Re: blood clots in the lungs and copd.

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As I am pretty new to the whole issue of having copd, how are blood clots

in the lungs and copd connected?  Or not?  Actually I was diagnosed quite

a few years ago with copd and believe this or not, went into total denial.

Didn't even know that I had done that, ie. until a few weeks ago the gp said,

"You have copd."  My reply, "I know".  Not going to go into all of why I

chose to ignore the fact of having copd, other than, I'll give you a couple,

I have several, many, many other health issues going on.  Spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, just to name a few.

I am in constant pain every single day of my life and I can't tolerate any

medications - none.  I've tried.  None of them work for me, they make me

very, very ill, almost deathly ill (some).  So, I get up everyday and pray

to the Lord to give me strength to carry on, to put one foot in front of the

other and that's it, just keep moving forward to wherever that may lead me.  Good night.  (not quite yet, it's just before 6pm!)....

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    It's a great pity you went into denial when you were first diagnosed with COPD because there are so many ways the progression can be slowed down and life made more manageable, but it's never too late.   I did the opposite:  went into a state of panic and felt that a very nasty death was approaching far too quickly.  My gp at the time suggested I calm down and told me she'd just been to the funeral of a patient who'd had COPD for more than 20 years and lived to around 80. 

    I have no idea of any connection between lung blood clots and COPD:  what does your doctor say about this?   Someone on here may be able to help you with info

    You do have a lot on your plate with all those medical issues - I really feel for you.  As well as getting some clarification from your doctor/s, stay on this forum if you can, it's great for both information and support

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      It was from Jackie's comments I think re blood clots in the lungs that I

      was concerned about.  Thank you so much for caring, you will never

      know how much it means to me - a total stranger.  Thank-you.  I have

      had two strokes in the last year or so.  I lost my speech briefly when one

      of them happened.  I am alone.  This is a small, red neck town and

      I am not from here.  I am from a big city.  No one "get's me here" and

      I feel as if I am going into a deep, dark hole.  I do have my faith and

      that is all that is keeping me going.  Thanks again.

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    Dear Terri,

    I read your post with tears in my eyes and am so sorry you have to suffer so much. Pain every single moment of life changes life, changes perspective, changes our countenance and our level of hope. I am fortunate to have suffered my several severe bouts of pain for short spurts, like two years at a time and then found relief.

    You are strong! I too suffer COPD and like you, I also had a pulmonary embolism one time. What I learned is that blood clots form in our legs and then travel to other parts of the body. It has nothing to do with COPD. However, it does have a whole lot to do with inactivity. Given your challenges, movement may not come easily or enough.

    Do the blood thinners as directed and hopefully the blood clot will dissipate. Your life is in acute danger from the blood clot. A couple of things you can do when you cannot move about is to do ankle foot flexes to pump blood away from your legs. You can also squeeze your buttocks tight, release, and tight and so forth and compression socks/hose. Since I do not know much about how your other conditions affect you, I cannot offer a whole lot of advice, but in general focus on pumping your blood up from your legs.

    Your life is not in acute danger from COPD and perhaps fear of the condition has caused you to bury your head in the sand? Or perhaps your overwhelmingly many other health conditions you manage caused you to not want to deal with yet another thing wrong with your body? If so, I feel you.

    What I want to share is that there is still life with COPD. There are highly effective medications to treat it and that will help at least one part of your life seem controllable. Yes, it means adding some more meds to your medicine collection, but know that you are not alone!

    Research COPD and make any change you need to make so you can breathe better. You deserve this one less struggle. I can offer my take on how to manage it if you like and there are many others on this site to gain knowledge from. We are not doctors, but we can share frontline battle tips and cheer you on!

    My best to you and I just prayed for you.

    💛 Dawn, USA

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    hi i have recently found out that clots and copd are not connected i was in shock that i suffer from both in a four mth period i know do not smoke and havent drank in a while so hopefully i will get peace and try and live a normal life but the worry is always there has its all still new to me thank you and GOD BLESS
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    My Dear, you may be my medical twin in life! I have many of the same ailments that you have. I know exactly how you feel to be in pain every minute of every day of your life. I have degenerative joint disease or DJD, spinal stenosis, I have a disk issue in my neck and back, I have lymphoedema with severe cellulitis requiring wound care daily In my left leg. I have venous insufficiency. I'm overweight so exercise is really hard. I have severe carpal tunnel in both hands. I have Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel which really adds to immobility. And now moderate to severe COPD. Is it any wonder that we get depressed at times??? My life as I knew it just stopped. I also have no meniscus in my left leg since they scraped it out and at some point I will need knee replacements. I only take Advil for hospital and Dr's don't like to give pain meds. Keep praying my sister...He is the only way I make it thru...and knowing my family still needs me. I'm sure I'm leaving out some medical ailments but I'm exhausted trying to list them all. You get the picture.....

