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fiona51388 fiona51388

Really suffering, best eye ointment ever been taken off market

Has anyone with raging permanent or semi permanent blepharitis encountered a problem getting hold of lacrilube eye ointment recently?  Its showing as unavailable virtually everywhere!!  I don't know how the marketeers can be so ruthless and cruel, I have raging sore, swollen, reddened, weepy, gunky, streaming, irritated eyes and can do nothing about it as th e ointimet that solves the problem in a flash, lacrilube, I'm out of and unable to order more, anyone else fed up and trying not to drip?!

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  • Marina Dee fiona51388

    I'm experiencing the same with Simple eye ointment which is similar to Lacrilube but suits me better.  I have just bought Xailin night eye ointment from Amazon so hoping its identical.    As Pamela says Lacrilube is available online at several places......Superdrug for example.      

    • fiona51388 Marina Dee

      Hi Marina, I tried Superdrug but think they too must have run out as the page just kept goign round and round, Pharmacy 2U where I normally get it say its been withdrawn long term, it seems strange they are taking several eye ointments off at the same time, wonder why?  I'm speaking to my GP tomorrow and will ask him which eye ointment that is avaiable is most like lacrilube as it really did the trick for me and I need it on prescriptoin, not paid as very conscious \I need to  save for my hols and need to get a lot of cash behind me at the moment, I 'd prefere it on prescription anyway, if I can get it.

    • Marina Dee fiona51388

      Know what you mean ...I would be desperate without my ointment. It may be a licensing problem as it was with Simple eye last year. Took about 18 months to sort out. If you dont get Lacrilube ask your doctor for Simple on prescription. Went to chemist this morning with my prescription and have to wait 24 hours but they have promised me I will get it.

  • Marina Dee fiona51388

    Got my simple Eye ointment this morning as chemist had promised. Its identical to Lacrilube Fiona. Ask your Doctor if he can prescribe Simple eye ointment or Xailin Night eye ointment........I have just bought some on Amazon in case Simple becomes unavailable.     Dont get any of the eye gels ...they are not the same.      

    Xailin ointment arrived this morning....I havent used it yet but have squeezed a bit out of the tube to see what its like...seems the same.

    How long have you had dry eye? 

  • Marina Dee fiona51388

    Did you get the Simple[in the red box] on prescription? It seems an extortionate price to buy. Used to be about £4.50 but now it can be between £16.00 and £24.00......outrageous.......dont know what is going on with these ointments. Boots used to do one which was identical and an identical price but that has disappeared as well.

    I agree the Xailin GEL is useless, but I am talking about the Xailin NIGHT ointment which is much thicker. May be a good idea to bear it in mind if Simple and Lacrilube disappear.   I cant manage without . 

    I've had this problem for about 15 years. 

    • fiona51388 Marina Dee

      Hi Marina, im exempt from charges because of various other health issues so prescriptions are free for me. My Surgery only has certain, limited products on its available lists but they were able to supply me the Simple ointment and I've tried that and quite happy it will work as well as lacrilube. I asked my GP for double quantities as he knows how badly I suffer, I get through a tube a fortnight easily.

  • Marina Dee fiona51388

    Yes all GP surgeries have a limited list for prescriptions. So glad you are getting the Simple Eye. I pefer it to Lacrilube ,which took ages to clear in the morning and as a result I got headaches. 

    I get through 2 or 3 tubes of Simple per month...its a nightly routine but have to use it.  Good luck for the future.

    • mary33560 fiona51388

      Hi Fiona and Marina Dee. First an update on my treatment of Lipoflow. It is nearly 5 months ago now, that l had it done. I definitely, see an improvement, every few days l feel somewhat normal. Will update again, a few months down the line. I am interested in this Simple eye, that yiu are both discussing. Is it only on prescription? I know you can get a small tube from the chemist, but l assumed that it was mainly used around the eye, and not as a lubricant. Many thanks.

    • Marina Dee mary33560

      Hi Mary.     Simple Eye ointment was cheaply available 2 years ago,both on prescription and OTC...costing about £4.30.    About 18 months ago there was a licensing issue and became very difficult to find. It has reappeared but is now £16.00 - £24.00 to buy for a tiny tube,but if your doctor will prescribe it for you it will be only the prescription cost...even better if you get free prescriptions. You have to get the brand in the red box,NOT the Simple eye in the green box which is made by the same people as Simple Soap and is only for the skin around the eye and not in it.

      I am currently trying Xailin Night eye ointment [not the gel] from Amazon which is very similar .

      I'm guessing you had to pay privately for Lipiflow treatment?  I havent had it done. I've been doing the eyelid exercises and find them very helpful in squeezing the MGs..

    • mary33560 Marina Dee

      Thank you Marina Dee. You have been most helpful. I must get myself a tube, and give it a try. My lipoflow treatment cost about £1700. Not a decision l took lightly. Thankfully, it has helped ease this dreadful problem. Hope you get some relief soon. x

    • Marina Dee mary33560

      Well,girlies......I have to stop the Xailin night ointment.  It just doesnt clear very fast in the morning and I have ended up with a severe headache trying to focus through the mist.     Back to the Simple Eye ointment and lots of prayers that it remains on the market.    By the way have to ask the pharmacy section for it as I have never seen it on the regular shelves in Boots. .


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