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Hi guys,

Wondering if I should increase to 10 mg.

I've gone from 2.5 to 5 mg to 7.5mg, since June 22nd.

I thought I was beginning to feel better on 7.5mg, and I have had some better days.

However, got involved in a bit of a family argument this week with my brother and the last couple days feel back at square one. No sleep the last couple of nights, racing heart, feeling jittery. Churning, upset stomach. Absolutely yelled at him on the phone (all deeply buried resentment coming out.) I was a bit scared by myself though.... I was SO angry. Anyone else experienced this anger on cit? Although I do think maybe it was just a lot of resentment that reached boiling point.

This is nearly my 4th week at 7.5mg, will be tomorrow, wondering whether it is quite enough. Perhaps I need to boost up to 10mg.

Or should I give it another couple of weeks? I think it's also partly psychological, as I know I recovered at 10 mg before.

Trouble is, am not sure what is actual anxiety, and what is side effects any more. Tablets do make me feel a bit jittery anyway at the moment. Either that, or just plain exhausted.

I take it first thing in the morning, around 7 am, with breakfast.

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    Morning Ruth

    I would give it another 2 weeks on the dose you are at. As you say the argument with your brother may have been resentment and might have happened anyway, with or without the meds. Not saying you are doing this but sometimes it is all so easy to blame cit for our feelings when if you think about it we are only human and are going to go through emotions regardless. If after another couple of weeks of letting the dust settle so to speak, you are still feeling like Mrs angry then go speak to your doctor. I know when I was trying to adjust to a dose change I got very annoyed with my grandson for not a lot of reason but it passes

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      Thanks Sue,

      I think you're right. I've been really peed off with bro for ages because he keeps stressing out our elderly parents, and I've been sitting on that fury..... so, not really because of cit at all, just anger coming up to the surface. Which is likely a good thing. I think we've all been tiptoeing around him a bit, well, not any more. He got several pieces of my mind yesterday.

      I need to follow my own advice and not keep upping the dose. This level could be enough.

      Need to remember that I have had some good days over the last 4 weeks, as well as bad.

      I definitely feel as if I have more energy, but am not quite feeling a mood lift yet. Also, my sleep is still intermittently rubbish.

      I have beta blockers here, but am also trying not to medicate my natural feelings too much, if you get what I mean.

      Thanks for replying. I just so want to feel like my normal bouncy self again. But, as I keep telling other people, it can't be rushed.

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    As others will tell you, you are right it can't be rushed. If you are having some good days then it is working but understand how frustrating it can be when all we want is normal, been there done that now let's move on. Has taken me 6 months to get better because of my frustration and changing doses. Have settled on 15mgs and am fairly back to normal, although 20 was my dose last time on meds.

    Don't be hard on yourself about your brother sometimes things need to be said and now he knows how you feel and if he doesn't take anything from that then it is his problem not yours

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    I'm also really kind of jerky, involuntary muscle spasms.

    It's so weird because have had some days where I actually do feel OK. I think what I'm mostly experiencing is an increase in anxiety symptoms, although was also a bit more depressed last week.

    Do you think this is kinda normal for about 4 weeks into the increase?

    My GP is generally good, but even he is a bit off with you should be feeling better in 3 weeks.

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      Yes Ruth it is normal after only 4 weeks. I too had the jittery feelings and the involuntary muscle spasms, that has all gone now, as hard as it is I did tried and flip it with side effects and tell myself that they were nothing to worry about, just the meds doing their magic, (says she who used to come on here and bemoan that I couldn't cope 🤔wink

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      Thanks Sue, very reassuring.

      Recovery is just tough. It's a long old road..... Ugh. Good to read that you are doing better now 😊

      Am gonna get myself out moving very soon. Have a great rest of the day.

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      Focus on your good days and one day you will have the odd bad day, dont be so hard on yourself, give yourself lots of tlc, you deserve it.

      Please remind me of my advice in a few months when I am tapering smile x

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    Hi Ruth

    You have given me some really good advice on coping with my withdrawal for which I thank you. I don't think I can offer any real pearls of wisdom but I think I would ask myself, in your case, do I want to come off this med eventually or stay on it. From previous posts I get the feeling you have been trying to come of it in the past.

    If you still have withdrawal in mind I would stay where you are until you get over this temporary blip. Once your head is clear then you can decide what's best for you.

    I'm sure you will be offered excellent advise, as I have, from far more experienced citalopram users here than me.

    Try to deal with the anxiety issues, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how. I know family situations can be difficult, I am not looking forward to a visit from sister in law this weekend, so overpowering. Worse because I'm not in any state to fight back. I have to bite my tongue.

    You will overcome this blip and you will continue to give excellent advice on here I'm sure.

    Take care

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      Thank you Lina,

      I actually called my brother about an hour ago, I apologised for yelling and he apologised for his part in the drama. Family stuff is so hard, and we are not a family who has ever been open with one another, so it's a bit tricky.

      Yes, one day I'd like to be off these. But we'll see..... that feels very far down the road at the moment. At the moment, just wanna feel well.

      Thanks for your encouragement, much appreciated.

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    Hello, anxiety can causes many symptoms, and sometimes you arent particularly worried about something, or are aware of it. Certainly, irratability, less tolerant of people, anger, worry, insomnia and lots more. You can get used to it, so you arent sure if you are anxious. Feeling exhausted usually follows periods of anxiety, as it takes so much energy out of you. Feeling exhausted and tired is good in a way, as it means you have relaxed somewhat. Otherwise, the anxiety would just continue escalting. 10mg sorted you previously. Youve been on 7.5mg for 4 weeks, so you should experience too much side effects going to 10mg. 10mg is still a low dose, although certainly enough for a lot of people. Id say increase to 10mg. It would also stop you worrying about whether you should increase or not. You can think im on my optimum dose, lets just get on with things. Most people who have taken anti depressants for a long time, HAVE A LOT of experience, have a feel for what dose they need, Intuition. I followed mine with dose increases, felt happier when id done it, and got it right each time. Hope this helps.
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