Repeated shingles and depression

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When would I have know that getting shingles would turn my life around at 65 years of age! Going through this is one thing, but people looking at you as it cant be true that you have repeated shingles is another! Some people dont believe that shingles can repeat itself many times for some people!! We here are the living truth of this disease and many are suffering like Ruth, Rhonda, Cindy and myself and also a dear friend Merry!

Doctors dont even have answers for the repeated shingles! Right now my head is hurting that I feel my scalp is actually on fire! THE blister is oozing and it burns like hell! At times its the burning and the feelibg of needles going into my scalp! I Feel like a truck just runned me down! I APPLY cold compressors for relief abd also boil seeds of Manzanilla (chamomile flower) and I filter it on coffee filters after leaving it over night to cool down! I APPLY it over the blister and that will calm the damaged nerve! It helps very much! keep it cold inside the fridge! APPLY IT AS NEEDED to help the burning and itching!

Hoping you all can find some relief too!


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    well said Myrna!!!!! doctors dont have the answers! they say stress is a factor and if you are run down with a cold etc. its down to low immune systems and the persons body that if they can fight the virus or not. now i know myself i have No immune system what so ever and i can catch whatever germs are out there!! i try to stay away from people with cold sores, colds, flu, viruses, just try to combat the germs but this is impossible it turned me into a hermit i wouldnt go out!!!! i constantly wash my hands, distinfect home every day maybe too much!! this can be seen as OCD but i am a germaohobe!!!!

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      I'm sorry you are enduring this awful sickness as well. Don't beat yourself up over this. I have been ridiculed by family, etc saying I'm not doing something right. IF I can do anything please let me know. God Bless !

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      bless you my friend. its hard not to beat ourselves up over this, it really gets me down. what worries me is scarring this time round as the blisters were really massive one was a heart shape not that it was showing me love!!!! its a deep infection now scabbed over but skin all puckered. i also worry that if my rhinitis flares up will that mean its happening again?? i had bad rhinitis and bad chest (asthma) a couple days before my outbreak i never ever thought it was going to happen seeing as not had an attack since 2014!!! i sit, i cry, feel depressed, hate looking in the mirror!!! my hair is grey roots thin and frizzled due to pernicous anemia and the fact cannot wash it due to these awful disease on my face! i have had enough, i know nxt week i got to go for blood tests with new GP and i bet my b12 level will be non existent because i stopped the injections because of the skin reactions and side effects!

      injections started aged 18

      shingles started after starting injections aged 18

      put two and two together ...... b12 cause of my shingles?!!!!! my GP AGREED!!!!!

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      Dear Ruth

      I would get a second opinion because B12 is giving to combat shingles! i am on a regime of vitamines which include the vitamine B

      I take vitamin D3 and vitamin C

      When i was 12 I was animic and would get weekly shots of vitamin B12 as well.

      I Know that other conditions asma can triggered the shingles, like my flu like cold and then after a couple of days i got the blister! Maybe the colds meds too! But vitamins help the immune system!

      Hoping yiu are better too



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      Dear Myrna

      thank you. yeah ive had opinion after opinion after opinion and theyre all different, each have different ideas on how to deal with it! i will find out what they are going to do once i get full bloods done on monday and wait for results to come back!! i have to take b co strong vitamins every day!

      ill tell you this doctor told me i had angeodema in my blood and that i should be taking certrazine to combat allergic reactions and thats why i had rash on face !!!! i told her it was shingles and there is no way certrazine would help them!!!! then another doc said i shouldnt be having b12 injections as it can be ansorbed by diet!! if she had looked properly at my medical notes she would have seen that i had an interssuseption operation when i was a baby that saved my life and due to that operation it caused me not to make intrinsic factor in my stomach, you need intrinsic factor to be able to absorb b12!!!!!!! that is why i was put on injections every three months!!!

      it goes to show that some doctors Do NOT read your medical notes they dont know anything about you!!!!!!

      ridiculous isnt it???

      i have a question.... do you know the correct age you have to be for the vaccination as i see on this forum that some are saying its 50yrs old yet i was told by GP its 70yrs old here in UK???? not that i would like the vaccination it worrys me about the side affects, im an allergy person, allergic to so many medications, food colourings, asprin etc etc the list goes on!!! i am not even allowed the FLU vaccine!!!

      i pray you are feeling a bit better now my friend?? my face is scabbed over and its started to fall off bit by bit its all pink skin underneath still have PHN though!! the deep scab is still there and thats the one im concerned is going to scar!

      prayers for you xxx

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      GLAD u are a bit better! believe you can have the shingrex at 40 and over! what obsorbs vatamin B12 is folic ACID!

      IF YOU are an allergic person, yiu might want to ask a specialist! I get bad reactions to vaccines so I DONT thing i can get the shingrex! ALMOST died with just the

      flu shot!