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      So sorry to hear that you have so many ailments that are causing you

      a lot of pain.  Obviously I can relate.  Not sure if I should mention this

      or not, here goes anyway, guess it will be moderated and they will decide if it should be posted or not.  A few weeks ago I was prescribed

      Macrobid 100mg to be taken twice a day for a urinary tract infection.

      I took it for 2 1/2 days.  On the third day I had to quit taking it due to

      the horrendous side effects it caused in my poor, old skinny body and

      mind as well.  I thought death was near.  It has permanently damaged

      my lungs and liver, my vision blurred, the pain in my joints and bones

      was so bad it worke me up at night.  Couldn't think straight, could barely put a sentence together or complete a thought.  Constant ringing in my left ear that nearly drove me to distraction.  I try not to

      take anything in the way of meds, never really have for most of my life.

      Always had a problem with not being able to tolerate them.  This stuff

      topped them all though, awful crap.  Thanks for your message to me.

      I will include you in my prayers.  xx


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      Wow terri69807!

      I have taken Macrobid before, in fact several months ago but I did ok. I also had a urinary tract infection...see...I told you we are medical It's so crazy that you had all those side affects from it!! Scary!! In the future, what are you going to be able to take for an antibiotic? I'm so glad you were able to think clearly enough to realize what was happening! Yes ma'am I can never get enough prayers. You will be in mine as well. Are you in the UK or the States?

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      Morning ladyjack51:  At least it is here in Canada - 6:32AM.  Was thinking

      how different we all are and that's a good thing, kind of like snow flakes!

      I seem to be able to tolerate "old school" antibiotics but the younger Dr.'s

      nowadays seem to run to the newers ones.  Will have to make sure, obviously, that when needed again that I ask for an older type of antibiotic.  I live in a small town on an island off the west coast.  Where

      are you at?  Take care. x

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      Hi terri...

      So sorry I haven't been on here in a couple days to reply to you. Yes...we are like snowflakes...or maybe more like fingerprints!!! Lol yes they used to give my Clindamycin but I got immune to it so now I use Cephalexin, which is Keflex when needed. Trial and error I guess, but dang, we sure don't want another allergic reaction or side affect like what you went thru!! I live in Dallas Texas. You live on an island? Omg...I wonder what that's like!

      My COPD is behaving for the most part. My big issue is this lymphoedema and cellulitis in my left leg...and plantar fasciitis in that same left heel!!! Sometimes I just think it would be better to cut it off. Really

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    Hi there terri, wel i,m pretty much in the same situation as you. I,m 53 now, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 15 years ago along with high bp all of a sudden and its ruined my life,had no energy lost a lot of weight mostly muscle, gp suspected cancer as it runs in the family, i went and had all tests for cancer but thank god it wasnt, i had caught TB and it had gone untreated so has weakened my lungs considerably.was told i had copd 3 years ago. I was in denial too I so feel like you do. I,m not sure that all the medications i,m on are prolonging my life, i feel like giving them all up and taking my chances because i feel like rubbish every day
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      As far as I know, none of the medications prescribed for COPD will prolong life and aren't claimed to do so, but they can help keep the condition better managed and improve quality of life.  

      What sort of "rubbish" do you feel?  If you mean exhaustion, that's common with COPD but I've found it can be managed with exercise and medication:  I strongly recommend pulmonary rehab, where I learned that even HOW you breathe can save energy.    

      I'm a few years after diagnosis and have found it's a very erratic conditon:  some days I feel fairly ok & others exhausted.  I learnt at rehab that there's no point in trying to "soldier on" with COPD, you have to stop when breathing is difficult or you get tired or it'll take longer to recover. 

      I'm amazed you had TB because that's almost totally eradicated theswe days - what country are you in & how did you catch it?

      What medications are you on for COPD?

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    Just FYI you Terri and to everyone, however alot of you may already know this....there is some amazing informational videos on YouTube and I just didn't know it. Just put COPD in the search box and there is sooooo much stuff it's great!! Especially the breathing exercises and things that I wanted to seek a pulmonary rehab for. My hosp doesn't have one and I was thinking about going to another hosp here and throwing myself at their mercy to get in their rehab bc I don't have insurance. could browse and watch the videos all night....some uplifting stories, some graphically real and sad. But best of all...truth and things to learn.
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      It really is worth doing the breathing exercises:  I've found a couple of times if I miss them for more than a couple of days my breathing deteriorates quite markedly and my energy levels go down.

      Thanks for the info about videos on the net, I'll check them out as a backup for what I learnt at rehab

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      Absolutely...I'm about to start my own regime since I don't have one handy around me. But yeah, lots of videos on was actually fun going through them. But soooo many it would take awhile to go thru them all. That's a good thing right!
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      I am honored to offer anything I can Dawn...I figured yall already knew about them. But's fun to watch them and learn stuff. And you've helped me alot with your tips..I'm just happy if I gave you something in return.
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