Remeron withdrawal hell!!!

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I was put on Remeron (mirtazapine) by an Egyptian doctor when I worked in Saudi Arabia a year and a half ago and suffered from GERD. He told me that it would remove the nausea and help me sleep. That it did. What I didn't realize though was how difficult it would be to quit it. I'm at my wits end so please anyone who successfully went off let me know and share your experience, I really need it.

I had a surgery for GERD, but retained some hypersensitivity and pain problems despite that. I was seen by some of the most brilliant surgeons in the US and they did all tests and concluded that my surgery was a success and I'm suffering from a functional problem now.

I already tried to discontinue Remeron 4 or 5 times. I even tried to taper it over a month or two, but when I go off of it completely within 7-8 days I get the same picture: terrible abdominal pains, heartburn, cramps, some diarrhea, hunger pains, excruciating upper back aches that strangely come and go suddenly, exhausting nausea, no sleep for days, tremors, sweating profusely many times a day, general fatigue, fever like condition, shakiness, dizziness,headaches and goosebumps, electric waves over my back and head, feeling of doom, complete desperation. I have never felt all of these symptoms at once before. In fact I have never felt some of them at all ever before.

Back in April the psychiatrist told me to take it every other day for 2 weeks and then just quit it. I tried that, and after 3 weeks of terrible suffering I gave in and went back on it again. I called and talked to the RNs and they just didn't seem to believe that it could be withdrawal.

As soon as I take 7.5 mg for a day or two, all the symptoms are gone, almost completely! It's amazing. It's the only medication I've been taking since I quit all acid meds in April, 2011.

My GI Doctor told me to stop Remeron and start taking Nortriptyline for dyspepsia. I wish I could!!!! I tried again and it's been 3 weeks now and I'm absolutely dying. Nortriptyline is helping a little to take the edge off the pain and nausea and insomnia, but the suffering is still too much. It's mostly physical, mostly abdominal symptoms although I get a fair share of the other symptoms listed as well.

I even have a feeling that I don't have any underlying gastric pathology and this all is related to withdrawals. Otherwise how could it clear with the first dose or two of Remeron? A while ago when I was tapering I felt very well on 7.5 mg every 3 days but when I stopped completely - after a week all the symptoms came back with a vengeance.



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    I’ve been on 60mg an evening of mirtazapine, but only for about 2 1/2 months. 

    I had been on it for 5 years (on 45mg), but at the end of 2017, I stopped cold turkey. Didn’t know not to. Omg. I thought I was dying. Mentally I was ok (for a little while), but the gastrointestinal pain was next level. I already have a buprenorphine patch and take oxycodone (chronic pain from car accident injuries), but NOTHING would dull the pain. 

    After about a month, it stopped. But about 3 months later I started to crash and burn and the doctor said I had to go back on it. But after nearly 3 months, starting at 30mg, then being increased to 45mg and ending up at 60mg, I’ve put on more weight than I can accept. So I decided to go off them again.

    Only this time I have been cutting the pills and tapering off. I did a week on 45mg (down from the 60mg), a week on 30mg, a week on 15mg and am currently taking 7.5mg a night. 

    Omg. The pain. It’s back with a vengeance, which just makes me hate this drug even more! But after reading everyone else’s experiences I am TERRIFIED what happens when I drop to nothing from here. I can’t handle the pain getting worse. 

    This suuuuuuucks. When will it end?

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      This is such an old thread, not many people out there to respond i think.

      i am slowly titrating down and the advice is to take it slow, even below 1mg, yes 1mg, get liquid and go .9, .8 etc.  There are still withdrawals.  

      All i can say is i am at 1.5mg and dr refused me liquid due to cost.  Iam having the nausea, anxiety etc. 

      I still dont know what will it be like when i come off completely.

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      I have just come from ER. I ended up there because of intense dizziness and headache. They did a cat scan and put me on dillauded and something for nasaeu. I came home - it is now 5 hours later and I have terrible terrible headache. 

      I am taking 7.5 mg of remeron. I feel I should go back to ER - what would you do?

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    Hello All

    I am writing this post to give hope to anyone stopping remeron. I had been on remeron since 2010. I started taking if for insomnia and anxiety. Doctor told me my insomnia was causing my anxiety. So I took 30 mg for about four years and then anxiety was getting bad. Took 45 mg for a year then went back to 30 mg until this year. I started to notice a change in my moods. I get angry over the littlest thing. I wake up feeling overwhelmed and down. I never felt like this. When I tell you`I know how depressed people feel when suicidial I wake up crying feeling life was not worth living. I decided t was the remeron. So i quit cold turkey. 

    It was not easy. I had a tough time. I didn't want to go anywhere. I had insomnia very bad. I couldn't eat and i felt extremely anxious. It was hell. During the withdrawal process I almost went back to taking the drug again due to the insomnia. Then I found peractin and it helped me t fall asleep. Along with melatonin. I am going into five months free of remeron. I want to tell anyone that you can beat remeron if you really want to quit. Just face your fears and know that you'll be free from this drug

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      Hi Nicole

      I’m going through withdrawal after three years on this drug.its been the worst experience imaginable-the anxiety and panic attacks escalated during the whole time I was on the drug but after two previous attempts I’m now making progress and will not give in to this drug,I’m

      Now on 11mg and each time I drop I get migraines with aura and shake like you would not believe.However I’ve had three good days in a row which convinced me that the drug messed with the neuro transmitters in my brain-I’m in this for the long haul and will get there eventually.

      I spent 50 years well only to have Mirtazapine mess up my life.I couldn’t go anywhere lost my confidence and concentration.I feel liberated and do I enjoy the good days now-nothing will deter me -next drop in two weeks !!


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    I was taking 7.5mg of Remeron for about 1 year breaks inbetween but the last 2-3 months I was taking it fairly regularly and then took 3.75mg for two weeks then stopped.

    Now I'm dealing with severe flu like symptoms mostly nausea. Seems worse after eating (is that normal?) I don't feel like I have to vomit but just feels like that feeling when you have the flu pre-throwing up. And whenever I feel ill like this is triggers feelings of hopelessness/despair etc....but when it lifts, I feel decent and hopeful for a bit.

    Sometimes drinking water will make the nausea worse.

    Anyone find anything that helps with the nausea? I've tried ginger, cbd, and nox vomica (homeopathic) with little help.

    Waiting to hear back from my doctor about going back on at a lower dose like 2mg and stay on that a while then 1mg......


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