      But yiu are right each doctor has a different opinion and we know our bodies and reactions better than a doctor can! I had changed so many GP and now finally have a

      woman doctor who understands! But there is no cure for shingles and we gave to see what triggers it so we can live a better life with this damn disease and hope for a miracle one day!!

      keep safe,


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      Hi Myna.

      well, i was told by GP here that they DONT give the vaccination to anyone unless you are in your 70's!! so im so confused as people on here are saying they got it at 50???? i have a new GP as i recently moved house and i only got to see her because of emergency appointment! when you register here with new Gp you have to wait 4 weeks for first appointment!!! she was nice but she said she wants to stop some of my medication that i have been on for years by my other GP!!!! she hasnt even got my medical files yet so how on earth can she stop my meds without knowing snything about me????? i will be having words with her when i finally get a proper first appointment so she can do a medical examination and see why i am on certain meds and i was under a rumatologist too!! which i need to sort out again as im in a diff area now!! steroid injections into spine are needed again!!! i am an unhealthy person i nearly died as a baby i was in and out of hospital up until the age of 2!!!

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    Hi Myrna,

    I'm sorry you had to endure that. I have had 8 rounds of shingles in the last 3 years. I am 41 years old. I am unable to get Shringrix until I am 50. I have looked into it, and there are several food triggers that can cause Shingles. Please look at this list, and see if any of this pertains to you. For me the triggers were Blueberries, and Peanuts.


    Wheat Germ

    Brussels sprouts



    Pumpkin Seeds







    This latest round of Shingles has been very brutal for me even though I did catch it early. I finished the Valtrex, and Neurontin,and the Rash Is still there. I'm contemplating going back to the Urgent care to get looked at just because I have a vacation coming up. Hope you feel better soon!

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      Sorry to hear yiu are also suffering with this horrible disease! Thank yiu for the list! I have made lots of research on the triggers as well! TRIGGERS ARE:




      THE worse are peanuts!



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      I went to the Urgent care earlier, and they gave me a shot of B-12, and they said it was a case of fatigue, and this happens alot of times after a bad case of Shingles. They also gave me a prescription for Floricet and Ketorolac I also did some research and I looked up vitamins I should be taking... Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin B Calcium Magnesium ---( Vitamin D Vitamin K, Zinc Vitamin E, and Selenium.

      I have to be careful with Magnesium ( stomach issues)

      Also Some drugs Give me hives, if I get Hives It goes directly into shingles. So far that has only happened with 2, Lamisil, and Ceftin, just FYI.

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      Hello Again

      Well that is great that yiu have the vitamins! B12 is an excellent source also for the immune system! I Take these vitamins and the D3 of 10,000 mg once a week and the rest are daily. Since November i was clear and thought that i had gotten rid of the damn shingles but a couple of days ago showed me otherwise! I Believe that the flu-cold trigguered the shingles!

      But the wierd thing is my mom has always had a very low immune system and she is now 83 years old and only got shingles ONCE! Glad for my mom, at her age it wiuld be terrible otherwise! But than it defies the what a low immune system does? So you see its different in an individual!!!

      Take care


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      I REread your message and about the shingrex vaccine Ican tell you that in the US you can get the vaccine before 50 with a GP referral!

      I dont like any vaccine because I am sensitive to all! But my dear friend Ruth has gotten two rounds of shingrex and she still suffers with reocurrance of shingles! Another here got the vaccine and still got a bout of shingles!! So its my opinion that once a person gets shingles its usually not the last! Its a virus that does not leave but goes dormant till it wants to! There is no cure!!

      I have a terrible pain on the side of my scalp and its a pounding kinda pain and its a dermatona where shingles first appeared! Its PHN and this can last long, months or years! That is why we have to take vitamins, Vitam B12 and vitamin C and most important vitamin D3!

      Hopes this info and a good healthy diet on lysine and no consumption of peanuts help us all!

      Be well,


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    I literally feel your pain...

    For my scalp, my solution that helped me tremendously is the following:

    Flonase nasal spray to the affected area

    Bactine spray to the affected area. Both are clear solutions, and therefore easy to apply to the scalp and through the hair.

    The corticosteroid in the Flonase and the Lidocaine in the Bactine worked to decrease the inflammation, the severe burning and itching that accompanied the vesicles on my right scalp. Fairly instant relief, that helped tremendously.

    I did receive the two Shingrex injections, the last around 2-1/2 months ago. I have not been sick with shingles since.

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      Hello Merry

      So happy to hear you are doing better! Guessing yiu are one of the lucky ones with the shingrex vaccine!

      My frienda R.f. hasnt had the same outcime after two dosage of the shingrex and believe under doctors care will get another set! She even said after that is willing ti get the live vaccine if all before fails!

      I will not get tge vaccine because all vaccines are complicated with me and I have seen so many even get a worse case of shingles after the vaccine that makes me even more skeptical! But if you are better it means it works for you and that is a win win my friend!

      My blister are scarring and I put directly chamomile tea directly over the blister and it calms the nerve pain too!

      I wash my hair everyother day with baby shampoo and cold water helps! But caught a cold doing this too!

      I Will get the lidocaine too

      I cant comb my hair so I try to leave it short!

      keep well


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