Really bad dandruff, oozing scabs on scalp

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Hi All,

Since my hyserectomy (2+ years ago) I've had all the usual menopause problems, probably made worse by having the hysterectomy, but that was unavoidable.

My doctor and I are trying to sort out the best thing to do - Due to breast cancer being high in my immediate family and my blood problem, HRT is out of the question. (believe me we've gone down every route)

I'm having sweats - night and day and have a wet scalp most of the time, these have got worse in the last 2 years.

I leave my hair to dry naturally as a hair drier sound starts off my ears playing up (MD)

I've been taking extra vitamins and minerals and supplements and changed my diet, to help, which they all do.

the huge flakes of dandruff on my scalp, sometimes ooze clear liquid, occasionally blood.

I wash my hair about twice a week. I'm disabled and need my partner or other help to do this and I can't cope with doing it more often as I'm drained of energy from coping with my MD, eye problems, sciatica and others. (the list is getting longer by the day. lol)

I've tried every anti dandruff shampoo out there (polytar shampoo helps a bit, but a locally made rosemary, tea tree and cypress shampoo is the best so far and it's all natural ingredients. I can't use anything with added perfume.)

I rinse my hair really well.

I realise that this is not getting to the root of the problem, but suggestions are welcome.

I'm on a healthier diet, which is also helping (don't mention the Valentine's day chocs though!!!!)

I drink plenty of water (for other health reasons) and have my regular body mineral and vitamin checks to make sure I'm not lacking in anything -  so far I haven't been.

Oh, and I don't scratch my head, been told not to by hairdresser!

Has anyone had the same problem?

Oh, Also, I have never had dandruff in my life before the menopause.

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    Could it be pscorisis ? I had an ointment to rub in that helped, I've been told almond oil is good, I have psoriatic arthritis and same on my head, but also body, worth a mention to doc. If not ask to be referred to a skin specialist. Much love to you, hope you find relief soon xxx
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    Are yiu in the UK? There is a great shampoo called alphosyl which may help.
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    Just to add .....

    I washed my hair every day for a month last summer, with a lot of help from my partner, just to see if it made any difference.

    It didn't!

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    Hi I have the same, but i also have it on my body too its acne. for me. i have been using lorrele, sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. I also got some antibiotic lotion from dr it dries them up.If not try some neutragina spot control this also dries them up.

    Good luck it helps to know your not the only one and your not going mad xxx

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    I have a really itchy scalp back of head and fes like dry scabby scalp. I was recommended T Gel shampoo on this forum and it really works for me. It's horribke though as sometimes I could just sit there and itch it which isn't very nice. I think, for me, T Gel when it gets bad as you don't need to use it all the time and to stop itching it and making it sore. Hope it's better soon x
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    I tried tgel too it worked for my itching but not for spots. I soaked in the bathe last night with epsom salts i also put it on ove night,dont no if it willwork but im deffe feeling better today and the spots seemed to of dried,worth ago.

    Good luck

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    I have what is called Cradle Cap when you see it on a baby.  I am losing hair fast, have found the tree tea oil and essential oil mix does help.  My hair will not come back until I deal with this scalp problem.  Try pouring apple cidar vinegar, diluted with water on your head.  It is a anti-fungal and takes all built up products off of the head and scalp.
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      The only thing that seems to help me is the rosemary, tea tree and cypress shampoo - when I rinse, my hair squeaks, it's so clean. I've tried every shampoo out there  (127+) For as long as each bottle lasted. The ones for dandruff make it worse.

      Also, I have a problem with added perfumes in shampoo or other body products, so steer clear of most things out there.

      So far I've only lost hair when I scratch a scab off - I'm trying to do what my hairdresser suggested - just touch my scalp with fingertips not nails, but I find myself scratching absentmindedly. (must find some cotton gloves!)

      I only use a spray on, leave in conditioner - all natural, just on the ends, no where near the scalp, just so I can get a brush through it. 

      I don't use any other products (styling etc) I never have, I don't need to.

      Yes I've tried apple cider vinegar and my scalp flared up badly.

      For the past month, until last week, I've had no hot sweats, and my scalp was a lot better. now the sweats are back, my scalp is wet through and the dandruff / scabs are back.

      If I was able to, I would wash my hair every day, but due to disability, I can't, even if i had help.


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    Hi there,

    How are you? How is your scalp issue? I have been suffering from a similar issue. I changed the water. I found that it was hard water that was causing the trouble. Why dont you try it? I use a 20Litre drinking water container to wash my hair. Let me know if you feel any difference?

    Best regards

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      We have soft water anyway, as shampoo, soap, washing liquid etc lathers easily

      Just seen specialist at hospital last week - shocked at the news - got my microscope out when I got home - it's a living, scalp burrowing creature (explains the pain & irritation) It's soooo tiny. (much smaller than head lice etc) probably "caught" while I was in hospital.

      I've had to have hair cut short - usually do this time of year anyway - I'm using prescription liquid on scalp twice a day (to drown the little bu**ers)

      It should be cleared up by the time I go back in a month.


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