. It's taken all these months to get to the LPR diagnosis but I'm not 100% convinced. Saying that, after keeping a food diary, I did notice that foods like pizza, milk, tea, tomatoes etc seemed to make the 'taste' worse. That was BEFORE I read anything about acid reflux etc!

    Anyway, I've only been on the Ranitidine a week. I've been using Gaviscon for about a month I guess.

    I was kind of hoping for a miracle with the Ranitidine wink

    The muesli contains nuts, raisins, wheat, barley, gluten and oats.

    The almond milk is Tesco Free From - it's lovey! Like a nutty milk shake. I'm really pleased to have found it.

    I had a cup of tea yesterday - first time in moths and it was very drinkable, just smelt a bit 'nutty'. I'd previously tried soya milk which I found disgusting tbh!!

    A wondered if fat could trigger my bitter taste. I've been on chicken dinners for weeks, but had burgers on Sunday and sausages last night??? They tasted yummy at the time, but it's a possibility I guess?!

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      all meats are acidic, I can eat whit weat once a week and 2 a week fish. Rest vegies. Red meat is poison when your ph is below 7ph or acidic
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    I have gastritis and acid reflux, I used to have that bad taste in my mouth all the time and a sore throat but it is better now, and the sore throat is gone.

    What helped me most is the diet recommended in the book by Jamie Koufman called "Dropping acid: the reflux diet cookbook and cure".

    Fat is definitely a no no, it triggers symptoms very much.

    I have been on chicken dinners for a while too, I vary with lean fish, shrimps, tofu, tempeh and beans.

    But I don't eat beef or other red meats anymore.

    I am not sure what is wrong with your muesli, raisins are acidic, nuts are fatty but it should be tampered by the cereals. Maybe it is the accumulation of little excess of the last days that just showed up after the muesli.

    Tea is a known trigger as well.

    For the sore throat, water with Ph. 8.8 in between meals might help.

    Ranitidine worked very well for me as long as I stick to the diet. But I don't like being on medication for too long, especially since it prevents you to absorb vitamine B12 (which needs stomach acid). So I am trying now to get off the medication (avoid the rebound effect) and control my symptoms with the diet only.

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    Hi again, thank you for such a great reply.

    What a coincidence - I was looking at that book on Amazon earlier today! I will go ahead and order it.

    So would tea cause it then? I thought it was the milk!

    And would pork sausage still affect me?

    The burgers were beef though!

    Was the taste in your mouth or throat?

    Mine is in my mouth/on my tongue and tastes like paracetamol. Although some of my symptoms match LPR exactly, there are a few that don't which is why I worry. If I knew 100% this taste was LPR it would put my mind at rest and I'd be better able to cope I think. At the moment, it's on my mind all the time - even on good days sad

    Thanks again for taking the tine to reply smile xx

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      Hi it's Wilfie again - excuse the interruption in yup conversation - I like you am trying to find some help for this horrible condition

      please can you explain what the abbreviation LPR stands for IV not heard that before,

      thank you 

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    Tea is a trigger food to avoid, but I forgot why, she explains it in the book.

    You can replace with Chamomile tea.

    I don't know if almond milk is good or not, you can buy little strips on amazon to test its acidity (Ph level > 5 is totally safe, Ph level above 4 is for when you get better), check the fat content as well.

    I would be curious to know.

    Pork sausages are full of fat, even if you don't react immediately to it, it might add up and make you more sensitive to other foods later. I would switch to low-fat chicken sausages (most have black pepper in it though, chicken breast is better).

    The taste was in my mouth, like a metallic taste, just weird and unpleasant.

    If you are not sure of what you have, you can try the diet and see if it helps. It is a healthy diet, it doesn't hurt. It sounds very likely that you have acid reflux though.

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply to all my questions!

    I've had the 'taste' all day (since eating the muesli) despite taking 2 lots of Gaviscon......

    Is that normal with LPR? I mean, should it be constant? Xxx

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    I just realized that I am not taking the same medication though, I am taking dexilant (PPI), you used the chemical word of the medecine so I got confused.

    I tried Ranitidine once in addition to dexilant when my symptoms were too bad and it helped though.

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    Did you check the book "fast track digestion heartburn" by Norman Robillard? I have not read it but it has good reviews online and it seems to make sense. It is a different diet based on limiting sugars that create gas in the lower intestine..

    The diet from the book of Dr Koufman helped me a lot and I don't get really bad "acid crisis anymore" but I am trying to get off the medication dexilant (PPI) now, and some light version of my symptoms are coming back when I don't take the medication, so I will look into it.

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    After stopping the dexilant, I had some symptoms coming back for a few days.

    So I tried DGL licorice and it works very well, I feel normal again.

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      Hi there - please could you tell me what you mean by DGL licorice 

      and is dexilisnt a medication 

      apologies this is all new to me, this burning tongue and mouth is driving me crazy - any suggestions please 


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